Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 161


Lin Fan stepped into the main hall of the Imperial Court.

He walked calmly as smoke started to fill the hall, blocking everyone’s view. No one could ignore his presence at the moment.

He… was the most beautiful boy in the hall.

Wang Zhou and others were wearing blood-stained prison clothing and stood behind Lin Fan.

Compared to Lin Fan, they were a little panicked.

This place was the imperial court, and they’re facing the Emperor of the Empire. Vast, his body trembling slightly, he didn’t dare to make any move.

“Anyone on there, dare to be insolence here?” The old eunuch standing beside the Emperor erupted with a terrifying light, a seemingly thin body, but it contained surging power, like thunder, which turned into waves.

He was a master.

The sound turned into a silk thread.

Although it would not cause fatal harm to people, it’s enough to vomit blood for the other person.

But, Lin Fan ignored him.

The old eunuch was furious and rose into the air, spreading his wings, swooping in, and with his hands probing, he grabbed Lin Fan’s head. Very fast.

Like a ghost, Lin Fan was in front of him in the blink of an eye.

Lin Fan was not shocked. He raised his hand, suppressed it, and took a random shot.

However, the simple movement contained the ultimate power that martial arts could not reach.

With a bang, the old eunuch was struck and was directly shot into the ground of the golden stone, and the golden stone cracked. The tortoise pattern spread around.

“I heard that today is the Emperor’s birthday, so I come to ask for an explanation.” Lin Fan said, as for the old eunuch just as an opening, to deter everyone present.


Everyone was stunned by Lin Fan. The old eunuchs were powerful, they all knew that they had served generations of emperors and lived up to 140 years of age. Not anyone could step into the ranks of the old eunuchs.

But now he was defeated by Lin Fan.

It shocked them!

“Wang Zhou, you are trying to rebel!” Zhou Zhentian saw Wang Zhou, his face changed slightly, and then he angrily said, “You colluded with the demon in Jiangdu City, you will be interrogated in a few days, but now you bring people to the court. Your Majesty, you still have wisdom in your eyes.”

Wang Zhou anxiously said, “I was framed, it was Chen Long, the Dragon Gang leader who helped the master collude with the three masters and the demon, but there were some people in the headquarters who accused us.”

“Your Majesty, Wang Zhou has done everything for the safety and security of Jiangdu City. He has no intention of colluding with the demon. He also asks Your Majesty to make clear investigations to prove Wang Zhou is innocent.”

Speaking of Wang Zhou, he knelt down.

He was a courtier, and naturally knelt when he saw Your Majesty.

Emperor Renhe was taken aback. Someone came to the main hall with an open mind, indicating that the soldiers outside did not stop him. He even defeated the old eunuch, which showed that his strength was terrifying.

This was really dangerous.

After hearing that statement, he regained his sigh of relief. He said solemnly, “Since it was a collision with the demon, you should do investigation and prove your innocence, but today is my 50-year-old birthday, and you bring people to make trouble, aren’t you ashamed? Or you think you can just do whatever you want on my birthday? “

Wang Zhou feared, “No, I didn’t dare. I knew that this would offend Your Majesty, and I’m willing to be punished.”

“Come here, take them down,” Emperor Renhe said in a cold voice. His 50-year-old birthday celebration was destroyed this way. How could he feel better, he’d arrest them back and interrogate them.

And at that time.

Lin Fan couldn’t stand it anymore, and directly raised Wang Zhou up, “Master, don’t kneel, today I am with you, you don’t need to kneel, with me, no one can harm you.”

Then he took a step forward, looked up at Emperor Renhe, and said indifferently, “You must give me an explanation today, no matter what it is, if you fail, I will make this 50-year-old birthday celebration your funeral.”






The officials around them glared at Lin Fan, “You rebel! How dare you say such rebellious words. How dare to curse Your Majesty, come on, slay these rebels. “

They had never seen anyone so arrogant.


Dozens of soldiers from the Imperial Court came from all over the place. They were all the guardians of the Imperial Court.

In the past, before they became the guardians of the Imperial Court, they were the strongest people in the city. They might seem old, but the internal strength was so strong that it had reached the peak.

However, if they wanted to extend their lives, they could only rely on the Imperial Court. Depending on the Imperial Court’s rewards, they could extend their lives for a year or two. They also took various precious and rare medicinal materials to increase blood and delay aging.

“Awesome, there are enough masters here.” Lin Fan praised, and indeed he was still a good cultivator. If he was still a demon hunter, he would not necessarily be able to dominate.

An Imperial Court had so many innate masters. Moreover, there’re weapons specially designed to deal with congenital masters. If they wanted to break into the Imperial Court alone, they wouldn’t have cultivated for 700 or 800 years and wouldn’t be coming back alive.

“In this case, in order to let you see who I am, use martial arts to fight you.”

“Earthen Fist.”

Lin Fan punched away, it seemed like an ordinary punch, but in the eyes of the masters, this fist seemed to become like heaven and earth. The terrifying fist was overwhelmed.



In the blink of an eye.

Dozens of Imperial Court masters flew out. Fist marks were visible in front of their chests. At that moment, everyone suffered a punch, and their internals was disorganized, scattered, and their blood was boiling inside their body.

They were all squirting blood.

They all looked at Lin Fan in horror. They never thought that someone could be as powerful as him.

But soon.

The injured masters, with their eyes wide open, “Immortal Cultivator…”

Then he passed out.

For them, the last thing they wanted to face in this life was the cultivator, because the difference between the two sides was so great that it’s simply not something that a soldier could compete with.

The words “Immortal Cultivator” were being passed in the hall.

If they’re smart, they should see that their opponent wasn’t a mortal.

The face of the Dragon Gang leader and others changed a lot, and it was very ugly. It was indeed very different from the beginning after Lin Fan defeated dozens of martial arts masters by thunder, they already had this idea in mind.

The opponent was not a mortal at all.

Emperor Renhe said, “I don’t know which Immortal Sect are you, but the Greatest Martial Sect sheltered my Empire. Maybe this is just a misunderstanding.”

“Don’t talk to me about these nonsense, today I come here to seek justice.” Lin Fan said, and then he saw the fruit, it looked like a dragon, but the stripes were different. Whatever it was, Lin Fan took it off, peeled it off, and then ate it.

“These are my brothers. They are accused of working with demons and being tortured in the Imperial Court Dungeon.”

“I just want to know who did it, and I will have mercy on anyone else.”

He didn’t care how important the fruit was to Emperor Renhe. He felt good, anyway.

He had increased his life span of 30 years.

“Who the hell are you, the Greatest Martial Sect sheltered the Great Zhou Empire, have you ever thought about the consequences of your actions?” Emperor Renhe couldn’t bear it.

That man’s an immortal, but there was nothing wrong with him even if he was an immortal. Didn’t they have the protection of Immortal Sect?

Now he even ate his fruit.

Abominable, it’s abominable!

“Don’t say too much nonsense, first bring me the Dragon Gang leader. I’ve been to the headquarters before. The people there said all the leaders are here. So, who is the Dragon Gang leader, please take a step forward.” Lin Fan walked around and finally focused on the old man who seemed old but full of black hair and energy.

“You jumped out on your own initiative, about Master Wang’s case, it seems that you are right.”

“Come here, let me take a closer look.”

Lin Fan walked towards Zhou Zhentian, without any expression.

“You are excellent, but very straight forward, it seems that you really don’t know Greatest Martial Sect.” An old man standing beside Zhou Zhentian exclaimed angrily.

“Senior, I want to see how he dares to threaten me.” Zhou Zhentian raised his chest and walked toward Lin Fan step by step, as soon as he faced Lin Fan, “I am the Dragon Gang leader Zhou Zhentian. An immortal who doesn’t practice in the Sect but came to the mortal realm. He even comes to destroy the Emperor’s 50th birthday. What do you have to be this brave?”

When Wang Bao and others faced Zhou Zhentian, they unconsciously bowed their heads.

They were only ordinary people.

To face someone with such an aura, it’s already good to be able to stand still. It must be said that the aura between people was still significant. Some of those who stayed in high positions, control the power of life and death that slowly polish them for a long time.

“There is too much nonsense.” Lin Fan’s single palm fell on Zhou Zhentian shoulder, and with a bang, Zhou Zhentian could not bear this great force, and his knees bent and slammed on the ground.

“It’s much better. You are so tall. It’s hard to talk to you.”

At that time, Zhou Zhentian had been stunned. His opponent didn’t play according to the rule. He fought directly with his own strength. He’s not weak, but in the face of the real immortal, he’s still nothing.

Zhou Zhentian was terrified and wanted to growl, but when he’s about to roar, his eyes met Lin Fan’s.

In a blink of an eye.

He felt that death was so close.


He shut up immediately and felt his head bowed in humiliation, silently bearing the humiliation Lin Fan brought him.

“You are the leader, so I would like to ask, who is the backer of Nu Hetian?” Lin Fan asked.

Upon hearing this, Zhou Zhentian unconsciously looked at the elder aside.

Nu Hetian was the illegitimate child of the elder.

No one else knew, but he knew.

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