Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 150


Lin Fan was still within the area of Jade Mountain. He was not sure where he was now. The surrounding environment was so strange that he could only take one step at a time.

Looking back, the demon king just now was on a whole different level. If the one who stayed behind wasn’t him, they would’ve died for sure, and as a man who liked to meddle in other people’s affairs and concerned about others, he definitely would not allow others to enter and die in vain.

Then he found a stone tablet and stood at the entrance, the writing was.

Fierce, Violent, Extraordinary

Nine deaths and still alive

The words were cruel, but that seemed like a warning for those who wanted to enter that place.

Not long after, Lin Fan left that place and continued his journey to be stronger.

After a few days.

“This place is not suitable for cultivation.”

Lin Fan walked on Jade Mountain for a long time, and he did not encounter any demon, not even one, which was weird.

“Demons, I know you’re there, come out.”

He roared while emitting his qi, shocking the whole mountain, countless frightened birds soared to the sky, maybe they were all yelling at Lin Fan who had no common sense.

His voice was reverberating throughout the forest.

“It seems that I shouted for nothing again.”

Lin Fan was quite helpless, and still no demon showed up. He was then reminded of the demon king back inside the portal, too bad they couldn’t do anything to each other, as both their attack didn’t work.

It was just a waste of time to deal with him.

He didn’t want to go in, and the Demon King didn’t dare to come out. If he did, he won’t be able to contain his power, telling his whereabout, and soon enough, the Immortals will come and kill him

The night came.

Lin Fan lost his way in Jade Mountain. If he knew this would happen, he would have tagged along with Wu Ji from the beginning. And something like this wouldn’t happen.

At this time, he saw lights in the distance, it piqued his interest, and he immediately approached it and looked carefully at what turned out to be an old house.

“Why is there a house in the middle of nowhere like this?”

Lin Fan can see at a glance that there are problems here, and it was a huge problem.

In a place like this, it was actually weird that there was a house, not to mention he couldn’t sense any demonic qi from this house.

This might catch people off guard, and eventually, they died in the hands of a cunning demon.

Lin Fan then knocked on the door. “Is there anyone home? Can I stay overnight?”

Knock, knock!

Lin Fan gently knocked on the door, showing some courtesy.


The door of the old house slowly opened.

An old lady with white hair opened the door while holding a lamp and she said, “You want to stay here, son?”

Lin Fan looked at her with a smile on his face, “Yes, may I trouble you with that?”

“It’s already late. There are many wild animals in this deep wild forest. It’s dangerous for you to stay outside. If you don’t mind, please come in.” The old lady said slowly.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “Why should I mind? I’m grateful enough that you let me stay here.”

The old lady lead the way. Her kind face made people feel at ease, but the smile from time to time made people shudder, but Lin Fan didn’t notice the smile

Inside the house.

“Please have a seat!” said the old lady.

at this time.

Behind the curtain on the side, a beautiful voice was heard, as if discussing something.

Lin Fan looked surprised as if he didn’t expect there was someone there.

The old lady said, “Chun Mei, Qiu Dong, what are you two doing? Come and greet our guest, you’re being rude.”

Soon, two beautiful and glamourous girls came out slowly, their long hair was covered by shawls, one was mature and sexy, the other was pure and well-behaved, their white skirts were fluttering, two different styles, pick your choice.

“Who are these two?” Lin Fan asked, pretending to be curious. He was also really bored, and he didn’t mind putting some act here, it might help him dig more about these people too.

The old lady said, “Young master, these two are my eldest daughter and youngest daughter, Chun Mei and Qiu Dong, go on girls, show young master a little hospitality.”

“Young master, nice to see you.”

“Young master, nice to see you.”

The voice that made anyone hearing it skip a beat, and both of them so gorgeous.

“You really are something else, Ma’am, your daughters look like in their seventeen or eighteen even though you’re already 60s, you still look fit enough.” Lin Fan said.

He was thinking about a problem.

Usually, in some ghost movies, there were scenes similar to this. There’s usually a mother who was really old, and they have one or two beautiful daughters, and in all of those scenarios, usually, there was no father figure in the family, either he died early or other reasons.

This kind of oddity was easy to notice if people actually put some thought to it, but people were often fooled.

Perhaps only an idiot would fall for this, Lin Fan didn’t see how someone else would fall for this scheme.

The old lady was stunned. Obviously, she didn’t expect her guest would ask this question.

She decided to brush off the question.

“Hurry up and prepare some dishes for the young master.” said the old lady.

Lin Fan laughed, “That’s so embarrassing, I am sorry for bothering you two girls, I’d love to eat chicken soup, if you have any chicken.”

The old lady stared at Lin Fan, she had never seen anyone who would ask for food this brazenly.

“May I know where you come from?” the old lady exchanged pleasantries, so Lin Fan let his guard down

Lin Fan said, “I consider the four corners of the world all like my home, and I come from afar.”

 The old lady decided to stop with the pleasantries. She has thought that Lin Fan was a little strange, but she couldn’t blame him.

It didn’t take long.

The two girls came with their dishes.

“Young master, please eat. It’s not much, I hope it suits your liking,” said the old lady.

Lin Fan said, “I’m sure it tastes good, sorry for troubling you.”

The sexy girl, Chun Mei, picked up the bottle and said, “Young master, let me pour some wine for you.”

“Young Master, I’ll bring you some vegetables.” Qiu Dong said, sticking close to him.

“Okay, okay, let’s drink and eat together, I’d feel bad if I eat by myself.” Lin Fan said with a smile.

Qiu Dong put her hands onto Lin Fan’s back. Her nails seemed very sharp, she might be able to pierce through steel with those nails.

But the old lady signed Qiu Dong that it was not time yet, they had to make sure the time was right, only then she will attack.

“How did you survive in Jade Mountain this long? I heard there are many demons lurking around here. Aren’t you afraid of living here? No offense, the demons may not be attracted to you Ma’am, but that was not the case with these two delicate girls.” Lin Fan said.

The old lady was somewhat embarrassed and mad. How dare this kid say she was old and not very attractive to demons?

Chun Mei leaned against Lin Fan’s back in fear, pretending to be very scared, “Young master, I’m so scared, if we were really caught by the demon, what would they do to us?”

Lin Fan took advantage of the situation and draped himself on Chun Mei’s shoulders and said, “They will strip you naked and ravage you fiercely, then they’ll skin you alive, and cook you. If you are lucky, maybe they’ll imprison you and for you to bear their children, at least a few dozen, and when you finally get old, the demon will cook you.”

When Chun Mei heard this, she was ranting in her mind about how the man in front of her acted like he knew everything about the demon, but she was quite intrigued by the method that Lin Fan proposed.

“Let’s change the topic, this topic is too gloomy for this kind of situation, and let’s drink.” Lin Fan asked the three of them to drink with him.

The old lady said, “Young master, I can’t drink, as you see, I’m too old for that, please let my two daughters keep you company.”

“You’re no fun, if you don’t drink, I’d rather leave.” Lin Fan said, he figured out it was time for them to reveal their true nature.

But to his dismay, the old lady actually picked the glass and drank.

“There’s no helping it then, I hope I’m still strong enough to have a couple of drinks.” The old lady was quite patient, mainly because she was not sure whether her guest was immortal or not. It’d be bad if her guest turned out to be stronger than her. Moreover, her daughters put something in this wine.

Demons won’t be affected by it, but humans will faint once they drank it, and they could do whatever they want.


Lin Fan, who seems drunk, urged the three to drink with him. He got free drinks and food. It’d be a waste not to enjoy them, so he figured he’ll play along a little bit longer.

After a while.

Qiu Dong was slightly drunk, “Young master, I can’t drink anymore.”

Lin Fan glanced at her and said nothing as if trying to say, “Aren’t you the elder sister? How can you lose to your younger sister?”


“So that means Chun Mei a heavier drinker than you. It’s alright.” Lin Fan said.

Qiu Dong took that as a challenge, then picked up the glass and said, “Forget what I said earlier, young master I will drink with you.”

Chun Mei glanced at Qiu Dong, vaguely looking down on her, as if trying to say, “Is that all you got?”

“Young master, I will accompany you too.”

Chun Mei snuggled next to Lin Fan as if deliberately sank her body into Lin Fan’s arms.

Lin Fan didn’t mind. Different situations call for different actions. He’ll gladly accept this treat.

As time goes by.

The old lady realized that things weren’t going as she planned, even her two daughters seemed weird, he looked at Lin Fan as if saying “how is this possible? Those two better pull themselves together.”

“Cough, young master, it’s getting late. Don’t you think it’s time to call it a day?” said the old lady.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, there are still several bottles of wine out there, and I’ll finish drinking these wines. The night is still young.”

“Mother, we rarely have a guest, let’s keep it coming.” Qiu Dong playfully said, while looking at Chun Mei’s eyes full of provocation, as if to say, let’s see who will go down first.

Chun Mei refused to be outdone by her sister, “Mother, my sister is right. Let’s have another drink with the young master.”

The old lady was confused, what happened to her daughters? It was supposed to be the time to finish their guest once and for all, why were they still drinking.

Lin Fan had long understood that these two girls were competing with each other.

Lin Fan also used this opportunity to turn them against each other with an alight provocation, leading to them trying to outdo the other.

The old lady drank a lot of wine, even if the drug effect in the wine was useless to her, but the alcohol was still intoxicating, she couldn’t use her demonic power carelessly without knowing her guest’s intention.

They had no choice but to outdrink Lin Fan.

“Young master, I will rub your shoulders for you, I will definitely make you comfortable.” Chun Mei’s mature and charming voice was soothing and pleasing to the ears.

Lin Fan gently touched Chun Mei’s soft and smooth hands. “Okay, thank you.”

Qiu Dong refused to be outdone by her sister, “Young master, I will feed you.”

Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction. “Aw, thank you too.”

The old lady was speechless, seeing the scene unfolded in front of her.

At this moment.

Someone knocked on the door.

The old lady’s face changed slightly. Who would be coming to this place? Not to mention at this hour This is Jade Mountain. She was displeased since she was already having a seemingly stupid guest that she had to “attend to” but suddenly, someone got in the way.

The old lady ignored the sound of the door being knocked.

“Old lady, if you have nothing to do, why don’t you open the door? I have my hands full with your two daughters.” Lin Fan said.

“Alright then, please wait.” The old lady quickly opened the door. She did not know who was coming. She was so pissed that she was thinking of killing this guest first before killing Lin Fan.

It didn’t take long.

The old lady came with a bearded middle-aged man, who was carrying a long sword behind him, wearing a yellow robe, and he began to sniff around as soon as he entered the room as if he was looking for something.

He smelled a faint smell of demon.

Although it was faint, he could smell it.

He came to that house because he picked up a faint smell of demon, but when he arrived inside, he saw Lin Fan was eating foods and drinking alcohol, with two girls serving him.

He saw at a glance that Lin Fan was human.

And these two girls exuded a faint smell of demon, perhaps it was concealed by some means, but he was particularly sensitive to the demon’s smell.

“Senior, please have a seat.” The old lady welcomed him, she didn’t expect that an immortal would come as well.

The man sat down and said, “You sure are brave fellow cultivator, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

“The demons run rampant in Jade Mountain, and you should keep your eyes peeled, don’t let them deceive you.” He said that out loud to warn the three demons in that house to stop pretending because he has already seen through their disguise.

Lin Fan said, “Demons in Jade Mountain? I’ve been here for days, and I haven’t even seen one. Let’s eat. This old lady is very nice. He welcomed me into the house and gave me food and drink. Her two daughters are keeping me company too.”

Huang Pao heard Lin Fan’s words, and sighed because he thought Lin Fan had good eyes but he couldn’t even see through these demons’ disguise.

“Qiu Dong, hurry and pour some wine for our new guest,” Said the old lady. As long as her new guest drank the wine, she won’t have any problem.

Qiu Dong was about to get up, but Lin Fan grabbed her wrist, “They’re mine. You can pour your own wine for all I care.”

“Young master, do you like me that much?” Qiu Dong delicately said.

“Of course.” Lin Fan smiled.

Seeing this scene, Huang Pao shook his head. He thought the young man was blinded by the demon’s beauty, that was why he was so easy to deceive.

The old lady wanted to slap Lin Fan to death, she even held her daughter back from serving wine to her new guest, that was too cheeky of him.

“I will pour the wine for you instead.” The old lady slowly poured the wine.

Huang Pao was silent for a moment, then he said, “Although this wine smells tempting, I’ll refrain myself from drinking this, I am afraid that this is the soul-breaking wine.”

The old lady said, “Senior must be joking, how can this be the soul-breaking wine? I brewed this wine by myself. Although they fall short compared to what you usually drink, I can assure you that it tastes good.”

“Oh.” Huang Pao just smiled silently, and he was staring at the old lady, his eyes gleamed with light, and when he saw the light in her eyes, the old lady tried to avert her eyes.

Lin Fan picked up the wine and sipped it.

“This wine is good, you know? It was impactful in my mouth, but it was sweet in my throat, definitely one of the best wine that I’ve ever tasted.”

“Fellow cultivator, you can’t drink it.” Huang Pao saw Lin Fan gulping the wine and ate the meat without thinking. How could he be this thoughtless?

These three were all demons, they used a certain mean to conceal their qi and transform themselves into humans.

The old lady frowned. She believed that the man has already seen through their disguise.

But at this time.

Lin Fan said angrily, “Just what the hell is wrong with you? You knocked on someone’s door in the middle of the night, they let you in, even serve you some wine, yet you can’t even thank them.”

The old lady who didn’t expect that Lin Fan would cover them took this as a chance, “It’s okay young master, he must’ve misunderstood us that’s all.”

As long as someone believed, it was easy to handle.

Chun Mei and Qiu Dong were already drunk, but they at least realize that the man was really not easy to deal with, then they comforted Lin Fan, “Young master, don’t be angry, please don’t be angry.”

“If you don’t like the food or drinks, then feel free to leave, no one wants you here anyway.”

Lin Fan shook his head, looking dissatisfied with the man’s behavior.

Huang Pao said, “Fellow cultivator, I am trying to save you here, they are not good people, you are already bewitched by their demonic qi.”

“Old man, what do you mean? I have lived here with my two daughters for decades, we have never caused any harm, but you said that we are bad people, I’ve never been accused this badly in my whole life” The old lady said while crying, she would’ve won a nobel prize for her acting skill.

“Oh, you may be able to fool others, but you can’t fool me.” Huang Pao said.

Lin Fan, “If you don’t want to stay, please leave. I like it here, I got these two girls after all.”

Huang Pao shook his head and was very disappointed with Lin Fan. He thought Lin Fan was completely bewitched by these demons. He wanted Lin Fan to take a moment and look closely, maybe then he’ll be able to see the true face of these demons.

“Well, since you don’t believe me, then it can’t be helped, I did what I could, maybe this is fate, I’ll go ahead and take my leave.”

He got up and about to leave the house.

The old lady didn’t stop him. Since there was no guarantee that she could beat the immortal, it would be better to let him leave.

And at this time.

Huang Pao who almost arrived at the door turned sharply, holding a golden mirror in his hand, and pointed it at the demon, ” Fellow cultivator, open your eyes and see, they are all demons.”

A simple symbol was drawn on the mirror, which seemed ordinary, but when Huang Pao infused his qi to it, a dazzling golden light suddenly burst out. When the golden light hit the old lady and the two girls, the three of them screeched.

Obviously, it was because of this golden light.

“Fellow cultivator, see it with your own eyes.” The middle-aged man shouted.

 The old lady showed her true appearance along with the two girls, they had wings on their back with razor-sharp fingernails.

“So you guys are crane demons. That explains why your demonic qi was so faint. It’s a pity that the immortal cranes have degenerated into demons. However, it is my duty to eliminate demons. The moment you saw me, you’ve already run out of your luck.” Huang Pao flicked his fingers, and the long sword behind his back was instantly drawn out directly from its sheath.

“Damn, to think that someone could see through our disguise.” The old lady snarled, everything was going well until this immortal showed up, which irritated her. 

Lin Fan was holding a wine glass and drinking wine calmly.

He suddenly snapped.


Lin Fan slammed the table angrily and shouted, “All of you shut up.”

He was very angry at that moment.

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