Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 185


When Lin Fan came to the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, Gong Mo accompanied him to look around.

First, he wanted to thank Lin Fan for saving his nephew’s and his nephew’s disciples’ lives.

Second, he just wanted to take the disciples of Greatest Martial Sect to see the glory of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, so Lin Fan can brag about it when he returned.

And it was not in vain; Lin Fan seemed entertained.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, this place is where disciples of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect practice their cultivation. Although, some other disciples like to practice in their houses or caves, do you know why most of the disciples of Ancient Immortal Holy Sect gather here?” he asked the question.

Gong Mo questioned Lin Fan.

He wanted to brag with this question.

“Could it be that the qi is more powerful here than anywhere else.” Lin Fan said casually.

Gong Mo smiled, “Hey, I didn’t expect fellow cultivator Lin would see it coming, the qi here is indeed very thick, it’s because there is an amazing spirit vein deep in the ground, one of the ten most amazing spirit vein in the world, it didn’t produce anything before, but then my ancestors formed a peerless formation deep in the ground to extract the qi of the spirit vein.”

“A year of cultivation here is worth five to ten years of cultivation elsewhere.”

Lin Fan was paying attention to everything that Gong Mo said. 

Lin Fan exclaimed, “Awesome, no wonder this sect is considered as one of the big sects.”

“Hahaha, well, the Greatest Martial Sect is also a big sect.” Gong Mo laughed and waved his hand as he was bragging about his sect.

Lin Fan knew that Gong Mo was indeed bragging about his sect.

But, it had to be said that this place was indeed a treasure land for cultivation, and the sect was willing to give the treasure to disciples. This was proof that the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect would not fall unless something very terrible happens.

There would only be more powerful people to be born.

Ancient Immortal Holy Sect didn’t have any true disciple; instead, they referred their senior disciples as sage.

The two walked side by side to look around.


Under Gong Mo’s guide, both of them arrived at the stone monument. There was an ancient black sword inserted in it. It looked ancient and exuded the air of vicissitude.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, what are you looking for at the sword?” Gong Mo asked.

Lin Fan blinked, he didn’t look at the sword, why is he asking what I was looking for at the sword, could there be any secret?

Without waiting for Lin Fan to speak, Gong Mo said, “The sword has some origins, it started from a long time ago. Over 3.600 years ago, a peerless demon with a blaze of flames was born, the demon was so powerful no one could defeat him, even all the great sects are no match for him.”

“The Ancient Immortal Holy Sect suffered a big loss because of the demon, so one of the ancestors practiced his cultivation to perfect the supreme mystic art. The ancestor and the demon fought for days until he finally defeated the demon and gave the world back its clarity. That sword belonged to the demon; it sealed here to scare the other demon.”

Lin Fan said, “Awesome, although I have never seen it with my own eyes, but it is definitely a battle of the ages, but do you know if the ancestor is still in the Holy Mountain?”

“Not anymore, after the ancestor killed the demon, he stood on the top of the mountains, saying that he has no more rival in this world, so he ascended to become an immortal and set out to find a further path.” Gong Mo said slowly.

Lin Fan was silent; he felt like this was the scene of a large manifestation.

Gong Mod told him the story as if he was expressing something.

However, that black sword was indeed extraordinary; people could even sense that this sword exuded the peerless power from afar.

Of course.

This sword had been sealed, but if it were to reappear in its fierce light again, Lin Fan’s afraid that this might drive ordinary disciples to madness.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, let’s take a look elsewhere.” Gong Mo said.

What Lin Fan didn’t know is that Gong Mo is not only an elder of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect but also a guide. When expatriates came to the Ancient Immortal, he would show them around and explained some of the stories that happened here.

So, this was not the first time for Gong Mo, that’s why he looked very natural.

He explained everything flawlessly. Obviously, he was very experienced.

Although, what Gong Mo said was not exaggerating, it had to be said that the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect was indeed extraordinary, not comparable to those small sects.

These were the results of thousands of years of operation by countless generations of powerful people.



The place where Lin Fan stayed was arranged by Gong Mo; it was different from where the other disciples lived. It especially prepared for the noble guest who came to the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

Located on the top of the mountain, you could watch the night scene from there when you had nothing to do.

“It’s a good night. The Ancient Immortal Holy Sect is very good for the guests who come to visit.” Lin Fan smiled. From the moment he met Gong Mo, he learned that Ancient Immortal Holy Sect had paid so much attention to their surroundings.

The residence was also very close to the place where the disciples practiced their cultivation.

The qi was very strong.

If you had nothing to do, you might as well practice your cultivation.

Lin Fan had reached the first level of the Golden Stage; he should be able to reach the other two levels with no problem.

Lin Fan always felt like he was different from everyone else.

Other people would have some kind of trouble during their cultivation practice, but not for Lin Fan. He had enough power, so everything was just falling into place for him.

The little help from the system didn’t directly improve his cultivation stage; maybe what he needed was a refreshing feeling to improve his cultivation stage.

Still, what a thoughtful system.

Always looking out for him.

Although there were times when the system was being unreliable by giving him low rated dropped items, but he knew that the system loved him deeply.

Suddenly, the surrounding qi formed a storm on top of Lin Fan’s head, absorbing the qi from all directions into the body.

The golden elixir inside the body, the golden glory of the world, the golden piece inside the body, and the golden liquid flowed out together from the golden core and merged into his body. The gold liquid that had a tremendous benefit for the body.


A shadow of the golden core was suspended above his head. Along with Lin Fan’s cultivation, the color of the golden light slowly changed as the purple color started to appear in the black night sky.


With Lin Fan’s control, there was no splendid bloom in the transformation; instead, the color change slowly.

The purple light became dense.

As it slowly wrapped around the golden core, its power became stronger than before.

He could feel the significant change as he reached the second level of the Golden Stage; it made him stronger.

The second color of the Golden Stage draped in countless violet lights washed over his body.

“So, this is how it feels when you broke through?”

“It seems okay.”

Lin Fan muttered, then continued to practice his cultivation. An ordinary immortal who cultivated the Golden Stage into the highest level would encounter many troubles, commonly known as disaster. Some would encounter great disaster; some would be just small disasters.

There were also some people who had cultivated for decades and still couldn’t reach the third level of the Golden Stage.

But for Lin Fan, he felt nothing but the feeling of breaking through.


He began to condense Golden Stage’s third color, the multicolor level. For many people, it was very difficult to reach that level, but not for Lin Fan, everything was just naturally come together for him.

Keep in mind, if you could enter the first level of Origin Stage, don’t do it. Otherwise, it would cause a big mess, and Lin Fan worried that he couldn’t control it.


A figure appeared beside Lin Fan.

“You are a powerful kid. You can cultivate the Golden Stage to its highest level in a blink of an eye. I have never seen someone with such a power like that in many years.”

Lin Fan was stunned and looked back. The person was quite powerful, and he was walking around unconsciously.

“Who are you?” Lin Fan asked.

The middle-aged man said, “You don’t know me? Didn’t that Gong Mo guy tell you about me earlier?”

“Are you the sword?” Lin Fan was shocked. It was too amazing if the sword had become a fine man.

The middle-aged man wanted to beat Lin Fan’s stupid head, “Ah~tui, you stupid kid; I am the Heavenly Dragon, can you see this dragon horn above my head stood gloriously?”

With that, the middle-aged man took out a precious handkerchief and gently wiped the horns, as if they were precious. Of course, it was not the horn that’s precious, but the handkerchief he was holding.

Lin Fan glared, “You are the Heavenly Dragon? Weren’t you supposed to be suppressed over there.”

“Oh! Do you believe what other people say? You are such a gullible kid; I don’t think you are suitable to cultivate to be immortal. You should just grow sweet potato at home.”

Lin Fan cursed in his heart, this guy was a bit unpleasant to talk to, but to turn the table around, Lin Fan pretended to foretell. “Don’t say anything else, let me guess, you must be Ao Wudi?”

“Hah? Are you trying to be an expert? You came from Greatest Martial Sect; my name is recorded in those ancient books, of course, you know who I am. I am the royal family of the beast clan; every sect knows my name.” Ao Wudi proudly said.

Lin Fan thought about it; when he saw the Heavenly Dragon, it was quite frightening, so, how is it possible to imprison the Heavenly Dragon and make him exudes his qi for you? It was total nonsense.

If the Heavenly Dragon wanted to leave, no one would be able to stop him.

A sweep of the Heavenly Dragon’s tail would wipe out this whole place.

“I’m sorry, I have never seen these ancient books before, but as I continue to guess, I see that you are stuck here because of love.” Lin Fan spoke as if what he said was true.

Ao Wudi stunned, his dragon’s eyes flickered like a ray of light, then condensed the divine light, “Kid, how can you know that? Tell me what else do you know?”

“This is the limit. Heaven’s secret can’t be leaked.” Lin Fan shook his head with a smile, not wanting to say more, not because he didn’t want to, but because that was all he knew.

“Don’t make things up, tell me more about what you know, if it’s accurate, I will give you a Dragon Power to ensure that no one in the world can defeat you.” Ao Wudi asked, he hadn’t fully believed it, but he had some small trust already.

So, he asked again.

He was quite interested in Lin Fan.

What was this kid’s origin?

He cultivated the Golden Stage, like drinking water. In a blink of an eye, he could reach the multicolor level of the Golden Stage. Even a genius couldn’t do that.

Lin Fan, “Heaven’s secret can’t be revealed; I can’t tell you more about what I know. You don’t know about my other identity, do you? If only you knew, you would stop asking me.”

“What identity?” Ao Wudi was very curious.

“I am not a talented person; I am just the Greatest Martial Sect’s love sage. I am very good with emotion. See, you and I are destined to meet each other, I could give you a few pointers, but you have to tell me all about your past, then I will break it down for you.”

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