Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 171


That man was a Core Disciple of the Rising Sun Sect, Yang Kun.

Yang Kun had strong qi. Even his name was as hot as the sun. When you looked at him, you knew why this person had so many wives and mistresses.

“Yang Kun, don’t brag in front of us and don’t you dare say that the treasure is yours. Do you understand?” Another man got annoyed with Yang Kun’s attitude.

They were almost the same in the term of cultivation. Why was he so arrogant?

If Yang Kun didn’t stop, he would punch him in the face until vomiting blood.

Yang Kun said angrily, “Jin Shishan, do you want to fight me?”

“Hahaha, fight you? Do I still need to fight you? Don’t be ridiculous, you homewrecker.” Jin Shishan was a true disciple of the Great Faction Sect.

“What did you say?” Yang Kun’s face suddenly changed.

Jin Shishan had underestimated him.

Jin Shishan didn’t care anymore, and he even turned away.

Everyone laughed. Some people knew about Yang Kun, some people didn’t. They who didn’t know start to ask around.

“Regardless of what happened, a homewrecker is a homewrecker. You cheated with a girl and then she died. Who knows, maybe her husband still cultivate so hard and hoped that one day he would be able to kill you.” Jin Shishan said with a smile.

Everyone knows about Yang Kung’s affairs.


Yang Kun was irritated upon hearing what Jin Shishan said. A seal rose against the sky and smashed Jin Shishan.

“Huh, is that all you can do?” Jin Shishan sighed and raised his hand. The thick qi rushed like a torrent of rivers.

With a roar, a circle of airwaves spread out.

The two stepped back a few steps.

“Yang Kun, do you think everyone is afraid of you? If you want to fight, let’s fight. I will fight you until the end.” Jin Shishan always wanted to fight Yang Kun.

Lin Fan just arrived at the scene.

He heard some noises from afar. He thought it was nothing, turned out it’s going to be a big fight.


How stupid were they to fight in a place like this?

“Wow! You are too much.” Lin Fan jumped out and pointed at Jin Shishan.

Jin Shishan never saw the man who just pointed a finger on him. They didn’t know each other how he could point the finger at him and telling him he was wrong.

“How dare you talk to me like that?”

Yang Kun was happy when he saw someone came out and defending him, although he was still angry at Jin Shishan.

“You don’t have to know who I am, let’s talk about what you just said. You just called people homewrecker and talk about his sin. Do you think it’s funny?”

“Don’t you see that he’s been through a lot?”

“If it’s true that he is a homewrecker, do you have to say it out loud in front of other people? So, what if others think that he is charming and he has a lot of wives and mistresses?”

“What if the girl he loves only wants to get benefit from his status? And when she was exposed, he accidentally killed her in his rage?”

“Think about it. Don’t you pity this man? How can you sneer someone who is already shoddy?”

“This person is already desperate; do you really have to add more sadness to his life?”

Lin Fan’s emotions were quite a place; everyone around him nodded silently. They agreed with what Lin Fan had said. Although they had never been through the same thing, they could feel the sadness.

At first, Yang Kun’s perception of Lin Fan was pretty good, but then, he felt that something’s wrong.

What did this person mean?

He defended him, but then he mocked him.

When Yang Kun was about to protest, Lin Fan interrupted him before he could speak.

“And you are such a patient man. Being called a homewrecker is a humiliation. “

“If it were me, I would fight him until I die.”

“Doesn’t it anger you? Aren’t you mad?”

“I suggest that you two fight until your last breath. It doesn’t matter if it’s you or him who died, a man has to defend their dignity. There are so many people here; if you are giving up, you will forever be a loser.”

What he just said was quite reasonable. It should be reasonable for them to understand. What he said had fired up anger between the two, and now they would fight until they die.

What he wanted was to watch them die.

If someone wanted to kill you, you had to kill him too.

“Okay, if you want to fight, let’s fight!” Yang Kun was furious; he felt humiliated.

Lin Fan’s indeed a good provocateur, and now he just sat there to watch the fight.

Jin Shishan had the same idea.

Did Lin Fan think they were fools?

It was obvious that Lin Fan wanted them to fight.

People were amazed.

“Who is this man? He is so cruel? How can he say such words to offend them?”

“I don’t know; I haven’t seen him before.”

“Whoever he is, he must be crazy.”

Just then.

“What do you want to do to the disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect?” Ye Dong came out to stop them and said, “Brother Lin, rest assured, nothing will happen. Everyone from Greatest Martial Sect is here. They won’t be able to do anything. “

Yang Kun and Jin Shishan were stunned.

They didn’t expect that Lin Fan was a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect.

Looking at Ye Dong, it seemed that he wanted to please Lin Fan.

That’s being said.

Ye Dong angrily said, “If the two of you want to fight, just go and fight, don’t you dare say those rude words to Brother Lin. No one can save you if you go against Brother Lin, even your master.”

“Ye Dong, what do you mean?” Yang Kun said coldly.

“Brother Lin is not someone you can mess around with.” Ye Dong said.

Ye Zhentian narrowed his eyes, Ye Dong just came out of nowhere and interrupting a fight, it was simply terrible.

He was enjoying Lin Fan, who tried to provoke Yang Kun and Jin Shishan.

Maybe he didn’t have to do it himself.

Maybe someone else would teach him a lesson.

Ha could also see how many followers Lin Fan got.

Unfortunately, Ye Dong stopped them.

Lin Fan was annoyed; he really wanted to blast this man. How could Ye Dong come, and try to act like a hero and to stop the fight?

It’s hard to provoke these two men, and now Ye Dong just stopped them from fighting. Thank you so much.

Everyone was surprised.

They knew Ye Dong.

Ye Dong even said that Lin Fan was so powerful that no one would be able to defeat him.

They had never seen Lin Fan before.

Perhaps the elders of Greatest Martial Sect weren’t sure either.

Lin Fan wanted to say to these two grumpy people not to mess with him, and even if they didn’t listen, Lin Fan was not going to hurt them.

But, before he had a chance, some disciples quickly rushed into the portal, it just opened, and whoever went in first, would get the treasure.

“The portal opens, let’s go.”



The disciples quickly rushed into the portal.

Even Yang Kun and Jin Shishan put down their anger. They glared at Lin Fan, then quickly rushed toward the portal.

Lin Fan was not in a hurry. He was quite frustrated that he couldn’t get anything.

At this moment, Meng Qing passed by Lin Fan, as she muttered.

“Be careful.”

The meaning was clear.

Everyone was going to fight to get the treasure.

Lin Fan smiled helplessly; he also wanted to be low-key but also wanted to become stronger; the conditions were not mutual.

Finally, he went inside the portal.

Since everyone’s inside now, they had to hurry before they missed the closing of the portal.

Lin Fan was inside.

He suddenly saw a stone demon, the demon was at least ten feet high, and it had been killed by a group of true disciples.

The cultivation of this stone demon was quite high, and those disciples were a golden stage disciple.

Those true disciples swarmed up around the demon; it looked like they’re looking for something in the gravel, then a man stood proudly, “Sorry, this stone crystal belongs to me.”

He held a stone crystal in his hand.

It contained a strong spiritual power.

The spiritual power was quite strong.

The other disciples were upset, but there’s nothing they could do; it belonged to whoever got it first. That’s the rule; even if you disagreed, there’d be nothing you could do.



Everyone rushed inside.

The place inside the portal was like a maze, and they’re now on a long stone bridge, which was on top of the black water pond.

Lin Fan looked down, suddenly thrilled.

He found something in the water.

[Nether Snake: Establish Stage.] [Possible drop item: Water Spirit Root Fragments, 15 Qi, Snake Skin, Snake Flesh.] [Note: After the power falls, the immortality nourishes.]

Lin Fan frowned, there were quite a few.

Since he entered the Deep Sea, he hadn’t had the chance to kill any demon nor disciple, and it made him angry.

Although these demons were very weak, he didn’t want to let it go.

He used the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword to kill the snake.


The snake was cut out in two.

[Obtained: Water Spirit Root Fragments. ]



Another snake was cut out in two.

Some people saw Lin Fan standing on the stone bridge, killing the black snake, and it seemed that he was enjoying it. The smile on his face’s so bright.

“Don’t worry about him, let’s go.”

One immortal after another disappeared.

Ye Zhentian turned back and muttered, such a fool.

He didn’t have time to deal with Lin Fan now. Even if he killed him, it would be useless.

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