Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 158


The high level of Dragon Gang members was scared to death to see that their First Master’s head was embedded in the pillar, making them even more frightened.

Blood ran down from the broken neck.

The strength was too strong.

The eyes of the First Master seemed to fall out.

The scene was so terrifying.

Zhu Hou’s tears and snot flew, “Master Lin, you are very forgiving, Dragon Gang is actually good, but under the wicked power of Nu Hetian, we have no choice but to obey, and I swear to the sky, from now on, I will be good and will never hurt people again.”

“Please, just have mercy on me and let me go.”

He was very arrogant, but now he’s wailing in front of Lin Fan.

Maybe he never thought that it would turn out like this.

If he knew this was gonna happen.

He would not come here in the first place.

Looking at the tragic death of Nu Hetian, Zhu Hou wailed in his heart, my dear mother. His death was so terrible.

He’s afraid that such a thing would happen to him.

He could only hope Lin Fan would let him go.

Lin Fan ignored them, but a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, but this smile seemed rather scary to them.

Zhu Hou saw Lin Fan’s smile and took the initiative to show it as if he wanted to pass on to Lin Fan, so he smiled, absolutely without any malicious intention.

Lin Fan turned around and left.

Zhu Hou and the people there didn’t dare to take a breath.

When Lin Fan left, Zhu Hou no longer could support his own body, sitting on the ground with his buttocks, gasping for air, even though the ground was covered with blood, Zhu Hou no longer cared.

It’s a good thing that he’s still alive.

Lin Fan didn’t look back. He pointed his finger.

Little magical fire thunder broke out.

The paralyzed people who were sitting in the main hall found that the ground was shaking, and the blue brick seemed to be squeezed. They couldn’t go anywhere. They were puzzled.

The majestic fire rushed up from the bottom of the ground.

The fire covered the main hall.

They didn’t even have a chance to scream. They’re instantly burned to ashes.

The pillar of fire rose into the sky, and the whole Jiangdu City shone brightly.

Lin Fan stood at the door, feeling the hot temperature, how could he let Zhu Hou live.

Zhu Hou had a lot of opportunities to prove that he’s good, but he never cherished it.

It’s too late now.

He stomped his foot. His body disappeared; he used the earth escape method and left Jiangdu City.

Many people came to see Dragon Gang, but before they had the chance to see what happened, they were shocked by the roaring fire.

“Heaven’s condemnation, this is condemnation. God finally sees it, and He kills those people.”

“No, that’s the scene caused by Lin Fan’s return. Lin Fan join the Immortal Sect to become an immortal, he burned the Dragon Gang to death.”

“Go, let’s go check it out.”

The people in the city were very excited. This was way more exciting than the New Year.

Ever since Wang Zhou was arrested, the Dragon Gang was rampant. They hurt whoever they wanted to. People were miserable. They were expecting someone who could fight the Dragon Gang.

Now their wish had come true.

How could they not be excited?

In the distance, Gao Zhenbin saw the Dragon Gang’s headquarter blazing into the sky. He opened his mouth, he’s amazed.

“Leader is a real immortal.”

Only an immortal could do such a thing.

It didn’t take long.

When the people came to the Dragon Gang, they found a lot of corpses at the door, and when they looked inside, the magnificent hall had already turned into ashes.

Everyone just stood there in silence. They’re shocked by what they saw.

As an ordinary, they had never seen such a shocking scene. This matter would definitely be passed on forever, for generations to come.

Lin Fan was going to Da Zhou City.

He didn’t know what happened to Wang Zhou. If he were dead, Lin Fan would definitely blow down the Dragon Gang to death, even if he’s the Emperor, Lin Fan would still kill him.

‘Don’t ask too much.’

‘Talk too much, and you will be dead.’

His cultivation helped him a lot. He had more than 700 years of cultivation before, but now it had reached more than 1000 years, which was more than his mana. However, you couldn’t compare cultivation with mana after all.

Da Zhou City, The Royal Court Dungeon.

“Brother Wang, you and I have been separated for 13 years, but I never expect to meet you here. Why did you create a mess with the Dragon Gang? Don’t you know it will cause you dead?”

Wang Zhou was tied up to the iron frame, and he’s wounded pretty bad.

And the person who talked to Wang Zhou was a former friend of Wang Zhou, not really a friend, but they had spent some time together and met several times.

Wang Zhou said weakly, “I have no doubts.”

“Hey, I really want to help, but I really can’t.” The middle-aged man sighed helplessly and said plainly, he was an ordinary person, he had no power, just some money, but money’s nothing compared to power.

Not even a fart.

“Brother Li, can I ask you for one thing?” Wang Zhou raised his head and barely opened his puffy eyes.

“The people who got arrested with me are ordinary people. They have nothing to do with this. Can you save them?”

Wang Bao and the others weren’t involved in this matter. The last thing that Wang Zhou wanted to be was for them to be safe.

‘They have nothing to do with this.’

“Brother Wang, you trust me too much. How can I save them? Even if you spend all your money, it’s useless. This is the Dragon Gang’s doing. No one fight against it.”

“And according to the information I found, because neither you nor Yin Ji pleaded guilty, the Dragon Gang and the Imperial Court were already impatient, they will execute you immediately.”

Li Tong was helpless.

He really had no way to help.

Wang Zhou lowered his head and didn’t say much. He already knew that there was no turning point this time, and it was impossible for someone to help them.

Just then.

The dungeon’s guard hurriedly said, “Hurry up and leave, and the masters will come back soon. If they know that we let you in, it will turn bad.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll go.” Li Tong said, then looked at Wang Zhou, “Brother Wang, take care.”

This was the Imperial Court Dungeon.

Wang Zhou knew it was impossible to leave alive.

The power of the Dragon Gang was too great. Even the dynasty couldn’t intervene.

As a dynasty official, they didn’t interrogate him. He didn’t even have a chance to see or even talk to the emperor.

He looked at the people around him.

Bao Liu had suffered a lot.

“Wang Bao, this matter has nothing to do with you. You should not come here with me.” Wang Zhou said.

Wang Bao said, “Master, how can you say such things, the leader once told me that we are talented and can’t give up. Although I am afraid of death, I know that leader will definitely avenge us, because the leader will be an Immortals, knowing they kill us he will definitely avenge us in the future.”

Just then.

Someone’s mocking them “Oh, it’s interesting, I can’t wait to see who is gonna avenge you, I really don’t know who is going to avenge you.”

He was the guard of The Imperial Dungeon.

Wang Zhou thought this person had nothing to do with the Dragon Gang, but he was wrong, this person definitely had a deep relationship with the Dragon Gang.

Sima Tuo came to Wang Bao, took the whip in his hand, and raised Wang Bao’s chin, “Let’s talk, who is going to avenge you? Also, let us know who will come to my door in the future?.”

Wang Bao didn’t say anything. Instead, he turned away.

“You really don’t know what kind of place is this, do you? This place is Da Zhou City, where The Royal Court is located, and all the great families have children who’re going to the Immortal Sect. Don’t you know how difficult it is to come out here alive? I am afraid you have to plead for your life, do you understand what I meant?” Sima Tuo said.

Wang Zhou knew what Sima Tuo was trying to say.

Some immortals were sitting, in the Imperial Court.

To prevent a mortal from using their cultivation to form a rebellion and overthrow the Imperial Court.

That’s why the Immortal Sect would send disciples to protect the Imperial Court sometimes.

The masters of martial arts were nothing compared to the immortals. A group of chickens and dogs was not a thread at all.

“I’ll tell you one more thing, we all know what you said. You once had a leader named Lin Fan, who participated in the Immortal Sect assessment, but unfortunately, the immortal of the Imperial Court was sent a message to inform us to find your leader. After we find him, he has to come here for interrogation as well.”

“Colluding with the demon is a taboo. Do you think it would be easy for you to escape?”

Sima Tuo only mocked them.

“We are framed, we never colluded with the demon at all.” Wang Bao roared, but just after he said this, there was another bloody trace on his face.

Wang Bao screamed constantly.

He never knew this could be so painful, so he screamed to vent his pain.

Sima Tuo said with a smile, “It’s not important whether you collude or not. The important thing is with whom you are messing with, especially you, Wang Zhou. Do you think you will be fine after messing with the Dragon Gang?”

“I’ll tell you it’s a big mistake.”

“The dynasty and the Dragon Gang have no patience for you anymore. This time they will order to execute you, and you will die with unwillingness.”


Sima Tuo left with a big smile. He didn’t have any sympathy for these people, even if they died, no one seemed to care.

You could say that they’re stupid.

The next day.

Lin Fan looked up at the city wall, he arrived at Da Zhou City, although the city was magnificent, he didn’t care at all.

Lin Fan walked into the city.

A lot of vendors were selling so many things.

The people were all busy with their own business.

Lin Fan asked, “Excuse me, where is the Dragon Gang headquarters?”

That person was shocked upon seeing Lin Fan, “You… who are you?”

“You don’t need to know who I am, just tell me where the Dragon Gang headquarters is.” Lin Fan asked.

That person was afraid it would bring him trouble, so he only pointed to the distance, and then quickly left.

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