Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 172


“It’s really strong.”

“The only downside is that these snakes don’t drop a lot of items.”

[Obtained: Water Spirit Root Fragment.] [30 Qi. ]

Although the item dropped from the black snake was very low, but the quantity made up for that.


It didn’t take long for the black snake in the water pond to disappear, as if it had dived to the deepest point, perhaps they were scared of Lin Fan.

Look at the dropped items.

120 Water Spirit Root Fragments.

72 First Grade Spirit Root Fragments.

3 Second Grade Spirit Root Fragments.

Obtain 632 Qi.

Now his qi has reached 1563, breaking a thousand qi already.

The Spirit Root Fragment had accumulated, it had changed, and it could be synthesized.


The merging was a success, and it became 12 Water Spirit Root.

It continued to merge.

72 First Grade Spirit Roots merged into 7 Second Grade Spirit Roots, and two remainings were still First Grade Spirit Roots.

Ten pieces of Water Spirit Roots merged. It merged into a Third Grade Spirit Root.

At this time, he already owned four kinds of spirit roots.

First Grade of Golden Spirit Root and Thunder Spirit Root.

Third Grade of Earth Spirit Root and Water Spirit Root.

For someone who didn’t have any spirit root before, that was an amazing achievement.

“These snakes are really good, but I have to kill many of them to get all of these items. It’s irritating.” Lin Fan was pleased with all the items dropped from the black snakes.

A rumble, deafening, and terrifying sounds came from afar, even if it’s quite far, but he could still hear it clearly, he could imagine how terrifying the explosion’s sound was.

“Something is not right.”

Lin Fan quickly approached the sound. His qi was way beyond the trinity, but he’s still in the first stage of the trinity. This was a great chance to try it out.

Something’s happening over there.

It’s such a peerless beauty for him, and he couldn’t wait to see it. He wouldn’t let it go this time.

When he arrived at the scene, he saw a giant flower that had withered down, the petals had fallen, and the rhizome seemed to be shattered terribly.

Not far from there, several Core Disciples were seriously injured and fell on the ground. It seemed that the injury was severe. There’s a gleam of light around them. Apparently, they were swallowing elixir or some kind of spiritual healing power.

“Hey, where did everyone go?” Lin Fan asked.

There was no one here except for those who were seriously injured.

Looking around at the scene, it looked like a great battle just happened.

Just then, one of them opened his eyes and said in horror, “Crazy, they are all completely crazy, they killed each other.”

“I know they are crazy, but where are they?” Lin Fan said impatiently.

“Crazy, completely crazy…” This man was stunned, the fight was unbelievable, and it caused them a mental issue.

Lin Fan raised his hand. The man looked shocked.

“Just tell me what happened.”

Upon seeing these guys were extremely injured, he wanted to kill them, but as a disciple of an immortal sect, he had to respect others’ lives. If they wished to die, he would kill them, but if not, he couldn’t kill them.

That’s the rule.

Just then, he saw dirt slowly forming, and a figure appeared, it turned out to be Song Ming, the man who cherished his life.


Luckily, justice defeated evil. There’s a witness.

“Brother Lin, when they fight this demon plant, they kill this demon together, but they didn’t expect that a dao artifact would appear after the demon died.

“They become crazy upon seeing the dao artifact and start killing each other. They were killing each other until one of them win and got the dao artifact. I don’t know how many people lost their lives for this dao artifact.”

Song Ming said in horror. He never thought he would witness such a thing. Core Disciples were going mad over a dao artifact.

Think about it.

The dao artifact was precious.

Even if it was a low-grade dao artifact, it still could make Core Disciple crazy.

Moreover, this cave was full of treasure. How many were more disciples going to get crazy?

“Brother Lin, it’s better for you to avoid trouble, your life is too precious.” Song Ming said,

when he saw the crowd shooting, he hid and silently watched them fight.

“If you want to save your life, go save your own life, goodbye.”

Lin Fan flew away.

Song Ming looked at the disappearing figure and shook his head.

“Ah, another person who is crazy over the dao artifact. He doesn’t understand the essence of cultivation. Only if he lives longer, he would understand”

Song Ming felt like his trip to the Deep Sea was worth it; he already got a Second Grade Dao artifact and Fifth Grade Elixir.

As for that dao artifact, he wouldn’t overthink it.

He didn’t know how many people were going to die.

As Lin Fan approached the scene earlier, he felt the qi power still lingered in the air. It was a fierce battle indeed.

At the same time, he could slightly smell blood.

It must be the person who got the dao artifact that was being hunted down by the other disciple. He must be severely injured.

Looking at his situation, Lin Fan was afraid that he wouldn’t hold up.

“He is here.”

Lin Fan found a gorge in front. The sides were sharp, a colorful light curtain floating on the surface.

“This must be the place that the elders say. Time passes by quickly.”

He didn’t think much and just jumped into it.

Soon, he could hear a sound of anger.

“The spirit weapon is mine. Do you really want to kill me?” A man growled. He had been forced to give up the spirit weapon. He didn’t expect the spirit weapon made everyone lost their mind.

It seemed impossible.

It was just a spirit weapon.


The man who’s holding the spirit weapon couldn’t fight any longer. He was severely injured and fell to the ground.

Lin Fan was stunned to see the Core Disciple was beaten up.

Was it necessary to be this cruel?

Killing’s forbidden, why did they still kill each other?

“The dao artifact is mine. No one can take it away from me.”

“It’s mine.”

“The dao artifact is the first thing I found. It’s my destiny. What do you want to do?”

These Core Disciples had set their eyes on the dao artifact. Who cared about who found it first, they would fight to get the dao artifact.

The dao artifact’s temptation was unbelievable. Even a Core Disciple with high cultivation wouldn’t be able to resist it.

After all, that was the leftover from Immortal Realm’s power.

Lin Fan didn’t approach them, he stayed here and hadn’t gone to the passage of time, but he could feel it already that lifespan’s getting shorter.


He stared, he found that something weird was happening. Just after the Core Disciple died, the blood was flowing on the ground. It looked like a spirit. It flowed in one direction.

Something’s wrong.

He quickly approached the corpse to check and found a small hole, but he couldn’t go in even though he bent his body.

“How could there is a secret place here.” Lin Fan looked at his surrounding as if he had discovered something terrible.

In front, it was a pool of blood.

This was where the blood flowed.

Lin Fan didn’t expect that there was a corpse in the middle of the blood pool. The corpse was golden, you could even see the bloodlines on the surface, and the most important thing was that corpse was holding a golden cane.

An object with a symbol was radiating a powerful aura.

Clearly, it was a treasure.

The corpse was radiating a fearful power even when it’s no longer breathing, how terrifying it would be when the person was alive?

Lin Fan was unable to contend this power, but since he was wearing the Golden Silk armor, it helped him to fight the power.

Lin Fan wondered, he was strong, but he was still unable to contend the power.

This person must be dead because he wasn’t strong enough to hold the dao artifact.

This symbol must be there for a reason, and it was probably to suppress the power of the dao artifact.

What was this dead man think in the first place?

If he knew this would happen, he wouldn’t take the dao artifact.

That’s right.

It must require the blood of immortal to be resurrected.

“In this case, it’s best for me to get out. This dao artifact is too powerful.” Lin Fan analyzed it, even if they were in the Immortal Realm, this person still died because of the dao artifact. If I got it, it would only bring trouble for me.

It’s like a curse.

Lin Fan didn’t even think about it; he rushed up and grabbed the object from the corpse’s forehead.

Just as Lin Fan grabbed it, a light curtain appeared, the resistant power grew stronger as Lin Fan tried to contend the power.


It’s not over yet.

A horrifying symbol suddenly appeared on the corpse. A destructive beam of light burst out. This power is terrifying. It makes you feel weak.

It looked like the power was about to resurrect the corpse.


Sacred Beast Robe seemed to feel that the power was too strong; the four powers were starting to emerge.

Golden Dragon, Red Phoenix, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise roared from Lin Fan’s chest. They slammed together and collided into a light beam.

Lin Fan couldn’t contain the power. He was thrown away, spitting blood, and he looked horrified. This was the first time that he got injured after he possessed the Sacred Beast Robe.

He was still lucky that the Sacred Beast Robe protected him from this power. Otherwise, he might be dead.

“I got the symbol is here.” Lin Fan was holding the symbol in his hand.

He sounded weak.

Suddenly, a shocking scene broke.

The bones in the blood pool screamed, the heads were raised, the brows split open, and a strange waterfall of light flew out.

It seemed like the light contains a soul.


There was a sound coming from the bones. There was a golden light coming from the eyes, staring at Lin Fan coldly, as if to remember Lin Fan in his heart.

“Reshape yourself.” The pool of blood boiling.

Flesh upon flesh gradually appeared on the surface of the bone, as if it were being resurrected.

“It’s Terrifying!”

Upon seeing this, Lin Fan was so scared, and he ran away.

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