Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 176


Greatest Martial Sect.

After everyone returned, Ye Zhentian went back to Sky Peak. He wouldn’t back down. No one dared to stop him. Obviously, he wanted to learn the secrets of the dao artifact.

When the other disciples learned that Ye Zhentian got the dao artifact, they were jealous of him. Some true disciples who didn’t go to the Deep Sea were shocked when they heard this news.

Ye Zhentian’s heart was pounding. After all, this was a stolen dao artifact.

What if the dao artifact actually belonged to them?

What was even more relishing was that after Meng Qingyao returned to the Mysterious Sword peak, she locked herself up. She knew about the rumors that were spreading around the disciples. Then she heard the sounds of something being smashed. It turned out it was Xi Xi. She was shooting outside, trying to get in.

Meng Qingyao put on her calm face and walked out as usual. She’s still the senior sister in everyone’s eyes.

When the story of the Deep Sea spread, most of the sects were a surprise.

The long-lasting Deep Sea was gone, but what more interesting was that there was a mad man who escaped from the Deep Sea.

This man even killed one of the Elder from Raising Sun Sect.

What a surprise.

Ye Zhentian became the winner of this competition, and it made the other true disciple feared him. He got a dao artifact, and he would be stronger.

“Mother, now we know that the Deep Sea is indeed a dangerous place.” Lin Fan looked at the old lady standing on the edge of the cliff as he told her what happened.

On the other side of the cliff, the sky was blue, clouds were fluttering, and white cranes spread their wings on the sky.

“Lin Fan, as you said, this person’s cultivation is certainly unfathomable, it must be a powerful person of ancient times. Resurrection is complicated, even for true immortal. There must be something peerless. The Deep Sea was a perfect place for the corpse. Did you say it was sitting in the pool of blood, and he used it to resurrect the body as the soul got in through the forehead?”

“It must be a peerless treasure.”

Wei You didn’t see it with her own eyes, but it sounded like she knew what happened. Her knowledge was extraordinary.

“Mother, can the pool of blood be the treasure?” Lin Fan asked. He might be charming, but he was not lucky. Thinking that the pool of blood might be a peerless treasure made him desperate.

Wei You patted Lin Fan’s head gently, “My silly son, that’s natural if you didn’t realize it. It’s so difficult to resurrect from the dead. It can’t be done only by cultivating as an immortal. You have to have a powerful dao artifact. However, I don’t know what kind of blood pool is that I guess, this blood pool must have the ability to prevent the separating of the soul and the body.”

“And also to ensure that the spiritual roots are not scattered, you need to suppress the soul in the body to prevent it from dissipation, so I guess that’s what the rune for? It should have the effect of consolidating the soul.”

“If these two peerless treasures are together, they will cause death. Blood will flow like a river, and there will be countless deaths and injuries.”

Although Wei You didn’t mean to scare him, but it did scare him to death.

It’s terrifying.

The man who owned these two treasures must have unimaginable power. He could even resurrect from the dead.

But Lin Fan got the runes.

Will that man come for him to get the treasure?

It’s too terrifying, even just thinking about it…

“Well, Lin Fan, you don’t have to think about it too much. The world is big. There are a lot of wonders, don’t underestimate the strength in this world. Some strong people from the ancient era still exist, even when we don’t know where they are. Wherever you go, you must be polite and modest.” Wei You warned him.

“The more you see the world, the more you understand how terrifying it is. If you ignored the world, the world would give you a lesson.”

“Yes, your son understands.” Lin Fan nodded.

After seeing things in the Deep Sea, he could see how dangerous the world really was.

Wei You pointed to a mountain in the distance, “Go and see, that is the peak that your mother prepared for you.”

Lin Fan looked away. The peak was indeed beautiful. Colorful flowers and clouds were surrounding the peak. He had seen it when he arrived, but he didn’t expect that it was the peak his mother prepared for him. He was so excited. He immediately went to see the peak.

Wei You looked at Lin Fan’s back with a faint smile on her face.

Sect Master Bai appeared beside her out of thin air, “Sister, there is already a demon king in Jade Mountain. Some of the demons must be attracted to the smell.”

“Are you worried about the demon king, brother? If he dares to come out, I will make him spit on his blood.” Demon king was nothing for Wei You.

“Lin Fan just told me what happened in the Deep Sea. It worried me since I don’t know which ancient power has arisen.”

Sect Master Bai’s expression suddenly changed as he thought about the Deep Sea.

He knew many famous demons, but this one’s new, he had never heard about it, which made him anxious. It would surely bring great change.

“What’s up with your face? You are the Sect Master, and it’s not like you are the only one who worried. The world is too big, and there are too many dangerous things in it. There are some places where we can’t even go in. Who knows what is hidden in it, it hasn’t changed in thousands of years, so we ignored it. But the fact is, these places are the ones we should pay attention the most.” Wei You said.

Sect Master Bai nodded, then said, “Sister, he once said that there must be a dangerous ancient power, is it true?”

The “He” that Sect Master Bai meant was someone that Wei You knew, he had gone through hell and out.

“It should be true. When he traveled to those dangerous places, he saw an old man riding an unknown creature. He tried to chase him, but he was unable to get close to him. When he went to find the old man again, he’s already disappeared.” What Wei You said was a secret not many people knew about.

Sect Master Bai was a dignified man; as a True Immortal Stage cultivator, he had encountered many battles. It showed how powerful he was.

Still, there’s a lot secret in this world he didn’t know.

“This mountain is a perfect match for my character. Having a respectful mother is so good.” Lin Fan walked step by step to the peak. He didn’t fly. He wanted to watch the mountain’s scenery along the way.

There’re spiritual plants planted on the cliffs of the mountain, he could smell the aura, and it made the aura of the mountain denser than other places.

It’s gonna be the best place for cultivation.

Step by step.

Until he reached the peak.

At a glance, the brand-new houses were lined up perfectly there, magnificent and vast. From here on, it would be Lin Fan’s peak.

“Now that I own a peak, what should I name it?”

Lin Fan was lost in his thought. This was a complicated question. Most people can’t think of a good name, and he felt like his brain couldn’t think properly.

It’s too difficult to name it.

Fanfan Peak?


Not reliable at all.

The name must be matched with his identity. From now on, this peak would definitely be one of the top peaks, between the sky and the earth, pushing the invincible horizontally and vertically.

Immortals and mortals would stop killing each other.

So, this name was essential.

He thought of Ye Zhentian, how could he make Sky Peak’s name skyrocket? He had to beat him.

Immortal Destroyer Peak didn’t sound that bad.

Just when Lin Fan thought of this, his heart suddenly beat faster. It was so fast, he felt uneasy, and it bothered him.

For now, he would use a tentative name; later on, when he found the perfect one, he would inaugurate that name.

Lin Fan left the peak to find Xi Xi and Yang Gang.

He already had his own peak. He wanted to take them there.

When Xi Xi and others came to the peak, they were jealous. Lin Fan waved his hand and let them choose a room for them to stay.

Xi Xi didn’t dare to choose. She was a member of Mysterious Sword Peak. If her sister knew she left, she would be furious.

The same thing goes to Yang Gang and the other, but it was stunning here. It was undoubtedly beautiful.

Lin Fan had to force them to choose.

“Then, this one.”

“I want that one.”

Lin Fan smiled. It was funny to see that they were worried about choosing their room, then he looked at Nangong Jin, “You should choose one too.”

“Yes, Brother.” Nangong Jin was so excited that Brother Lin finally had his own mountain.

The atmosphere was different here.

“Brother, what is the name of this peak?”

Nangong Jin asked.

Xi Xi and others were very curious too. They wanted to know.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment, and then he brought them closer. Now they gathered together, head to head.

“I thought about the name from the beginning, but it was all embarrassing. Just like Ye Zhentian, who called his peak Sky Peak, I will call this peak…”

“Immortal Destroyer Peak, how do you feel?”

Lin Fan was quite satisfied with his ability to find a name.

Only when they heard the name of the peak, they were utterly shocked.

“Brother, don’t you think this name is a bit overbearing?”

“Yes, brother, something is not right about this name. I’m afraid it will bring trouble in the future. It’s better if you choose another name.”

 “I heard people say, although immortals are respected, but we can’t underestimate the other or else it will be a great sin. We cultivate to be immortal to keep the peace in this world not fishing for war.”

“Sister, why don’t you think about the name, then.”

They really hoped that Lin Fan would agree to change the name.

“Don’t let the other know this name. You said the name I chose is overbearing.” Lin Fan asked.


“Very overbearing.”

“Extremely overbearing.”

Lin Fan laughed, “That’s fine, let’s keep the name, for now, the name is quite funny, don’t tell others, I’ll fix it, so it won’t bring trouble for us in the future, after that we can use it.”

Perfect name.

As for the name, Immortal Destroyer Peak was simply unbearable.

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