Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 144


Lin Fan looked calm, in contrast, Wu Ji cowered in fear

There was a saying everything happened for a reason.

Huang Feng observed the two little humans in front of him, he noticed that one seemed to be calm, while the other was scared of his presence.

There must be a reason why one of them was not afraid of him at all.

“It seems my reputation hasn’t deteriorated among your race, since you knew my name and yet still dare to approach me so brazenly, I’m sure you already knew what will happen next.”

Huang Feng seemed to be a bit surprised. It has been a while since he last wreaked havoc in the outside world, he didn’t expect there would be someone who knew his name.

Wu Ji kneeled and begged, “Senior Huang Feng, we came here by accident, and we hope you would let us go in peace.”

He shouldn’t have followed Lin Fan to that place, at that moment he already regretted it.

Will Huang Feng show him any mercy?

Well, of course not.

In front of him stood a superior demon, and they were the disciples of Immortal Sect, they were lucky enough that Huang Feng didn’t kill them straight away. It was foolish to think that they could get away just like that.

“Letting you go? Hahahaha, reminds me of how my foods used to beg for their lives just like what you’re doing right now. I will eat you piece by piece and swallow your spirit.”

Huang Feng burst with laughter. The two cultivators in front of him were as good as dead in his eyes.

“Fellow cultivator Wu, don’t get in my way, I can handle this by myself.”

Lin Fan waved his hand to send Wu Ji away. He begged a demon to spare his life, what was he thinking?

A true immortal would fight the demons even if they died trying. They will never ask for mercy.

Wu Ji was tired of Lin Fan’s recklessness.

Lin Fan didn’t strike him as a reckless person at first, what was with this sudden change?

Lin Fan walked toward Huang Feng slowly.

“We immortals have a responsibility to eliminate the demon and defend the Dao because they were nothing but a pest in this world.”

“You’ve committed too many sins, it’s time for you to pay the price. After I sever that ugly head of yours from your body, I’ll use your skin to make a leather coat.”

Lin Fan deliberately provoked Huang Feng.

The more his opponent lost his composure, the easier it will be for him.

Hearing those insults, Wu Ji almost fainted. He never thought Lin Fan was that arrogant. 

It seemed that Lin Fan just never ran out of insults to throw at Huang Feng.

“What are you talking about?” Huang Feng exclaimed angrily.

Apparently, Huang Feng easily took the bait. He then showed his real form, a weasel demon with five-tails.

Huang Fen was a rare breed from a weasel demon and a fox demon. The combination of the two caused a slight change in the bloodline, which made him a little different from most weasel or fox demon, but his fox demon’s characteristic was the more dominant.

“Don’t talk nonsense, just kill me right here right now.” Lin Fan shouted eagerly, please hurry up, I’m impatient to die, if you do not do it, I really feel bad.

Lin Fan had no choice.

He had to provoke Huang Feng to win, there was no other way.

“Damn you! I’ll crush your bones.” Shouted Huang Feng angrily.

Huang Feng created a giant black hand made of qi, sending chills down Wu Ji’s spine, he even pissed his pants a bit.

“I’ll meet you soon god!”

Wu Ji just sat on the ground helplessly, he couldn’t even feel his feet anymore. He knew, even if he tried to flee now, he still couldn’t make it.

Lin Fan looked up and laughed, “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, let’s see what you can do.”

In an Instant.

Huang Feng’s massive hand headed straight toward Lin Fan, but right before his hand could hit Lin Fan, he felt some kind of mysterious force blocking his attack.


Huang Feng was shocked, he didn’t expect such a thing could happen.

“What happened?!”

Huang Feng then mustered more qi inside his body and tried to squeeze Lin Fan using his hand, but as soon as he did, an explosive sound echoed throughout the place


The massive hand shattered to pieces and disappeared.

“Your Shrouding Demon Palm just now is indeed powerful, but it’s nothing before my Kryptonite Golden Immortal Physique. If you have other techniques, feel free to throw it all at me.” Lin Fan was unfazed by the amount of sheer power that Huang Feng just showed him. He even kept insulting him.

Huang Feng looked at Lin Fan with hateful eyes.

Kryptonite Golden Immortal Physique?

What was that?

He never heard of something like that before.

“Damn you pesky immortal, you must die now. I don’t care about your Immortal Physique or whatever it is.”

Huang Feng opened his hand, and suddenly a small umbrella emerged from his palm, he threw it to the air and it spun as it got bigger and bigger until becoming a huge umbrella.

This was a middle-grade artifact, Soul Extinguishing Umbrella that Huang Feng got from the Demon Realm. The umbrella had bird motives around it. The umbrella’s handle was made by bones.


The Soul Extinguishing Umbrella hovered above Lin Fan’s head. Suddenly it emitted green light sparks and enveloped Lin Fan’s body in an instant.

“Hahaha, now that I’ve used this umbrella, in a few more minutes, you’ll die.”

Huang Feng believed in his middle-grade artifact.

In the past, there were countless strong cultivators fell victim to this power. He even managed to kill an Established Immortal Stage cultivator once.

It showed how terrifying the Soul Extinguishing Umbrella was.

“Huang Feng, you got a nice umbrella there, not everyone can have a middle-grade artifact like you. I admit that you really are strong.” Lin Fan praised, as expected of a boss, he surely got an interesting artifact on him.


Huang Feng suddenly shuddered, he was dumbfounded, because the Soul Extinguishing Umbrella didn’t work on Lin Fan.

The main benefit of Soul Extinguishing Umbrella was because it could ignore the target’s cultivation stage and heavily damaged their soul. If their soul was damaged, their strength would be greatly reduced as a result. And if the target didn’t do anything about it, then the Soul Extinguishing Umbrella could completely obliterate their soul.


“I had lived for hundreds of years, how could I lose to this weak looking immortal?”

“Yellow Spring Hell.”

It was Huang Feng’s strongest mystic art, Lin Fan could sense an absurd amount of qi within him all of a sudden, the scene around them started to change.

Once that mystic art reached the highest level of mastery, the user could even turn their surrounding into hell itself.

But it was a skill that was hard to master even amongst the high-level cultivators. Huang Feng has been perfecting it for nearly a hundred years, and he was still at the basic level

“Bridge of Forgetfulness!”

Huang Feng roared, and suddenly an ancient bridge appeared before Lin Fan’s eyes.

An absurd amount of qi filled the whole place, he even saw evil spirit was circling around the bridge.

Everything around Lin Fan disappeared, all he saw was the bridge.

“Is this hell? What kind of mystic art is this?”

Wu Ji sat down on the ground, he couldn’t even move a muscle, he cowered in fear when he saw such a terrifying scene.

Lin Fan could no longer keep his composure.

He was as afraid as Wu Ji was. The only thing that allowed him to remain standing was Sacred Beast Robe, he would’ve cowered in fear like Wu Ji too if he didn’t have that.

“Go to hell.”

Huang Feng yelled, after amassing enough qi on the bridge, he released it in one go toward Lin Fan.


That attack was full of lifeless qi, it could rip the soul of anything on its path.

Huang Feng Lao Yao believed that Lin Fan wouldn’t be able to survive his attack just now.

But it seemed like that day was full of surprises for him. 

“Your Yellow Spring Hell mystic art was indeed powerful. Ordinary people really won’t survive that attack just for sure, but the power of my Kryptonite Golden Immortal Physique is far beyond your comprehension.”

“So, can you let me out of here first, by the way?”

Lin Fan asked calmly.

He didn’t care how frustrated Huang Feng was at that moment, he simply raised his hand slowly


Qi was circling under Lin Fan’s feet, then it hovered into Lin Fan’s palm.

That was the qi of Huang Feng’s attack earlier, Lin Fan was about to return his favor

“What is this terrifying qi?” Huang Feng sensed massive qi coming from Lin Fan, but he felt that qi was a bit familiar somehow.

Lin Fan smiled.

“This is your end.”

“Rest in peace.”

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