Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 143


Wu Ji decided to leave since he knew his own capability.

“What are you doing here?”

“How long are you planning to hold me back?”

That was what Lin Fan thought, because he won’t be able to protect Wu Ji. In case something happened to Wu Ji, all he’ll do was use him as a bait.

“Oh no, the passage has already disappeared.” Wu Ji did want to leave. Unfortunately, the passage that they used earlier has disappeared without a trace.


He looked at Lin Fan as if demanding the solution to the predicament at hand

“Unfortunately, it is gone.” As Lin Fan watched as the passage disappeared.

Wu Ji got goosebumps, he was already scared, did Lin Fan really have to emphasize the fact that there was no way out?

 “Let’s not stay here any longer, we need to keep moving forward.” Lin Fan said, obviously he couldn’t tell Wu Ji the truth that they were not exactly in the same level of danger as Lin Fan had Sacred Beast Robe.

Lin Fan made Wu Ji think they were both equally in danger since he and Wu Ji were at Trinity Immortal Stage.

At least that was the best Lin Fan could do to give him a peace of mind.

As he expected, Wu Ji agreed to follow Lin Fan since he had more sense of security.


As they went deeper and haven’t encountered any danger yet so far, Wu Ji felt slightly relieved.

“I don’t know what place is this. I have never heard that Jade Mountain has an underground level.”

“Did you see that blood moon in the ceiling? Fellow cultivator Lin, could it be the passage we passed through just now was a warp gate? In fact, I don’t think that we are still in the Jade mountain anymore.” Wu Ji asked.

He had no idea where he currently was and what was going on.

“Hard to say.”

Lin Fan also wondered about the blood moon, and on the second glanced he realized that the sky

was so grey that he couldn’t see any other source of light other than the blood moon.

“If you are in danger, don’t worry about me, just ran as fast as you can.” Wu Ji said.

“Of course…” Lin Fan replied without hesitaiton.

When Wu Ji heard Lin Fan’s.answer, he was dumbfounded. Wu Ji thought that was the time to say that Lin Fan won’t abandon him and run away alone.


Lin Fan stopped Wu Ji, “Did you heard that weird sound?”

Wu Ji Spooked and trembled, “Don’t scare me! I didn’t hear anything strange.”

They were stuck in the middle of nowhere, with such creepy surroundings. There was a bunch of flesh and blood scattered throughout the place with an unbearable smell.

Wu Ji was particularly shocked when the evil spirit suddenly attacked them earlier.

If he didn’t protect himself with qi earlier, that evil spirit could’ve dealt serious damage to his body.

And since the passage has disappeared, he had no choice but to cross the bridge when he came to it.

“Listen carefully.”

Lin Fan stopped talking and listened intently, it was a faint sound indeed, but there was no mistake, it really existed. It sounded like friction between two chakrams.

“Yes, I hear it too, it’s a creaking sound.” Wu Ji reacted to the sound, “I can hear it from straight ahead.”

“Fellow cultivator, do you want to check it? I think we should… check it.”

This place was scary enough, and suddenly there was this weird sound.

Wu Ji was so scared, but curiosity overwhelms his fear.

Lin Fan also wanted to check it out.

After the entrance passage disappeared, they had to find another way out.

“From here onward, you must be careful. Don’t expect me to save you if something happens to you.” Lin Fan warned Wu Ji.

It’d be troublesome if this scaredy-cat screamed like he did earlier and drew unnecessary attention to them.

Both of them were being much more cautious than before. They approached the source of the sound slowly, but deep down, they also understood that the moment they stepped into this dreadful place, they eventually would encounter something.

After a few minutes.

The two of them hid behind a black stone to take a peek at the source of the weird sound.

“Holy crap, what is that?” Wu Ji stood still as he stared at the scene before him.

Even Lin Fan was as stunned as he never saw this kind of scene.

In the distance.

A huge chakram turned around slowly.

The chakram was floating, it was so huge that they couldn’t see the edge, and it rotated slowly. It drew evil spirit with each rotation.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, have you ever seen this kind of thing?” Wu Ji asked, he was already stunned by the huge chakram, let alone the swarm of the evil spirits.

“I’ve seen this, it’s a super-large chakram.” Lin Fan replied with a serious tone.

Wu Ji looked at Lin Fan in disbelief, that was exactly what he saw, there was no point in pointing that out.

Anyone with eyes could clearly see that was a chakram.

“I know that is a huge chakram, but my point is, what the hell is that thing for? It looks like it works on something. Jade Mountain is not exactly a well-known place, how could something like this was hidden this whole time here?”

“And no one ever discovered about this..”

“Weird, really weird.”

Wu Ji’s fear overwhelmed him.

Lin Fan tried to figure out what machine that was, he knew it seemed like bad news no matter how he looked at it, and since it was hidden deep underground, it only meant that the owner didn’t want it to be discovered.

He was very anxious now, he needed some time to think when it came to this kind of thing, even though he was itching to fight some demons.

Lin Fan would rather encounter hundreds of monsters than encounter these kinds of things.


Wu Ji pulled Lin Fan’s sleeves, “Fellow cultivator Lin, it seems there is someone on top of the chakram.”

Lin Fan took a closer look.

[Old Demon Huang Feng: Tranquil Immortal Stage. 】

[Possible drop item: Earth Spirit Root, Metal Spirit Root Fragment, Wood Spirit Root Fragment, 7000 Qi, Yellow Spring Hell (High Grade Mystic Art), Flying Sand Stone (Low Grade Mystic Art), Earthfire Shock (Low Grade Mystic Art), Sky Demon Palm (High Grade Mystic Art), Soul Extinguishing Umbrella (Middle Grade Artifact), 400,000 Spirit Stones, Enchanted (Gold) …]

That person was so powerful and had lots of items on him.

Lin Fan’s eyes were sparkling.

Legendary BOSS.

And he has presented the chance to kill that legendary BOSS.

No one could really understand how he felt when he stayed at Greatest Martial Sect and saw those people hanging around in front of his eyes.

He couldn’t do anything other than watching them from afar.

Who could understand such pain?

“Fellow cultivator Lin, what’s wrong with you?” Wu Ji who saw that Lin Fan stood still with a weird expression immediately tried to snap Lin Fan back to his senses while keeping his voice down because he was afraid the guy on top of the chakram will hear him.

Lin Fan’s pupil dilated and suddenly said, “I want to fight this guy.”

Wu Ji said in shock, “Don’t joke at a time like this, look at that guy’s robe, and how calm he looks, he is definitely a horribly strong foe, we’re no match for him don’t even bother.”

He couldn’t understand how excited Lin Fan at that moment.

He was determined to kill the boss in front of him.

Of course, if that guy decided to run away, there was no way Lin Fan could catch up to him, but since the two of them haven’t been discovered yet, it’s their best chance to land the first strike.

At this very moment.

The boss who sat on the chakram roared.

“Sky Demon Palm!”

The boss slammed the chakram using his palm as soon as he said that, suddenly bright yellow light burst out from his palm and covered the entire chakram.

There were many runes engraved on the chakram.

And all those runes activated when that guy slammed it with his palm.

The runes flickered and shimmered as the ground covered by flesh and blood was pulled towards the millstones.

Soon after.

A beam of the horrible light burst into the sky, blasted toward the blood moon, then violently collided together, ripples appeared in the center of the blood moon.

“What the hell is that?”

Wu Ji stupidly asked, he was not as strong as the other party. Such a domineering scene he saw shocked him and made him wonder what to do.

Lin Fan pondered how to act in the end.

The boss repeated action is enough to show what he was capable of.

A dreadful kind of opponent.

It is not easy to meet the boss.

And a shame to let it go.

At that very moment.

The gaze of Huang Feng Lao Yao focused on the place that Lin Fan and Wu Ji were hiding. “ Two little insects, were you there the whole time? Even if you don’t know how you got here, you don’t even take your best chance to flee.”

I’ve been found.

Lin Fan calmly came out, “As expected of the mighty Old Demon Huang Feng, you are so strong.”

The Old Demon Huang Feng annoyed.

He even didn’t know whos is this two insect.

But the other party was called his name.

Wu Ji barely managed to stand up straight, trembled in fear.

Fellow cultivator Lin, you are way too calm!

That person’s cultivation is definitely heaven defying, how could you blatantly came out like that.

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