Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 145


Note: Tranquil > Origin Infant

A magnificent ray of light headed straight toward Huang Feng.

Huang Feng, who saw that attack coming roared, showing his demon form with five tails.



The blinding light covered the entire place.

“Your luck runs out the moment I saw you.” Lin Fan said calmly, but he was actually trying his best to hold back his excitement, he then jumped on top of the chakram without hesitation.

“Oh my god!”

Wu Ji was having a hard time processing what just happened, he thought that the two of them would be Huang Feng’s dinner.

He never thought that Lin Fan would be this strong.

Could it be that he already won with that last attack?

Wu Ji, who barely managed to get up, waved toward Lin Fan and shouted excitedly, “Fellow cultivator Lin, you really are the best, kill that Old demon right now, I’m rooting for you.” 

Lin Fan didn’t even bother to say anything back

He didn’t know if the demon was dead or not, so he had to check.

Lin Fan did not hear any item drop notification, which meant Huang Feng was not dead yet, so he jumped on top of the chakram, without care what that chakram was.


Huang Feng’s old demon screamed, his body was covered with blood, and his injuries were extremely serious. He didn’t expect Lin Fan’s attack would be that strong.

“It’s gonna be a painful death for you.” Lin Fan looked at Huang feng demon who was enduring the pain looking helpless.

A veteran Origin Infant Immortal Stage was defeated by a mere youngster in Trinity Immortal Stage, just how embarrassing was that?

Lin Fan didn’t care no matter how embarrassing it looked, even if he had to use underhand tactics, as long as he could win.

Huang Feng said while panting, “What.. kind of qi.. was that just now? I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

“You are just ignorant, that’s all. It is a Kryptonian Golden Qi.” Lin Fan took out his flying smoke sword, ready to finish him off.

“Maybe this is my fated end. I’ve lived for hundreds of years. I never thought that I would die in the hand of a cultivator. I know that you want to kill me right now, but hear me out first, the source of my qi was from the secret realm, too bad if it’s gone with me.

“Come closer! I shall pass my remaining qi to you since you’ve managed to defeat me.” Said the dying old demon Huang Feng.

And then his tone changed, “I will die soon, you don’t have to be all cautious, I’m on my death door after all. I won’t hurt you or anything.”

“Once this qi becomes yours, please cultivate it. I won’t forgive you if you lose to someone else after you got my qi.”

“Nah, I get it. You want me to approach you just so you can kill me?”

Lin Fan approached Huang Feng

“I know where this is going, I don’t believe in you evil demon, I know you won’t die that easily.”

“But it’s okay. I’ll fall into your trap on purpose then, let’s see what you can do.”

“Now, kill me, come and kill me!”

Lin Fan said while tapping his chest

Huang Feng gasped, he frowned when he saw Lin Fan approaching him despite knowing his intention, but kept his composure as if nothing would happen.

And as soon as Lin Fan was within his reach.

Huang Feng’s expression changed drastically.

“Die, you filthy human!” Huang Feng said while mustering all his remaining strength to attack Lin Fan.

Although he was severely injured, he was an Origin Infant Immortal Stage nonetheless, if his attack landed on Lin Fan, who was still at Trinity Immortal Stage, Lin Fan would’ve perished without a trace for sure.


Suddenly blood splattered from Huang Feng’s body, he couldn’t believe what just happened.

Obviously, he should be in critical condition after experiencing Sacred Beast Robe’s counter, there was no way he could last much longer.

He then pointed at Lin Fan in disbelief, his fingers trembled, he could barely speak.

“You are wearing…”

Lin Fan replied, “How do you like my mother’s love?”

The old demon Huang Feng spat out blood again, and was annoyed by the fact that Lin Fan was still alive, no… he should be annoyed by his own stupidity.

He should’ve realized that something was up the moment he couldn’t even keep up with a Trinity Immortal Stage cultivator.

Lin Fan swiftly cut Huang Feng’s throat.

“Nothing really beats the outside world when it comes to experiencing something new like this.”

If he didn’t leave Greatest Martial Sect, he’d never be able to kill a demon on Origin Infant Immortal Stage.

He was eagerly waiting for the drop items


[Obtained third-grade Earth Spirit Root.] [Get Earthfire Thunder (Low Grade Mystic Art)] [Get Yellow Spring Hell (High Grade Mystic Art)] [Get Refining Technique (Beginner)]

Too bad he didn’t get qi, but that was alright, he still got good stuff in the end.

At least he got the great magical power and the third-grade spirit root.

[Get Earthfire Thunder (Low Grade Mystic Art): Call forth hell’s fire from withing the ground and thunder from the sky to strike the foe at the same time. Having Fire Spirit Root and Thunder Spirit Root will increase the power output.] [Yellow Spring Hell (High Grade Mystic Art): Transforming the surrounding into hell itself. Cultivating it to the highest level will allow the user to utilize hell’s power to defeat the enemy.] [Refining Technique (Beginner): Use to refine low-grade artifacts, with a certain chance of refining middle-grade artifacts.]

Lin Fan sat beside Huang Feng’s body and rummaged through his corpse carefully, even if he didn’t find any item on him, he might learn something useful

Wu Ji approached Lin Fan, “As expected of fellow cultivator Lin, you even defeat that old demon, Are you really at Trinity Immortal Stage??”

Lin Fan was still rummaging through Huang Feng’s corpse, completely ignoring Wu Ji.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, this demon had too many artifacts on him, maybe I can …” Wu Ji also wanted some of Huang Feng’s artifact by appealing to Lin Fan that he was fighting alongside him even though he didn’t do anything.

Lin Lin said, “I know I know, I’m searching for anything useful this guy has now. If you can at least keep an eye on the surrounding. Notify me if there’s something out of place immediately.”

Not long after, he got all stuff he deemed useful.

Forty thousand spirit stones.

One middle-grade artifact.

One storage ring.

A bottle of third-grade elixir.

A bottle of fifth-grade elixir.

He also got many other things, such as some spirit grass, refining materials, and so on.

Wu Ji pretended to keep an eye on the surrounding, but his eyes were glued on Lin Fan.

He saw Lin Fan got a bunch of amazing stuff from Huang Feng.

“Um… Fellow cultivator Lin, we seem safe and sound for now.” Wu Ji said, he kept speaking to Lin Fan in a roundabout way, but the point was he wanted his share of the loot, but he couldn’t say it out loud because he was embarrassed.

But he believed Lin Fan realized what he has been trying to say.


“I didn’t expect this demon had this many stuff on him.”


“Hey, unlike you, I’m very poor, and there is no way I could climb the rank and obtain high status in my sect.”

“Just keep working hard.”

“Fellow cultivator Lin, you said that if we come here, I will get something, right? But for someone like me, it was asking too much.”

“Okay, that should be all.” Lin Fan got everything he needed and then stood up then said, “Now the only problem we face is the blood moon above us. Why is that blood moon shining, though? Intriguing!”

“We can’t let our guard down.”

Lin Fan didn’t give Wu Ji a chance to completely explain what his point was, and one-sidedly stated his own concern about the blood moon.

This made Wu Ji somewhat upset since Lin Fan didn’t even take him seriously even after all the horror he has been through because of Lin Fan, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, I think we should get away from here as soon as possible, I have a bad feeling about this.” Wu Ji said with a serious face, he was worried that lurking around in a place like this was dangerous, they didn’t even know what that blood moon was.

Lin Fan thought for a moment, and it made sense, he also felt something was off.

Although he got Sacred Beast Robe, he won’t be able to handle a True Immortal Stage cultivator, what if he encountered one here?


Lin Fan said decisively and quickly continued their adventure. Their only goal at that moment was to find a way out and leave this place.

After they’ve left.

A passage appeared on the blood moon.

Overwhelming qi could be sensed from the passage.

The demonic qi condensed around the Blood Moon seemed to be hit by something and instantly shattered.

A giant foot full of scales fell from the blood moon, stomped on the chakram, and shattered it instantly, causing a massive air pressure in the room.

The blood moon disappeared.

A huge figure was seen in that place, it was so huge that the ground couldn’t contain its weight.

It was a demon god with immeasurable power.

Fortunately, Lin Fan already left the vicinity.

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