Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 173


Oh my!

He had never seen such a horrible thing in his life.

A corpse was just speaking.

There were flames in the eyes of the corpse. It was frightening.

Especially the angry roar that made him frightened.

“Run fast. There are pits in the Deep Sea, run fast if you don’t want to die.” Lin Fan shouted out of the cave.

Right when he shouted those words.

A light passed by, very fast. Lin Fan looked closely, and it was Ye Zhentian holding a dao artifact. He was injured pretty badly and spitting blood, but he was full of energy, and his eyes were crazy.

“The dao artifact is mine. I am Ye Zhentian. No one can take it away from me.”

Ye Zhentian ran fast, a strong wind formed around him. Obviously, he almost collapsed by the power of the dao artifact, but he still looked strong.

Initially, Ye Zhentian was fighting for the dao artifact, but then he gave up because it was too powerful. Upon seeing the last person who grabbed it almost beaten by his soul, Ye Zhentian couldn’t help but steal the dao artifact.

Ye Zhentian held the dao artifact in his arms.

It looked good on him.

He must have reluctantly stolen the dao artifact away so that he could escape quickly.


The figure left.

Not long after, several figures followed him closely behind.

“Ye Zhentian, leave the dao artifact. Otherwise, you will be killed.”

“Asshole, you can’t take the dao artifact, so stop fighting.”

Ye Zhentian roared without looking back, “The dao artifact is destined to be mine. The dao artifact chose me, and it’s mine. Stop it, just let me take it. I will give you compensation later on.”

“I am willing to take out the spirit vein and share it with you.”

He didn’t even want the spirit vein, now that he had the dao artifact.

But how could anyone believe what he said?

“He runs very fast.” Lin Fan witnessed Ye Zhentian ran away with the dao artifact. It showed that Ye Zhentian was indeed a lucky person, and he had his way of getting out.

Lin Fan looked back and saw Meng Qingyao standing there, there was blood dripping slowly on her arm, and her face was slightly pale.

Obviously, she was injured in the battle.

“Meng Qingyao, don’t move too much. Otherwise, you won’t be able to move in a while.” Lin Fan said.

No way.

She was injured, and she didn’t move at all.

Just then.

The ground was shaking and became unstable. Lin Fan, didn’t care about Meng Qingyao and rushed toward the exit, but when Lin Fan was about to reach the exit, something happened.

The portal was blocked.

The exit disappeared.

“No way.”

Lin Fan stared at Ming Qingyao’s eyes. It didn’t make sense. Was it really happening?

Meng Qingyao hummed, her arm was slightly trembling, a small weapon looked like a cow’s hair was coming out and fell to the ground.

It turned out that Meng Qingyao wasn’t stunned in place but was severely injured, causing her body to be unable to move, and eventually, it made her qi came out from her body.

“I don’t know that disciples from our sect are such evil.” Meng Qingyao didn’t look right, she didn’t respond for a moment, then said again.

Just then.

Meng Qingyao stepped forward to check the situation, there was a trace of panic in her eyes, “How can the exit disappear?”

“No, the exit has just been closed. I think both of us are stuck here.” Lin Fan said.

“The time passes quickly in here. If we don’t find a way out as soon as possible, our lifespan will not last that long.” Meng Qingyao was a little flustered.

Although, as a Core Disciple, she had seen many horrible scenes, she’s desperate now, her heart was shaken, and she was not as calm as before.

Meng Qingyao ignored Lin Fan and looked for a way around.

There were many spirit grass around, but she’s not interested at all.

The time passing in here was so fast.

If they could hold on until the next opening, they might be able to get many treasures.

After a while.

Lin Fan felt a significant decrease in his lifespan. It felt like an hour, but he had lost his lifespan for nearly a hundred years.

If it kept going on like this, after a few hours, his life would be gone entirely.

Meanwhile, Meng Qingyao was still looking for a way out, she was looking non-stop, but her hope was starting to fall. The situation here was quite weird. She found a lot of formation here, countless of formation.


She suspects that there’s a powerful treasure here that supporting the operation of this place and made the time pass by faster, but she didn’t know how to slow it down.

It required many things to slow down the time passing.

And her cultivation was not high enough.

If there were a true immortal here, they might be able to slow down the time.

Meng Qingyao looked at Lin Fan. She knew that Lin Fan was the son of the elder in charge of the disciplinary hall. If something like this happened, she would find a way to get them out.

She would do anything to break the Deep Sea.

Ming Qingyao was still unsure if the elders would help them, but she hoped they would.

But the problem was, could she manage to support her life until the next opening of the exit?

Meng Qingyao had a great yet ambitious idea.

Her ultimate goal was to become the strongest immortal.

She couldn’t die here.

Lin Fan sat on the ground, closed his eyes, and practicing.

He needed to get to the highest stage of the trinity.

The spirit and the body merged.


The spirit root, exuding wind, floated in the air.

At first, it was only a petal swaying alone.

But then,

He could feel it.

When the spirit and the body merged, another petal grew.

Thick qi pushed everything.

Now Lin Fan could feel that his mind’s clearer and his energy had greatly improved.

But it’s not over yet.

The merging between the spirit and the body was to perceive the unknown danger. It was surprisingly similar to the previous dao artifact that he couldn’t get.

Even if you couldn’t see the danger, you would be able to feel it.

Three petals were formed.

The spirit that seemed to flow from heaven and earth strengthened itself.

He broke through.

The spiritual flower above the head exuded a bright light.

There was a thick qi wrapped around the petals.


A golden light appeared.

Golden bright light reflected the glory of the golden jade.

Meng Qingyao glared at Lin Fan.

She didn’t expect that he would breakthrough at this time.

For Lin Fan, it’s easy to cultivate without having to fight another immortal or demon. This was different from ordinary people’s cultivation. Perhaps this was the power of a quiet mind that made you feel relieved and happy when you broke through.

Lin Fan opened his eyes, he smiled. He just improved his lifespan and also reached the first Golden Stage.

The golden stage has three levels.

The first level was when the golden light shone through, then the purple light and the highest level was multicolor light.

He had reached the first level and would continue to work hard. He took it slowly as he had nothing to worry about

“How can you still thinking about breaking through at a time like this?” Meng Qingyao said.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “I have nothing to do, and the time passing here is very fast. It will save you a lot of time if you breakthrough here. If you breakthrough outside this place, you will need years. You can’t even find an exit. The only thing we can do is wait for people to rescue us”.

Meng Qingyao glared at Lin Fan. She didn’t say anything.

Waiting for people to rescue them was just a dream. No one could help them apart from themselves.

She didn’t believe that there were no defects here.

Nothing in this world had no flaw. She hadn’t found the flaw because she was out of strength, and her cultivation was not high enough.

“Hurry up to help me find the flaw when you finish the practice. Although there is a countless array of formations here, as long as you find the flaws of the formation, you will find the way out.”

“If you just sit here and wait for the rescues, we might be dead already once the rescue arrives. The latecomers will only find our bones.” Meng Qingyao’s red lips slightly opened, she seemed calm, but the sweat on her forehead was enough to explain that she’s panicking right now.

Lin Fan said, “What else can you do aside from waiting for the rescue? If it’s possible to find a way out of here, there wouldn’t be so many people who died here. Look at the corpses. I don’t know how long they had been stuck in here. The corpses were gold, which means these people had high cultivation.”

“If they can’t even get out, do you think we can?”

“So, wait and calm yourself.”

Lin Fan could feel the power of the Golden Silk armor protecting him. He might actually be able to resist the passage of time here and expand his lifespan.

He just obtained a hundred years of lifespan here.

It’s amazing.

Most people simply couldn’t hold it.

Even if they took elixir to increase their lifespan, A hundred years of lifespan in one hour would be gone here. Thinking how many lifespans you’d need to survive a day was terrifying.

Meng Qingyao ignored Lin Fan and continued to search.

As time went by,

Meng Qingyao began to panic.

In this case, her lifespan was not going to last long enough.

Was she going to die here?

She couldn’t die here.

Despair slowly eloped in her soul.

“Lin Fan.” At this time, Meng Qingyao looked at Lin Fan, full of determination. If he didn’t do anything, he might die here.

“What are you doing?” Lin Fan looked at Meng Qingyao. He saw a strange emotion in her eyes as if something had to happen.

She looked nervous.

“Do you want to die?” Meng Qingyao asked.

Lin Fan smiled, “What are you talking about? Who wants to die here?”

Then he thought about it. Why Meng Qingyao asked him that kind of question?

“Do you have any idea?”

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