Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 152


Early in the morning.

Lin Fan opened his eyes, Chun Mei and Qiu Dong has prepared everything from him, from helping him wash his face, to preparing his breakfast. And he had a good rest last night.

The two beautiful demon girls wanted to keep him company in bed, but he refused. It wasn’t because he didn’t want it nor because he did not dare, but he wanted to keep the relationship between them platonic. Otherwise, it’d make no difference to a brothel.

He did have fun however, but it was time to continue his journey and bid his farewell to these two beautiful girls

In front of the old house.

“Thank you for your hospitality. I’m very satisfied. I’ll come back here if I have some spare time, but remember, don’t harm any human, not everyone is as reasonable as I am. I don’t want to see this place in ruins the next time I come here again.” Lin Fan bid them farewell while squeezing the smooth and tender Chun Mei and Qiu Dong’s little hands.

He sure took his time to caress their hands even though he was about to depart.

“Yes, yes, don’t worry young master, we are definitely not a bad demon. We are good ones, and we will be good from now on.” The old lady blabbered randomly as he was scared of Lin Fan.

Anyway, she knew she was ugly and old. If there was any problem, she would be the one who took the blame, of course she was afraid.

Lin Fan smiled and said, ” rest assured old lady, I am not that kind of person, but you should be glad that you do not have what I want.”

The old lady didn’t have any eye-catching drop item. Except for a hundred years worth of qi. The rest were simply not worthwhile.

He thought about a skill that he got a while ago called ‘Refining Skill’. Although he has already obtained such a good skill, he has never used it so far.

The old lady was very nervous and couldn’t understand what Lin Fan said. But as long as Lin Fan had no complaint, she didn’t care.

Huang Pao did not sleep at all last night, but he was not as reckless as Lin Fan. He couldn’t bring himself to fall asleep inside a house filled with demons.

“Fellow cultivator, as immortals, aren’t we supposed to kill those demons?” Huang Pao still thought that the demon should be slain.

His words immediately attracted the old woman’s hostility. This immortal has always been trying to kill them that she couldn’t let her guard down for a second. Lin Fan said,” Don’t you have conscience? You just slept here last night and you want to kill the residence of this house first thing in the morning? Let’s just go already!”

“Fellow cultivator, that’s…” Huang Pao wanted to say something, but before he could say anything, Lin Fan has already left.

“Mother, they finally left, let’s go back.” Chun Mei didn’t turn back until Lin Fan disappeared from her sight.

The old lady glared, “You had just known that pervert last night, and you already can’t forget about him? What do you mean go back? It’s time to get out of here.”

The old lady was like riding a roller coaster ever since last night. Going up and down, giving her no time to catch a breath.

The old lady decided to leave Jade Mountain rather than having another guest like Lin Fan.

 Jade Mountain, in the forest.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, what are you thinking? I really think we should turn back and kill those demons, they can’t be trusted. If you encounter one next time, you have to kill them.” Huang Pao disagreed with letting go of the three demons.

Lin Fan felt that Huang Pao’s hatred towards demons seemed to run deep in his blood.

“If your future wife is a demon, will you kill her?”

“Impossible, such thing will never happen.” Huang Pao said, immediately denying such a possibility.

“We don’t know that for sure, for example, if you don’t know that she’s a demon until you’ve married her, what are you going to do?” Lin Fan asked, he knew it was a difficult question, he just said that to put Huang Pao in a spot.

“I will kill her, she must have approached me with some ulterior motives, only by killing the demon I’ll be able to put an end to everything.” Huang Pao said without any hesitation.

Lin Fan has had enough talking about demon with Huang Pao. Later Lin Fan found out that Huang Pao came from a small sect, the Heaven Mark Sect.

He stumbled upon Lin Fan in Jade Mountain during his search of a certain spirit vein because his brothers were mining Spirit Stone there. He wanted to know how were they doing there.

“What kind of spirit vein are you talking about?” Lin Fan seemed to have a rough idea about the spirit vein Huang Pao talked about but he still asked in case he was wrong.

Huang Pao said, “It was a Spirit Vein that Ye Zhentian from Greatest Martial Sect discovered. Most of my brothers from Heaven Mark Sect was taken there to mine the Spirit Stone. It has been a while since I last saw them, so I decided to look for them and see how they are doing with my own eyes.”

After a slight pause, he then added. “Greatest Martial Sect really is disgraceful. I can’t believe a sect that famous would force other sect’s disciples to work for them.”

He did not have any good impression of Greatest Martial Sect.

 Lin Fan was very embarrassed. He could’ve told the other party that he was one of Greatest Martial Sect’s disciple, his mother was the elder of Greatest Martial Sect. But he decided not to as he was a humble person.

“Yeah, you’re right, but the one truly despicable is Ye Zhentian, because of him, Greatest Martial Sect’s reputation is tarnished.” Lin Fan saw this as an opportunity and cursed at Ye Zhentian.

Huang Pao sighed, “Unfortunately, He is a true disciple of Greatest Martial Sect, and we are only from a small sect. We can’t defy him, there’s nothing we can do.”

“But fellow cultivator, you should mind your words, don’t let anyone else hear what you just said, if they inform Ye Zhentian, you’ll be in trouble.” He warned Lin Fan.

“Relax, it’s just Ye Zhentian, I don’t care if even he himself hears me, since you’re going to the Spirit Vein, I will go with you.” Lin Fan said.

He might as well go there before going to Nine Heavens Sect and finally returned to Jiangdu City.

Greatest Martial Sect.

It has been several days since Lin Fan left, Wei You did not panic, but she was rather worried. She believed that Lin Fan should be alright since he got Sacred Beast Robe.

Meanwhile, Ye Zhentian was relieved when he learned that Lin Fan had left the sect. He was restless if Lin Fan was still around. The thought of sending someone to kill Lin Fan once crossed his mind.

But after reconsidering about it several times, he decided to keep that thought to himself as Lin Fan’s mother would be able to punish him using whatever means necessary.

Recently, news about a demon king crossing through the portal from the demon realm was heard from Void Palace.

Obviously, this was not good news, as a core disciple of a famous Sect, they had an obligation to fight that demon.

At the spirit vein.

After traveling for several days, Lin Fan and Huang Pao finally arrived at the Spirit Vein that Ye Zhentian discovered.

“Wow, the concentration of qi around here sure is different, as expected of Spirit Vein.” Lin Fan said.

The Spirit Vein they currently were in looked like a small mountain.

Huang Pao said, “That’s a given. If you practice here, you will get twice the result with half the effort. But it is also dangerous for my brothers who were forced to mine Spirit Stones here.”

“That’s because the spirit veins are buried deep in the ground, there’s the risk of the qi mixed up and caused an explosion. I believe Ye Zhentian was aware of this, that’s why he asked disciples from small sect like us to mine this Spirit Vein, if Greatest Martial Sect finds out their disciple dies because of Ye Zhentian’s negligence, they will punish him for sure, but it’s a different story if the one dying is our disciples.”

Hearing what Huang Daoquan said, Lin Fan was a little stunned. He didn’t know that mining Spirit Vein was that dangerous.

He at first thought it was due to the lack of manpower.


Right when they were absorbed in their conversation, earth-shattering noise came from afar. Looking at each other, Huang Pao exclaimed, “This is the qi explosion, don’t tell me…” he ran toward where the sound came from as fast as he could.

Lin Fan didn’t say much, and immediately followed Huang Pao, he suddenly thought he was like a bad omen, horrible things would happen wherever he went.

What was happening?

Was it really as he thought?

That he was Lin Fan, the harbinger of disaster.

Nonetheless, he knew that Ye Zhentian would be doomed with this.

When he got there, the spirit vein was already in a mess. Many people ran out of the spirit vein passage and shouted as they ran.


“The spirit vein exploded!”

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