Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 163


Zhou Zhentian was relieved.

The disciple was finally here.

As long as the disciple came, he would be safe. The disciples from Greatest Martial Sect were quite famous, and those who ruled Great Zhou Empire were all-powerful.

The people in the hall were not as nervous as before.

Thanks to the disciple from Greatest Martial Sect.

“Do you think you can act as an immortal in the Great Zhou Empire? Now that the disciple is here, you will see how crazy you are.” Zhou Zhentian quickly ran aside. He was still pretty scared of Lin Fan.

Who else could he fear now?

What if this man were immortal?

When the disciple arrived, he will be defeated eventually.

Wang Zhou was worried. The people in the hall who were sacred now seemed relieved, which showed that the disciple who just came was very powerful.

The master was a disciple from Greatest Martial Sect, who’s guarding the Great Zhou Empire.

And he was very powerful.

Lin Fan was also a disciple of Immortal Sect, but hadn’t been there long enough, how could he defeat this master?

Think about it.

Wang Zhou couldn’t help, but feeling anxious, if he knew this was going to happen, he would definitely prevent Lin Fan from coming here in the first place.

Lin Fan had a bright future. He couldn’t die here.

Zhang He had been guarding the Great Zhou Empire for ten years. For immortal ten years was nothing, since he had nothing to do on weekdays, he had been practicing in isolation.

If no one informed him about this, He would never go out.

He heard that someone who was an immortal come to the Imperial Court and causing trouble. Of course, Zhang He couldn’t tolerate it. The Great Zhou Empire was part of Greatest Martial Sect. Someone who came to the Imperial Court to cause trouble would immediately face Greatest Martial Sect.

If the Sect knew about this, this person would be punished.

“Hail Master Zhang.”

“Hail Master Zhang.”

The minister inside the hall greeted him respectfully. They’re afraid to interfere with the presence of the disciple master, so they showed their manners.

“Master Zhang is finally here. This is the person who caused trouble here.” Emperor Renhe was furious. It’s hard to find, and train ministers, and this man wanted to kill all of his ministers. He was dumbfounded.

Zhang He frowned, a thing like this was scarce, rarely happened for a century, and the most encountered thing was that someone came to the Imperial Court, not knowing he would come back alive or dead.

Disciples who came from Immortal Sect usually never acted recklessly like this.

The Greatest Martial Sect was well respected among the other Sect.

But now, Zhang He heard that an immortal came to cause trouble.

Zhang He thought that this immortal was crazy.

There’s no way.

He thought that he could win over the supreme imperial power.

There were only a few people like him, but those few people were very talented.

“Which Sect are you from?”

Zhang He looked at Lin Fan, he was young, seemed to be a bit frivolous and crazy, indicating that his cultivation wasn’t that high. If he had high cultivation, he would never act this way.

 “Greatest Martial Sect.” Lin Fan said.

[Zhang He: Golden Stage. ]

Golden Stage!

It was Golden Stage cultivator who guarded the Imperial Court. It seemed that Greatest Martial Sect paid more attention to this Imperial Court.

Thing like this was basically what made a mortal world stronger. As long as the land of immortal appeared in front of the mortal, it could be count as an immortal.

“It’s impossible. He can never be able to defeat Master Zhang. If he is a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect, he should have known that Greatest Martial Sect protects the Great Zhou Empire.”

“Boy, I know you saw the arrival of Master Zhang. I am afraid to tell you that it’s too late now, you can’t fool an immortal.” Zhou Zhentian said angrily if he were an immortal, he should be afraid of Master Zhang.

He should know how strong Zhang He and he should be afraid.

Zhang He smiled and said, “Even if you are a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect and you are my brother, you should know that coming to the Imperial Court, causing trouble and kill so many ministers is a sin.”

“In the Sect, due to your sin, you should be expelled, and you can’t continue your cultivation practice.”

Wang Zhou was shocked upon hearing this, “I’m begging you, Master Zhang, please let him go, I am willing to be punished, he is a new cultivator in Greatest Martial Sect, he doesn’t know the rules, so I asked you, disciple master, please spare him, give him another chance.”

Zhou Zhentian laughed, “Oh, you just join the Sect and dare to act like this. If he is allowed to stay a little longer, I am afraid that he will destroy not only the Emperor but the Sect.”

Zhou Zhentian clenched his fists and said, “Master Zhang, how can such a despicable person becomes a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect. This is a disgrace for Greatest Martial Sect. I am ashamed.”

“Well, this is reasonable.” Zhang He nodded and agreed with what Zhou Zhentian said.

“Shimen sent me to guard the Imperial Court and protect the people here. An immortal disciple shouldn’t just come to the Imperial Court. You don’t have the right to live here. You should be executed. “


 It’s really good.

 Everyone shouted in excitement.

 Was it what they called arrogance?

“Look at the disciple master and then look at you, there is simply no comparability, this is humiliating.”

“You’re done, don’t pretend to be high and mighty in front of me, you are just a disciple, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you, don’t interfere with my business.” Lin Fan waved his hand. He didn’t want to talk to this disciple in front of him.

What kind of disciple talked like that.

Zhang He indeed was his senior, and he shouldn’t have talked to him like that.


It wasn’t Zhang He, but Emperor Renhe, who shout at Lin Fan with anger.

“You are a young disciple who just started being a cultivator, how dare you talk to Master Zhang like that, this is a humiliation for Master Zhang.”

As the Emperor of the Great Zhou Empire, the highest ruler of the Great Zhou Empire, Emperor Renhe felt humiliated by Lin Fan’s action.

What a fool dared to speak like that?

Zhou Zhentien stood silently. He didn’t want to say a word now. It was no longer necessary. This man was digging his own grave and pushing himself to the abyss.

“You…” Zhang He pointed at Lin Fan, even though he was indifferent, he was irritated by Lin Fan’s words. It’s so daring, really daring.

“It’s quite disappointing to see what you look like, but it’s understandable. Tell me about which true disciple you are following?”

“Void Peak, Brother Xu is the true disciple there.” Zhang He’s tone changed a bit. He had made the right decision. He would take this person and sent him back to Sect. the Sect would decide what to do.

“Oh, you are Little Xu’s underlings.” Lin Fan said indifferently, “Even if Little Xu is here, he still has to respect me, every time he sees me, he calls me senior brother, you are rude to me now. Just say whatever you want and don’t get in my way. “

Zhang He was completely blown up by Lin Fan.

Damn this guy.

It was so rampant that he knew he was going to die even before he died.

Zhang He thought Lin Fan wouldn’t dare to treat him like that.

“Master Zhang, what should we do with him? He was only a junior cultivator, but he dares to talk to you like that.” Zhou Zhentian was provoking Zhang He.

He was very anxious.

What else could he say?

“Hurry up and kill him.”

There was so much to say. It made people wonder.

Lin Fan called Zhang He out directly; his brother’s name was a little funny; he felt extremely humiliated. He used his mystic art from his hand to beat Lin Fan.


When he used mystic art palm on Lin Fan, Zhang He thought that he would be thrown away, but he was wrong.

His palm was like dull thunder.

His attack was magnificent, but it didn’t have any lethality.

Zhang He looked at Lin Fan. His eyes were a little confused because Lin Fan looked fine even after he attacked him.

Lin Fan looked at him, “Do you want to give up?”

Zhang He was shocked when he heard the words, with a loud noise. He disappeared into thin air and appeared again on the other side.

“It turns out so.”

“You are not a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect at all. You only rely on your qi to act arrogant in Great Zhou Empire.”

“Today, if I, Zhang He can’t take you down, I could never be able to sit in the Great Zhou Emperor’s court.” The words just fell.

He saw a piece of spirit stone floating up. Then Zhang He used the method.

“Hundreds of Ten Thousand Swords Array.”

A piece of spirit stone flew to the four corners of the hall and formed a formation of a long sword. In an instant, the sword was activated, and the long sword was suspended in the air.



The swords attacked Lin Fan.


Lin Fan was standing there.

The sparkle flickered.

The swords shattered into ashes and disappeared into the air.

Zhang He’s face was very dignified. He didn’t expect that Lin Fan’s qi was so high. He couldn’t move, even qi didn’t work on him.

How could this be possible?

What kind of mystic art was this person practicing?


Suddenly, a clear voice came.

“My high-grade artifact…”

Zhang He heard the broken sound; it sounded like sadness and pain.

He didn’t look like Golden Stage cultivator anymore. In fact, he looked miserable.

It wasn’t easy to have a high-grade artifact.

It’s an artifact, after all.

Unless he encountered a secret realm or found a spiritual vein, he might not be able to buy an artifact. It pained him to see the sword was broken.

Emperor Renhe and others had been long gone.

It was normal for immortal to fight and harm innocent people.

They were just ordinary people, and they had control over their rights. If they were to die in this fight, it would be bad luck.

Now Zhang He also understood.

 He might not be as strong as Lin Fan.

 Just then,

 An angry voice was heard from afar.

 “Who is fighting my brother? Brother, don’t be afraid. I will help you.”

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