Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 177


“Are you guys hungry?”

They had been discussing the name of the peak for quite some time, and Lin Fan felt his stomach lacked some nutrition.

“Brother, I feel hungry too after you said that.” Chen Zhi said, he was drooling when he thought of Lin Fan’s cooking. It tasted divine.

Both Xi Xi and Yang Gang glanced at Chen Zhi. He was so fat already, didn’t he worry that he might be unable to eat in the future.

“Wait a minute. I’ll get us some food.” Lin Fan ran fast as he thought about the colorful sky chickens; those chickens were delicious. All they do was eat, drink, and sleep with nothing to worry about. They said that your comfort came at a price.

Moreover, he missed Ye Zhentian a little bit. Although it hadn’t been that long since the last time he saw him, he felt terrible because he didn’t console him when he got beaten up at the Deep Sea.

Yang Gang looked at Lin fan’s back and said quietly, “I feel like Brother Lin is going to Sky Peak.”

Nangong Jin said, “Yes, he must want to eat chicken.”

Sky Peak

Lin Fan walked on the site of Sky Peak; all the disciples around respectfully greeted him. No one dared to mistreat him because of his mother.



Lin Fan nodded calmly and responded to the greetings from these younger brothers. He was not an arrogant person.

“Brother Lin, what’s bring you here? Brother Ye is in seclusion and practicing. I’m afraid I can’t entertain you.” A disciple took the initiative to talk. Since Nangong Jin left with Lin Fan, Brother Ye didn’t pay much attention to them.

Even the person he valued so much had betrayed him, what else could he do?

Therefore, the disciples of Sky Peak didn’t mind it.

Lin Fan said, “You don’t have to entertain me; I’m very familiar with this place. I just need to get something.”

This disciple looked at Lin Fan. This was Sky Peak. How could he be familiar with it, and didn’t he say he needed to get something? If Brother Ye knew about it, he would be furious.


Lin Fan came to the chicken pen; the colorful sky chickens were walking around leisurely inside, lowering their heads from time to time to rice on the ground.

There were also a pair of colorful sky chickens rubbing each other, looked like they were on heat.

“All of them are good, much better than the last time I saw them.” Lin Fan had different feelings towards these colorful sky chickens. This kind of feeling was difficult to describe with words. You could only understand it when you taste their tasty meat. The taste that could achieve the unity of the mind and the soul.


The colorful sky chickens that were once enjoying their lives sensed the presence of their enemy.

They turned around, and their eyes met with Lin Fan’s



They became chaotic.

The colorful sky chickens were panicked, flapping their wings. They wanted to spread their wings and fly, leaving the chicken pen; They already felt the danger; they knew they would be eaten if they didn’t run away.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “I didn’t expect to see them after such a long time, and they still remember me, they look so happy when they see me, they make me miss them every day.”

Colorful sky chickens probably thought, “Can’t you see the fear in my face?”

Without saying anything, Lin Fan rushed in, grabbed a fat colorful sky chicken. The other colorful sky chicken that saw his wife was being caught was angry and tried to attack Lin Fan. He spread his wings and rushing towards Lin Fan.

“Are you jealous because I didn’t catch you? Don’t be. You can always come with me too.” Lin Fan smiled as he got a pair of colorful sky chickens.

Some disciples who saw what Lin Fan did was very sad. They were scared to come and stop him, but those colorful sky chickens were Brother Ye’s darling. Now that somebody else caught it, Brother Ye must be furious.

Ye Zhentian, who was in seclusion, had no idea what was happening outside.

He was drawn to the dao artifact, how could he pay attention to what happened outside.

Not long after.

Lin Fan walked down the mountain carrying the chicken head in both hands, “When you see Brother Ye, tell him I take two of his chickens.”

Sky Peak’s disciples watched Lin Fan leaving, and there’s nothing else to say. They were there at the wrong time and the wrong place. If Brother Ye knew that someone stole his chicken, he would be furious.

Based on their observations.

Brother Lin was a little nicer but offended him wouldn’t be a good idea either.

The disciples were a little confused. Brother Lin came here without seeing Brother Ye, yet he could make him angry, and now he was leaving for another mountain.

When Lin Fan came back, Xi Xi and others looked at the chickens in Lin Fan’s hands and murmured in their hearts. The conflict between Brother Lin and Brother Ye would never be over. Brother Lin even picked the fat chickens.

“Wait here; I will cook the delicious red date chicken soup.”

Lin Fan carried the two chickens into the kitchen, boiled the water, picked up the knife and butchered the chicken, then threw the chicken into the hot water and began to pluck the feathers, it’s colorful, but it was such a pity that the chicken’s feathers were flying everywhere.

At this time, Xi Xi and others were discussing.

“Brother Lin is stealing Ye Zhentian’s chickens while Ye Zhentian is in seclusion. That is why they didn’t fight.”

“Well, I feel like Brother Lin has a soft spot for chickens.”

“I’ve been thinking about why Brother Lin keeps picking a fight with Ye Zhentian, and I figured out that the contradiction between them is not that serious. Everything starts from the stage of life and death.”

They discussed, but they still couldn’t figure it out.

How could they figure out their hidden secret?

After a while.

“I can smell it; I know Brother Lin has finished preparing the chicken soup.” Chen Zhi was a foodie, even if he was already fat, he still couldn’t stop loving food.

Lin Fan walked with the chicken soup, then handed it over to Nangong Jin.

“Send it to Mysterious Sword Peak and give it to Meng Qingyao, it will make her feel better.”

“Yes, Brother.” Nangong Jin said.


Xi Xi and others were stunned as they looked at Lin Fan.

There must be something between Lin Fan and the senior sister.

They always looked a little suspicious.

“Why did you look at me like that? Am I that handsome for you all?” Lin Fan touched his face; maybe he’s too handsome after all.

It seemed that cultivation made him look more handsome than ever before.

Xi Xi said, “Brother, please don’t say such a thing.”

“Okay, there’s nothing between Meng Qingyao and me. It just that I stayed at the Mysterious Sword Peak for a while. It will be rude not to send a thankful gift to her.” Lin Fan said indifferently. After all, he knew she was severely injured and still recovering, so it was just a gift.

Nangong Jin came back. He kept his head down. He didn’t dare to look at Lin Fan, “Brother, I gave it to her.”

“Did she beat you?” Lin Fan asked.

Nangong Jin was shocked, “Brother, how do you know?”

“I know for sure, and I know she will beat me if I send it myself, so I asked you to go, I didn’t expect she will beat you too. Come and eat, have this chicken thigh to make up your body.”

Lin Fan knew that Meng Qingyao was still dealing with what happened in the Deep Sea, and she would definitely knock over his chicken soup. So, in order not to waste any food, he gave her two chicken butts.

When Nangong Jin came to deliver the chicken soup, nothing happened, that’s it before Meng Qingyao opened the chicken soup, she saw two chicken butts in it. Then she started to beat him as the chicken butts rolled on the ground.

If he didn’t run fast, she might break his legs.

Chen Zhi ate a mouthful of fat, then stared at the bowl for quite long, “Hey! Where did my favorite chicken butt go? No one seems to eat it.”

Lin Fan smiled and said nothing.

Nangong Jin was eating his chicken with his head down, and his tears were streaming down.

What a special chicken butt.

Time passed quickly.

The moon had replaced the sun.

It’s been peaceful days at Sky Peak. Apart from the chickens, the disciples at Sky Peak were already getting used to Lin Fan’s visit during this period of time. But still, looking at the number of the colorful sky chickens that were decreasing day by day, they felt sad.

It was difficult to imagine what would happen to Brother Ye when he came out.

“Ha ha ha…”

One day, a burst of laughter was heard at Sky Peak.

All the disciples were cautious.

Brother Ye finally got out.

During this period, he kept studying the dao artifact, refining and integrating. Finally, he was able to suppressed dao artifact’s power; even Ye Zhentian didn’t expect that such a small dao artifact could be so powerful.

In his knowledge, the dao artifact’s unknown power was just a part of incomplete spiritual power.

“It’s powerful.”

It’s a great dao artifact. Although this was just a part of the unknown power, Ye Zhentian was still lucky to have it, and it made him believe that he was indeed a person with great luck.

He stepped out from his seclusion.

A disciple came up to him, and respectfully said, “Congratulations to you, brother, for coming out from your seclusion and making great progress.”

“Hahaha, okay…” Ye Zhentian was in a good mood; the anger he had toward Lin Fan was slowly replaced with joy.

For the disciples, the stronger they had become, the higher their status would be.

Sky Peak’s status in the Greatest Martial Sect belonged to the middle and upper class, and there was some distance from the other peak.

The strength and financial resources would also determine the class of the peak. The stronger and the richer a peak was, the higher its status would be. It went for the disciples as well.

Ye Zhentian could feel the power inside him as he walked on the mountain peak, watching the prosperous mountain peak that he worked hard to build, his pride was surging.


He stopped and looked to the side. There were colorful feathers scattered on the ground with only one colorful sky chicken standing in the chicken pen. It was so dazzling, but the chicken was hiding in the corner, shivering. The wings covered the chicken head as if saying that no one could see me.

“Where is my chicken?”

Ye Zhentian asked angrily, where did his colorful sky chickens go?

Just then, a figure appeared in front of Ye Zhentian. He was the guy that he hated the most.

“Congratulations on getting out of seclusion, seeing you happy like this must be a great advancement.” Lin Fan greeted with a smile, then walked into the chicken pen in front of Ye Zhentian.

He grabbed the trembling colorful sky chicken directly in his hands.

Ye Zhentian roar angrily, “Let go of my chicken!”

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