Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 157


Lin Fan deemed everyone in the Hunter Guild was scum.

Don’t worry too much.

Several children of the family, who had just arrived for the first time, dared to be a demon in Jiangdu City and did not send them on the road. He was not too happy.

Dragon Gang headquarters.

Inside the hall, some Dragon Gang executives poured the master’s wine, and several dancers were dancing seductively that those master couldn’t take their eyes off from them.

“First Master, now Jiangdu City belongs to you.” One of the masters said.

The one being called First Master was Nu Hetian who used to be the Third Master. The Second Master brought him to Daizhou City to atone for his sin at first, and The Second Master stayed for a few days there. The higher-ups offered him to take a vacant position there instead, but The Second Master refused since he was worried about Jiangdu City.

But to his surprise, he was framed for colluding with Wang Zhou and demons to kill the First Master, and then Nu Hetian was appointed as The new First Master.

“Hahaha.” Nu Hetian laughed, “Okay, okay, with you all on my side, Jiangdu city is indestructible. Come, Let’s have a toast to our future.”

“Long live First Master.”

“Long live First master.”

Everyone got up and toasted.

None of these Dragon Gang executives expected that Nu Hetian would return to Jiangdu City safely, not to mention, he somehow turned the tables, and Wang Zhou was the one who got arrested.

After what happened, the rest of Dragon Gang Members in Jiangdu City roughly had an idea that Nu Hetian had a strong backing.

Nu Hetian laughed, he was really grateful to Wang Zhou and Yin Ji. If they didn’t bring him to Dazhou City, he wouldn’t know that he have a firm backing in the Dragon Gang.

Although he was only an illegitimate child, and his mother was merely a maid, and he held no particular status.

Sometimes, this kind of inexplicable things happened.

It was more than enough for him to spend his days safe and sound in Jiangdu City, but suddenly he became the First Master.

At this time.


The door of the hall was busted open.

The crowd was surprised by what happened and instinctively looked toward the door.

“What a nice banquet.” Lin Fan every single person there one by one, and finally stopped at Nu Hetian, “Oh, turns out it’s you.”

Even Lin Fan didn’t see this coming.

Nu Hetian, who Bao Liu once threw shit on, actually sat on the throne and became Dragon Gang’s First Master.

Nu Hetian at first didn’t really care about the commotion, but when he saw Lin Fan’s face, he suddenly got up and said angrily, “It’s you…”

He will never forget Lin Fan in his life.

It was the Hunter who once humiliated him.

It seems like most of the Dragon Gang Members present in that place knew who Lin Fan was, his bald head was unforgettable.

They remembered that Lin Fan was the Hunter who turned Jiangdu City upside down two months ago.

“You’re Lin Fan! You sure have the guts to come back and show your face here!” Zhu Hou slammed the table angrily, “Now the entire Jiangdu City is ruled by First Master, you coming here alone won’t change a thing.”

Lin Fan walked with a smile and approaching the table, took a sip of the wine, it did taste good, and then he laughed, “That should be my line, you sure have the guts to do whatever you want while I’m away.”

“Ridiculous.” Zhu Hou knew that he wasn’t as strong as Lin Fan, but the current Dragon Gang was no longer the same as the Dragon Gang from back then. Since Nu Hetian returned from Daizhou City, he brought several masters to replace the former masters.

Nu Hetian clenched his hand, “I heard that you left the city to participate in immortal assessment, returning already after two months, I take it you fail, huh? And why would you bother coming back? You’ll find nothing here, well, not that I mind.”

“Come, take him down for me!”

Nu Hetian said while clapping his hands.

In an instant.

Several figures appeared out of nowhere like ghosts.

The Dragon Gang executives were shocked at first when they saw these ghostly figures appeared, but then they suddenly became excited.

They all knew that the First Master brought back several masters after returning from Dazhou City.

They were Shadow Guard. They were exceptionally strong that one of them was enough to subjugate Wang Zhou.

“That kid is done for.”

“If he thought Dragon Gang is the same as back then, he made a huge mistake.”

“Those are the masters that First Master brought from Daizhou City. Does he really think he can leave this place alive?”

Lin Fan just stood without minding several figures that Nu Hetian just summoned. He didn’t want to bully the weak, but he was running out of patience.

“Take him down.” Nu Hetian said briefly, and then he took a sip of his wine calmly.

The boy would be taken down in a moment.



These masters moved so fast that they created afterimages in their path.

“First Master, what kind of martial art are they using? It doesn’t seem like an ordinary martial art.” Zhu Hou asked. As usual, he was trying to get to Nu Hetian’s good side.

Thanks to his boot-licking skills, he could keep his seat as one of the Masters in Dragon Gang.

Nu Hetian said, “To put it short, this martial art belonged to an immortal, not even all influential family had this martial art. If it wasn’t for my position, the higher-ups wouldn’t allow those Shadow Guard to be brought here.”

Zhu Hou then immediately replied, “As expected of First Master. I’m sure that kid could see only see their afterimage at most.”

“Ha ha ha ha.” Nu Hetian laughed proudly. He felt at ease, with those master at his side, he didn’t have to worry about a thing.

“Come on, let’s eat our meal while this kid entertains us.” The First Master said.

Everyone was laughing.

“As expected of First Master.”

“Yeah, let’s hope this kid at least show us something good.”

Everyone then ate their meal while anticipating for Lin Fan’s death.

Lin Fan just stood in his spot without moving, these masters might think they were really fast or something, but in Lin Fan’s eyes, they barely moved.


One of the Shadow Guards, rushed to Lin Fan’s side and tried aimed Lin Fan’s abdomen with his punch that was filled with internal force, and other Shadow Guard also followed suit, but Lin Fan easily repelled it with his hand.

“Not bad, you’re quite talented for martial artists, but it’s a pity… no matter how many of you gang up on an immortal like me, you won’t even be able to injure me.” Lin Fan slowly said, he had to teach these guys a lesson they won’t forget.

Those Shadow Guards were stunned.

They didn’t quite understand what Lin Fan meant.

But immediately.

They panicked.

They saw a terrifying light closing in, they knew they couldn’t get away or block it. There was nothing they could do at that point.



A Dragon Gang executive was eating meat when blood suddenly splattered to his face, and pieces of cut-off limbs fell into other Dragon Gang executive’s plate.



They shouted in panic. These Dragon Gang executives stepped back while looking at Lin Fan fearfully.

In a blink of an eye, several Shadow Guards have already been dismembered, and the lively hall suddenly became quiet.

Nu Hetian, who saw what happened, shook in fear while still holding his goblet.



His teeth clattered. His forehead was covered with sweat.

“Hehe.” Lin Fan smiled, everything around him was covered with blood.

Nu Hetian suddenly stood up and rushed toward Lin Fan, he immediately kneeled in front of Lin Fan.

“Master Lin, this is my mistake, please let me go.” Nu Hetian said humbly. The rest of the Dragon Gang executives also followed suit.

They thought they were in hell, everything was covered in red. Nu Hetian remembered that those Shadow Guards once said that they were invincible, and only immortal could defeat them.

Lin Fan frowned and looked at Nuhetian with contempt.

“Jiangdu City is my hometown, Wang Zhou is my superior, and my men respect me very much. I don’t care what you’re gonna do to Dragon Gang, but once you lay a hand on my comrade, you’ll regret it.”

“Do you understand? “

Nu Hetian shuddered and said, “I understand, I understand, please, don’t kill me, I …”


Lin Fan slapped him, and Nuhe Tian’s head was separated from his neck and hit a pillar.

“You don’t understand a thing.”

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