Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 160


Outside the Imperial Court.

“Here is the entrance to the Imperial Court. Go and follow me. You should settle the matter with The Emperor.”

Lin Fan looked up, the Imperial Court was magnificent, it was covered with kismet, and a golden dragon was circling the place.

Chen Long closed his eyes, and suddenly when they opened, his eyes turned golden. It seemed as if someone’s watching him.

He searched throughout the place, but he couldn’t find any snooper.

There was a saying about kismet in any place. The stronger the kismet, the stronger the place was.

If there were a mighty person who crushed or swallowed the Imperial Kismet, the Golden Dragon, then the Imperial Court would inevitably suffer from disasters, natural disasters, and rampant evil.


The Imperial Court had treasures from the Immortal Sect to suppress the kismet, and at the same time, it looked like the kismet, making the Imperial Court’s kismet more powerful.

“Lin Fan, Do we really have to go in?” Wang Zhou inquired. He was quite worried. The Imperial Court was not a place where he could go in and out casually. It was not that he didn’t believe in Lin Fan. He was arrogant and unacceptable at the same time.

Lin Fan said, “Let’s go inside then. How can you see the Emperor and the gang leader if you don’t go inside, and how can you resolve this matter without seeing him?”

“Go, follow me, rest assured.”

What could Wang Zhou and others say?

They’re all here, and they’re out.

The Imperial Court was heavily guarded by the soldiers that were usually guarding the city walls and the gate of the Imperial Court.

Today’s the Emperor’s birthday, and the security was higher than usual.

Before they approached the gate of the Imperial Court, the soldiers on the wall had already discovered Lin Fan and others.


An arrow burst into the air, a trembling sound was heard at the end, and then a thunder broke through the ground.

“This place is the ground of The Imperial Court. Commoners are not allowed here. If you don’t get out, you will be killed.”

The soldiers were all cautious. Today’s the Emperor’s birthday. If they didn’t guard the place well, they would be severely punished.

Lin Fan didn’t stop. He continued to lead people forward; the soldier’s warning was nothing to him.

At that time, an officer with armor stood on the wall and saw someone from afar with a frown on his face. He didn’t know who they were and what purpose they had, but this was The Gate of The Imperial Court.

“Kill all of them!”

He waved his hand to give an order. He had already warned those people, but they wouldn’t back down. So, he had to kill them all.


The soldiers were all in position, ready to shoot.



The soldiers on the city walls were masters of martial arts. After all, they’re the guardians of The Imperial Court, how could they be ordinary people? Many ordinary people were just a group of ants in front of the masters.

“All at once.”

Each of the soldiers held their bow with maximum strength. They had their arrow ready to shoot. Even if the enemy was wearing iron armor, it still could shoot through the armor.

The officer raised his hand, locked his eyes on Lin Fan and others, and then pressed his palm.





The dense arrows flickered, and it rushed towards Lin Fan and others with high speed. It was right in front of them in a blink of an eye.

This horrific attack couldn’t behold with ordinary strength. These arrows were specially designed to break an ordinary strength. If someone considered himself to be an innate master and forced to fight, the consequence was to be shot.

“Oh my god, this is too tight.”

Wang Bao stared. When he saw such a scene, it was horrifying. He’s nervous, and he felt small, but still standing behind Lin Fan, there was nothing to say, just follow the leader, everything would be fine.

And just then.

The fantastic scene happened.

When the arrows that came quickly approached Lin Fan, they seemed to be obstructed in some way. They were all stuck in the air and couldn’t move further.


“How could this happen?”

The soldiers on the city wall saw this scene; all of them were shocked as if they were facing a ghost. They never thought that things like this were possible.

The officer realized. He knew that this wasn’t what the martial arts could do. Suddenly, his face changed, and he shouted.

“I don’t know what brought this immortal came to The Imperial Court.”

He must be a cultivator. Otherwise, there’s absolutely impossible to have such ability.

Lin Fan didn’t answer. His fists clenched as he controlled the arrow. He gathered it all together. With the push of Lin Fan’s palm, the arrows attacked the gate of the imperial court with the speed of light.


In a blink of an eye.


The arrows directly blasted the gate of the Imperial Court, shattered it into pieces.

Wang Zhou looked at the scene in horror. It was too horrible. He never thought that Lin Fan’s strength was so powerful. He became so powerful after becoming an immortal.

He once wanted to cultivate become an immortal who traveled the world, but since he was sure that he had no spiritual roots, he had given up this unrealistic idea. Seeing Lin Fan practicing in such a short period in a few months, he felt relieved.

The soldiers standing under the city wall turned their bodies and looked at the gate of the Imperial Court. The Imperial Gate turned into pieces, which was unbelievable.

Seeing that, some soldiers still wanted to shoot arrows.

The officer stopped them immediately,  “Stop it, give it to me. No one is allowed to move.”

They didn’t understand.

How could they not understand what’s going on now? He was most likely to be immortal.

They were only a group of martial arts. They’re too stupid if they were to fight against the immortal.

The officer hurriedly came down from the wall. He approached Lin Fan fearlessly. It’s not that he was not afraid, but he knew that the immortal wanted to kill him, even if he was hiding on the wall.

“May I know where are you came from?” The officer asked respectfully.

“Greatest Martial Sect.” Lin Fan said calmly.

When the officer heard this, he felt relieved. The Imperial Court belonged to the Greatest Martial Sect. There should be no trouble. Then he said, “Immortal, I don’t know what your intention is coming to the Imperial Court, but I will report your arrival immediately.”

“It has nothing to do with you, don’t bother me, I will solve this problem myself.” Lin Fan said, then with a slight push of his palm, the officer felt an irresistible force crushing him, and his body was being thrown.

He knew that if Lin Fan wanted to kill him, and he absolutely couldn’t do anything about it. Then he immediately left the place. He wanted to find help. This was not a matter that he could solve alone.

“Master, rest assured, let me go and talk to this Emperor peacefully. No one in the whole court can hurt us.” Lin Fan said.

Wang Zhou had faith in what Lin Fan said.

‘I just saw it with my own eyes. It was really overbearing.’

He was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say. The methods were quite powerful. Lin Fan’s a real immortal.

Inside the Imperial Court.

The Emperor’s birthday was celebrated all day, and the important people of Da Zhou City were invited to wish the Emperor his birthday.

On the stage, the Emperor sat in the middle, and the right and left sides were close relatives, wives, children, and so on.

On the lower sides, there were the courtiers, the Imperial Court, and the Master of the Dragon Gang.

Emperor Renhe had reigned for 30 years. When he was 20 years old, he was granted the imperial power by Greatest Martial Sect. Until now, he had many children but still had no son.

With the support of Immortal Sect, taking elixir was enough to ensure good health and prevent all diseases.

In addition, Emperor Renhe was also a master of martial arts. Although there’s a way of cultivating, the rule of the Greatest Martial Sect was that the Emperor could not cultivate immortals.

Emperor Renhe couldn’t give up his rights, and he wanted to enjoy the joy of the lord of the dynasty. As for the cultivation of immortals, he’d abdicate it later.

“Your Majesty, this is an item that I found for Your Majesty. I hope that Your Majesty will like it.” Chen Long helped Master Zhu Zhentian, as he clapped, two soldiers came through the door. The items were covered with gold cloth, you couldn’t see what it was, but it looked like a small sapling.

“Oh, an immortal fruit?” Ren He was curious, his body tilted a little bit as if he couldn’t wait.

He knew that Chen Long’s gift wouldn’t be simple. The Dragon Gang had huge powers, as well as amazing financial and human resources. If it were not because of the protection from an Immortal Sect, it wouldn’t be a problem for the Dragon Gang to defeat the Emperor.

“Your Majesty, please.” Zhun Zhentian lifted the gold cloth, and everyone at the scene was amazed by the tree in front of him. They saw the leaves of the tree were red and bright, bearing a fruit. The fruit had a gold and red stripes motif.

“Your Majesty, this is a Fire Dragon Fruit. It is rumored that a fire dragon guards it and absorbs the dragon’s energy to grow. I got it with a dedication toward you, Your Majesty.”

“Taking this fruit can increase life expectancy by 30 years.”

An immortal tree, which was obtained by Zhou Zhentian, had a great expense, it had three fruits on the tree. Zhou Zhentian took two of them alone, and one of them was brought to the Emperor, which was considered cheap for him.

The Dragon Gang could last, not only because of their relationship with the Immortal Sect but also because of the care of the Imperial Court. If the Imperial Court wanted to deal with The Dragon Gang, there were a lot of troubles, so when it’s time to coax, you still had to coax.

Everyone around him who heard that this fruit could increase life expectancy by 30 years, their eyes glowed.

Who didn’t want to live for more than 30 years?

Even the immortals wanted it.

However, things that could increase lifespan were so precious that they’re hard to see for a lifetime. Even the Emperor only got an elixir when he ascended the throne, which would increase his lifespan by 50 years.

So, when they saw Zhou Zhentian sending such treasures to His Majesty, how could they not be jealous.

“Okay, okay, it’s terrific.” Emperor Renhe was overjoyed, and a bright smile appeared on his face.

“Zhou Zhentian is so humble. Having someone like Zhou Zhentian in the Empire is enough to solve a lot of trouble.”

Zhou Zhentian smiled and slowly retreated. After his gift was over, there was nothing for him.

“Your Majesty, your daughter, is going to present a dance for you to celebrate your birthday.” A young woman sitting beside the Emperor sweetly said. The youngest daughter of Emperor Renhe was his favorite because of her beauty, which was like a flower.

“Okay, my little daughter, go ahead, put a dance for your father, and your father will look forward to it,” said Emperor Renhe.


At that time.

The red door of the hall opened.

A voice came.

“Looking forward to my arrival?”


All eyes were on him.

They didn’t know who’s coming.

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