Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 167


Lin Fan said indifferently.

His words were very straightforward.

They didn’t believe him.

They felt Lin Fan was so shameless.

No one liked Qin Heng in the Qin family.

He should know it from the beginning. Qin Heng told him that he wanted to join the Immortal Sect so badly so that no one would laugh at him. But he wasn’t that lucky. It turned out he didn’t have a spiritual root.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me, but you should know that I’m telling the truth.”

“It’s good to see Brother Qin’s parents. Brother Qin is doing very well, and there is no need to worry. Looking at how he is now, he may need to practice for more than ten years before he can return.”


Lin Fan clenched his fists then walked out of the hall. He wanted to pretend that it’s okay for them to say that he tried to forget what just happened and spare their life.

He could see how much Qin Heng had harmed other people.

Could he still help Qin Heng to redeem himself?

“Careful in the way.” The Head clasped his fists as he watched Lin Fan left.

Qin Hao disdainfully said, “Qin Heng is just unbelievable, how can he sent someone to put an act as his brother and fool us. He has brought shame to the family.”

“Lao Jiu, if your son comes back, you should teach him a lesson. This family has put so much hope in him, but he failed us. The Qin Family will not tolerate any failure anymore.” Said the Head.

It didn’t take long for Lao Jiu to come out of the room.

He sighed in relief.

He just didn’t want to disappoint the Qin Family anymore.

“Yes, Head.”

Qin Heng’s father answered uncomfortably. He never thought Qin Heng could join the Immortal Sect.

Just then,

“Brother Qin, Brother Qin…” There was a voice coming from afar; the voice sounded a little urgent as if something big had happened. It shocked them.

When the Head of the Qin family heard the voice, he immediately walked to the hall entrance.

“Head, please come. Imperial Teacher is here”.

Seeing that the person was the Imperial Teacher, a smile was shown on the face of the Qin Family’s Head.

If you wanted to stand in the Great Zhou City, you couldn’t be just strong, but you also need to have a good relationship with the ruler. You should know where to stand.

The teacher was old, he usually was very calm, but now he was vigorous. He took the hand of the Head of the Qin Family, and walked towards the hall, without paying attention to anyone else there. It surprised them.

“Head Qin, does the Qin Family know about Master Lin?” Head Qin was very puzzled and then said, “No, we don’t. How are we supposed to know about Master Lin?”

The teacher waved his hand, “Impossible. Are you blind? Master Lin had just left the Qin Family’s house. If you tell me about his arrival earlier, we can avoid what just happened today.”


The teacher was helpless.

What happened in the Imperial Court today was terrifying. So many ministers died. If they knew that the Qin Family knew about the master, they would ask Head Qin to talk to the master and avoid what just happened today.

“Just left?” Head Qin was shocked.

Qin Heng’s parents stared at each other; their breaths became more rapid.

The children of the Qin Family were horrified.

The teacher said, “Yeah, that is terrible; he is Greatest Martial Sect’s disciple. Even the emperor and master who guard the Imperial Court are afraid of him. You have to treat him with respect every time you see him. It’s terrible.”

“When I saw Master Lin walk out of the Qin Family, I remembered what just happened today, and it scares me, I hid behind the rock.”

Tell me, what is your relationship with the master?”

Just then,

 Everyone’s silent.

 A silver needle fell to the ground like thunder. Everyone looked at each other.


Qin Hao felt so many eyes stared at him with hatred. Head Qin, his uncles, and even his brothers and sisters.


Qin Heng’s father laughed as if his chest was suffocated, “That’s it, my son’s brother. My son has joined the Immortal Sect, even if he failed the Immortal Sect assessment. My son has his way.”

“If my son didn’t join the Immortal Sect, there’s no way Master Lin comes here.”

Qin Heng’s father was thrilled.

“Teacher, Master Lin is my son’s brother. He came here to tell us that my son is doing well.”

After the teacher heard this, he was surprised, “I didn’t expect the Qin Family to have such a fortune. His son is Master Lin’s brother. Also, to see that Master Lin came here in person, it seems that their relationship is extraordinary.”

“Congratulation Head Qin, the Qin Family has such a fortune. This will keep the Qin Family last for 100 and even 1.000 years.”

Head Qin was very embarrassed; he wanted to kill Qin Hao. How could he say such a thing? Luckily, Master Lin didn’t care about it. Otherwise, his family might be over.

That was such a good opportunity to establish a relationship with immortal, but they lost it.

The teacher wanted to tell the emperor about this matter.

It seemed that in the future, it’d be necessary to pay attention to the Qin Family.

It was undoubtedly a big deal for the Qin Family’s children to have a relationship with Master Lin, and it would make them the top family in Great Zhou City.

The next day.

Lin Fan took Wang Zhou and others back to Jiangdu City.

He formed a shield using his qi to protect them on their way.

He came to the mortal realm just to see Wang Zhou and his brothers.

He didn’t expect such a thing to happen, which took a lot of his time.

At the gate of Jiangdu City.

“Leader, when will you come back to see us?” Wang Bao was very reluctant. They had only been together for two months, but it was such a good time. Wang Bao never knew how long it would take until they meet again.

Lin Fan laughed, “I will come back to see you again next time.”

“You have to watch yourself. Although I haven’t met any immortal here, I know that there are many immortals out there. Immortals are more dangerous than mortals.” Wang Zhou pat Lin Fan’s shoulder. He had a lot to say, but those words just wouldn’t come out from his mouth.

“Well, rest assured, I will be careful, Master Wang, you take care of yourself in Jiangdu City. As long as the Imperial Court and the Dragon Gang are not doing anything stupid, it will be no problem.” Lin Fan solved the troubles for Wang Zhou, and they knew that there’d be no more big problems in the future.

It’s too fast.

Everyone’s sad.

Lin Fan tried to remember all of his brother’s faces in his heart, “Don’t say anything anymore, if you have something to say, tell me the next time we meet.”

“Leader, take care.”

“Leader, take care.”

Lin Fan smiled. He used the earth escape technique and instantly disappeared in front of them.

They waved their hand.

After a long time.

“Master, when will the leader come back?” Wang Bao asked.

Wang Zhou said slowly, “Cultivation is not something you can do quickly. It takes years. Maybe we can still see him in the future, but maybe we are not.”

“I hope to see him again 100 years later. At least for the last time. I’m sure we will be already old at that time, and he will be as young as he is today.”

Wang Zhou was willing to give Lin Fan credit, he believed that he would become a disciple of the Immortal Sect, and after he became a disciple of the Immortal Sect, he would return to Jiangdu.

Now everyone’s safe.

Jiangdu City’s safe.

The Imperial Court had sent a guard to the city.

Half a month later.

Greatest Martial Sect.

It’s been a while since Lin Fan left Jiangdu City, and he already missed it. He’s free now, his life had been easy, but he still needed to improve his Cultivation. His life span’s short.

He still wanted to live longer.

“Mother, I’m back.” Lin Fan said sweetly; he went to the place where his mother lived and walked in.

“You’ve been out for so long. I’m surprised you came back now.” Wei You said.

Mother, I went back to Jiangdu City to visit my friends, but because I missed you so much, I came back quickly.”

Oh, yes, Mother, I brought a gift for you, although this is not an expensive gift, it looks beautiful.”

He took out a delicate hairpin.

He got it while he was strolling around Jiangdu City.

“Oh, you bring a gift for me?” Wei You smiled.

Lin Fan was trying to bribe Wei You. She was so generous to him, even gave out a set of high-quality armor for his protection, so that he would be safe outside.

“Your son brought a gift for you, mother.”

He stood behind her and inserted the hairpin into her hair. He made her look in the mirror.

“It’s lovely, even more beautiful if you’re the one who wears it.”

Wei You’s pleased. She was smiling.

“Okay, let’s talk, is there something you need from your mother?” Asked Wei You.

“Mother, your son bought this gift because he was thinking about you. I don’t have any other intention, but now that you ask, I may have something in mind.”

“I always have trouble staying at Mysterious Sword Peak. I don’t know if I can have my own peak.”

Mysterious Sword Peak is Meng Qingyao’s peak. He is not in a great relationship with her.

For less trouble.

He should own peak.

Wei You said, “Okay, I will do this for you. As the disciples of Greatest Martial Sect, you can have a peak, only then you have to become core disciple. Nothing more.”

“When Deep Sea open, you can go and look for treasure there, be strong and own the four peak, then there’s nothing you need to worry about..”

“Thank you, mother. Do you know that you are the best mother?” Lin Fan sighed. Having someone who genuinely cared for him was too precious.

“Mother, where is that Deep Sea?”

” Deep Sea is a place where the mighty immortal fall. When the mighty immortal fall, a cave full of treasure will be opened, it always opens every ten years to give all the generation the same opportunities. If you go there, you will have the chance to be powerful.”

For Wei You, No one could hurt Lin Fan as long as he wore the Sacred Beast Robe.

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