Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 165


“You make it difficult for me to do so.” Lin Fan said indifferently, Zhou Zhentian begged for mercy on his knees.

He was the leader of the Dragon Gang and the most outstanding man.

Even if the empire collapsed, it wouldn’t affect him.

He was a real man.

But the current Zhou Zhentian was very disappointing.


The Flying Smoke Spirit Sword flashed.

An arm was thrown up.

“I cut your arm as a reminder for you in the future.” Lin Fan said coldly.

Zhou Zhentian clutched his broken arm, and he looked pale as he said, “Thank you for giving me another chance to live, Master Lin!”

He didn’t hate it nor complain about it. He’s just so lucky to be alive.

If his opponent were a mortal, he would definitely avenge even if he had to fights all his family members, but this person was immortal. Even if he fought with all of his brothers, he would never win against Lin Fan.

Everyone in there was frightened.

Today was supposed to be a day of celebration. The emperor’s 50th birthday, but now it turned to a bloody day.

This time, Lin Fan looked at Emperor Renhe and said, “This is the old man that used to take care of me, and these are the people I used to be with, and now you treat them like this in your Imperial Court. It makes me angry, you as the Emperor of Great Zhou Empire, tell me why you did this?”

“Every sin has to be punished. All those who are involved in this matter must be severely punished and give Master Lin an explanation.” Emperor Renhe hurriedly, trembling with horror.

Although he’s an emperor, in front of the disciple of Immortal Sect, how dare he went against Lin Fan, moreover, Lin Fan’s position in front of him was too high. No one dared to mess with Lin Fan.

“Well.” Lin Fan nodded with satisfaction.

It felt so awkward. He was not a person who liked to act hard. He always wanted to be honest with anyone, but the people he met were too pretentious. If you didn’t pretend, you would always feel a little out of place, so you didn’t have any other choice but to pretend.

“As this being said, what will you do to redeem yourself?” Lin Fan asked.

He originally wanted to take Wang Zhou and the other to the Sect, but after he thought about it, Immortal Sect was not as simple as he imagined. He made a good fortune in Greatest Martial Sect because he had his mother there.

But other Immortal Sect might not give him the same expectation.

Even if they went to the Immortal Sect, they still couldn’t cultivate as immortals. How could they stand in front of a group of immortal practitioners?

Emperor Renhe suddenly said, “Master Lin, the Great Zhou Empire, never had a post as the heredity of the city. I am willing to make Wang Zhou as the owner of Jiangdu City, and the empire will not control him.”

Wang Zhou was utterly shocked when he heard this.

It was something he would never imagine in his life.

“Well, it’s okay, you’ve got a little bit of insight, but you have to remember this, you with the help from the Dragon Gang did this to my brothers. The next time you put them in trouble, I don’t care if it’s your or not, I will not hesitate. You hear that?” Lin Fan said.

He could not come to the mortal realm often, nor could he arrive on time like this.

If something happened after he left, it would be too late to regret it.

This was shameful.

Emperor Renhe and Zhou Zhentian were utterly dumbfounded. How could they live with fear like this? Not only they couldn’t touch Wang Zhou and his man, but they had to protect them too. If something happened to them and they’re dead, they would be dead too.

But what else could they do now?

They could only promise to protect them, the Imperial Court and the Dragon Gang protection.

Nothing else to say.

At least they would be safe, and nothing would happen.

“Master Lin, what happens if they are in danger, and they die by themselves?” Emperor Renhe asked.

Lin Fand, “It’s your fault.”

Emperor Renhe and Zhou Zhentian were speechless. They didn’t even know what to say.

It didn’t make any sense at all.

It was too much.

At that time, Lin Fan didn’t say anything to Emperor Renhe and Zhou Zhentian. Instead, he came to the frightened girl.

He reached out, gently held the little girl’s hand and gently said, “Little girl, don’t be afraid, I’m not a bad person, what just happened, it’s just some small things, you look like a moose when you are trembling.”

“Come, come into my arms and listen to my warm heartbeat. It will make you feel at ease.”

It didn’t matter if the girl agreed or not.

Lin Fan pulled the young daughter of Emperor Renhe into his arms and pressed her head to her chest.

Boom, boom, boom!

She could hear his heartbeat.

Emperor Renhe couldn’t understand what he saw. The ministers were killed, and he was scared. It was even more important that his most beloved little daughter was now in the arm of the perpetrator. He embraced her in front of the public in the court hall. What kind of day was this? No one dared to touch his little daughter.

Zhou Zhentian said in a small voice, “Congratulations, Your Majesty, the little princess was taken by Master Lin. From now on, Your Majesty has Master Lin as backer. That’s amazing.”

“Hey.” Emperor Renhe was shocked, but it seemed reasonable.

When Lin Fan saw that the little girl was slowly getting better, he let go of the little princess. It didn’t mean anything, and he just wanted to help the girl.

It really didn’t mean anything.

The little princess lowered her head shyly. When Lin Fan held her, her mind went blank.

Maybe Lin Fan was too good and arrogant.

It made the little princess unable to resist such a good man like him.

Emperor Renhe took a small step quietly as he approached Lin Fan, ” Master Lin, this is my little daughter, I wonder if she has a blessing following her, but if Master Lin has an interest in her, she can come with you, and I hope she will serve you well.”

“Do you want to bribe me?” Lin Fan glanced, knowing the real motive behind what Emperor Renhe had said.

Emperor Renhe smiled embarrassingly, how could he know that? It’s embarrassing.

The little princess lowered her head shyly.

She’s a princess, and she wouldn’t be able to decide what to do for life. She could only follow her father’s order.

But the truth was she would be happy if Lin Fan would take her.

Lin Fan wondered, what exactly would make Emperor Renhe think he was in love with his daughter?

A hug?

It was just a normal hug.

He was just trying to help.

It meant nothing.

It’s terrible if you overthink it.

He’s a proud immortal, having such a status would give him no face. He’s a son of the elder in Greatest Martial Sect. He’s lofty and precious. How could the daughter of the mortal emperor deserve him? She’s not even qualified to be his servant.

But this was too harsh.

Lin Fan liked peace, and he hated seeing people in fear. This girl was trembling after seeing what happened in front of her.

“She is too young, maybe in a couple of years.”

The age of the little girl was probably 14 or 15 years old.

Emperor Renhe regretted what he just did, but he still had hope. Even if all of his ministries had been killed, he still smiled and said, ” Master Lin, please stay at the Imperial Court tonight.”

“No, I have something to say with my brother, just wait outside and don’t interrupt me.” Lin Fan said.

What happened in the Imperial Court spread among the nobles of Great Zhou Empire.

It was the 50th birthday of Emperor Renhe, but the hall was filled with blood.

Many ministers died tragically, they died in the hands of the disciple master, even the Dragon Gang leader’s arm and ear was being cut off.

It was a bloody scene.

The ministers who attended the emperor’s birthday came back to tell their families.

And what most people couldn’t believe was that the Emperor Renhe even gave Jiangdu City to Wang Zhou and named him as the owner of the city.

This made countless people envious.

Inside a restaurant,

Lin Fan took Wang Zhou and his 14 brothers to drink and have dinner.

The entire restaurant had been reserved.

There was also a guard of the Imperial Court at the door.

They were afraid that someone would make Lin Fan angry.

After all, this place was in the Imperial City, and there’re many noble children. Everyone thinks he was invincible and domineering.

“Leader, this feels so good, but are we gonna be okay?” Wang Bao exclaimed, his eyes were wide, he wasn’t very smart, and now his head was starting to burst.

“Ha, ha ha.” Lin Fan smiled and patted Wang Bao’s head.

“Of course you are, if your leader isn’t powerful, how can he be your leader?”

“Originally, I came back to take you to Immortal Sect to training together, but after thinking about it for a while, the situation at Immortal Sect is quite complicated, and there are many obstacles. I don’t think you can adapt to the environment over there.”

“Now Jiangdu City is yours, just enjoy this blessing in Jiangdu City. Well, as for the demon, leave it to the masters of the Imperial Court to deal with it.”

This was after careful consideration.

His current spiritual root was almost complete, he still has a lot of fragments that had not yet been synthesized. Looking at the current trend, it looked like ten-spirit root fragments were combined into one good spiritual root.

He didn’t know whether the synthesized spiritual root could be given to others.

If he could, He would graft their spiritual roots and make them immortal cultivator. He didn’t seek eternal life. At least a few hundred years of life could be considered as a worthwhile life.

Wang Zhou sighed, “The proudest thing in my life is to recruit you. When I first saw you, I knew that you are special.”

“Nobody else dares to fight a boar demon as beginner. You are brave enough to shoot the boar demon with a spear directly.”

Lin Fan smiled, looking back at the past. What Wang Zhou said was such a memorable experience. He felt good every time he remembered that time.

That was a fact that had not changed.

“Come on, drink. Don’t say anything. It’s not easy to see you. I will send you back to Jiangdu City tomorrow, and I will return to the Sect.”

Lin Fan had to improve his strength.

He’s still at Trinity Stage, and it was too slow to cultivate.

To be honest,

It was only two months of cultivation for him to get to the Trinity Stage. What speed?

He wanted to be ahead of anyone.

That’s why he felt slow.

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