Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 155


Qin Heng knew if Lin Fan was there, he would definitely lose his chance to show off to their Master.

That guy was very cunning.

Fang Jiuzhen then opened it and was stunned by the contents inside. He immediately closed the treasure chest, as if he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Then he opened it again, slowly.

It was full of Spirit Stones and Elixirs.

Even though he was at Golden Stage, he was actually really poor.

He was wondering how did Lin Fan get his hands on this much Spirit Stones and Elixirs? He thought Lin Fan stole it.

He opened the letter immediately.

“Senior Master, due to some reasons I can’t visit our sect yet. Please accept these Spirit Stones and Elixir as my apology. When the time is right, I’ll come back.”

Fang Jiuzhen’s hands were trembling slightly.

He suddenly had a revelation. He thought that Lin Fan stole these spirit stones and elixirs from someone, but he was caught red-handed and currently in hiding from his pursuers.

When he was thinking of these things, Fang Jiuzhen burst into tears, then disappeared quickly. He had to find his disciple.

Lin Fan left the Nine Heavens Sect as fast as he could. He believed his Master would definitely try to find him. Therefore, he had to get out of that place as soon as possible. Fang Jiuzhen then burst into tears instantly.

After a few days.

At night, it was a downpour outside, followed by a thunderstorm. Lin Fan couldn’t continue his journey as trees were toppled after being struck by thunder, so he decided to find a shelter from such a heavy rain

He found an abandoned old house, but rather than a house it looked more like a room as most part of the houses already crumbled, leaving only one room.


Lin Fan made a campfire and spread hay on the ground to maintain the temperature.

“This thunderstorm is delaying me.”

He predicted that he’d arrive at Jiangdu City after half a month if there were no hindrance, but suddenly it was raining so hard.

Although his destination was so far, the idea of ​​going back made him so excited.

Even though he has achieved glory, he didn’t forget his hometown.

While Lin Fan was thinking about his hometown, he heard voices.

“There is an old house over there, let’s take shelter there.”

“What the hell is with this weather, is there someone who incurs heaven’s wrath?”


The shabby wooden door that sheltered Lin Fan from the wind and rain was pushed open, as a cold wind blew in, these people entered the house and surprised to see that there was a campfire in the house with someone else already sitting there.

“Are you coming in or not? Either way, close the door, I’m freezing right here.” Lin Fan said, he felt like a bad guy when he saw them hesitated to enter the room.

These people then came in embarrassedly.

“Sorry to barge in.”

“Pardon us.”

Then they sat on the opposite corner to Lin Fan, they were cautious of him as he was a stranger.

Lin Fan looked at them with the system.

It turned out they were experienced martial artists, but they didn’t have qi.

There were also several old men among them.

Lin Fan was baffled why were they here instead of enjoying their old days at their house, considering their age they couldn’t become immortal either.

Lin Fan was not interested in these martial artists, nor did he want to know where they came from.

Just as Lin Fan was looking at these people, they were also looking at Lin Fan.

They could feel a unique aura coming from Lin Fan, like an immortal’s aura.

Under such circumstances, they just minded their own business without saying a word.

The sound of thunderstorm outside slowly weakened.

But what followed was the strong wind, the door was like being banged by someone outside.

Those martial artists were very calm.

“There’s someone outside.”



They drew their weapons.

They were a little flustered, some of them looked at Lin Fan, thinking to themselves that the person in front of them would not have a problem, right?

Lin Fan listened carefully, and he heard a footstep outside, and he could pick up a demon’s smell approaching.

And this demon was slightly different from the usual demon.


An old man pointed in horror at the window and said, “Over there! There is a shadow.”

Everyone instinctively looked at the direction the old man pointed and saw a shadow, at first glance it looked like human’s shadow, but when they looked closely, it was too tall to be human, not to mention it was hairy.

They all stayed on their toes and kept their eyes peeled.

Lin Fan remembered the Immortal Record he read at Nine Heavens Sect and came to the conclusion that the one outside was Mountain Elf, the demon that resided in the forest.

For an immortal, Mountain Elf was not a threat at all.

They will suck human’s blood dry, and their prey might turn into a zombie which was considerably strong, and Immortals might have to step in to defeat them.

So, even though the Mountain Elf itself was not strong, it was still dangerous in the end.


The Mountain Elf busted open the door. It was very tall, its face kind of resembled human, its body was slightly black and hairy.

“What the hell is that…” The group of martial artists was terrified of the Mountain Elf.


A middle-aged warrior rushed toward the Mountain Elf with a sword on his hand and swung it to cut the Mountain Elf’s limb.

He smiled.

It was nothing special, he thought.

But then he was shocked when his sword hit something hard, turns out his sword couldn’t cut through the Mountain Elf’s limb, and by the next second, the Mountain Elf yelled and slammed the middle-aged man’s body in anger, flinging him and destroyed the wall of the old house in the process.

“What the hell is this terrifying creature?”

” Everyone, let’s kill this thing!”

Right when these martial artists were at their wit’s end since the monster in front of them couldn’t be cut using their sword, they heard a voice.

“You’re out of luck Mountain Elf! You will be able to hunt some prey if I’m not here.”

Lin Fan said while still sitting, he didn’t consider the Mountain Elf as a threat at all, meanwhile, for those martial artists, this monster was an absolute disaster.

The Mountain Elf looked at Lin Fan and surprised.

The Flying Smoke Spirit Sword suddenly appeared out of nowhere in Lin Fan’s hand.


Knowing it was no match for Lin Fan, the Mountain Elf quickly ran away.


Lin Fan easily caught up with the Mountain Elf and cut it with Flying Smoke Spirit Sword.


The Mountain Elf’s head rolled down, and its body fell down to the ground.

Lin Fan didn’t care about it as the Mountain Elf’s cultivation was pretty low.

But Lin Fan saw an unexpected item dropped from it.

[Eighty-seven years of mana. 】

【Obtained Talent (Bronze): Wandering Soul. 】

【Obtained Mystic Art: The Art of Earth Escape. ]

Sometimes he was really surprised by these unexpected turn of events. He looked down on that Mountain Elf and turned out it dropped something good

【Wandering Soul (Bronze Level): Mountain Elf’s ability, can control the lone soul ghosts. 】

【Earth Escape: Travel through the ground, could reach up to a thousand miles a day, the higher the rank of earth spirit root, the faster the speed. 】

He didn’t really care about the Wandering Soul, but this art of earth escape was exactly what he needed at that moment.

At this time, the atmosphere at the scene was quiet.

The Mountain Elf who just died turned into a stone, Lin Fan was quite startled by this scene, but then he thanked this mountain Elf deep down as it became his stepping stone.


Someone knelt down and said, “Brave Immortal! Please take me as your disciple.”

They saw what just happened with their own eyes, they were in awe seeing Lin Fan cut through the Mountain Elf with one strike.

Immediately. This group of martial artists knelt down and begged to become Lin Fan’s disciple.

Lin Fan glanced at them, “Go back, you don’t have spirit roots, you can’t become an immortal.”

“Immortal, we have guts and determination.” The martial artist said.

Lin Fan didn’t want to say anything.

If they could become an immortal with merely guts and determination, then what was the use of the spirit roots?.

Lin Fan looked up and sighed.          

“I’ve said my points, the rest is up to you, take care.”

Lin Fan then used Earth Escape.

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