Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 168


When Lin Fan returned to the Mysterious Sword peak, he kept thinking what his mother said.

Going to Deep Sea wearing the Sacred Beast Robe, he’s sure that he would be able to defeat any obstacle coming on his way.

“Brother, you’ve been out for so long.” Xi Xi’s voice came from outside.

There were other people’s footsteps, and he already knew who they were.

Lin Fan forgot about Deep Sea for a while. He got up and opened the door to welcome his brother and sister.

Inside the house.

“After a while, I will be ready to go to Deep Sea. Do you want to come?” Lin Fan asked. He could go to Deep Sea with his brother and sister. Xi Xi shouldn’t have any problems with it.

Xi Xi said, “I can’t go there. It’s too dangerous for us, but Nangong Jin can go.”

Nangong Jin, on the other side, said, “Since I take the Golden Breakthrough Pill, I have already shown good signs of breaking through, so this time I’m ready to break through the realm of the immortal and let alone Deep Sea.”

Although the Deep Sea was a cave left by the ancestors, the competition to reach the Deep Sea was really tough.

Nangong Jin was pleased with his current power.

After following Brother Lin, he felt that his life had reached its peak.

When he was with Ye Zhentian, it was really difficult to get a magic item.

But with Brother Lin, he was very generous, and he let him get the Golden Breakthrough Pill without any requirement.

Now he knew that following the right person was important.

If he continued to follow Ye Zhentian, perhaps one day, he would be beaten to death while working for Ye Zhentian.

Just then, sounds came from outside.

“Brother Lin, I am a disciple of Sky Peak. Brother Ye sent me to tell you something.”

Xi Xi and the others were surprised.

Ye Zhentian sent someone to look for Lin Fan.

Ye Zhentian knew that Lin Fan had come back, and he was planning something. They’re afraid it’s nothing good.

“Come in.”

Lin Fan knew that Ye Zhentian had planned something, and he couldn’t wait to see what else Ye Zhentian had in mind.

A disciple came in, and respectfully said, “Brother Lin.”

“Talk to me, what’s the matter?” Lin Fan asked.

The disciple said, “Brother Ye said ten percent.”

Although he knew that Ye Zhentian was up to no good, he didn’t know exactly his plan.

Xixi and others were confused.


It’s hard to guess.

“Go back and tell him. Let him think again.” Lin Fan pointed to the doorway.

The disciple heard the word and went out immediately.

Xi Xi said, “Brother, what is it between you and Ye Zhentian, what do you mean by ten percent?”

“Sister, this matter is very simple. Ye Zhentian found the spirit vein, and I ask some from him. He said that he would give me the spirit vein; in return, I’ll let him get off. Don’t worry. He will send someone if he needs to send me a message.” Lin Fan said.

Xi Xi and Yang Gang looked at each other.

Ye Zhentian found spirit vein.

He was willing to give Lin Fan some of the spirit vein.

After a long time,

The disciple came again, “Brother Ye said he is willing to give twenty percent.”

Lin Fan pointed at the door, “Don’t let me say that word, you can understand it yourself.”

The disciple looked at the door and ran away with his head blank.

He was a little confused. The situation between Brother Ye and Brother Lin was a bit unclear.

If things were clearer, He would be happy to carry the message.

After all, this would be a hot gossip.

“Brother, twenty percent is a lot. It’s really not easy to get something out of Ye Zhentian’s hands.” Xi Xi said.

Yang Gang also said, “Yeah, who doesn’t know that Ye Zhentian is the most stingy person in the entire sect. Getting something from him is as difficult as going to heaven.

“Don’t worry, I know what he thinks; he was just teasing me now.”

“Just watch.”

Lin Fan already knew what Ye Zhentian think.

This time the disciple was a little slower, much slower than he was before. His face told them that he was frightened.

Ye Zhentian must be angry.

It scared the disciple.

“Brother Lin, Brother Ye said thirty percent is the maximum you can get.”

Lin Fan smiled, “It’s higher from the previous over, but I’m still not satisfied with thirty percent. Go and tell him, this is his last chance if he wants to offer me something, make it good if he doesn’t, then don’t ever talk about it.”

“The door is there. I don’t need to say anything anymore.”

Lin Fan had nothing to say.

This disciple had been running around several times.

Why did Ye Zhentian not just come in person?

Was it really necessary to let him run around again and again?

He already knew what Lin Fan wanted.

Xi Xi and others didn’t expect Lin Fan to be so cruel.

He was still not satisfied with thirty percent.

They couldn’t figure out what kind of threat Lin Fan use over Ye Zhentian that made him send his disciple over and over again.

Sky Peak.

Ye Zhentian was holding a teacup and sat there with a sullen face. His eyes were full of anger, and he felt uncomfortable being threatened.

He was the one who discovered spirit vein.

He should have more than Lin Fan.

Now Lin Fan had threatened him to share the spirit vein, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

Thirty percent.

Thirty percent of spirit vein.

If you calculate it, it should be at least one million spirit stones. It was extremely difficult to get spirit vein. It required a lot of labor. It wasn’t a simple task to do.

“Brother.” Soon, a disciple ran and said, “He disagrees with thirty percent. He said that he would give you one last chance, if you can’t give him a satisfactory answer, don’t bother talking about it with him.”

The words just fell.


Ye Zhentian shattered the teacup in his hand; he rushed to the peak in rage.

“Lin Fan is too much.”

“Okay, go back and tell him, don’t even think about it, go ahead and threaten me, I will never give him more than that.” 

“Go and tell him to stop daydreaming.” “

Lin Fan indeed was a greedy man. He never saw someone so greedy before.

Lin Fan was just a disciple, and it made him even angrier that Lin Fan could threaten him.

And this was not the first time he threatened him.

If he let Lin Fan threaten him longer than this, Lin Fan would have power over him.

“Yes, brother.” The disciple was trembling. He had never seen his brother this angry. He didn’t dare to say anything and just ran towards the door immediately.

Just as the disciple was about to reach the door.

“Wait,” Ye Zhentian called him.

Ye Zhentian was helpless at this time. He always felt like Lin Fan was targeting him, and he didn’t know why.

Why Lin Fan do this?

When did Ye Zhentian offend Lin Fan?

Why Lin Fan always tricked him?

Did he know how difficult it is to get a spirit vein?

Ye Zhentian just wanted all the spirit vein for himself. He wanted to be powerful even if the elder never recognized him.

“Tell him fifty percent. This is the final. If he doesn’t agree, you don’t have to come back, just go back to sleep.” Ye Zhentian said.

When he finished, he sat on the chair and sighed, feeling very depressed.

For this disciple, what Ye Zhentian said was very scary. He thought that he would die before he had the chance to tell Lin Fan.

Mysterious Sword Peak

“Fifty percent, Brother Ye said it was his final bottom line.” the disciple said.

“Haha.” Lin Fan said with a smile, “Okay, tell him that I will accept his offer. If he kicks you out from Sky Peak, come to me, my peak is always open for you.” Lin Fan said politely.

It’s not easy to be a disciple; even when you worked hard, you could still get scolded.

The disciple’s eyes lighted up, “Brother Lin, can I join your peak? If Brother Lin allows me, I would love to follow Brother Lin.”

“Of course, but you need to go back first.” Lin Fan said.

“Yes, Brother Lin. Goodbye.” The disciple left happily.


Was this something people can do?

It’s not that hard, extorting people. Lin Fan hoped that the disciple’s as good as the beast.

After the disciple left.

Lin Fan said with a smile, “Look, it’s not that hard. Ye Zhentian’s fifty percent income is mine. It’s enough to make him furious for a while.”

Ye Zhentian lost half of his spirit veins.

 He got fifty percent from Ye Zhentian’s, which meant that he had given up.

 “Brother, you are really cruel. If I’m your hostage, I’m sure you already killed me.” Xi Xi said.

Lin Fan smiled, he didn’t say anything, ‘I’m not only gonna kill you, but I will undress you and hang your underwear.’

“Ye Zhentian must be very angry now. It doesn’t matter who puts it on, but brother, how can you have such a big hatred towards Ye Zhentian?” Yang Gang asked.

Lin Fan sigh, “This is a long story. Maybe it’s the anger of heaven, so heaven sent me up to teach him a lesson.”

That was a joke.

Whoever believed it must be a fool.

Seeing his brother didn’t say anything, Lin Fan didn’t continue the conversation.

To tell the reason,

It had to start from Nine Heavens Sect.

Without Nine Heavens Sect, he wouldn’t be able to come this far.     

A few days later.

A new peak in Greatest Martial Sect was slowly taking shape. Wei You did all of this alone for Lin Fan.

Many elders said it wasn’t good to just give Lin Fan a peak, it may cause dissatisfaction of other true disciples.

But their words just a fart in front of Wei You.

Deep Sea was about to open.

The elder would lead the disciples and dispatch them. This opportunity only came once every ten years. How could they pass on this?

Although Deep Sea had been opened many times and the treasures inside had been scraped, but the power of mighty immortal was still there, meaning that it still had many good things inside.

That’s why so many disciples came there to try their luck.

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