Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 146


“See that fellow cultivator? We would’ve died by now if we stayed there.”

Even after running far enough, they still felt the menacing presence behind them.

He wouldn’t dare to imagine what kind of horror he would face if they stayed there any longer.

Lin Linfan looked back hesitantly.

He admitted that was an enormous qi he felt just now, but it was pointless before his Sacred Beast Robe obviously.

“Being an immortal means we have to slay any demon we saw as that is the right thing to do, I think we should go back and kill this demon.” Lin Fan sense of justice urged him to turn back and fight.

Wu Ji held Lin Fan’s shoulder.

“Now, fellow cultivator Lin. I understand what you’re trying to say, but I don’t think we should. As the saying goes, good people die young.”

“Fellow cultivator Wu, your words are absolutely right. But if that demon goes after us, we will kill him immediately.” Lin Fan said.

Wu Ji breathed a sigh of relief.

Why bother?

Are you insane?

Just leave those life-threatening jobs to someone else. Why did they have to bother doing it?

According to Lin Fan’s hunch, there were two possible things that just happened with that blood moon.

The first one was forming a portal with a bunch of demons waiting on the other side.

The other one was unleashing a terrifying creature.

The latter seemed to be the case this time.

This was the most dangerous.

Lin Fan couldn’t stand seeing someone strong wander around him, he was itching to kill him and obtain the item drop as a result, and the more reason to do it if the opponent was stronger since he had Sacred Beast Robe to return any form of damage he received to the attacker.

“Keep your eyes open for any portal.”

Anyone would be nervous when they were stuck in such a dangerous place.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, be sure to keep an eye on each other, we can’t afford to get separated, we only have each other until someone save us, hopefully.” Wu Ji was very bitter.

If there is anything more painful than death, it was their current condition, stuck in that place.

Lin Fan glanced at Wu Ji, “Well, that’s very optimistic of you. We can’t even find a way out, and you still hope that someone will rescue you.”

“Can’t you at least say something nicer in this desperate situation? I shouldn’t have come with you down here, not only I didn’t get anything, I’m even stuck in this place.” Wu Ji felt so stupid.

“Well, I already told you that you shouldn’t come from the beginning, but you insisted on coming, you reap what you sew. Let’s just focus on finding the way out now, just stick close to me, you should know that I’m pretty strong, right?” Lin Fan said in return

What else could Wu Ji say? Even though the situation looked hopeless, there was nothing he could do but believe in Lin Fan

Even if they didn’t know how long exactly they’ve been there, Lin Fan kept track of time so he knew they had been there for a few days.

They seemed to be circling around and unable to find the way out.

This place is the closest thing that portrayed a hell, the ground was filled with flesh blood and bones, and it gave off this strange atmosphere.


Wu Ji saw something, he hurriedly pointed to the distance and said, “There is someone else over there! Hello! Over here!”

He shouted with all his might.

Lin Fan was shocked by his loud voice.

“Stay down! Are you insane? We don’t even know whether it is a human or not, don’t you dare yell again.” Lin Fan covered Wu Ji’s mouth.

“Brother Lin, this is our only chance. If we miss it, we will never be able to get out of this place.” Wu Ji said.

In the distance, several figures flying in the air heard Wu Ji’s voice and turned around hurriedly and landed in front of Lin Fan and Wu Ji.

“Who are you? How could you two be here??”

The one who asked them seemed to be the leader of the group, a good looking-man dressing all white, he was surprised seeing Lin Fan and Wu Ji in a place like this.

Wu Ji sai, “Fellow cultivators, I am a disciple of Utmost Nihility Sect who stranded here by accident, we’ve been trying to find a way out but to no avail. We hope you guys can show us the way out.”

“Utmost Nihility Sect you say? That’s one of the sects associated with ours, but how did you here to begin with? There is only one way to enter this place, and it was guarded by an elder.”

Not to mention there were certain rules before entering this place, including the cultivation-based restriction, so if one’s cultivation was too high, one couldn’t enter that place

Rumors said there was an ancestral demon that dwelled in that place.

“There’s a reason for that, so a few days ago I and fellow cultivator Lin over here found a portal in weasel demon’s hideout in Jade Mountain, we thought it was a portal to the secret realm and after we entered, the portal disappeared, thus we’ve been trying to find a way out for the last few days, if i didn’t stumble upon you guys maybe i would’ve given up hope.

Wu Ji shed his tears.

He was so relieved when he saw there was other human in that place

Those Void Jade Palace’s disciples looked and whispered to each other and then said, “Alright, then follow us.”

Lin Fan just stood there without saying anything.

And not long after, those disciples introduced themselves.

The man in white was Hao Tianhua, a core disciple from Void Jade Palace.

He looked really handsome.

The other man in black was also a core disciple named Jin Yang, he had this arrogant look on his face.

The other one was a woman. It was really surprising to see a woman in such a dangerous place.

She was tall, slender and beautiful, but she didn’t seem any less stronger than the man the other two men she was with.

A long black hair is smooth and bright with wonderful eyes, but she seemed somewhat cold and hard to approach.

Wu Ji knew these people were looking for Huangfeng, but Huang Feng was already dead thanks to Lin Fan.

They won’t find Huang Feng, no matter how long they looked for him.

So, he decided to keep quiet about Huang Feng and see how things went.

Lin Fan, who was bored, approached the girl.

“Sister, what’s your name? I noticed you haven’t said a word at all since we met. Is there something on your mind? I may not be good enough, but at least I can listen to your problems, and maybe I can give you a solution, now go ahead and tell me your problem. “

Lin Fan liked gossiping, with girls especially.

Cheng Lingsu completely ignored Lin Fan.

Lin Fan felt disappointed since the girl completely ignored him, but she was the only girl in that place, he had no business with these men around him.

Hao Tianhua, whispered to Wu Ji, “Your friend over there sure is fearless. Cheng Lingsu is a tough challenge, I’d be careful if I were him.”

Lin Fan heard what Hao Tianhua just said and then began his second attempt to talk to Cheng Lingsu, “So your name is Cheng Lingsu. That is a good name, I can see how smart and pleasant you are from your name, too bad you’re so unsociable.”

Wu Ji wanted to smack Lin Fan’s head.

They were asking for help in this situation, and Wu Ji was baffled that Lin Fan could still fool around at a time like this

“If you don’t talk, no one would know you are dumb.” Cheng Lingsu said coldly, she grew impatient with Lin Fan’s attitude.

As soon as Lin Fan heard this, he suddenly showed an intoxicated look.

“Ah, I see, so that’s how it is. You’re so quiet because men get crazy after they heard your voice, right?”

“I’ve met countless women, and I thought there was no woman more beautiful than the last woman, but after seeing you, it seems like I was wrong, there’s another sky above the sky, there are women above other women.”

At this point, Lin Fan was just flattering with Cheng Lingsu, while trying to break the ice.

Women just liked to be praised, even if they seemed rude, that was how a girl called Cheng Lingsu was.

She was a little intrigued by Lin Fan’s words, so she asked.

“Who is she?”

“It’s Meng Qingyao from Mysterious Sword Peak in Greatest Martial Sect. I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world, but now that I look at it, obviously, that’s because I don’t have a broad enough perspective and I rarely looked at the outside world.”

After hearing about this, Cheng Lingsu couldn’t help but smile, but only for a moment, then she looked as cold as ice again.

Wu Ji then snapped, “Hold it right there, if you’re gonna offend her, please don’t involve me in this.”

As far as Wu Ji knew, Meng Qingyao was a true disciple of Greatest Martial Sect, and she was someone to mess with.

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