Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 184


The Winged Tiger Demon trembled as he was sensing a crisis coming, Lin Fan’s figure had disappeared, he could only catch a trace of the shadow.



Lin Fan knew that he didn’t rift off the demon’s stomach, but he had wounded the demon pretty bad.


The Winged Tiger Demon’s wings fluttered, creating a storm as he disappeared with no sound.

“Remember, I will come back.”

When he left, he didn’t say much to Lin Fan. He already knew that Lin Fan was stronger than him, and he couldn’t do anything. If he stayed, he might die.

“Damn, come back here if you dare!” Lin Fan used his sword to chase the demon.

After all, it was not easy to find demons; how could you let it go? If you did, heaven might not be going to forgive you.

“Fellow cultivator, don’t chase the demon, it is dangerous.” The elder shouted, trying to stop Lin Fan, but before he could, Lin Fan had disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving no trace.

The other demons around looked at each other.

Their leader had run away.

What should they do?

Suddenly, they started to get chill, digging pits and running, some even flew far away.

The elder waved his hand; the four flags flew to his palm and disappeared.

A disciple wanted to chase the demon, but he got blocked.

“It should be impossible to have so many demons here. It seems that the situation has changed.” The elder looked solemnly. He brought many disciples to this place to look for the elixir that grew in here. Also, there should be some scattered demons that would be just right for his disciples to practice their fight.

He didn’t expect they would encounter a demon’s nest.

If help didn’t come, he’s afraid they would have been cramped by the demon and cooked in the pot.


Just then, the ground in the distance was shaking; the surging qi shook the ground. Soon, a figure came through, extremely fast as if using some kind of mystic art to break through space.

“Uncle, we are here.” Elder Wang shouted. The person who came was his uncle. He practiced cultivation three hundred years earlier than him. When he entered the sect, he was already a sect elder.

The disciples respectfully said, “Greetings to the elders.”

When Gong Mo came, he found the demon corpses on the ground and exclaimed, “I didn’t expect your disciples to be so powerful. The demons were burned to ashes. Why do you even ask for help? Your uncle rushed to get here.”

Elder Wang said, “Uncle, you misunderstand, we don’t have such an ability to do this. When we were surrounded by the demons, a young fellow cultivator came out nowhere and helped us, but now he is gone to chase the Winged Tiger Demon.”

“Winged Tiger Demon?” Gong Mo was stunned, then said, “Winged Tiger Demon belongs to the big clan of the demons, how can it appear here?”

“I don’t know, but I feel like this place has changed. There were a large number of demons, which are different from the demons in the abandoned land. It looks like they have migrated from far away.” Elder Wang felt that things were different now.

Gong Mod pondered for a moment, “Then, where is the fellow cultivator who saved you? Since he had saved you, you have to thank him. Otherwise, it would bring disgrace to our sect.”

As soon as Elder Wang said that Lin Fan went to chase the Winged Tiger Demon, he saw a figure coming from afar and immediately said, “There he is.”


In the distance.

Lin Fan walked with satisfaction; he finally killed the Winged Tiger Demon with his Flying Smoke Spirit Sword. It was quite a run; if he were not talented, he would not be able to cast the Sound Breaking Mystic Art for so many times.

And here’s the thing.

He had used the Sound Breaking Mystic Art too many times, not too many times, but a thousand or maybe eight hundred times, his qi should not be able to keep up with it.

At least that was what the disgruntled Winged Tiger Demon thought, so when he saw this opportunity, how could he didn’t sized it up.

The Winged Tiger Demon laughed and turned back to kill Lin Fan.

But in the end, he was mercilessly killed by the Sacred Beast Robe. Not satisfied enough, Lin Fan came and chopped off the Winged Tiger Demon’s head with his sword.

The drop was quite satisfying.

“It’s good that everything is fine now, I came back just to take a look, but it seems there is nothing else I can do, so I will take my leave.” Lin Fan said.

“No need to rush.” Gong Mo said, looking at Lin Fan, then continued, “Fellow cultivator, you have helped my nephew and his disciples, and I should thank you. It would be better if I can take you to our sect to show my gratitude.”

“I am from the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, which means we are not from the demon sect.”

Gong Mo saw Lin Fan’s worried look and thought Lin Fan was worried about the sect

, which showed how generous he is, and it makes Gong Mo wanted to befriend him.

If Lin Fan knew that they praised him as a generous person, he would definitely laugh, but there is nothing wrong with that; he was indeed generous and warm-hearted.

“I am sorry to bother you then.” Lin Fan was not being rude; he had to see the world when he went out, the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect is also a great sect, not weaker than the Greatest Martial Sect. It is even more established, with a more profound heritage and a more extended existence.

The disciples around also had a good impression of Lin Fan.

After all, Lin Fan was the one who saved them.

They were amazed by his power. It is hard to believe that someone could be so powerful.


On the road.

Lin Fan was collecting the items that dropped from the demons.

He had killed quite a lot of demons, and the harvest was also quite remarkable.

[Obtained Second Grade Fire Spirit Root.]

The Second Grade Fire Spirit Root alone was not a loss, this was quite valuable, he didn’t know which demon dropped it, but it is beautiful, even the dead ones have value.

[Obtained Talent: Flying Wings.] [Obtained Low-Grade Mystic Art: The Law of Heaven and Earth.]

The rate of the drop items should be related to the demon’s cultivation. So, killing low rated demons will never make him the strongest person in the world.

However, the final drop made Lin Fan understand that his harvest was not a loss; it could even be considered a profitable harvest.

[Obtained 2.500 qi.]

2.500 qi could be considered as a big harvest, and the Winged Tiger Demon died without losing a thing, it is still glowing with heat even at the end of its life.

His qi had now reached 4.000; it is equal to the medium level Origin Stage.

It means that he already belonged to the undefeated among the Golden Stage cultivator.

Lin Fan is invincible for the other Golden Stage cultivators; they can defeat him only when they have higher cultivation.

[Flying Wings (Gold Grade): A natural ability of the Winged Tiger Demon clan.]

This ability was more powerful than the Earth Escape; the Earth Escape could only reach a thousand miles away, while the Flying Wings could reach thousands of miles away, the difference was quite big.

[The Law of Heaven and Earth (Low-Grade Mystic Art): This mystic art created by the power of heaven and earth. The power was determined by cultivation and can be transformed into a magnificent high and astonishing power.]

The rest of it was just small items, which was not worth mentioning.


Ancient Immortal Holy Sect

When Lin Fan first arrived here, he found the arrangement of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect was indeed amazing. The glowing sun rising in the sky, the clouds entangled over the old holy mountain, a real dragon was hovering while hibernating, its scale glowed with astonishing light, and every piece of it seemed to breathe.

With every breath.

There will be a large amount of qi falling down, emerging into the holy mountain.

Gong Mo said, “That is a true Heavenly Dragon, the great power of the demon and beast clan, which was suppressed by our ancestors’ thousands of years ago when it came to our sect. The dragon has been enslaved for ten thousand years to exude an qi of the Heavenly Dragon for our disciples to cultivate, and it still has thousands of years away before it released.”

“If fellow cultivator is interested, you can try to absorb more of its qi, the Heavenly Dragon’s qi has wonderful uses, if you absorb on it long enough, it will give you the power of the dragon.”

See the world.

Lin Fan had seen the real world.


He had never seen any other sect did this, not even Greatest Martial Sect.

If you take a closer look.

The Heavenly Dragon was actually a true immortal.


Having a true immortal exude its qi was truly overbearing, and he would love to have such a beast.

“It’s indeed an ancient sacred place.” Lin Fan exclaimed.

Gong Mod smiled and said, “These are the efforts of countless ancestors. Without their contributions, there won’t be such a flourishing age.”

“Fellow cultivator, please.”

They walked toward the ancient sanctuary.

The disciples who walked past them greeted them with respect.

Lin Fan found that the disciples had a faint dragon qi. Their cultivation was not high enough to hide the dragon qi, and it was kind of overflowing.

It was different from Gong Mo and the other elder who had high cultivation; they were able to hide their dragon qi. They only explode it out when they were fighting against the enemy.

“I still don’t know what sect are you from, fellow cultivator.” Gong Mo asked.

Lin Fan didn’t hide, “I am a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect.”

“Oh, so you’re also a disciple of a great sec, I am sorry for being disrespectful.” Gong Mo, who learned that Lin fan was a disciple from Greatest Martial Sect, became more enthusiastic. They belong to the same human sect, so they should support each other.

Although occasionally, there was some small friction between some sects.

But those were just secret fights.

Moreover, the relationship between the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect and Greatest Martial Sect was quite good; there is no big contradiction between them.

Lin Fan almost told them that he was the son of the elder at the Greatest Martial Sect.

But when he thought about it.

He wanted to be humble. It is better not to tell them.


Inside the hall.

Gong Mo accompanied him, and soon one of his disciples served them tea.

Lin Fan was about to drink his tea, but then he noticed that the tea leaves were drifting with a strong qi, and there was a small fish swimming in the tea.

But soon, he realized that the fish was not real. It was a condensation of qi.

“Fellow cultivator, the origin of this tea is extraordinary. It is called Immortal Entreat Tea. There is only one mother tree that exists, and this mother tree is the one that my ancestors get from the secret realm, cultivated in the holy mountain, and being washed by the dragon qi for thousands of years. It has been bred with a hint of secrecy. “

“You can drink and see; it has many wonderful uses.”

Gong Mo was being polite to Lin Fan; not everyone could drink this tea.

Lin Fan stared at him.

[Immortal Entreat Tea: Picked from the only mother tree in the world. After taking it, it will increase qi by five, lifespan, and affinity of dragon qi. It is a rare and wonderful treasure.]

Good stuff.

It was really good stuff.

There were so many good things in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

Honestly, when he saw the Heavenly Dragon outside, he wanted to slash it with his sword.

Although he couldn’t defeat it with his current cultivation, was it wrong to think about it?

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