Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 147


Cheng Lingsu was annoyed by the man beside her.

He just constantly complimented her, even though she knew it was just flattery, but as much as she wanted to ignore him, she was actually delighted deep down.

“Huang Feng’s demon lair in this place is only temporary, and I don’t know whether he opened another portal or not. If he does, it will be troublesome.” Jin Yang said.

Hao Tianhua meditated and took out a wooden stick, which was inlaid with several crystals like spirit stones.

Then he held the stick firmly and channeled his qi into the stick.

The crystal on the wooden bar shone one by one until a total of five crystals.

“This is bad. When I first checked the concentration of demon qi in this place, it was only two, but now it was up to five. The old demon Huang Feng must have opened the portal.” Hao Tianhua looked serious.

Wu Ji listened aside, wondering, “What do you mean by the demon portal?”

Hao Tianhua said, “Huang Feng first entered this realm thirty years ago when he was being pursued, but Huang Feng was extremely cunning, in the end, he was never found, and those pursuers died in a gruesome way.”

“Huang Feng came here to open the portal to the demon realm.”

Wu Ji shuddered when he heard it as he was already traumatized by Huang Feng’s overwhelming power.

“Fellow cultivators, now that the portal to demon realm has been opened, there’s no point in staying here, we need to leave quickly.” Wu Ji just wanted to that place, he vowed to never to enter such unfamiliar place casually again.

Even Jade Mountain, which seemed like a normal place, at once turned out to have a demon’s lair inside, not to mention there was a portal leading to an unknown place full of flesh and blood.

Hao Tianhua decided to go back and informed the elders that Huang Feng has already opened the demon portal. The concentration of demon qi in that place was already intense to begin with, and now it was even more intense than before.

“Let’s go, come and follow me, don’t look for any trouble.”

Wu Ji was so happy that he could finally leave this cursed place.

He came here with Lin Fan, but Lin Fan got a bunch of items here. Meanwhile, he didn’t get anything.

But he no longer cared about that stuff, as long as he could leave that place.

On the other hand, Lin Fan was laid back. He has been sticking close to Cheng Lingsu in an attempt to flirt with her.

Cheng Lingsu has been practising in Void Jade Palace ever since she was a child. Although she was smart, she was gullible. Besides cultivation, the rivalry among core disciples in Void Jade Palace encouraged Cheng Lingsu to learn to protect herself and remain vigilant anywhere.

She has never met someone who was a chatterbox and kept sticking close to her like Lin Fan.

He was annoying, but Lin Fan’s praise resonated inside her heart because no one ever praised her like Lin Fan before, so she was thrilled.

“Lingsu, you must be bored in the sect, do you raising any pet?” Lin Fan asked.

Cheng Lingsu’s attitude slightly changed, and Lin Fan’s noticed it.


Although she still answered him coldly but having her answered Lin Fan’s question was already a step forward.

“A cat? That is a very cute animal. If you raise it well, it may grow into a cat demon in the future, who knows?”

“But do you know what I like to raise? I bet you won’t be able to guess.”

Lin Fan knew that Cheng Lingsu would not answer him if he just asked a normal question, but he realized that this girl was a little competitive, and by adding sentences like “I bet you don’t know” naturally aroused her curiosity.



“A cat too?”


Cheng Lingsu thought for a while and shook his head, “What is it then?”

“I like the idea of raising our child the most.” Lin Fan looked at Cheng Lingsu affectionately, which shocked her that she couldn’t look at Lin Fan’s eyes anymore.

“You’re so rude.” Cheng Lingsu said as her face turned red, she looked angry, but actually, she was flustered.

Lin Fan took the chase and said, “I can’t help it, seeing a girl like you, I’d do anything to draw your attention.”

“How are you so good with words? You must be thinking you’re really smart, huh?” Cheng Lingsu didn’t understand why she, who was supposedly a quiet girl, was talking a lot of stuff with Lin Fan, she didn’t even realize it herself.

She was flustered, so she brushed it off by badmouthing Lin Fan again.

“Whether I’m stupid or not doesn’t matter, but I think you are not that smart either.” Lin Fan said.

“You…” Cheng Lingsu was a little angry, and the guy who has just praised her suddenly said the exact opposite, which really annoyed her.

Lin Fan looked at Cheng Lingsu’s chest.

He thought that Cheng Lingsu was so gullible that all her nutrition was absorbed by her chest instead of her brain

“Don’t get mad just yet, I’ll test you, among the first child, the second child, the third child, and a husband. Which one was the most different among them?” Lin Fan asked.

Cheng Lingsu was still angry, but she still answered Lin Fan’s test, “Husband.”

“Yes, my wife?” Lin Fan called affectionately.

When Cheng Lingsu heard it, she knew she played right into Lin Fan’s hands again.

She forgot that she was angry until a moment ago and just smack Lin Fan’s arm lightly, “If you do that again, I will really ignore you.”

Hao Tianhua who walked in a while observing their surrounding, has been listening to what happened behind.

He had a bad feeling.

He knew Cheng Lingsu was equally cold toward anyone, even the disciples in their sect were afraid of her, yet just what happened to her right now??

It was not even an hour yet since Cheng Lingsu met Lin Fan, yet they already sounded like close friends.

And the topic of their conversation was nothing decent either.

“Fellow cultivator Wu, your friend over there is not that bad, after all.” Hao Tianhua said. He thought that at this rate Lin Fan might successfully flirt with his sister.

His cold sister suddenly seemed so cheerful, she even smiled from time to time, which left him a little confused.

Wu Ji didn’t know what Lin Fan was doing, but he thought Hao Tianhua praised Lin Fan for his strength and cultivation, so he said in response, “of course, I’ve seen it myself after all.”

If he knew that Lin Fan was hitting on the core disciple of Void Jade Palace, he would have kneeled down and asked Lin Fan to refrain from doing so before they made their way out.


Lin Fan swiftly held Cheng Lingsu’s hand, “Don’t ignore me, hey, why is your hand so cold? don’t move, I’ll keep you warm.”

Cheng Lingsu struggled while glaring at Lin Fan, she opened her mouth as if trying to say let me go, but no words came out.

Lin Fan thought that Cheng Lingsu would struggle harder to tug her hand away, but turns out she just glared at Lin Fan, Lin Fan took it as a yes, besides it’s not like he hugged her or something like that, so it should be okay.

“Is it still cold now?” Lin Fan asked with concern despite Cheng Lingsu glaring at him.

When Cheng Lingsu saw Lin Fan looked concerned, she felt slightly guilty, and her heart beat so fast like never before.

Hao Tianhua wanted to ask something to Cheng Lingsu, but then he saw Lin Fan was holding his sister’s hand, and the two were walking side by side so silently.

It was as if he has just discovered an untold secret, he looked confused.

He didn’t know what was happening anymore.

He couldn’t afford to just sit idly.

At this rate, Lin Fan might take away his sister.

“Cough cough!” Hao Tianhua cleared his throat.

“Sister Lingsu, you should pay more attention to the surroundings. We are still in a dangerous place. There’s no telling when and where we can encounter danger.”

Cheng Lingsu was shocked when he heard Hao Tianhua’s voice and quickly tugged her hand away from Lin Fan.

Although she felt slightly embarrassed, she then reverted to her old cold self.

“Yeah. I know.”

Then she picked up her face and walked in front of Lin Fan instead of beside him.

Lin Fan frowned and looked at Hao Tianhua, thinking he was such a party pooper. Did he really have to get in the way while Lin Fan was hitting on his sister?

She tried her best to look composed, but her heart was thumping so loud.

She couldn’t believe she would hold hands with a man. Not only she didn’t mind, but she also seemed to be expecting something.

She looked back at Lin Fan, but when she saw Lin Fan’s meaningful smile, she hurriedly turned her head, and her heart beat even faster.

What kind of feeling is this?

Cheng Lingsu asked herself.

Impossible, they’ve only met recently, it was out of the question.

She thought if she Lin Fan have known each other for quite a while, then maybe…

But she quickly erased that thought, thinking that this wasn’t like her at all

“Phew, you’re walking too fast, it’s really hard to catch up with you. But I could catch up, because it’s you I’m chasing.” Lin Fan suddenly said beside Cheng Lingsu.

Hao Tianhua thought his reminder would be enough to separate them. But to his dismay, Lin Fan caught up with her again.

He didn’t take Lin Fan’s persistence and shamelessness into account.

How could he just flirt with his sister with him around?

He wanted to punch Lin Fan in the face so bad.

Lin Fan has fully understood about Cheng Lingsu’s personality. She may seem cold outside, but she was warm and caring deep down.

However, he had one concern.

If he kept this up, will this lead to something

Thinking of this, he felt a little scared.

So he decided it was time to call it to quit, after all he started this simply out of boredom. Besides, he was not ready for a commitment yet, he was too young for that.

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