Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 180


Lin Fan was touched upon hearing Li Dadao’s story.

What he said was reasonable, even if it’s a little reckless and slightly bad.

Li Dadao said, “Brother, if you feel like what I did is bad, you don’t have to get involved. I have walked into this world for hundreds of years. I have seen all kinds of things. There are countless good generations.”

“Just tell me, do you want to do it or not? As long as we try, I guarantee that we will succeed.”

Lin Fan said, “You need to tell me the truth. How many people knew about this, and how many of those have died?”

Lin Fan felt like this could be a mutual agreement.

If he joined this robbery, then earning millions in a month was not a dream anymore. In the end, when most people died, he’d still need to survive.

“Brother, I’ll tell you, this is going to be dangerous, just so you know I’m not going to force you to do it. You are a good and trustworthy person. I will take you to get the treasure only if you want it.” Li Dadao said.

He was telling the truth.

It’s only two of them.

And they trusted each other.

It’s just that there were a lot of unpredictable things in this world, such as those who were blessed with powerful strength. It was dangerous. If you encountered them, the chance to escape was very low.

But if you succeeded, the amount of wealth you could get was unimaginable.

For wealth seeker, whether it’s a success or failure, it all depended on your courage.

Lin Fan’s goal was to increase his cultivation as soon as possible, but after hearing Li Dadao, now he had another goal, which was to be rich.

He wanted to be stronger.

And he wanted to be richer.

Being powerful was not enough. If you wanted to have a lot of followers, you’d need a financial resource well. No one would look up to you if you don’t have any financial support.

“Okay, if you want to do it. I’ll tell you more about it. We need a perfect policy if we want to succeed.” Lin Fan wanted to see it himself if this demon were as powerful as Li Dadao said.

Li Dadao said, “This demon is a giant demon, known as the Blood Sword Old Demon. Based on my knowledge, this is a Void Stage demon. He lives alone in a cave at the Corpse Mountain.”

“It’s going to be hard then. The cultivation stage’s gap is too big; we are basically nothing compared to that demon.” Lin Fan said.

Li Dadao laughed, “I’ve not finished yet. I have investigated this Blood Sword Old Demon for quite some time; He has been practicing a spiritual technique. He needs to change blood three times every one hundred years. According to my investigation, this Blood Sword Old Demon likes to exchange blood during the blood moon; the first blood moon was a few days ago. The second blood moon is only a few days from now, and he is not going to do the blood exchange in the cave, so that is going to be our opportunity.”

“However, this Blood Sword Old Demon is very careful. He will definitely increase the protection of the cave, and it’s going to be absolutely dangerous. So, we have to be careful.”

Lin Fan looked at Li Dadao and gave him a thumb up, “Great, you have this idea for a hundred years, and you can only do it now.”

“I have to wait for this moment, brother. I call this a rainy day, we bet our life here, if we are not careful, we will be dead.” Li Dadao said.

That was reasonable.

This man’s a pro.

He was a professional thief.

“A Void Stage’s defense should be easy to break. However, I’m afraid it may require a lot of qi to break it.”

Lin Fan knew the prettier the thing is, the more difficult it is to get it. You had to take it for granted.

Li Dadao smiled, the corners of his mouth turned upwards, “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, the reason I did what I did is that I want a better life. When I was young, I strumbled into a cave and discovered a shocking handprint that required a lot of qi. That time I know, there must be a flaw, and since then, I have been trying to break the flaw.”

“Rest assure. I’m not going to complain.”

“Let’s go.”

Li Dadao was severely injured and was on the verge of death, but now he was getting better, thanks to his wealth he was able to get high-quality elixir.

He’s been taking elixir to heal himself.

Otherwise, he might become a meal for another crocodile.


Skeleton Mountain.

The two figures sneaked into the mountains. This place didn’t quite match the name. It said skeleton mountain, but there was no corpse in there.

You can’t fly here; you can only walk.

Li Dadao took out two runes; one to hide their qi and the other to hide their blood.

According to Li Dadao, the Blood Sword Old Demon was sensitive to qi and blood. Although he didn’t have qi, he can sense any qi and blood, so he used these runes to make sure they don’t get discovered.

If the Blood Sword Old Demon found them, it would turn ugly.

“Let’s be careful. One hundred miles in front is the Blood Sword Old Demon’s cave. We are going to wait for the blood moon here; as soon as it comes out, we can go to the cave.” Li Dao said in a small voice.

Lin Fan was convinced, they were hiding a hundred miles away, if the Blood Sword Old Demon could still hear them, then it must be unbelievably strong.

Both of them were hiding.

It’s getting dark.

The moon had changed.


They could feel a wind blow coming from the direction of the cave.

“Hush, be careful, the Blood Sword Old Demon is checking the surrounding.”

Li Dadao knew this Blood Sword Old Demon very well.

Now Lin Fan understood why some people could build a large business and become rich at such a young age. This was the reason.

People would do anything to become rich.

The Blood Sword Old Demon was a demon covered in blood coat. It gave people a gloomy feeling.

Just then,

Lin Fan saw a figure standing in the distance, between heaven and earth. His eyes exuded red light. He was glancing in all directions.

Li Dadao immediately pressed Lin Fan’s head, “Don’t look at him, a Void Stage sense in very powerful, he will know if he is being watched. Brother, you don’t know this demon that well. Don’t be careless if you don’t want to get caught.”

Both of them then laid on the ground, lowering their heads.

The red light was sweeping in all the direction, but it couldn’t find them. Obviously, it had something to do with Li Dadao’s runes.

After Lin Fan possessed the Sacred Beast Robe, he became a little careless, and he didn’t even realize it.

Now, when he heard Li Dadao’s words.

It all made sense.

He shouldn’t act blatantly; he should wait for a perfect time to go out.

After quite some time.

The gloomy feeling had disappeared.

“Wait for a second, the Blood Sword Old Demon is dangerous. He will come again. Only when the moon turns red completely, then we can go to the cave.” Li Dadao whispered.

That was the first time he heard it.

When he thought the demon was gone, it would come back and attack you in surprise.

But, if you still fell into the same hole, then you indeed were a fool.

It didn’t take long.

The gloomy feeling appeared again.

And so did the Blood Sword Old Demon.

Li Dadao must have known when the Blood Sword Old Demon came again; he looked uneasy.

The Blood Sword Old Demon didn’t find anything, so he left again.

“Brother, let’s go.”

Li Dadao sighed in relief. It looked safe, he was about to stand up, but Lin Fan pulled him.

“Don’t move, let’s wait a little longer since this Blood Sword Old Demon comes for the second time, it can come for the third time as well. The moon just completely turns red, that Blood Sword Old Demon was not in a hurry.” Lin Fan calmly said.

It’s blood moon anyway; the Blood Sword Old Demon must be getting stronger.

According to Lin Fan’s experience of watching TV shows, the plot was often turned that way.

A protagonist character broke into the villain’s house and stole things. The villain just went out, not long after he would come back to check on the situation, then left again. After quite some time, he would go back again for the second time.

If this situation turned out like that, it would be safe to wait a little longer, just in case.

The protagonist’s character stole something and about to leave happily, but as soon as the door opened, the villains were waiting outside to catch him.

Therefore, the actual situation could be different from the plot on the TV show.

Li Dadao felt that Lin Fan was being too careful. Judging from his hundreds of years of experience, this was impossible.

Just when he was about to speak up.

The Blood Sword Old Demon appeared again; he was still flying around the skeleton mountain, carefully searching for any enemy. He wanted to confirm that it’s safe before he left.

“Brother, if you didn’t warn me, we might already get caught.” Li Dadao was very surprised. He didn’t expect that he met such a great company.

Lin Fan said indifferently, “It’s not worth mentioning, I already knew this would happen.”

If the Blood Sword Old Demon knew they were there, he would definitely kill them.

They came to steal the treasure.

They have to be cautious.

The two quickly rushed towards the cave of the Blood Sword Old Demon, it was hundreds of miles away, but for them, it was as close as two coats of paint.

“Here it is.” Li Dadao raised his hand and observed the surrounding environment.

“Great, this is indeed the Blood Sword Old Demon’s cave. The cave hides so many evil spirits; the demon uses the entire area as the foundation to form an array formation. According to my observations, there are at least dozens of formation coexisting here. It can kill a large amount of thieves. So, for those who don’t have enough cultivation, they will die if they try to break in.”

“Unfortunately, it’s me, Li Dadao, the professional thief who is trying to break in. See, it’s easy for me to break this array formation.”

Lin Fan looked aside; he was very interested. He really wanted to see how Li Dadao broke the array formation.

Lin Fan wore the Sacred Beast Robe, and it was enough to break into the cave.

Just then.

Li Dadao took out some mysterious handprints, slapped them against the void, grabbed, and shifted them. It looked like there was nothing there, but then Lin Fan could feel the surrounding was shaking.

The way he found the defect and broke the array was magnificent.

“The first array is broken.”

“The second array is broken.”

“The third method is broken.”

“The twenty-third array method is broken.”

Li Dadao looked dignified, his face covered with sweat, he took out a few elixirs and swallowed it to restore his qi.

This technique sucked up a lot of his qi.

Moreover, it was not an easy thing to break array formation arranged by a Void Stage Blood Sword Old Demon.

Lin Fan could see that this handprint that Li Dadao used was not ordinary; it could break what was considered to be a perfect array.

He broke several more arrays until the last one.

“Brother, the last array has been broken. Let’s go in and hurry up. The blood moon is coming to an end. Remember, don’t leave anything behind. You must pass through the grass and leave no trace, even if it is just a stone.”

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