Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 153


A disciple that Ye Zhentian sent to supervise the Spirit Vein was dumbfounded. He was the one making the array formation to ensure the Spirit Vein remained stable.

Theoretically speaking, an explosion will never occur in the Spirit Vein, but to his dismay, it actually exploded all of a sudden.

Looking at those mining disciples scrambling to run out of the Spirit vein channel, they were in a hurry.

“Don’t panic, it’s just a slight explosion, I assure you that you’re not in danger.”

“Where are you guys going? You can’t leave this place, you hear me?! If you defy me, the punishment is in order, just you wait!”

The supervising disciple threatened the disciples who were running out of the Spirit Vein.

But of course, those disciples didn’t care. They just wanted to save their lives

Huang Pao stopped that supervising disciple and asked impatiently, “Where are my younger brothers?”

“Who? Don’t get in my way! You think I have enough time to mind where they are?” The supervising disciple quickly ran away to save his own life

“You bastard.” Huang Pao, who grew desperate, went to the Spirit Vein’s entrance and yelled his lung out, “Brothers, are you in there?”

But he heard no response. There were only a bunch of disciples running out of the entrance, ignoring him to save their own lives.

Then he grabbed a random disciple who was on his way out and asked, “Did you see any Heaven’s Mark Sect’s disciple?”

“No, no, get out of my way! I don’t wanna die here! “That disciple quickly ran away in panic.

Lin Fan witnessed the fate of this harrowing escape. He was thinking about how awful this was. Ye Zhentian was out of luck this time.

The supervising disciples yelled, “Don’t run away, come back here now!” He saw most disciples ran away instead of grouping up and tried to stop them.

If these disciples ran away, they couldn’t continue the mining process, how will he plan to take responsibility for this?

Lin Fan then said while walking to the supervising disciple, “Ye Zhentian is gonna fall from his throne after this.”

“Who are you? How dare you disrespect Brother Ye!” The supervising disciples yelled angrily.

“You don’t know who I am?” He asked while looking at the supervising disciple as if he was looking at an ignorant child.

The supervising disciple shuddered, seeing Lin Fan so calm, he figured that maybe Lin Fan had the same level of status if not higher than Ye Zhentian.

“Are you…?”

The supervising disciple asked cautiously. He didn’t know who Lin Fan was, so he had to be careful if the man in front of him really had a higher status than Ye Zhentian, but he had to remain cautious too in case Lin Fan was just pretending.

“It doesn’t matter who I am.”

“The important thing is that even if Ye Zhentian is here, he had to mind his manners in my presence.”

Of course, Lin Fan’s word shocked him, seeing Lin Fan was so young and all, but he said that his Senior Brother, who was a core disciple, was nowhere near close to him.

Of course, he didn’t say it out loud; that was just his thought.

“You know what this is??”

Lin Fan took out the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword.

The pupils of the supervising disciples dilated, as one of Ye Zhentian’s lapdog, of course he knew that was one of Ye Zhentian’s artifacts.

“Hehe.” Lin Fan just smiled. “I am currently on the way to the world of mortals. I want to lay low for the time being. So, just keep it casual and pretend you don’t know me at all.”

The Supervising disciple bowed, after seeing the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword, he realized Lin Fan was no ordinary man.

That was because his Senior Brother, Ye Zhentian, who was so stingy, will never give his artifact just like that to someone else.

That led him to one conclusion, that was Ye Zhentian tried to get into this man’s good side by giving his artifact.

When the supervising disciple thought about it, it sent chills down his spine. It made him wondered just who Lin Fan really was.

“Yes, Brother, rest assured, I will make sure your identity remains a secret.”

The supervising disciple immediately clenched his fists. He had to be careful; even his Senior Brother Ye couldn’t afford to provoke this man in front of him

“Huang Pao, did you find your younger brothers?” Lin Fan asked.

Huang Pao shook his head in despair, “No, maybe they are already dead inside.”

Lin Fan consoled him, “I am sorry to hear that. It can’t be helped; it is difficult to escape from this place, after all.”

As a man, he was not good at consoling others. If at least there was a tavern nearby, maybe he could treat him to a drink or two.

Lin Fan wanted to go inside the Spirit Vein, mainly to check if there was anything good inside.

Even if Ye Zhentian knew he took something from his Spirit Vein, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Huang wanted to go in too, but Lin Fan stopped him on the pretense that it was too dangerous, although his real reason was because he didn’t want to share whatever he got inside later with Huang Pao

Huang Pao just stood there helpless and looked at the supervising disciple with angry eyes, thinking that it was all that guy’s fault.

The supervising disciple realized Huang Pao looked at him with such fiery eyes, but he didn’t know why. He would’ve kicked his ass if Huang Pao wasn’t Lin Fan’s acquaintance.

Inside the Spirit Vein.

There are traces of mining around the walls. A few spirit stones were scattered around the entrance too. Although these spirit stones were not as pure as the one found further inside, it was spirit stone nonetheless.

Because of the explosion, there were black marks all over the stone walls.

“Ye Zhentian, you really are one lucky bastard, but I’ll take that fortune of yours.”

He believed that Ye Zhentian was one lucky man, but Lin Fan will pluck that luck before it reached his hands

As Lin Fan went deeper, Lin Fan saw some corpses. These corpses were no longer recognizable, and their whole body was pitch black, it was because of the explosion earlier.

“It’s a miracle that this spirit vein is still standing.”

Lin Fan suddenly felt the qi became more intense as he went deeper, but it was still stable.

“Will there be any treasure inside?”

Lin Fan pondered and contemplated. The more he thought, the more he was that there was one inside, so he picked up the pace. Anyway, he left it all to luck, including if there was a second explosion inside and he died because of it.

Spirit stones were indispensable for cultivators. They needed it to buy a bunch of necessities. They even required it to get married.

At this moment.

Lin Fan saw a blinding light, in the deepest part of the Spirit vein, he saw a palm-sized round Spirit Stone was floating, and she could feel a strong qi coming from that spirit stone, and the qi was connected with the Spirit Vein.

“What is this?”

Lin Fan had never seen anything like this, but he could feel the magnificent qi emanated from it.

He reached out to grab the round spirit stone. He felt that there was a terrifying force constantly hitting his palm. Lin Fan had a hard time to suppress it with his qi, but the power of the Sacred Beast Robe did the charm.

【Innate Spirit Vein Crystallization: The crystallization of the Spirit Vein at the beginning, contains infinite spiritual power, which can upgrade the Spirit Vein’s grade. This crystal can enhance the Spirit Vein up to the Fifth Grade before it is exhausted. Extremely precious, and invaluable. 】

Although a portion of qi inside this Innate Spirit Vein Crystallization was already used up, there was still an abundance of qi left inside it.

“This is not bad.”

Lin Fan was now convinced that Ye Zhentian was a man of great fortune.

He originally wanted to find an opportunity to kill Ye Zhentian. But he changed his mind, he felt that Ye Zhentian was more useful alive than dead.

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