Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 148


After quite a while.

“The exit is up ahead.” Hao Tianhua was relieved that they were already near the exit, meaning Lin Fan shouldn’t be able to flirt with his sister anymore.

Lin Fan looked straight ahead and saw the portal in the distance.

Looking back, he was quite lucky to encounter Huang Feng, he got a bunch of stuff, and most importantly, he also got two mystic arts.

They could see the elders were already waiting outside anxiously

Wu Ji has been waiting for this moment.

“Fellow cultivators, I’ll wait for you outside.” He then passed through the portal.

“You should refrain from doing this once we’re outside, the elders will not show you any mercy.” Cheng Lingsu said, she didn’t even know why she warned Lin Fan, but she was telling the truth

Fellow cultivator Lin, I’m so happy that you really care about me.

“Geez, I’ve been wondering how a man like you can stay alive up until this moment.” Cheng Lingsu glanced.

Jin Yang who couldn’t bear seeing them flirting anymore, walked past the portal while shaking his head.

“Sister Lingsu, fellow cultivator, we should go too.” Hao Tianhua was thinking just what kind of conversation they were having that they were so absorbed in it, his sister didn’t even know who Lin Fan was, what if he was a bad person?

And right when Hao Tianhua was about to pass the portal, suddenly the ground was shaking, and they could feel terrifying qi approaching them.

“Where are you going?”

A scary voice resounded through the whole place.

“Quick sister, go!” Seeing this scene, Hao Tianhua suddenly panicked, the menacing demon in front of them must’ve come from the portal to the demon realm. But before he could say anything, he was pushed toward the portal.

A giant palm slammed the portal, luckily Lin Fan was able to pull Cheng Lingsu away in time the portal was not damaged, but the demon’s strength was no joke.

Meanwhile on the other side.

“Vice Palace Master, this is bad, sister is still inside with that demon, please think of something, we have to save her.” Hao Tianhua urged the Vice Palace Master.

Even though Wi Ji couldn’t stand Lin Fan’s attitude, but nonetheless they were still comrade who was in the same boat up until a moment ago, so he pleaded to Void Jade Palace’s Vice Palace Master to save Lin Fan as well, but unfortunately Vice Palace Master ignored him

“Tianhua, this place used to be the battlefield for immortals and demons. Now, I can’t enter the portal since my cultivation is too high. Cheng Lingsu had no choice but to rely on herself,” said the Vice Palace Master.

“But that’s…”

Hao Tianhua couldn’t just sit idly, but he knew Vice Palace Master couldn’t save his sister.

Inside the portal.


Lin Fan and Cheng Lingsu were backed into a corner, but when the demon slammed its hand once again, a golden ray of light suddenly protected them both, and it wasn’t from Lin Fan’s Sacred Beast Robe.

It was a huge stone an immortal left here a long time ago that protected them.

So the demon just waited in front of them.

“This guy sure is patient.” Lin Fan thought everything was over, including his time with the beautiful girl beside him, but it seemed god had other plans.

Cheng Lingsu seemed terrified, she couldn’t hide it from Lin Fan.

“This is quite a hopeless situation, the portal to demon realm has been opened, we’re no match for that demon and it’s waiting for us patiently.”

And there was no use waiting for help either as Void Jade Palace’s elders couldn’t enter that place.

Then suddenly…

They saw it was snowing, but when the snow fell to the ground, it froze everything nearby.


Lin Fan thought there was something off here.

How could a single snowflake freeze the ground?

Cheng Lingsu who saw this strange phenomenon, quickly covered herself with qi to keep herself warm.

“Be careful, we don’t know what kind of place this is, there’s no telling what will happen in the next second.” Cheng Lingsu reminded Lin Fan.

Luckily for Lin Fan, he didn’t have to use his qi to keep himself warm as he had Sacred Beast Robe.

Be it is snow or freezing wind, it won’t affect him.

As time went by, a problem arose, Cheng Lingsu’s qi regeneration couldn’t keep up with her qi consumption.

She became pale and almost fell, luckily Lin Fan held her waist and kept her from falling

“What are you doing?” Cheng Lingsu almost jumped like a frightened rabbit, but Lin Fan’s hands held her firmly that she couldn’t break free.

Lin Fan held Cheng Lingsu in his arms and let her sit on his lap.

“Don’t push yourself too hard, woman. Hold onto me so you won’t feel as cold.” Lin Fan said calmly. “Relax, as long as we don’t go anywhere, we should be okay for the time being.”

Cheng Lingsu felt safe in Lin Fan’s arm, she wanted to say something, but seeing Lin Fan looking serious, she changed her mind and consumed a medicinal pill to recover her qi.

She didn’t know how long this will go on, but she will not give up until the last moment

“Hey, aren’t we moving too fast here. I only held her hands until a moment ago, and she’s hugging me now. At this rate, we might go even further.”

Lin Fan was wondering, was it all because of his charm?

Lin Fan thought perhaps that was how it felt like when a person reached greater heights, they will think that they were less significant as a result. But even if he could go any further, he won’t take that chance.

He was just hundreds of months old kid, how could he do that.

Eventually, Cheng Lingsu opened her eyes.

“Have you recovered your qi?” Lin Fan asked.

“Yes, thank you.” Cheng Lingsu nodded, perhaps because of her current position, she was a bit shy.

Lin Fan smiled, but it was time he put this farce to an end.

Besides, it might be bad for Cheng Lingsu to stay here for too long, so it was better to send her back.

It will be a waste if such a lovely lady died.

Lin Fan got up, and Cheng Lingsu was a little puzzled why Lin Fan suddenly no longer hugged her, she didn’t even realize that she was disappointed at that time.

“I’m going to draw its attention, use this chance to get out of here.” Lin Fan said calmly as if fully prepared to sacrifice himself.

“What are you planning to do?” Cheng Lingsu said.

Lin Fan looked back and smiled, “Only one of us can live, but I am a man. How can I let a woman handle this? Besides, as long as you’re safe, I don’t care what happens to myself.”

“We can wait a little longer, help might come.” Cheng Lingsu shouted.

“Don’t deceive yourself, just look at this place, help won’t come and if we’ll just die slowly if we wait here,” Lin Fan said.

He then had an idea.

“Before you say anything, can you hear my stupid request?”

“I have never touched a woman’s chest in my whole life, can you let me touch yours?”

Cheng Lingsu lowered his head, looking all flushed, maybe she did not expect that at such a serious moment, Lin Fan would ask for something like that, she was really embarrassed.

Lin Fan smiled when he saw Cheng Lingsu’s troubled face.

“Just kidding, I’m just trying to brighten up the mood a little, don’t take it seriously, I’m not that kind of person.”

After saying this, he walked forward.

“You… haven’t told me your name,” Cheng Lingsu shouted.

Lin Fan did not look back and waved his hand.

“My name doesn’t matter, as long as you remember me I’d be honored.”


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