Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 183


“I don’t want to take it. I am just curious about who is the master of that peak. Turns out, it’s the son of the Elder. I wouldn’t dare to even think about taking it.”

Wen xian was not humble, but he’s polite enough.

He didn’t see Wei You when he entered the sect, but this didn’t affect his cognition. Sect Master Bai just called her sister, she must be one of the Elder.

Elders were very powerful.

Offending an elder was not a wise choice.

Wei You was an elder. He would never be able to fight her. Otherwise, when he got defeated, he would be a joke for everyone else.

“Sect Master Bai, I haven’t decided which peak I want to choose. Let me take a look and tell you when I find one.” Wen xian said he was not in a hurry now, he needed to choose a good peak, the previous peak was quite good, but it already had a master.

What a shame.

Sect Master Bai said, “Yes, you have been in seclusion for ten years. Now you need to cultivate and reach the Disaster Stage, you need to find a good environment to succeed.”

“Yes, Sect Master Bai.”

It’s a lie if the other true disciple who saw the scene not envy Wen Xian, it’s most likely that the next sect master had been chosen, but they wouldn’t back down. They had to fight.

If Lin Fan knew someone else wants his peak, he must be furious and might beat the shit out of that person.

And by the way, you shouldn’t dream of taking what belonged to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan worked hard to get all the big things in his life.

After his split with Li Dadao, he was struggling to improve his career.

Abandoned land.

It’s rumored that this was where immortal and demon were fighting and the place where a powerful demon was killed.


There was a terrifying battle down there. A group of immortals encountered a demon’s nest. The situation was quite serious.

“How dare you come here and try to fight the demon king?” The demon roared angrily. He had wings, a tiger head, and a human body. The demon looked like some kind of hybrid.

His power was terrifying when the wings spread, it created a devastating storm.

Even when one of the immortals was an elder, but they had faced way too many demons. Their power’s getting weaker. Some of them can’t handle this demon anymore.


The Winged Tiger Demon threw a punch with his huge fist, it swept up the surrounding and almost hit the immortals. Luckily it was blocked by a curtain of light, the curtain light oscillated, but it’s still able to resist the punch.

“Huh, poor immortal. I can just kill you, but I want to know how far can you fight me.”

The demon looked at the immortal and showed his greedy face.

The elder pulled out flags and plugged it in all the sides, these flags rustled to form a large formation of protection.

The demon stalemated there for a long time. If it wasn’t for the flags, the immortals would have been scattered and torn into pieces.

Inside the formation.

“Elder, we have informed the other disciples that we can only hold the demons for a while. We need the rescue to come faster.” A disciple calmly said.

They passed through here and encountered the demon’s nest. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but they didn’t expect there would be so many demons, even the powerful ones here.

It made them speechless.

“Well…” The elder’s qi was boiling to support the formation. It’s easy for him to escape alone, he wouldn’t have any problem with it, but then the disciples wouldn’t be able to make it.

The demon was observing the formation while waving his tiger’s claws. He was getting impatient.

“Come out and fight me.”

The demon roared, and so did his qi. The curtain light waved, it’s getting harder for the Elder to support it.

He had to hang on.

“Huh, poor immortal, let’s see how much longer you can hold it.”

Far away.

Lin Fan found that there was a fluctuation of qi in front of him. He raised his hands to cover his eyes, he took a peak from a distance, and he could see a powerful demon there.

“Great, those people are surrounded by demons.”


He didn’t want to brag.

Other people would hate it when they encountered a demon, but Lin Fan liked it.

If he could encounter demon tirelessly, It would bring him a lot of benefits.

He looked at the immortals’ power. None of them reached Void Stage.

Then he thought about it.

If there was a demon nest here, how could he not know about it, where was it hidden?

“The roar is uneven, it’s time to fight the demon.”

Lin Fan knew it’s the right time to come out when he heard the demon’s roar was uneven.

“Fellow cultivator, do you need any help?” Lin Fan came slowly from afar and asked the immortals. He didn’t even bother to look at the demon.

The immortals who were struggling to resist the demon heard the sound, they looked up and found a young man who came from the distance, they were shocked. He should’ve seen the demon, how could he come out? Wasn’t he afraid?

“Fellow cultivator, there are so many demons, you wouldn’t be able to defeat them, please leave quickly.” The elder shouted, if he’s not strong enough to fight the demon, he would be dead.

Lin Fan was a little bit disappointed because they underestimated him.

“I heard an uneven roared, so I come to help. My fellow cultivators are surrounded by demons; how can I ignore them? Just wait and let me open a way for you.”

Lin Fan’s words were powerful, and the demon knew it.

Upon hearing this, the elder looked at Lin Fan’s eyes. It’s flickering. He didn’t expect to meet an immortal like Lin Fan.

“Do you really think you can kill me and save them?” The Winged Tiger Demon roared, spread his tiger claws, and raged toward Lin Fan.

Lin Fan smirked. His qi was boiling as the Nine-headed Dragon wrapped around his body. Two fists came out, followed by flower light, the sound of the dragon roared through the world and directly attacked the demon.

These demons’ bodies were blasted with holes. The blood was squirt out as he fell to the ground, unable to breathe.

“So powerful…” The elder was amazed. He could see that Lin Fan had cultivated mystic art to the highest level. Being able to cultivate this level was absolutely extraordinary.

Lin Fan snorted. These demons thought he couldn’t defeat them. He had already reached Golden Stage, it was not hard for him to defeat them.

He looked at these demons, and he could see the items they carried.

If he killed all of the demons, He could get a lot of items.

Lin Fan didn’t want to use the Sacred Beast Robe, for the time being, it was too powerful for him to feel the joy of fighting.

“Demons, your ancestor is here, let your ancestor touch you.” Lin Fan stood proudly in the air, burning thunder and fire were on his hands.

Lin Fan didn’t wait for the demons to use their mystic art.

Earthfire Thunder.

The earth was shaking, forming crakes, the ground was burning with fire as it swallowed the demons, the sky covered with clouds, and thunder fell.

It looked like the apocalypse.

“It’s amazing if I can guess it well, this is the Earthfire Thunder Mystic Art, this child has cultivated it to such a point, and it can build a world of fire and thunder.” The Elder was amazed.

No matter what kind of mystic art it was, if you cultivated it to the highest level, you would have amazing power.


Another Winged Tiger Demon couldn’t tolerate seeing the other demons were being slaughtered. Roaring with rage and released its thick qi to cast mystic art. The mystic art swept over and broke down the mountain.

Although Lin Fan’s mystic art was strong, the qi of this demon was quite different from previous Winged Tiger Demon.


The mystic art was broken and turned into nothingness. The demon corpses were burned to ashes all over the ground, proved that everything that just happened was real.

“The power difference is quite big. The demon’s mystic art won’t be able to do much. He can only close the gap as much as possible”.

Lin Fan’s eyes were sharp, his palms flipped as the Yellow Spring Hell Mystic Art broke out.

All kinds of hell visions appeared.

The Gate of Hell, Bridge of Forgetfulness, Yellow Spring River, and many more, a shadow enveloped the sky. The black wind rose, covering the world, completely changing the surrounding.

The power of the high-grade mystic art.

“Yellow Spring Hell is an old demon’s mystic art…you.” The Winged Tiger Demon recognized these mystic arts.

When Lin Fan cast the Earthfire Thunder, he already knew how powerful Lin Fan was, but he never thought Lin Fan would have Yellow Spring Hell since the Earthfire Thunder was not an ancient mystic art like the Yellow Spring Hell.

But Yellow Spring Hell was a high-grade mystic art, it’s an inheritance from an old demon.

“Hell God Spear.”

Lin Fan grasped his five fingers and communicated with the origin of hell. A God Spear appeared, Lin Fan hurled towards the Winged Tiger Demon and killed it.

The stormy winds, the fierce light, and space were broken. Under the impact of this God Spear, anything that blocking the road would be broken.

“Who the hell are you?” Another Winged Tiger Demon roared and showed his mystic art. A huge phantom emerged, as he punched the God Spear bravely.


The God Spear collided.



There’s a sound of rubbing.

The spiritual power of the Winged Tiger Demon was stronger than Lin Fan’s. It’s getting harder for Lin Fan to fight the demon now.


God Spear broke.

And the demon’s fist was shattered as well.

The Winged Tiger Demon was shaking violently. There’s blood at the corners of his mouth, and the rest of his broken fist fluctuated as Lin Fan’s body emerged with the Scared Beast Robe.


Lin Fan pushed his hand. A circle of formation appeared in front of him, forming a complicated pattern. With a bang, a beam of light burst out.

Returning the attack from the Winged Tiger Demon with the same power.

Flying Smoke Spirit Sword came out.

Lin Fan disappeared from that place with Flying Smoke Spirit Sword.

With his current qi, he had been able to reach the speed of sound by using the Sound Breaking Mystic Art.

Close to the horizon, cut across the sky.

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