Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 154


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Huang Pao waited anxiously.

Seeing Lin Fan came out, he immediately asked whether he found his brother or not, Lin Fan sighed while shaking his head, “It’s hopeless.”

Huang Pao stood there, stunned. Some of them couldn’t believe it. His brothers, who were still alive and kicking when they left was no longer in this world.

“You Greatest Martial Sect bastards.” Huang Pao rushed toward the supervising disciple.

“Even if you are stronger, don’t think I’ll let you off that easily.”

The supervising disciple dodged Huang Pao’s assault easily. If it were not because of Lin Fan, he would’ve retaliated.

“You better stop. Otherwise, I’ll get rough.” The supervising disciple was about to hit his limit. He was the proud disciple of Greatest Martial Sect. Meanwhile, this immortal in front of him was just a disciple from some random sect.

It is just this time.

Lin Fan said leisurely, “Can’t you empathize with the pain of losing his brothers and sisters? Just stand still and let him beat you up.”

The supervising disciples’ pupils dilated, did he hear it, right? He thought Lin Fan was joking.

But since that was Lin Fan’s order, he couldn’t refuse, so he just stood still and close his eyes as Huang Pao charged straight at him.

But to his dismay, Huang Pao suddenly punched the ground instead of him.

Huang Pao couldn’t bring himself to cause trouble for his sect. He realized he was about to lay his hand on a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect just to vent his anger.

The supervising disciple breathed a sigh of relief, and when he realized that Huang Pao didn’t have the guts to beat him up, he then stepped back.

Lin Fan consoled Huang Pao by saying that the living must remain strong for the sake of the deceased too, and even if he was sad, the dead wouldn’t come back to life either.

Of course, he did not expect that Huang Pao would stop in his track. It seemed that the disciples from the small sect had an inferiority complex, part of it was because they were afraid they’d get into trouble later.

Ah! It looked pitiful and miserable.

Huang Pao ran away in anger without saying a word to Lin Fan, all he thought was the tragic death of his brothers. He couldn’t accept it and run away in fear.

“I’m a failure.”

Lin Fan wanted him to stop him, but there was no use stopping him anyway, so he decided to let him go.

The supervising disciples who saw Huang Pao left, asked Lin Fan, “May I know your name, Brother?”

Lin Fan said, “You don’t need to know my name, all that matters was there was an explosion at the Spirit Vein, Ye Zhentian should arrive any time soon, and you will have to explain to him what happened here when he arrived, I’m looking forward to seeing how he plans to resolve this matter.”

The supervising disciple did not understand what Lin Fan just said, he just kept it in mind.

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But then he realized that the array placed in the Spirit Vein was destroyed, and since that array belonged to Ye Zhentian, it went without saying that he’ll realize that something happened there.

But Lin Fan already left. Meanwhile, the supervising disciple was still confused about Lin Fan’s identity.

A few days later. Ye Zhentian descended anxiously from the sky when the Spirit Vein exploded, he was shocked since that Spirit Vein was his most valuable asset at the moment.

“I hereby greet Senior Brother.” The supervising disciple respectfully said.

The supervising disciple was so anxious, he didn’t know what to say, and he was afraid that Ye Zhentian would blame him for this accident, so he lined up all disciples tasked to mine the Spirit Vein.

Ye Zhentian said, “How is the spirit vein?”

“Brother, fortunately, the explosion only affected the outer part of the Spirit Vein. And the core of the spirit vein was not damaged.” The supervising disciple said.

He was relieved. If the entire Spirit Vein was destroyed, his Senior Brother would definitely kill him.

Ye Zhentian’s face was cold, although the core of the Spirit Vein was not damaged, the damage was quite serious.

“Brother, some time ago, one of our disciples also came here.” The supervisor said.


Ye Zhentian was shocked, he had a bad feeling about this. There was no way the person who came to the Spirit Vein around that time was up to something good.

“I don’t know who he was, he didn’t tell me his name, but he had the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword on him and asked me to inform you that he already knew about the explosion of the Spirit Vein, and said that he was looking forward how you plan to resolve this.” The supervising disciple said.

Then he noticed an obvious change in Ye Zhentian’s face. He looked like he was in big trouble. Ye Zhentian said, “How many people died?”

“Senior brother, 18 people have died, and a lot of disciples are injured, but these 18 are from small sects. Fortunately, none of our sect’s disciple was inside the Spirit Vein, so no one died.” The supervising disciple said.

He concluded that his Senior Brother knew the disciple he mentioned from his expression, and he seemed a little afraid. But he didn’t know what was on Ye Zhentian’s mind.

Ye Zhentian didn’t expect Lin Fan would show up in the Spirit Vein.

So far, he’d be able to cover up any incidents involving other disciple’s lives with his authority and power, but it will be another story if Lin Fan knew about this, all because his mother was an Elder.

He would be punished for sure if Lin Fan reported this affair to his mother, worst case scenario, his ownership of this Spirit Vein might be revoked.

Ye Zhentian then walked hastily towards the Spirit Vein, all the way to the deepest part as if realizing something. He followed the strong qi inside the Spirit Vein.

“I know this qi, this is the Spirit Vein Crystallization’s qi, but it’s not here, that bastard!” Ye Zhentian yelled in anger.

He knew there was a Spirit Vein Crystallization in there before, he was familiar with that qi after all, but it was no longer there. And as far as he knew, that item was really pricy, even if he used up all his spirit stones, he wouldn’t be able to buy it.

“Lin Fan, you and I really can’t live under the same sky.” Ye Zhentian clenched his fists, he knew that even the whole Spirit Vein was not as valuable as the Spirit Vein Crystallization.

It was very clear that Lin Fan wanted to blackmail him. Ye Zhentian had never been so eager to murder a person before.  And Lin Fan is the person he wants to kill the most.

The Nine Heavens Sect.

“I’m finally back.”

Lin Fan looked at the mediocre sect that used to be part of. But it was his choice to join this sect, how could he deny his root?

Most people would’ve never admitted they were part of this sect if they were in Lin Fan’s shoes, but Lin Fan was not that kind of person, even after he became a Trinity Stage cultivator and obtained a Sacred Beast Robe from his mother, he wouldn’t forget Nine Heavens Sect.

Mountain entrance.

“Wang Han!” Lin Fan shouted.

Wang Han, who was guarding the mountain gate, was shocked when he heard this voice.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Lin Fan, “Lin Fan, you can come back. I’ve been looking for you ever since you left, but I couldn’t find you. I thought you died out there.”

“Let’s go in. Master will be delighted to see you come back.” Wang Han said.

Lin Fan said, “Wait, I have a request, can you do it for me?”

“What is it?” Wang Han asked.

Lin Fan handed the treasure chest containing spirit stones and elixir and a letter to Wang Han, “Give these to Master, and he will understand after reading it.”

Elixir was useless other than to increase qi. And he didn’t really need spirit stone as he had Spirit Vein Crystallization.

Wang Han took the things, “Why didn’t you give it to Master yourself?”

“Now is not a good time, I still have other things to do, I will take my leave.” After Lin Fan explained, he went down the mountain.

It’d be troublesome if his Master saw him at the moment, he might think Lin Fan abandon Nine Heavens Sect for Greatest Martial Sect.

Therefore, it was better to take things slow.

Wang Han wanted to say something, but Lin Fan was too fast, Wang Han couldn’t even see his back anymore in a matter of seconds. He looked at the treasure bag and the envelope in his hand. He was puzzled, but he still had to give it to the Master.

At this time.

At the house where the Master resided.

Since Lin Fan went to the Greatest Martial Sect, Qin Heng felt invincible, especially in terms of bootlicking skill, he was second to none.

“Master, I recently felt that have become stronger, do you think this is a sign that I can grasp something?” Qin Heng asked.

Fang Jiuzhen sighed, among all disciples, Qin Heng was the only one who couldn’t face reality.

“Oh? Probably, how do you feel?” Fang Jiuzhen asked.

Qin Heng got excited, “Master, do you know every night after I fall asleep, I feel this fire in my chest, and the next day my body feels so light.”

Fang Jiuzhen really wanted to tell him that it was because he hasn’t seen a woman lately, that it was just his libido.

“Master, master…” Wang Han ran hastily toward the Master and handed the treasure bag and the envelope to the Master.

“Lin Fan just came back, but he told me to give these to you and then left in a hurry. “

Qin Heng who heard it was shocked while thinking that his opponent was back.

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