Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 164


Everyone in the Imperial Court was very anxious that Lin Fan was able to defeat Zhang He.

It seems that Zhang He also had lost some important things.

They never saw Zhang He looking pale like that.


Everyone who was full of anticipation for Zhang He began to get nervous again.

“Master Zhang. Are you okay? Please don’t scare us.”

Just then,

The arrival of the master’s younger brother lit up their fire of hope.

“Brother Qing, please help me. This man is not only pretending to be the disciple of Greatest Martial Sect but also killed several ministers of the Imperial Court.” Zhang He said.

He didn’t expect that his brother came to see him again. He couldn’t help but felt pleased that time like this really came.

Even if he couldn’t defeat this man, at least he could be sure he would drive him away and then told the Sect to send a stronger disciple to come.

“Your Majesty, don’t worry, another immortal has come, I’m sure this person will die.” Zhou Zhentian said.

Emperor Renhe replied, “Well, it’s really good then. If it wasn’t for the immortal who guards Great Zhou Empire, I really don’t know how I can defeat him.”

He was very thankful, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

Zhou Zhentian was just smiling. He didn’t really care about what Emperor Renhe said.

If it were not because of the Immortal Sect protection, he could be an emperor by now.

Qing Xu stepped on the magic weapon, he and Zhang He had known each other for a long time, they had 80 years of friendship, but he was not a disciple of Void Peak. He had always been alone.

When he had nothing to do on weekdays, he’d come to see Zhang He. He envied Zhang He’s ability to be sent to the Imperial Court for ten years.

Such good errands were generally divided among the disciples master. They would hand it over to the following disciples, and they would be rewarded when they return to the Sect ten years later. This kind of thing was very contentious.

If you wanted to say that the only disadvantage was that you couldn’t return to the Sect, you would miss many opportunities.

“Okay, here I am.”

Qing Xu never expected that Zhang He would encounter such trouble.

At the same time, he never expected someone to be so arrogant.


Qing Xu appeared next to Zhang He, and then looked at Lin Fan. Something’s wrong. He looked familiar. It looked like he had seen him somewhere. He looked again.

My God… isn’t that Lin Fan?

Lin Fan is the only disciple in the entire Greatest Martial Sect he cannot afford to offend.

“Brother, be careful. This man has strong qi, but don’t worry, we will fight him together.” Zhang He said.

It had been a long time since he returned to Greatest Martial Sect. Of course, he didn’t know about the faction.


Just as Zhang He was about to start, Qing Xu immediately shouted, he nodded nervously at Lin Fan and pulled Zhang He aside.

The two chatted secretly.

“What’s wrong with you, Brother Qing?” Zhang He asked.

Qing Xu said, “Brother Zhang, you can’t fight this man, no one can fight him, not even me.”

“Why?” Zhang He frowned. Did Qing Xu know who’s this man?.

“He is a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect, and he is not someone that we can mess around with. You should be grateful that I come, brother, otherwise you will meet your end.” Qing Xu said in a small voice.

He knew that Lin Fan had left Greatest Martial Sect when he was still there, and it’s not a secret, everyone thought about where he went, they never expected that he would go to the mortal realm.

He was shocked.

If he didn’t come on time, Zhang He would be in big trouble.

Zhang He was stunned.

He didn’t expect that this man was a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect, but upon hearing what Qing Xu said, he couldn’t help but taking it seriously.

“Brother, even if he is from the same Sect, he is not someone we can mess around with. It’s the Emperor. The court did such a thing. According to the rules of the Sect, he made a big mistake. Even if he returned to the Sect, no one would dare to protect him.”

“Moreover, brother, as an Immortal Sect disciple who protects the Imperial Court, how can I just let him go?”

“Brother, don’t talk too much, help me fight him. Afterward, he will be my responsibility.”

For Zhang He, who had an unyielding heart, the most annoying person in his life was the man he was fighting with.

Relying on the backing was lawless.

He refused to believe what Qing Xu said.

Qing Xu looked at brother Zhang. He couldn’t believe what his brother just said.

‘You couldn’t just talk like that.’ He wanted to tell Zhang He that but he can’t.

“Brother, I’m telling you the truth, Brother Lin’s mother is the senior sister of Sect Master, and the Brother Lin’s mother is also an elder, who is in charge of the Disciplinary Hall and has a very high status. All disciples in the Sect see him as a senior brother. “

“Even Brother Xu sees it this way.”

“Do you still want to do it?” Qing Xu told brother Zhang what he knew.

‘Do not push.’

Impulsiveness was the devil, couldn’t you see the reality?

Zhang He’s expression gradually changed when he heard those words from his brother; his expression slowly changed from hate and jealousy to dreadful gods, then changed again to calm, then panic. He looked at Lin Fan.

He suddenly remembered what Lin Fan told him.

He wasn’t arrogant.

He was telling the truth.

It’s not a lie.

His mother’s an elder.

And she was also in charge of Disciplinary Hall.

His brother asked him if he still wanted to do it.

He moved.

Lin Fan stood up. He already knew the disciple would eventually know who he was.

He was not a person who liked to show off.

Nor would he show his status in front of others.

Those things were boring to him.

But even if he never said it, people would find out.

This situation was quite frustrating.

“Brother Zhang, what do you think now? Talk to me.” Qing Xu asked. He was terrified that his brother would do something foolish if he did something terrible. If he did, he could only sit back and watch.

Zhang He understood now, he walked towards Lin Fan.

Everyone saw the Master Zhang walked towards Lin Fan, and they were secretly happy.

But what happened left them completely dumbfounded.

“Senior Brother Lin, I just had a bad eye, I had talked to my brother. Please forgive me.” Zhang He was very nervous.

He hated it when someone relied on their relationship background, but at this point, Lin Fan’s background was too strong, he couldn’t do anything about it.

He’s the real boss.

His backing was too powerful.

“Well, I told you a few times, you don’t believe it, but forget it, since we are from the same Sect, I don’t want to embarrass you. Go and cool down. I still have some leftover business here.” Lin Fan said.

Zhang He respectfully said, “Yes, brother.”

Qing Xu hurriedly said, “Brother Lin, my name is Qing Xu. I don’t know when brother comes back to the sect, but I want to follow you, Brother Lin. I want to learn from you and impress you.”

At this point, he must show himself.

Now, who didn’t know about Brother Lin, the golden tight of the Greatest Martial Sect.

Everyone knew how many people want to be friends with brother Lin.

He’s lucky that he happened to meet Brother Lin. He would never seize the opportunity.

“When I am establishing a peak in the future, you can come and find me, but now, brother, I still have some business to do here, so you have to wait.” Lin Fan waved his hand indifferently while showing his arrogant look.

Wang Zhou was already stunned.

In this case, he didn’t know what it means.

It seemed that Lin Fan’s status in the Immortal Sect was unusual. He never saw any immortal acted respectfully towards Lin Fan.

They acted like they were facing the Emperor.

Zhou Zhentian was dumbfounded. He was frightened. Things had changed. The inexplicable changes made him wonder what he should do now.

That man was really a Greatest Martial Sect’s disciple.

And it seemed that he had a very high status.

It showed that this man was not someone he could mess around with.

Emperor Renhe ran away in fear and respectfully said, “Master Lin, please forgive me, I… No, I was blinded by the villain. I don’t know you are the true disciple.”

“Oh, then if I kill your people, you wouldn’t care, right?” Lin Fan asked.

Emperor Renhe hurriedly said, “You can kill whoever you want, Master Lin.”

“You are smart choosing not to fight me, or else, Great Zhou Empire will become someone else’s.” Lin Fan said.

“Yes, yes.”

Emperor Renhe should reconcile, he didn’t believe it in his heart, but he couldn’t do anything about it. It’s the Master Lin’s order. He couldn’t disobey.

Qing Xu didn’t understand what Emperor Renhe was trying to say.

So, he said, “Emperor Renhe, the identity and status of my brother is not something that you can imagine. According to the rules, my brother is more important than your empire.”

“So, don’t doubt my brother’s ability.”

“My brother can choose whoever he wants to be the emperor of the Great Zhou Empire.”

Qing Xu said it well.

Instead of letting Lin Fan said a word. He made this statement more mellow and inadvertently explained Lin Fan’s status.

But was that really inadvertently?

Did he do the right thing?

This time, not only Emperor Renhe but everyone was shocked.

For them, what Qing Xu just said was terrifying.

Lin Fan was very satisfied and felt that Qing Xu’s talented. If he had the opportunity, he would take Qing Xu with him.

Just then, Lin Fan held the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword. He shook the sword, threw out a few sword flowers, and then placed it across Wang Shouyun’s neck, looking back at Emperor Renhe, “Can I kill him?”

“You can.” Emperor Renhe trembled, shivering. Let alone an illegitimate child, even if he were his father or mother, he would never hesitate.


The sword swing

 he head was separated from the neck.

The people around were trembling. Lin Fan made them realize that he didn’t care about killing people in the Imperial Court, which caused them great fear.

“I don’t kill people because I want to. I kill people to avenge my people.”

“So, before you do anything, you have to think about the consequences of whether you can accept it or not. If you can’t, it’s best not to do it, but once you do it, you have to be ready.”



Lin Fan’s expression was indifferent. The sword slashed them one by one. The whole scene was very quiet. Soon, the bloody smell filled the entire hall.

A swipe.

Fei Yanling pointed to the frightened Zhou Zhentian.


Zhou Zhentien knelt with tears in his eyes, “Master Lin… I didn’t do it, I knew it, but I’m not the mastermind, so please spare my life.”

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