Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 170



Ye Zhentian fell into a pool of black water.

“What is this place?”

The last time he came, he landed on a crater. If he weren’t fast enough, he would have fallen into the fire of a tumbling magma.

This time he’s still unlucky. The last time he almost fell on the volcano, he fell in a pool of black water this time.


Ye Zhentian found that something seemed to be wrapped around his hips. He was shocked, he reached out and grabbed it. It was a black snake.

“Black Snake.”

He was shocked. He used his qi to form a shield. He got out of the water. As he looked down, he was so scared to death. There were a lot of black snakes in the water.

If he weren’t quick, he might have died.

“Asshole, how can I be so unlucky.”

Ye Zhentian was still angry with Lin Fan, and his mood wasn’t good right now, so when he encountered these things, his anger’s rising.



A bunch of black snakes leaped out of the water, twisting their bodies and striking towards Ye Zhentian. These black snakes spitted black mist on him.

“Damn it.”

Ye Zhentian tried to fight, but the snakes kept bombarding him, there were too many snakes.

Ye Zhentian decided to run away. He didn’t want to waste his time on these unimportant things.

Ye Zhentian had been to the Deep Sea before, but he never got a chance to circle the place every time he went in. The Deep Sea was too big. How big was it? He didn’t know. It’s a secret place worth exploring anyway.

Lin Fan walked through the beautiful scenes, the area where he fell was indeed beautiful, but now he had come to a sword mound.

The sword mound atmosphere was very depressing, the swords were floating around in the air, and it didn’t move at all.

There were also a lot of rusty and mottled long swords that were stuck on the black ground.

Lin Fan noticed as he observed, he found that there were many holes. It looked like the swords had been taken out of the ground.

“It’s bad that all the good swords had been taken away, leaving these rusty and mottled swords.”

Lin Fan was annoyed, but what else could he say, he was not the first to enter the Deep Sea.

If someone took out those swords, those swords must be precious.


Lin Fan found a deep pit that seemed to have been dug out, a stone tablet lying on the side with the text engraved.

‘Sword Mound Slave.’

Apparently, there was a wooden box inside the deep pit. The wooden box was already opened, and it’s empty.

“How cruel! How can they take all the treasures without leaving any for others, it turns that wherever locusts are, there will be no grass grows.”


He realized that it was hard to find treasure in this mysterious place. All the good things had been taken away. It’s too difficult to keep searching.

Unless he went deeper.

This place’s still powerful, indicating that there’s more treasure left in this place.

If all the treasures had gone, this place would have no value anymore.

“There is no use of exploring here slowly.”

Lin Fan already knew the situation in the Deep Sea. There would be no use exploring the outer part of the Deep Sea. He’d have to go deeper.

This time, there were a lot of disciples who entered the Deep Sea. Their cultivations were quite high. Some of them had been here several times to find the treasure.

If they could get a powerful treasure, they could be more powerful.

Of course.

It was not going to be easy to find the treasures here; it’s the Deep Sea; after all, the last powerful place left in the Immortal Realm.

If he could get the powerful treasure, his power would be extravagant, and he could have all kinds of earth-shattering power.

Pointed plants, bugs, etc., those were not a problem.

He didn’t know how many different places were in here and what kind of magic it had, but he was not afraid. Whatever it was, he would go to the deepest.

After a while.

Lin Fan saw monstrous qi turbulence ahead. Someone’s fighting. He’s overjoyed and ran to attack that person. He had been holding back for a long time. Although there’s a rule saying that they couldn’t kill each other, but he just couldn’t hold his desire to kill.

When Lin Fan arrived there, he found that the man had killed the plant demon. There’s bell hung on the demon’s body. The bell was dusty, but he could still see the light coming out of it.

“Cough!” Lin Fan pretended to cough and drew the man’s attention.

The man heard a cough, and he was shocked.  He looked back at Lin Fan and clenched his fists, “What happen to you, fellow cultivator?”

“Which sect are you from?” Lin Fan asked.

“My name is Song Ming, a disciple of Immortal Sword Sect.” Song Ming said. He looked at Lin Fan, who seemed so calm. He heard others say that when he came to the Deep Sea, he should be careful and always be vigilant. There’s nothing more dangerous than an immortal.

You had to be calm whenever you encountered any obstacle or another disciple.

“Are you alone?” Lin Fan looked around and found no one.

“Yes, no one will enter through the same door here in the Deep Sea.” Song Ming was gentle, but he was impatient.

Lin Fan said, “Song Ming, seeing you killed the plant demon and got his bell, it seems that bell’s strength is extraordinary. Can you let me see it?”

In his opinion, he made such an excessive request. He knew that this man would refuse. Song Ming looked impatient, but he could still control his temper.

If Song Ming had a bad temper, he would yell at him.


Song Ming’s heart trembled, and he had a terrible feeling. Lin Fan seemed to come to take what he just got.

Song Ming had to move fast. He didn’t know the strength of his opponent yet. If he got killed here, no one would find him.

He had to hold it.

His cultivation’s high, he wanted to live longer.

Losing life over a treasure was not worth it.

He had seen a great battle for treasures.

Several Core Disciples, who had practiced for hundreds of years, had been killing each other just for a spiritual weapon. Last time, three dead and one had a severe injury, he couldn’t understand why they did such a thing.

Life’s precious, why would he give up on his life.

“Okay, since brother wants to see it, you can take a look at it.” Song Ming threw the small bell with a broken corner to Lin Fan. He was ready to run at any time.

Lin Fan was shocked. Why would Song Ming throw the bell at him? Didn’t he want the treasure?

Was he angry?

Why he became so friendly all of a sudden?

Playing with the bell, Lin fan said lightly, “This is a low-grade artifact, although the corner is broke, it’s still very good. It’s a pity that Brother Song is the one who got it.”

After saying those words, Lin Fan looked at Song Ming, as if he were waiting for something.

Why did he act so plainly?

Song Ming stood in his place. He looked at Lin Fan. He knew that Lin Fan was trying to provoke him.

Lin Fan wanted to make him angry.

He looked at Song Ming as if he was looking at his prey.

But Lin Fan didn’t attack Song Ming right away.


Song Ming understood now.

Lin Fan was trying to provoke him.

“Since brother likes it. I will give it to you. Although this spiritual weapon is good, my life is more precious.” Song Ming said, then he left.

He didn’t want to fight.

“Wait.” Lin Fan frowned. This was different from what he thought. It shouldn’t go this way.

This guy was too irritating.

“Aren’t you angry that I want your spiritual weapon?” Lin Fan asked.

He couldn’t figure out what this guy thought.

“Angry?” Song Ming wondered, then said, “Brother, why would I be angry? It’s not necessary to fight over a low-grade spiritual weapon. If I challenge you, I might die. It’s such a waste for my cultivation and my life. Live is precious, and we should cherish it. “

“My cultivation practice is not easy. I have to go through the countless stage. I will not fight against you over a spiritual weapon.”

“Brother, if you want it, you can take it. I will just go.” What Song Ming said completely surprised Lin Fan, he didn’t even know what to say.

“Stop,” Lin Fan shouted, then tossed the small bell to Song Ming. He turned away without looking back.

“Crazy lunatic..”

He scolded and left.

After he walked for a while, Lin Fan looked back at Song Min.

[Song Ming: Golden Stage.] [Possible item drop: …] [Note: Every life is precious. If you can’t fight, don’t fight.]

He never met someone who thought that life’s so important. He was speechless.

If he were to continue provoking him, It would be useless.

He didn’t even want to fight Lin Fan. He just turned away.

“Huh, it was close.” Song Ming looked at Lin Fan’s back and sighed.

It was dangerous.

Luckily, Lin Fan didn’t have a reason to fight him.

Disciples who came to the Deep Sea were not weak. Although Deep Sea had been scraped so many times, there’re still treasures in here. It would be a fortune for those who could find the treasures.

After a while.

In front of a huge portal, many disciples had gathered. They came from various sects. The reason they came was this, to get into the portal.

There’s a powerful cave behind the portal.

There were no more treasures left at the outside.

“Finally, after I entered the portal ten years ago, the treasure will be mine, looking at here now, it seems that I have the highest cultivation.” A rich and handsome man glanced at everyone; he was arrogant and full of himself.

What a nonsense.

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