Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 182


At first, Lin Fan didn’t know what kind of items he got from the Blood Sword Old Demon’s cave.

But now, when he counts them.

A set of the stone table plus four stone stools were made of ordinary stone and covered with ordinary silver.

The cave was powerful, but the items inside it were worthless.

The items were simply placed inside the cave, not even hidden.

The stone lamp looked good. The fire inside was not ordinary flame, after everything that happened to it, the flame had not been extinguished.

[Solidified Spirit Stone Lamp (Middle-Grade Dao Artifact): The middle-grade dao artifact refined by the Blood Sword Old Demon has the effect of condensing the mind.]

It turns out not a good thing either.

A support dao artifact.

He felt like returning all those worthless treasures back to the cave.

His way back home couldn’t be completed in half an hour. Moreover, he had to go slowly because of all of these treasures. He wanted to put this treasure in his house, at least it would be useful there. It’s his house, after all, there’s nothing wrong about dressing it up a little bit.

[A Group of Moon Demon (Low-Grade Dao Artifact): Use to cultivating demon path, draw the underground moon demon qi to double cultivation speed, you can throw this to trap the enemy and summon the moon demon.]

This dao artifact was quite good.

But it’s useless for him since he’s not cultivating demon path. He might as well sell this.

He could just talk bullshit to make it looked good, and he would get some spirit stones out of it.

The other items were only some random things, nothing valuable.

But then he found another Low- Grade Dao Artifact Weapon in the bookshelf.

“Demon Flame Wave Red Dust.”

This mystic art worth cultivating. But it took at least hundreds of years to cultivate it to the highest level, and Lin fan didn’t want to waste his time on it.

He would sell it to make a fortune out of it.

The other items on the bookshelf were just some random books, there was also a book to introduce the immortal gate.

There’s no more eye-catching item.

Lin Fan finished his counting,

He felt like this adventure of stealing in the Blood Sword Old Demon’s cave was not worth it. Not only he had to take the risk, but he had to bet on his life as well. He did get a lot of items, but only a few are valuable.


Greatest Martial Sect.

Today’s a big day.

There were many disciples from various peaks, waiting in front of the forbidden area, to see the disciple who went there a decade ago to cultivate.

“How can Brother Xian be out already?”

“Can you imagine, Brother Xian got accepted as a disciple by the elders and went to the forbidden area. Ten years later, his cultivation is already high.”

“Not really, it’s only ten years, if he stays a little longer, his cultivation may be higher than this.”

“This makes sense.”

Sect Master Bai and others stood in front of the forbidden area.

“Hahaha, the heir of Greatest Martial Sect. Being able to have such a talented disciple shows that our Greatest Martial Sect should continue to flourish.” Sect Master Bai was smiling brightly, which was a clear contrast to the sad face he made when he saw Lin Fan.

“My son is not weak,” Wei You said.

Sect Master Bai smiled bitterly, “Sister, don’t be like this. What you told me is impossible. The time in the forbidden area is reversed. You have to depend on your luck. You can’t rely on anyone else.”

“For example, being robbed, suffering, and many more, he has to settle those problems himself.”

“You always have his back, he has no worries and no one dares to mess with him.”

Wei You glared.

“Sister, please understand.” Sect Master Bai was helpless, it’s hard to disenchant Wei You.

Wen Xian’s spiritual root was very high level. So the elders worked together to absorb qi from the immortal realm and used it to wash Wen Xian’s body.

Wei You thought this was unfair.

They didn’t treat her son this way, they never gave him a chance.

It’s just that not everyone was qualified for this, they had to see the character and the ability of that person.

As far as Sect Master Bai’s concerned, if Wei You kept on spoiling Lin Fan, he’s afraid that Lin Fan would accomplish nothing in his life.

Just then.

The ground of the forbidden area was shaking, a gap was cracked, and light exuded from inside.

The disciples were watching in awe.

He’s out.

He’s finally out.

Just then, a figure slowly came out of the crack, everyone looked at him with their eyes fixed.

The true disciples of the sect were all expressionless.

And everyone knew that they’re in a bad mood now. The arrival of Wen Xian meant that they had another great competitor. With the strong support of the other disciples, who could compete with him?

This was unfair.

His spirit root and cultivation were very high, no one could compete with him.

Just then, the figure came out of the sky, followed by a blooming lotus flower, and there was a light as if welcoming the birth of the darling Heaven.

The true disciples looked up.

The light was magnificent.

It’s stunning.

Wen Xian looks beautiful like a jade. His eyebrows were like swords, his deep-set eyes were gleaming like stars, attracting people. People were stunned when they looked at him.

“Ah! I’m going to faint.”

“Brother Xian is really handsome.”

Greatest Martial Sect had so many female disciples.

And Wen Xian was too attractive for those female disciples.

After being washed by the immortal qi, Wen Xian was exuding immortality. His white clothes and black hair to his hand and feet were all full of immortal aura.

If any disciple saw him, they would worship him as the real immortal.

For Xi Xi, she didn’t care, “This guy is so stinky, he’s not as handsome as Brother Lin. What’s good about him?”

“Sister, it’s not difficult to admit that others are excellent, even though Brother Lin is excellent, but I have to say that this person is indeed better.” Chen Zhiyu told her. He had never seen Wen Xian before, but the fact that he’s attracted to him, at first sight, was indeed unbelievable.

 Xi Xi glared, “Huh, are you blind? Brother Lin is very generous, he even cooked for you.”

Chen Zhiyu looked down, “I’m just telling you the truth, I don’t mean any harm.”

“Well, Brother Chen, you just upset Sister Xi, you should be punished.” Yang Gang must stand on  Xi Xi’s side. The woman’s scary, you didn’t want any trouble with her.

Also, Yang Gang owed Lin Fan. Since he drank the wine contained Demon Tiger Whip from Lin Fan, the acne on his face had disappeared.

His vigorous anger was eliminated by pride.

Yang Gang was more confident and walked with his head high.

Unlike before, he was walking with his head down, fearing that his acne would burst and white pus would spray on other people’s faces when he looked up.

How embarrassing.

A group of true disciples was whispering to each other.

“What the hell is he doing now?”

“Look at his qi, it’s full of energy, dazzling with red light, surrounding him, the qi and his body become one, it seems that his cultivation has reach Establish Stage.”

“How could he do that? It’s only been ten years.”

“Does he really have the Ninth Grade Spirit Root? It’s so scary? We worked so hard for so long, and he surpassed us in ten years.”

“If he keeps getting full support from the other disciple, we may not be able to catch up with him in the future.”

“You see, his practice seems to be a big success, he is only one step away from Disaster Stage. Maybe the reason he comes out now is to practice and reach Disaster Stage.”


No one dared to say anything.

It felt like their soul just got blown.

Ye Dong came to look at the outstanding figure, his eyes flickered with light, he was inexplicable, yet very well known.

The true disciples started to think about Lin Fan. Although Lin Fan’s mother was an elder, compared with Wen Xian, his power is not strong enough. With the support of the other disciples, Wen Xian’s power had become extraordinary.

Wen Xian slowly came down, and now he’s standing in front of Sect Master Bai, respectfully said, “I come here to see Sect Master Bai.”

“Good, good, good.” The headteacher was very happy, he liked to be treated politely like this, for him, Wen Xian was much better than Lin Fan.

“You have worked hard for ten years in seclusion. It must be hard for you. It’s such pride for Greatest Martial Sect. To celebrate it, I have prepared a banquet for everyone.”

“I have become a true disciple now, according to the rule I should get something.” Wen Xian said impatiently.

He already completed ten years of retreat in the forbidden area to become a true disciple, which was already a chopping block for him.

Yet he still did it.

“Now you already reached Establish Stage, you have become a true disciple of the immortal realm. You can choose a peak, see which one you like.” Sect Master Bai said.

Wen Xian turned his head and looked towards the distance. The peak in the distance stood between the Heaven and the earth. Then, a peak attracted his attention. The birds scented the flowers, and the greenery was like an immortal realm on earth.

“According to the rule, the true disciple can choose an unnamed peak and own it. That peak has caught my eyes.”

The peak that Wen Xian wanted was Lin Fan’s peak.

Because it’s still unnamed, people think no one owned that peak.

The surrounding of that peak was magnificent.

Wen Xian knew it was an extraordinary peak the first time he saw it.

There was a spiritual vein under the Greatest Martial Sect. This sect was built on top of the spiritual vein to ensure it’s always full of qi to help the disciple with their cultivation practice.

It’s necessary to pick a peak that occupied a good place.

Sect Master Bai looked at the peak that Wen Xian picked, and his heart shivered. He carefully looked at Wei You and whispered to her, “Sister, you can’t do anything. Wen Xian is the true disciple, he is our great talent. His peak must be standing in a good place and has a great benefit for cultivation.”

“Get off.” Wei You said.

Sect Master Bai didn’t give up, “Sister…”

Sect Master Bai shook his head helplessly, “You can ask the other disciple, that peak already has a master, so you can choose another peak. “

Wen Xian raised his eyebrows and said with a surprised expression, “I can see that this peak is extraordinary. Who is the other disciple who already own that peak?”

Wei You lowered her eyebrows, then raised it and lightly said,

“It’s my son’s peak, don’t you dare to take it.”

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