Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 169


Those who were willing to go to Deep Sea were mostly Core Disciples, and elder were in charge of leading them to that place. These elders have already reached the Disaster Stage. If there was any kind of trouble, they’d step in, but most of the time, they didn’t really have to do a thing.

Meeting place,

Many normal and core disciples had already gathered.

Lin Fan’s arrival also attracted many people’s attention.

They whispered among themselves.

They were just astonished by the fact that a normal disciple like Lin Fan could have his own peak.

There was no rule mentioning a normal disciple could have their own peak.

There were only a few Core Disciples in Greatest Martial Sect, and all of them were exceptionally talented. The moment they heard the portal was opened, they quickly voiced their willingness to participate. They obviously didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

Lin Fan saw many familiar faces.

Sky Peak, Ye Zhentian

Mysterious Sword Peak, Meng Qingyao.

East Peak, Ye Dong.

Void Peak. Xu Wushang.

And so on.


Ye Zhentian wasn’t happy when he saw Lin Fan, he looked away as he didn’t want to see Lin Fan’s face. Every time he saw Lin Fan, he just couldn’t contain his anger.

Lin Fan had been threatening and extorting him. He couldn’t look at him in the eye.

“Brother Lin, you’ve left the sect for a month. I didn’t expect you would come back now. It seems you have quite an adventure outside.” Ye Dong laughed. He bad-mouthed Lin Fan behind his back with Ye Zhentian, but now he was laughing with Lin Fan.

Lin Fan said with a smile, “I managed to discover a spirit vein, but I only got 50% of its profit.”

Ye Dong just congratulated him without knowing what happened between Lin Fan and Ye Zhentian. He envied Lin Fan, but he couldn’t show it on his face. No matter what he did, he never found any spirit veins.

Ye Zhentian’s face turned black, he gritted his teeth, and his eyes were fierce.

How could he say that?

The spirit vein was his; Lin Fan threatened to give him 50% of the spirit veins. How could he shamelessly say he only got 50%?

Xu Wushang found that Ye Zhentian’s face was a bit cold as he looked at Lin Fan. There must be a secret between the two.

“Quiet, now that everyone is here, let’s go!” The elder in charge said.

He then shrouded everyone with his qi and then used his Immortal Golden Light Mystic Art to bring all disciples to the Deep Sea. That was why he was coming because disciples couldn’t use that Mystic Art yet.

This Mystic Art allowed the user to bring several people with him and traveled thousands of miles per day once it was cultivated to the highest level.

In the blink of an eye, they had already reached the Deep Sea.

It’s just that this high level of magic power was complicated to cultivate. From a long time ago until now, not many people in the entire Greatest Martial Sect had been able to cultivate this level.

Deep Sea.

The golden light shone here.

They had reached the Deep Sea.

“As expected of an elder.” Lin Fan looked at the elder. He admitted that the elder was pretty strong, he wished he had that Mystic Art too, his enemy won’t be able to escape from him if he did, but he had to cultivate it to the highest level to draw its full potential.

Normally it’d take centuries to cultivate Mystic Art to the highest level.

“When we enter the Deep Sea, can I join you, Brother Lin? If we join forces, the chance of getting treasure in the Deep Sea is higher.” Ye Dong said.

He had been to the Deep Sea three times.

But he wasn’t lucky enough.

All he could get was irrelevant elixir or spirit grass.

Even though he couldn’t get his hopes up, but at least if he could team up with Lin Fan, he might be able to get closer to him.


Ye Zhentian was thinking hard.

He was hesitating a little bit.

He wanted to kill Lin Fan in the Deep Sea. There’s a powerful formation array that isolated that place from the outside world; even Core Disciple wouldn’t be able to get out.

It was a perfect place, indeed.

He could kill Lin Fan and frame another disciple, accusing them of killing Lin Fan; that way, he could get away perfectly.

He was not stupid.

Wei You, the elder of Greatest Martial Sect, would never know what happened inside the Deep Sea.

Lin Fan was not strong; he was nowhere even close compared to him.

Wei You wouldn’t be able to accuse him as long as no one saw him around Lin Fan. He should be fine. But things would not be that simple, Wei You must have given something to Lin Fan to protect him from powerful enemies.

Ye Zhenthian thought about it for a moment.

Ye Zhentian suppressed the killing intent in his heart.

If he wanted revenge, he has to be stronger and cultivate to reach True Immortal Stage. Although it’s difficult, he had an unyielding heart and indelible impulse. He was confident that he could cultivate the highest stage.

Until then, It won’t be an easy road for him.

“Listen carefully. Once you enter, hostile behavior against each other is prohibited. If you get caught, you will be punished. Be careful when you meet another disciple.” The elder warned them because there were some disciples who died in the Deep Sea.

They said it was the creatures that lurked in the Deep Sea that killed the disciples, but the truth was those disciples died either because of the conflict among themselves or in the hands of other sect’s disciples.

The treasure inside blinded people, and once people were blinded by greed, they wouldn’t think twice about killing someone else.

“Yes, elder.” Everyone answered.

Just then, Lin Fan looked at the Deep Sea, surrounded by the endless ocean and the waves, he could see on the distance, a huge vortex was formed, just like a black hole devouring everything around it.

When the Deep Sea was closed, the cave would destroy itself and everything around it.

However, when it was opened, a passage would appear for the immortal.

“Remember, there is a mysterious place in the Deep Sea, the cave. The cave is bigger than it looks from the outside. You come there to get treasure not to cultivate, so don’t miss the closing time of the Deep Sea, or else you will have to spend ten years inside. Time is running fast inside the Deep Sea, ten years in here could be a thousand years there, so even if it is opened again, you would’ve reduced to nothing but bones, understand?” the elder warned them again because something like that happened a few times in the past.

Lin Fan didn’t say anything.

He knew that there must be something interesting inside the Deep Sea.

There will be other sect’s disciple too, he was thinking of killing them if he found one, but that’d be unethical.

So, he decided to just kill those who bore any hostility to him.


Just then.

A roaring sound broke through heaven and earth, and the vortex spun even faster, followed by a beam of light rising into the sky.

“Go, Deep Sea has opened, remember what I said, be careful.” The elder waved his hand and sent everyone into the Deep Sea.

Everyone felt a force enveloping the whole body as they enter the vortex at high speed.


Lin Fan thought that he could feel the water washing his body, but he didn’t expect that the water flow was as smooth as the light curtain.

His body kept spinning.

It seemed that he has been traveling through the tunnel and kept on going downward.

The spin made him a little dizzy, the deeper he went in, the more overbearing it was. Lin Fan sighed.

But as long as he could get the valuables hidden in there, he didn’t mind enduring this.

It didn’t take long.

The environment around him starting to change.

A paradise.

Birds and flowers.

“As expected of a secret realm,” Lin Fan muttered, thinking that Deep Sea was full of danger and didn’t expect to arrive at such a beautiful place. This seemed too good to be true.

However, when he looked around, he couldn’t find anyone, all of them came through the same entrance. But why was he alone?

It was really strange.

Lin Fan walked among the flowers and saw a delicate flower full of life. He stretched out his hand. He picked the flower and sniffed it. It smelled so fragrant.

Just then,

 There was a faint pink mist on this flower, which almost got into Lin Fan’s nose.


A light curtain emerged, shattering the mist.

Lin Fan was rendered unconscious.

“It’s so sweet.”

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