Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 18 Wanted To Kill That Man Right Away



Dr. Sun screamed because of the cold water.

“The leader is back!” Wang Bao saw Lin Fan coming and hurriedly got up. “Leader, Dr. Sun still said he is innocent.”

“Well, people who break the law often insists that he is innocent.” Lin Fan said.

Wang Bao pondered, he felt that Lin Fan’s words made sense, “Leader, what if he is innocent?”

“If he is innocent, why must we arrest him?” Lin Fan looked at Dr. Sun, pretending to wait for Dr. Sun’s respond, it was not important whether he entered the well or not, the most important thing was that he has identified the well as Dr. Sun’s secret place. There must be something in there.

Wang Bao remembered what his father said, only by following the alpha man he could see new things.

Dr. Sun saw Lin Fan and shouted, “Sir, it’s unfair. I’m just an ordinary person who minds my own business. How can I commit crimes? And please ask the government for reference.” His expression looked even worse than the devil itself.

“Activity?” Lin Fan smiled and walked toward Dr. Sun.

“Just now, I went to your house. Do you know what I found?”

Dr. Sun was shocked, but his expression remained the same, and he shouted, “Sir, I just have medical books and ordinary furniture. There is nothing else, really.”

“Really?” Lin Fan stared at Dr. Sun’s eyes as if giving him another chance to admit his crime.

“Yes, really.” Doctor Sun kept insisting that he was innocent, but now he was a bit afraid.

“Sir, I’m not lying, I’m just your ordinary doctor.”

Lin Fan stretched out his hand and patted Dr. Sun’s shoulder. He said impatiently, “I entered your room and searched inside your room. What do you think?”

“Sir, there is nothing suspicious, I can swear.” Dr. Sun said, he felt relieved, because even if the room was turned upside down, Lin Fan wouldn’t find anything.

Dr. Sun was mentally strong, and he won’t buy Lin Fan’s bluff easily. Even if Lin Fan tortured him, he would never say a word.

“Well, as you said, I didn’t find anything.”

Lin Fan lowered his head and spoke in Dr. Sun’s ear. “Then I went to the study, guess what I found?”

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Dr. Sun said, “Sir, even if you demolish my house, you won’t find anything suspicious.”

“Sir, I know that there is pressure on you to solve this case. I hope you find the real killer as soon as possible. I understand your job. If you let me go, I promise I will never sue you.”

Dr. Sun was afraid if he didn’t go out as soon as possible, Lin Fan will torture him.

Lin Fan sighed and stood in front of Dr. Sun. He said quietly, “You are right, but I am very confused. Why is there a dry well in your yard?”

“Then, where did you get the water from?”


When Lin Fan said those words, Dr. Sun’s expression changed, but he soon he regained his composure, “Sir, the dry well was already there since the previous owner of the house still lived there, and it dried up at this time.”

“Actually, I wanted to do something with that, but the feng shui master said that I should not pour water to the well, it will bring misfortune, so I just leave it there.”

Dr. Sun gradually began to panic.

“I’m just talking about a dry well. Why are you so nervous?” Lin Fan laughed. He has been watching Dr. Sun’s eyes for quite a while, and he saw there was something wrong with his eyes when he mentioned that dry well.

“But …” Dr. Sun wanted to speak but was interrupted by Lin Fan.

“No need to answer me. I have been in the dry well. You said that you are innocent. Stay here, think about it again, and don’t blame me for anything.”

“Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.” Lin Fan said.

Well, Lin Fan hasn’t gone to the dry well.

He will die if he went down.

Dr. Sun remained silent.

Lin Fan looked at him with disbelief. He knew that Dr. Sun has realized something.

Dr. Sun was already set a lot of traps in the dry well. If Lin Fan didn’t know how to disable the traps, he couldn’t enter it safely.

“No one is allowed to open the door except for Master Wang and me.”

“Yes, leader.” Wang Bao answered.

Lin Fan left the dungeon, it was already late night, and he was so tired. He wanted to see his bedroom so badly and handle the rest by tomorrow morning.

On the next day!

Early in the morning.

“Sir, this is my report. The veterans’ incident has something to do with Dr. Sun. When I go with Captain Zhao and fight with the demon, it’s also connected to him.”

“But I realized Dr. Sun was not that strong. It was obviously impossible to control those five demons. There must be someone behind him.” Lin Fan said.

It was clear at first sight that Dr. Sun couldn’t control those demons, he would be their snack instead.

Wang Zhou pondered, “Okay, I get it. I’ll take someone to the house now to inspect the dry well. You go to the dungeon and interrogate him further.”

“Yes, sir!” Lin Fan answered.

The dry well was so small. Besides, Dr. Sun has cultivated a poison-related technique. It was difficult to say whether the dry well was poisonous or not.

If someone went in and got poisoned, it would be troublesome.

Wang Zhou looked at Lin Fan’s back when Lin Fan left and frowned, and he had some speculations deep down, but he was still not sure.

Jiangdu City’s power map was somewhat complicated.

The purpose of the Hunter Guild was to kill demons and maintain the safety of Jiangdu City.

If Hunter Guild was involved with that power, it would be a bit troublesome.


Lin Fan was walking on the way to the dungeon.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man stopped Lin Fan and said while smiling, “Sir, can we talk?”

“Who are you?” Lin Fan looked at that man, and Lin Fan knew that he was not a good person when Lin Fan looked at the System Information above that man’s head.

Lin Fan wanted to kill that man right away.

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