Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 156


Lin Fan never thought that one day he would be able to travel so fast deep underground.

Using Earth Escape, Lin Fan could easily zoom past through the ground, as if the ground was water, the rock didn’t even feel hard when Lin Fan stumbled on it.

It even allowed the user to escape from a dire situation, as expected of an Immortal Mystic Art.

Lin Fan happened to have the third-grade earth spirit root, so he could travel through the ground even faster.

Half a month later.

“Wohooo, I’m finally back.”

After spending days inside the ground, Lin Fan finally arrived, and he was starting to get bored anyway, so he returned to the surface and decided to continue his journey on foot.

Jiangdu City.

Lin Fan looked at the familiar gate of the city for a while before entering the city. He has left Jiangdu City for more nearly two months.

He didn’t spend that much time in cultivating.

It took at least a few decades for most people to return to their hometown after becoming immortal and focused themselves on cultivation, and even after they returned, they could no longer see their families and friends, in most cases, they were already dead.

Yet Lin Fan returned in two months.

“I wonder what happened to Bao Liu.”

Among the rest of his subordinates back then, he was most concerned about Bao Liu, because he was the most simple-minded among them all, saying he was stupid wasn’t an exaggeration, to be honest.

Hunter Guild.

There were two men standing in front of the Hunter Guild, Lin Fan didn’t know them.

It seemed that after he left, there was a lot of new personnel wishing to join the Hunter Guild.

Lin Fan realized that his baldhead back then attracted people’s attention, thus more people were enlisted as Hunter.

But these two weren’t bald, but Lin Fan didn’t really care about that

Lin Fan walked toward the hunter guild, and he was stopped in his track.

“Stop, only authorized personnel may enter this place, and you are not one of them.” One of the guards said with an intimidating look.

Lin Fan said with a smile, “Admirable, that’s right, you must take your job seriously. Seeing that I’ve never seen you guys before, I believe you are a new recruit. I came to see Wang Zhou, maybe reminiscing about old times, and I am still your superior, by the way.”

Lin Fan said it in a friendly manner, considering they were just mortals, he couldn’t afford to be provoked that easily.

“What kind of nonsense are you spouting? Wang Zhou has long been sent to Dazhou City for his crime, if you dare to mess around again, I wouldn’t mind to throw you to jail.” The guards glared at Lin Fan angrily.

Lin Fan’s smile slowly disappeared from his face, he stared at these two guards, the guards couldn’t even look at Lin Fan in the eye, as his gaze was so intimidating. Before they could say anything, Lin Fan suddenly left.

Those guards breathed a sigh of relief, they felt chill down their spine just now.

Lin Fan then paid Bao Liu’s house a visit.

He knocked on the door for quite a while, but no one answered. He was wondering where Bao Liu was

He couldn’t believe that Wang Zhou committed a crime.

What happened during his absence?

Suddenly, a man living next door came out, “Who are you looking for, son?”

Lin Fan said,  “I am looking for Bao Liu.”

When the man heard that, his expression suddenly changed and said, “Don’t even bother, son. Bao Liu has been sent to Dazhou City for quite a while because he committed a crime alongside Wang Zhou.”

“What did you say?” Lin Fan asked.

He couldn’t believe that Bao Liu would commit a crime. There must be a story behind all this.

“Son, I’m just a normal citizen, you’re asking the wrong person.”

Lin Fan nodded slightly and left right after.

In the distance, Lin Fan saw a man pushing a cart. He recognized the man’s back, and when he saw that man was bald, he was overjoyed.

“Zhenbin …” Lin Fan shouted.

The person who was pushing the cart heard somebody was calling his name, and his body was shaking, as if remembering who he was, and turned toward Lin Fan, and saw a familiar face.

“Leader…” Gao Zhenbin did not expect that his leader who left two months ago to participate in Immortal Assessment has returned.

Lin Fan immediately ran toward Gao Zhenbin and patted his shoulder.

“I came back to see you. Just now, I went to the hunter guild. The guard said that Wang Zhou was arrested for committing a crime, and the same thing happened to Bao Liu. What happened?”

Gao Zhenbin couldn’t help but cry when he saw his leader.

“Leader, you don’t know this, but after half a month you left, everything changed. They were framed. Someone accused them of colluding with Dragon Gang’s second master and demons to kill the first master. Moreover, somehow the proof was found in the Hunter Guild, and they were sent to Daizhou City.”

“What? Who the hell accused them? ” Lin Fan asked furiously. He didn’t even leave for that long, and something like this happened.

“Leader, I don’t know the details, I guess there’s something more to this. It was not what we could solve. It’s beyond us. But Master Wang Zhou believed that you’d return one day and avenge us.”

Gao Zhenbin told Lin Fan while crying.

Wang Zhou had always believed that Lin Fan could definitely become an immortal’s disciple, but even if he did, he had to spend some time to cultivate before he had a place in Immortal Sect.

But this city was so corrupt that there were so many proofs of Wang Zhou and Bao Liu colluding with the second master that it was unnatural, proving that there were so many higher-ups in cahoot to frame them.

“What happened to your leg?” Lin Fan found that Gao Zhenbin was limping and his leg was heavily injured.

Gao Zhenbin kept his head low without saying anything.

“Tell me.” Lin Fan said in a coarse voice.

Gao Zhenbin faltered, “It was Lang Jun’s doing, leader.”

Lang Jun?

That little brat.

Lin Fan almost forgot that name, but he suddenly remembered because it was the same people who injured Zhenbin’s leg last time.

Lin Fan had to make sure that brat regrets his actions back then.

It turns out after Lin Fan left and Wang Zhou was arrested, he took it out on Gao Zhenbin once again.

“It’s my fault.” Lin Fan blamed himself.

Gao Zhenbin said urgently, “What are you saying, leader? it is not your fault!”

“No, it’s my fault. I didn’t pull out the grass till I take out the roots, I’ll be sure to do it right this time.” Lin Fan said with murderous intent boiling inside, Gao Zhenbin shuddered as his leader looked so intimidating.

Lin Fan forgot that Gao Zhenbin was there, so he kept his murderous intent in check and patted his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I will settle this once and for all.”

He then took out an elixir.

“If you take this medicine, your legs should be fine. Get a good rest at home. I’ll make sure everything will return to the way it once was before you know it.”

That was all Lin Fan told Gao Zhenbin, he’ll do the rest on his own.

He returned to his hometown only to find his brothers were framed and mistreated.

“Leader …”

Gao Zhenbin said helplessly, but Lin Fan has already disappeared from his sight.

At the harbor.

Lang Jun was sitting in his chair while being fanned by his servants, “Listen up, I’ll make sure no one can take Dragon Gang lightly. Don’t expect …”


“Remember me?”

Someone was patting his shoulder before he could finish his words, so he instinctively looked at the person patting his shoulder, and he was startled.

“You …”

Without giving him a chance to speak, Lin Fan held his shoulder with one hand and grabbed his head with the other.


Lang Jun’s head separated from his body.

People around Lang Jun couldn’t move a muscle, they didn’t see this coming.

Lin Fan looked at Dragon Gang members indifferently while carrying Lang Jun’s head, and threw the head in front of them.

“I, Lin Fan, the Hunter of Jiangdu City, I’ve left Jiangdu City for quite a while, so you might forget about me, but I’ll make sure you won’t forget about me anymore.”

After saying that, Lin Fan headed straight toward the Hunter Guild, leaving everyone in the scene panic.

The people in the vicinity just stared at each other.

“Isn’t that the hunter Lin Fan?”

“Is that the Lin Fan that Wang Zhou said was the best Hunter he ever saw? Is that him?”

“You idiot, Lin Fan must’ve heard about what happened and came back for revenge.”

“We should assist everyone in the headquarter.”

They quickly ran toward Dragon Gang Headquarter while shouting that Lin Fan was back for revenge along the way.

Back then, everyone idolized Lin Fan and his bald head, but after Wang Zhou was arrested, Dragon Gang Members would beat up any bald men wandering around the city.

The men who shaved their head bald because they idolized Lin Fan cowered in fear and hid in their house until their hair grew back.

Hunter Guild.

The building was full of blood and corpses.

“Who the hell are you? I am the son of the Zhou family. If you lay a hand on me, Zhou family will make you pay.” The man said looking pale.

It all happened in the blink of an eye, everyone around him suddenly died, except for him

A bunch of mortals tried to fight an immortal.

Lin Fan swung the sword in his hand, effortlessly killing everyone inside and left.

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