Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 188


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 188 Let’s Just Forget It.


The disciples in the audience were stunned.

Those who were shouting “Mo Hao is awesome” suddenly became quite.

They didn’t expect this would happen.

Was that a lightning bolt?

What did just happened?

Wasn’t the sword being swung strong enough? The chance of winning was in front of his eyes; how could it disappear in the blink of an eye?

They just wanted to show the disciples of the Greatest Martial Sect how powerful Ancient Immortal Holy Sect was.

But the current situation.

Turned out pretty bad.

Gong Mo wasn’t surprised about the result, but he didn’t expect that they would lose this fast.

At this moment.

Lin Fan saw this fellow cultivator was still surprised as if he just suffered a major blow and couldn’t do anything about it, “Fellow cultivator Mo, your sword mystic art is amazing, it’s quite rare to see a mystic art like that.”

Lin Fan was trying to comfort him. He didn’t want Mo Hao to feel desperate.

“What you mean is that it’s rare to see it got defeated by a single attack, is that right?” It was hard for Mo Hao to accept it. The feeling of being defeated was nothing compared to the fact that he didn’t have any chance to fight back.

With so many disciples watching.

It was humiliating.


Lin Fan was quite helpless. What Mo Hao said was right, and now he didn’t know what more he could do to comfort Mo Hao.

“Elder Gong, the sparring is over. The disciples of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect were extremely strong. I’ve learned my lesson from them, so there’s no need to continue with another sparring.” Lin Fan wanted to retreat. What was the point of being in the competition when you couldn’t kill your opponent? Isn’t it better to be in the audience, you can enjoy the competition while laughing when something funny happened.

Because when you go on stage as an outsider and compete with others.

It wouldn’t be good if you lose.

But if you won and humiliated the disciple of Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, how troublesome would that be? So, why bother to participate?

It would be fine if Lin Fan didn’t say what he just said.

But now things had already been complicated.

Everyone felt there was a problem with what he said.


Outstanding strength.

Was that consolations because we were losing? Or it was a slap in the face?

It was impossible not to compete anymore.

The lost face must be taken back.

Gong Mo said, “Fellow cultivator Lin doesn’t have to be so humble. It is time to let the disciples of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect know there’s someone else out there who is more powerful than them. There is another sky beyond the sky. An opportunity like this is quite rare. It would be great if fellow cultivator Lin can give more guidance to the disciples here.”

Lin Fan sighed helplessly.

This clearly meant that another disciple of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect would be beaten up.

What the hell was he thinking?

The disciples in the audience breathed a sigh of relief.

“Let me ask for some guidance.” Suddenly, a figure came from afar, extremely fast, like he was pulling out a long shadow.

You can tell at first glance that he was not an ordinary person.

“Brother Jin has made a move.”

“It seems that this sparring will determine who is the winner and the loser. Brother Jin’s has reached the multicolor of the Golden Stage with his strong qi and weird fruits that he accidentally swallowed. He can be considered as invincible to the other Golden Stage cultivator.”

“Hoo! Brother Jin is trying to bring back a game for our Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.”

“Yes, this is sacred ground. It would be such a humiliation if we lost to disciple from other sects.”

The man stood before Lin Fan now had some status in Ancient Immortal Holy Sect. He was the posthumous Sage Son. One more step into the Origin Stage, and he would become a Sage.

Although he was only in the Golden Stage, but with his strong qi, he would still be able to work around even when he encountered a Sage.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, my name is Jin Miao. I came to ask for guidance.” Jin Miao was a handsome man with an extraordinary aura. Judging from his slightly bulging robe, his cultivation technique was indeed very powerful.

Lin Fan said, “Let’s just show our power; there is no need to hurt each other.”

Jin Miao knew that Lin Fan was not weak; his cultivation was also high. He couldn’t underestimate him.

At this moment, he was not fighting for himself, but for the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

If he lost, it would be such a humiliation.

“Go for it, Brother Jin.”

“Brother Jin, the face of Ancient Immortal Holy Sect depends on you.”

The disciples shouted.

After they saw how Mo Hao got defeated, they knew that ordinary disciples were no match for Lin Fan.

As the disciples were cheering up for him, Jin Miao started to feel his power arisen, and his qi could no longer cover up the outburst.

Just then.

Jin Miao’s fingers were turning into claws, grabbing towards Lin Fan. The strong qi shook the space. An imaginary fire phoenix descended from the sky as the burning claws were going to crush the target.

“Fire Phoenix, that is good mystic art.” Lin Fan smiled.

Suddenly, Lin Fan cast the Nine Dragon Invincible Fist Mystic Art. The nine golden dragons roared and wrapped around his body. Its extremely powerful fits came out. It was already cultivated to the highest level, so it couldn’t be underestimated.

“That kid is powerful, who passed him the Nine Dragon Invincible Fist?” Ao Wudi narrowed his eyes and said to himself as he witnessed the battle below.

The Phoenix roared.

The nine golden dragons wrapped around and crashed away.


An astonishing roar could be heard throughout the world.

“How could this happened?”

Jin Miao felt the terrifying power enveloping him. His feet were trembling as he stepped back and held the edge of the ring to support himself.

With only one move, they could already see who the winner and the looser were.

“Fellow cultivator Jin, the sparring is over. The winner had been determined.” Lin Fan cupped his fist and said. Lin Fan didn’t use a lot of qi; if he did, Jin Miao might have been flown out of the ring and vomited blood.

The surrounding became quite.

There was a fire burning in Jin Miao’s hearts as he looked at the expressions of his brothers and sisters.”It’s not over yet, I’m still on the ring, and I am not going to hold back anymore.”

Jin Miao couldn’t accept it.

He thought that he could come around and suppress Lin Fan to save the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect from humiliation, but looking at the situation right now, it was way different from what he thought.

He had Fire Spirit Root, and he practiced the Fire Cultivation Technique.


The golden core inside Jin Miao’s body spinning rapidly. The qi poured out, pinching his fingerprints and showing some kind of astonishing hand seal.

The surrounding became hot.

It was like the whole place was on fire.

“Phoenix Treasure Seal.”

Jin Miao roared as an immortal ring wrapped around him, he turned into a shadow of the fire phoenix and rushed towards Lin Fan. This mystic art was several times more terrifying than his other mystic art.

This was the secret mystic art.

However, it seemed this mystic art hadn’t reached the highest level of its cultivation.

Speaking of cultivation.

Cultivating a mystic art on your own was really unnecessary, it was time-consuming, not to mention quite a trouble.

Jin Miao had shown everything he got, except for this mystic art, which was his strongest move. The result of his cultivation for hundreds of years.

The realization of the ‘Phoenix Treasure Seal.’

The disciples around backed away. The temperature was too scorching, and their entire bodies could be evaporated if they got too close.

Brother Jin… was terrifying.

His qi was incomparable.

After all, he was the posthumous Sage Son.

It was better for the disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect to surrender.

“Why bother?”

Lin Fan sighed. He just wanted to have a peaceful stay at the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, a good chat with that old dragon, and find some good thing; he didn’t expect that people from the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect would make him fight in their competition.

They were so friendly.

He didn’t want to break their hearts.

But now everything had happened, there’s no turning back, you just have to tough it out.

Just then.

The boiling scene had suddenly become quiet.

It was like space and time had frozen.


Lin Fan appeared in front of Jin Miao, the flame burning on Jin Miao’s body spread towards the sides, as Lin Fan’s arm was placed on his shoulder.

Jin Miao was stunned, his pupils dilated, maybe he hadn’t fully understood what’s going on.

“You have shown enough; let’s end it here. Your qi is very strong, and your mystic art is quite good, but in the end, you are no match for me.”

Lin Fan crushed Jin Miao in terms of qi.

But Ji Miao’s mystic art was not exactly on point, so it could only be considered as a small success.

He was only showing one percent of his mystic art’s power.

Maybe if Jin Miao cultivated his mystic art to its highest level, it would require some effort for Lin Fan to defeat him.


The flames on the Jin Miao’s body shrank back.

The disciples around looked at each other.

This was unbelievable.

Another loss.

It happened too fast.

Jin Miao looked back at his fellow disciples.

They were all embarrassed to stand here.


In the distance.

Where the Sage Sons and Daughters were

“This Greatest Martial Sect’s disciple is powerful; his qi is very strong as well. He defeated Brother Jin with only one move.” A sage sipped his tea and commented slowly.

“After all, this is the sacred ground; it is a humiliation that the other sect’s disciples won several times in a row. We still need to take back our face.”

“We are the only ones who can compete with him, the Sage Son and Daughter.”

This sage had seen it all, and his analysis was spot on.

Another sage said, “If we come forward and something wrong happened during the sparring. It will show that our Ancient Immortal Holy Sect is a little over the top because we went too hard on other sect’s disciple.”

Suddenly, a man in a black robe laughed, “Then I will go next. I have just become a Sage Son for a few years. Also, I need to show my credibly in front of my brothers and sisters. I wonder if senior brothers and sisters are willing to give me the opportunity. “

“Good, then you can have this opportunity, but remember, don’t hurt him too much. This person that Elder Gong brought back to the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect is a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. You can still use your qi, but don’t use too much of it.” Another Sage Son warned him.

The black-robed sage said, “Rest assured, I know what I am doing. That guy’s mana is strong, but he’s still a bit behind me, I’m sure I can take him down easily without hurting him.”


On the ring.

Jin Miao left with his head down.

Lin Fan tried to comfort him by saying that he’s powerful, and his qi’s also very strong. If Lin Fan didn’t respond quickly, he almost wouldn’t have a chance to react.

But for some reason, the more Jin Miao listened to these words of comfort, the harder it was for him to accept it.

“Elder Gong, looking at the situation, why don’t we just end it here? I have seen how powerful the disciples of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect were. They are amazing.” Lin Fan was being humble.

But, it always felt like…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

My pride hurt.

Gong Mo smiled and said: ” There’s no harm, I know how strong fellow cultivator Lin is. So, why don’t you go for another sparring?”

He knew Lin Fan’s strength.

Let the disciples of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect compete with him.

It would make them understand that there were people outside the world who were stronger than them.

After all, the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect’s reputation was too high.

The number of the disciples ascend to the immortal realm was inflated.

As for the next battle.

This was what everyone’s waiting for.

The Sage Son came forward to compete with him, and even when his chance to win was extremely high, but he wouldn’t disgrace Lin Fan.

After all, the Sage Son had a high status in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

So, there was no shame in losing to Sage Son.

Lin Fan blinked.

Come on…

Take it or leave it.

Lin Fan really didn’t want to punch anyone; his consciousness was killing him.

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