Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 166


Lin Fan looked at Wang Zhou and others who were already drunk on the table, he smiled and walked out of the restaurant to let the Imperial Court soldiers took care of them while he took care of something else.

Qin Family.

This was Qin Heng’s family. Qin Heng belonged to a huge family in Great Zhou City. Qin Heng was a child of the Qin Family; he participated in the Immortal Sect assessment to prove his family’s ability.

After all, when he was in the family, he was their hopes, his cultivation was extremely high. The older generation of the family thought that Qin Heng could join Immortal Sect.

So, even if he’s arrogant, he couldn’t stand seeing someone to live in fear.

“Who are you?” As Lin Fan approached, Qin’s guard stopped and asked.

“Lin Fan, brother of Qin Heng, please let Qin Heng’s parents know that I’m here.” Lin Fan said.

The guard was stunned as if he saw a ghost.

Now, who didn’t know that Qin Heng had failed the Immortal Sect assessment?

How could there be a brother?

That was impossible.

The news of Qin Heng had failed the Immortal Sect assessment was passed by other children of the Qin Family. They followed Qin Heng secretly and hid in the crowd to see whether Qin Heng was accepted. However, because he had no spiritual root, he failed immediately.

“Wait a moment. I’ll let them know.” The guard looked at him weirdly, but he still needed to inform the Head of the Qin Family.

Lin Fan saw the guard looked at him weirdly.

It looked like there was a problem here.

Could it be that the people of Qin Family knew that Qin Heng had failed the Immortal Sect assessment?

After a while.

The guard hurriedly returned and ran, “Please come in; our head is waiting in the hall.”

 “Well.” Lin Fan nodded and followed the guard inside.

In the hall,

The Head of the Qin Family was quite old, but still full of energy, he was surrounded by many young children of the family. They had been tortured and bullied by Qin Heng. Ever since they knew that Qin Heng had failed the Immortal Sect assessment, they slept peacefully every night and even woke up with joy.

God got eyes.

Those guys finally got their revenge.

If Qin Heng really became a disciple of Immortal Sect, they would be in big trouble.

Head, that person is definitely not Qin Heng’s brother. Qin Heng has simply failed. How can he have a brother? He must’ve found someone to pretend to be a disciple of the Immortal Sect and tell this person to act as his brother. How shameless.” A young man said, he was the second genius in the family, but because of Qin Heng, no one paid attention to his existence.

But since Qin Heng failed the assessment.

Everyone suddenly looked at him.

He would not believe it until he died. He saw it with his own eyes that Qin Heng failed the assessment.

The middle-aged men sitting on both sides didn’t say anything. They sat there calmly and waited for someone to come.

“Head, you know, Qin Heng has simply failed, how could that person be Qin Heng’s brother?” Qin Hao said.

He rolled his eyes. He needed to reveal the truth.

Qin Hao knew that Qin Heng’s clever. If he failed the assessment, people would laugh at him. So, to not let people laugh at him, he would definitely find someone to tell lies.

But he never expected him to be this shameless.

It took him more than two months before this man showed up and tried to fool the Qin Family.

But what’s the use of coming back? Qin Hao’s now the first genius of the Qin family. A person who had lost an Immortal Sect assessment was not comparable to him.

The head stayed silent and said, “Whether it is true or not, there is an outsider here. Don’t let him know your contradiction with Qin Heng.”

Qin Family had a lot of children.

Qin Heng’s father was the youngest of his brothers and sisters. Although they’re family, they had been fighting each other for quite long.

The eldest brother, the head of the family, was already old. He’s 30 years older than Qin’s second son. He had also been in the head position for fifty years, so it’s time for a replacement.

The requirements were fairly simple.

Whose children that could enter the Immortal Sect, He would be the head of the family.

Qin Family had existed for hundreds of years.

Since the beginning until now, they’re still on their peak.

Several children of the Qin Family had joined the Immortal Sect before.

But most of them had bad luck, some of them disappeared somehow, the others just abandoned the family and devoted themselves to the cultivation of immortality.

That pained the ancestors of the Qin Family.

It’s hard to enter the Immortal Sect, so why bother coming back?

The head said, “Quiet! We have to respect our guest here .”


Lin Fan walked in. He was quite shocked to see the situation in the hall.


He just came to see Qin Heng’s parents. He didn’t expect that everyone would welcome him.

Why were they looking at him like that?

Lin Fan felt unwelcomed.

Upon seeing Lin Fan, the head got up and clenched his fist, “I am the Head of the Qin Family, who are you?”

Lin Fan smiled and said, “Lin Fan, Qin Heng’s brothers, I came to the city to clear up some leftover business and wants to see hows my brother’s parents are doing.”

“I didn’t expect every member of the family will be here, who is Qin Heng’s parents?”

“Qin Heng’s parents are not here, but we will inform them about your arrival, please sit down.” The head said, looking at Lin Fan. He seemed very young, and he didn’t have the immortal aura. He looked just like an ordinary person.

Lin Fan’s aura was still there, but it’s not visible. He had been practicing, and he knew that hacking, killing, and meditating are impossible. So where could he cultivate to the level where people can feel that he’s an immortal?

Usually, people would know it at the first glace that he’s an immortal.

But now, it seemed that these people hadn’t realized yet that he had cultivated to be immortal.

He’s not a demon who liked to kill many people. He’s not born with an evil heart.

If you could see it in his face, He was born with a good heart.

He might be good, but when he’s angry, he will become a terrifying person.

“Alright, I’ll wait, it’s not that urgent anyway, but seeing so many people gathered here, is there anything important you need to discuss? If you do, then I will not bother you.” Lin Fan said.

The head was about to speak, but before he had a chance, Qin Hao interrupted him and said, “We just want to see who Qin Heng’s brother is.”

“However, as far as we know, Qin Heng has failed the Immortal Sect assessment. How can he have a brother?”

Qin Hao couldn’t help but say what was in his mind.

Qin Hao couldn’t believe it, even after Qin Heng had failed the Immortal Sect assessment, he still dared to send someone to come and act as his brother from Immortal Sect.

“Qin Hao, shut up.” The head said angrily. He looked ashamed at Qin Hao for saying that.

Qin Hao turned his head awkwardly and said nothing.

The other children of the Qin Family looked down. They looked at each other. They had the same thoughts as Qin Hao.

They wanted to know the motive behind all of this.

The head glared at the children of the family for a few a while, then said, “Please don’t mind them, it’s just the contradiction between the family member, may I know from which Immortal Sect are you from?”

When Lin Fan was about to say that he’s from Greatest Martial Sect, They hear d footsteps outside.

If you listen to those footsteps, you could tell that the person who was coming was not very confident as if they’re nervous.

Qin Heng’s parents ranked number ninth in the Qin Family. They used to be proud of his son. After all, he was the first son in the family, and if he successfully became a disciple of the Immortal Sect, then the position of the head would naturally fall on Qin Heng’s father.

But it didn’t turn out well.

Qin Heng didn’t have a spirit root to pass the Immortal Sect assessment, which was quite a blow for them.

They almost couldn’t stand it.

In the end, he was squeezed out of the family; his status in the family was getting lower and lower. He basically had no rights, even the elder despite him.

Qin Heng had failed the Immortal Sect assessment, and he would be ridiculed when he returned to the family. How could they let it happened? In the end, they decided to run a restaurant for Qin Heng, so when he returned, he’d have something to do to make a living.

Being able to open a restaurant in Great Zhou City was also a miracle.

As long as you had a powerful family, it wouldn’t be hard to build a decent life.

The guard from the family had come to inform them that Qin Heng’s brother was in Great Zhou City, he came to meet them and talk about Qin Heng’s recent situation, which surprised them.

They thought that Qin Heng was making things up and trying to fool them.

They all knew that Qin Heng had failed the Immortal Sect assessment.

There were no doubts about it.

In the past, Qin Heng was the genius in the family. He was the biggest hope. Everyone pretended to believe in him, but now that he failed the Immortal Sect assessment, his status in the family became the lowest. There’s nothing he could do that wouldn’t make the family member angry.

Qin Heng’s father looked at Lin Fan, and said, “I am Qin Heng’s father. I don’t know who you are.”

“I am Lin Fan, Qin Heng’s brother.” Lin Fan said indifferently; he found Qin Heng’s parents were doing well. He could see the sorrow in their eyes, and he knew that they had been worried about Qin Heng.

If you failed the Immortal Sect assessment, then you failed.

What’s the big deal? You could just find something else to do and continue life.

“Do you know where my son is now?” Qin Heng’s father asked. He didn’t believe what Lin Fan said. He still believed that Qin Heng was asking someone to put on an act.

Lin Fan said, “Brother Qin is practicing in the Immortal Sect. It is a long way. It takes at least ten years for an ordinary person to come back. If he wants to come back, he must at least have such power to travel shortly.”

“Well, how can he practice in the Immortal Sect when he can’t even pass the assessment. Now he sent someone here to fool us? Go back and tell him that he can’t fool people in the Qin Family. How can you help him when he wants to fool his family? Do you know who the Qin Family is in Great Zhou City? You are unbelievable. You should know the consequences when you are messing around with the Qin Family. “

Lin Fan said, “You don’t believe me? I’m a disciple from Greatest Martial Sect.”

Everyone looked at Lin Fan.

It was clear. They didn’t believe him.

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