Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 189


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Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 189: Things Aren’t Supposed To Be Like This

At this point.

The enthusiasm of the disciples was not high anymore. After several consecutive defeats, they were in a bad mood. The other sect’s disciple won several times in a row, that was a joke.

Gong Mo asked Lin Fan to try another round.

But there was nothing more to compare.

And just as he was about to walk out of the ring, a laughing voice could be heard from the distance.

“Wait, I am going to compete with you. My hands are itchy when I watched you fight; also I want to know how powerful the Greatest Martial Sect’s disciple is. Looking at your strength, you should be a true disciple of Greatest Martial Sect.” A man with a black robe walked slowly.

The disciples around made way for him.

They addressed him with respect.

At the same time, they were excited, obviously, the Sage Son was about to make a move.

If the Sage Son makes a move, then nothing bad would happen.

It was not easy to get the lost pride after it has been hanging for so long.

Lin Fan looked at the black robe sage. He was indeed very strong. He had reached the Origin Stage. Of course, he was much more powerful than the previous competitor.

Listening to how the disciples around were calling him, he must be the Sage Son of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

“No, I am not a true disciple yet, just an ordinary disciple.” Lin Fan said.

The black-robed sage said with a smile, “It’s bad when you don’t tell the truth, but it doesn’t matter. You are very strong, I would like to learn a little bit from you. My brothers’ and sisters’ cultivation are not that high, so the gap between you and them is quite big.”

“The real battle should be between the strong ones.”

The black-robed sage was a little bit impatient.

With these words, he was also telling his brothers and sisters that they lost not because they were bad at fighting, but it was because Lin Fan is much stronger than them.

So, it was normal for them to lose.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Liu Yuanhei, from a scholarly family. At the age of three, I got accepted as a disciple of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect. I have been practicing for a hundred and thirty-six years so far. As you see, I am one of the Sage Son; it means that I am quite talented.” Liu Yuanhei said with a smile.

Lin Fan could see that Liu Yuanhei was quite calm; his self-introduction was also good.

“If that’s the case, then I can’t lose. I’m Lin Fan, a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. It’s only been a few months since I started, and I don’t really want to talk about my years of cultivation. I don’t want people to think that I have the intention to show off.”

It wasn’t that Lin Fan didn’t want to talk about it, but he was a little unsure.

When you said you’ve only been practicing for a few months, and you’ve come to this point, no one would believe it.

Liu Yuanhai said, “It’s a very interesting introduction, but you’re not quite honest, it was all nonsense, but it doesn’t matter. We rely on strength to fight, not the mouth.”

“Rest assure, you didn’t go out of your way to hurt my brothers, so I won’t go out of my way to hurt you, and since there is some difference in strength between you and me, it is indeed a bit difficult to ensure that there will not be any injuries, so please bear with me if later you got some minor injuries.”

He was very confident.

Even though Lin Fan had just shown extraordinary strength, but for Liu Yuanhai, it was nothing special, it was still impossible for Lin Fan to win against him.

The Ancient Immortal Holy Sect competed with mystic art and cultivation technique; they didn’t rely on dao artifacts. After all, dao artifacts couldn’t reflect the power of its owner.

This battle was highly anticipated.

Not only the disciples in the audience who was looking forward to this battle.

But, some elders of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect were secretly observing the situation too.

After all, Sage Son’s presence in battle represents the pride of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

There was no grudge between Ancient Immortal Holy Sect and Greatest Martial Sect, but no one wanted to look weak in front of others when they fight in their own sect, especially in the battle between the sage and the true disciple.

Some elders were talking to each other.

“What do you think of this sparring?”

“I am not very confident. The Greatest Martial Sect’s disciple’s qi is quite strong. Just look at how he broke Jin Miao’s Fire Phoenix. It’s already shown enough  how powerful he is.”

“I’m still optimistic about this Liu Yuanhei kid, his cultivation technique is good. It’s quite vicious and bizarre. For ordinary people who face it for the first time, it’s quite bothersome.”

“Let’s just see who will get more chance of winning, and keep an eye on it, just in case they start a real battle. Because if they did, the disciples around wouldn’t have any chance to protect themselves.”

These elders were discussing.

And after quite sometimes, they decided they were still rooting for Liu Yuanhei.

After all, they made him the Sage Son.

If you didn’t look out for him, you couldn’t look out for anyone else.

Liu Yuanhai said, “You go first.”

“No, you go first, I’m used people making the first move.” Lin Fan smiled as if he was trying to tell Lui Yuanhai not to be rude and just do what needs to be done.

Liu Yuan, “This man, I told you to make the first move, then make the first move. Besides, this sacred place is my place; it’s only right when you, the guess, make the first move; otherwise, people from outside the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect will think that we miss-threaten our guess.”

“Anyway, please do your best. Otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t be able to resist once I do.”

Lin Fan had to say that Lui Yuanhai is very confident.

And this confidence infects the disciples around.

“Son of a…” (broken roar) The atmosphere was once again boiling, all the disciples were talking to each other, being able to see the Sage Son fight was something that excites them.

Gong Mo folded his hands, smiled, and looking at the ring, the battle of dragon and tiger was about to begin. For him, this was the most exciting battle so far.

Greatest Martial Sect’s indeed a great sect.

Their younger generations were popping up like bamboo shoots, which was the key to the great sect’s legacy.

However, the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect’s not weak, they had many talented younger generations, and this younger generation can still learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses to progress.


The place where the Sage Son and Daughter were.

“He is doing it again, the moment this Greatest Martial Sect’s strikes will be the moment he suffers a stormy attack.”

“Liu Yuanhei was born with a different vision. He has the ability to see what kind of move his opponent is going to perform right at the moment when that person did it. At the same time, he will respond to his opponent’s attack. I almost caught on guard the last time I had sparring with him.”

“When the competition is over, you have to tell him that he must send back what the Greatest Martial Sect’s disciple said earlier.”

“Which one?”

“No, your qi is very strong, and you have a good cultivation technique, but in the end, you are no match for me.”

The Sage Daughter bit her lips and smile, “You guys are so bad, but I love it.”

A disciple who had his eye on that Sage Daughter felt like his soul has been hooked when he saw her smile. Unbelievably beautiful.


Without saying anything more, Lin Fan slowly opened his palm as if he was holding a sword, “I’ll pretend I have a sword in my hand. Remember that.”

“Okay, I will remember that you have a sword in your hand.” Liu Yuanhei smiled and then said, “Then let’s begin; I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

At this time.

Lin Fan was spinning his qi, but Liu Yuanhei already knew the direction of his qi. 

“Sound Breaking Mystic Art.”


The spot rippled with dust as Lin Fan’s figure disappeared.

Ordinary disciples couldn’t even see the afterimage, let alone Lin Fan’s actual figure.

Lin Fan’s Sound Breaking Mystic Art had reached the speed of sound. For him, taking someone’s life was as simple as taking something out from a bag, it could be done in the blink of an eye.

“Such a nice Low-Grade Mystic Art.” Liu Yuanhei seemed to be calm, but he was very solemn. He could see it at a glance how powerful Lin Fan’s cultivation technique was, and with his cultivation, he could only roughly capture where the figure was, which definitely was not enough.

He didn’t move.

But his eyes were following every Lin Fan’s movement. Sometimes he appeared on the left, sometimes on the right, changing endlessly, and moving strangely like a ghost.

The elders were starting to talk.

“Incredible, this disciple of Greatest Martial Sect has actually cultivated a Low-Grade Mystic Art to the highest level, his talent and comprehension are extraordinary.”

“Indeed, it hadn’t been seen before, but now we know he is very powerful. I am afraid Liu Yuanhei will have to go through a hard battle if he wants to win.”


At this time.

Liu Yuanhei was using his qi and ready to attack; he was just waiting for Lin Fan to appear in front of him so he could crush him with his supreme qi and suppress him completely.

Now he was waiting for that moment to come.

Lin Fan shuttled quickly; a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

As he shows his talent.

Flying Wings!

Sprint out!


Lin Fan had disappeared in a blink of an eye.


Liu Yuan was stunned, the figure he just saw suddenly disappeared.

“You have lost.”

Suddenly, Lin Fan appeared behind his back and touched his neck with his palm, “As I said earlier, I have a sword in my hand, so now your head has been completely separated from your body.”


Liu Yuanhei stared at Lin Fan’s eyes, whispering in disbelief, he couldn’t even react to what had just happened. Lin Fan suddenly disappeared in front of his eyes and then appeared behind him.

He got chilled.

If Lin Fan was really holding a sword, then he would be dead by now.



The Sage Sons and Daughters, and the elder of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect all rose up in horror.

“This speed, how did he do that?” The elders were stunned. They could see Lin Fan’s figure steeply accelerating as if he was traveling through space.

They were very optimistic about the sparring before.

It turned out; this was no better than the previous ones.

And the reality hit them hard.

Just then.

The winner and loser had been determined.

“What mystic art was he performing?”

“It’s not a mystic art; there is no mystic art that has fluctuations like it was exploded with the terrifying speed in a flash.”

Of course, they didn’t know the origin of Lin Fan’s mystic art.

His talents and mystic art were all dropped from demons.

The Sage Sons and Daughters looked at each other.

Judging by the gleam in their eyes, they didn’t expect things would turn out like this.

Who the hell is this guy?

Was he really just a true disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect?

Since when did the Greatest Martial Sect have such a disciple?

“I lost.” Liu Yuanhei was smile narrowed and fell into a state of ignorance. For him, this happened too fast; he didn’t even have a chance to react.

Gong Mo’s mouth was wide open.

Things had developed.

It was beyond his expectation.

It shouldn’t turn this way.

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