Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 178


Ye Zhentian didn’t have to ask anything; he already knew what’s going on.

This guy stole all his chickens.

“Why? This is just a chicken. I heard a rumor saying you like to take other disciple’s belonging as well, so it shouldn’t be a problem if I take your chicken.”

“They were born to die anyway, why can’t you be generous?”

“Just Relax.”

Lin Fan exposed Ye Zhentian’s dishonest behavior. Ye Zhentian’s wrongdoing was not a secret, but no one dared to call him out.

Some disciples nodded silently when they heard what Lin Fan said, which made Ye Zhentian feel even angrier.

“Shut up. The colorful sky chicken is my spiritual creature, and you killed them one by one. How can you explain this to me?”

Ye Zhentian was about to explode, he was so angry, and he really wanted to kill Lin Fan, he didn’t care anymore if he had to die in the process.

No one dared to do this, except for Lin Fan. It seemed like he never took Ye Zhentian’s words seriously.

“It’s just some chickens, what’s the big deal? No one has to die over a chicken.” Lin Fan pouted, he was angry with Ye Zhentian, but he didn’t want to kill him. Even if he did, he had hundreds of ways to let Ye Zhentian know how terrible dead was.

To teach Ye Zhentian a lesson, it didn’t necessarily mean that Lin Fan had to kill him.

There were countless small things he could do other than killing him.

That’s what you called the real revenge.

Lin Fan’s words completely destroyed Ye Zhentian’s good mood. The happiness in his heart was gone now.

“Lin Fan, let’s fight.”

Ye Zhentian’s anger had arisen upon hearing Lin Fan’s words. He roared and attacked Lin Fan’s chest with his hand.

The attack was full anger that he’s been holding on for so long—the envy, jealousy, and hatred towards Lin Fan for having such a good mother.

And many more ……

Good Mother.

After Ye Zhentian released his anger, suddenly, his mind became clear, and he realized what he just did.

But it’s too late.

He already attacked Lin Fan.


Lin Fan screamed and fell to the ground. He spitted out so much blood, it was like a sprinkler, splashing everywhere.

The blood even sprayed on some disciples’ faces.

“You…you.” Lin Fan was dying. He pointed his finger at Ye Zhentian in disbelief, as if he wanted to say something, but before he could, his eyelids rolled over, and he fainted.


Everyone was silent.

Ye Zhentian glared; he looked at his hand, then at Lin Fan, who fell down, his adam apple moved slightly, “Don’t pretend to die, do you really think I’ll believe you?”

Silent, there was no answer. The body remained still on the ground.

Ye Zhentian turned around, he was about to order his disciples to check on Lin Fan, but they ran away from him.

The other disciple who’s still around stared at Ye Zhentian in panic.

Unexpectedly, Brother Ye actually killed Brother Lin.

This was gonna be shocking news.

“Lin Fan, don’t pretend to be dead in front of me. I know you’re alive.”

“Get up.”

Ye Zhentian sneered. He didn’t believe that Lin Fan was dead. Ye Zhentian knew that Lin Fan was only pretending.

Lin Fan wanted to scare him.

But it wouldn’t work.

Lin Fan’s body remained still, and it’s starting to make Ye Zhentian worry.

“Go, make sure he’s still alive. I didn’t mean to attack him that hard.” Ye Zhentian pretended to be calm.

How was this possible?

How could this guy die so easily? He was the son of the elder.

The brave disciple approached Lin Fan’s body with fear. He’s ready to check Lin Fan’s breath with his trembling hands. Everyone was looking at him as he placed his finger in front of Lin Fan’s nose.

Everyone gasped.

No one dared to take a breath as they were waiting for the disciple to check on Lin Fan.


The brave disciple turned his head and said, “He is dead; I couldn’t feel his breath.”


All the disciples sat on the ground; they looked scared and pale.

“It’s over. Brother Lin is dead. His mother is an elder. She will never let us go even if we’re not the ones who killed Brother Lin. Moreover, we are the disciples of Sky Peak. I can’t imagine what will happen to us.”

“Brother Ye, how can you kill Brother Lin so cruelly? You drag us to your problem.”

They complained. They didn’t even care if Ye Zhentian was their senior brother.

He knew who Lin Fan was, and he still attacked him.

Lin Fan was bleeding pretty badly. How could he not be dead?

Ye Zhentian’s hands and feet became cold, “I didn’t attack him that hard, I didn’t even use a lot of qi, how could he possibly die, this is impossible.”

The disciples around him looked at him weirdly.

“Brother Ye, how can you say that? It was horrible; the palm of your hand was so terrifying.”

“Yeah, you were furious. Obviously, it’s because you wanted to kill Brother Lin.”

Ye Zhentian was dumbfounded upon listening to what the other disciples said. He stared at Lin Fan, growling, “How can you die? Come on, get up.”

He just got a dao artifact and about to have a brighter future, how could he make such a big mistake. His mother wouldn’t let him go and will kill him on the spot.

Ye Zhentian tried to feel Lin Fan’s breath.

But he couldn’t feel anything.

Lin Fan was dead. There was no breath at all.

The disciples were starting to leave, and they didn’t want to be near Ye Zhentian; for them, this was not their problem.

They didn’t expect Brother Ye actually killed Brother Lin.


They were only ordinary disciples, how could they survive such a big problem like this?


Ye Zhentian was sitting on the ground; he didn’t know what to do.


The only way to survive was by running away.

But go where?

The world’s big, yet there was no place for him to hide. It’s easy for Lin Fan’s mother to find him.

Just then.

He walked slowly towards Lin Fan. His eyes were dull; his passion was gone. He stared at Lin Fan and said, “I never expect that I have to run away because of you……”

Before he could finish his sentence,

He saw Lin Fan’s body moved like a spring, standing straight.


Ye Zhentian was frightened. He looked at him back and forth, again and again, his eyes wide opened, as if he was staring at a ghost, then Ye Zhentian screamed.

“You pretend to be death.”

He believes that Lin Fan was only pretending to be dead. He doubted it at first, but then when he checked Lin Fan’s breath, he started to believe Lin Fan was really dead.

“Ha ha ha, look at your face. How do you feel? Is it irritating?” Lin Fan laughed and slapped Ye Zhentian’s shoulder, “I was bored, I just wanted to play; I didn’t expect you will take it seriously.”

The disciples, who were still around, were dumbfounded.


It turned out it was a prank.

Please don’t do this again in the future.

It’s really scary.

Afterward, a disciple spoke, “I know Brother Ye didn’t attack Brother Lin that hard. It may look scary for you, but don’t you believe Brother Ye?”

“Brother Lin won’t be dead that easy; he just wants to lighten up the mood.”

Such a two-faced guy, he deserved to die.

His fifth limb should be cut off and fed to the dog.

The other disciples looked at each other with contempt, that disciple was the one who scared the most.

Ye Zhentian tried to suppress the anger in his heart and ditched Lin Fan’s hand, “I don’t know you that well, Sky Peak doesn’t welcome you, so please leave immediately.”

“Don’t do this; I just want to ease the tension in your heart. Someone once said that experiencing two different emotions in a short period of time can trigger blood circulation. It’s good for your health.” Lin Fan smiled and wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth.

The performance was outstanding, it should be considered to be in a movie; it would be a great show.

Ye Zhentian growled, “Don’t go too far. Rabbits will be bite when they are too anxious.”

“Then you bite one and show me. You don’t have to tell me what to do. Forget it; there’s nothing else to say, I will go first.” Lin Fan walked slowly with the colorful sky chicken.

When he pretended to die, he didn’t let go of the colorful sky chicken; he was afraid this chicken would run away.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “Don’t take it seriously; I was just teasing you, it’s good for your health.”

Ye Zhentian stared at Lin Fan’s back, clenching his fists, green muscles appeared, and his heart was boiling with anger.

But now, he knew the truth.

He was not brave enough to kill Lin Fan.

He always thought that killing Lin Fan was easy. Until now, when Lin Fan pretended to be dead, he was scared to death. His mind went blank, and he didn’t know what to do.

Now he realized.

He was not as strong as he thought.

Looking at the empty chicken pen, no one knew how Ye Zhentian was feeling right now.

The disciples were too scared to speak out.

Ye Zhentian turned away with a cold face. The joy of completing his retreat had gone now.

‘You know it after you experience it.’

Ye Zhentian was frightened when Lin Fan played dead.

According to gossip.

“Brother Lin scared the shit out of Brother Ye in order to loosen up the mood. Even worse, he did it in front of other disciples.”

The rumor spread like wildfire.

“In the end, Brother Lin only pretended to die in front of Brother Ye. Brother Ye thought he really killed Brother Lin. He was scared to death and immediately cried to his knees while calling out for his mother’s name. “

“When Brother Ye realized it was a prank, he was so happy and ended up crying overjoy with Brother Lin.”

When the rumor finally reached Ye Zhentian’s ear.

It made him furious. He clutched his chest. He was so angry that he felt like spitting blood.

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