Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 19 I Want To Kill You But I Hold Back


Pavilion, Private Room.

Lin Fan looked at the surrounding, then stared at the guy in front of him.

“Don’t waste my time, I know you are here for Dr. Sun.” Lin Fan looked at the middle-aged man.

A middle-aged man was stunned. His real name was Lu Nian.

He wanted to kill Lin Fan, but since Lin Fan answered him, he held the thought.

“As expected of Master Lin, you have a good eye.” Lu Nian said with a smile, then he took out the money from his bag, put it on the table, and slid it to Lin Fan, “Master Lin, please do me a favor.”

Lin Fan leaned forward, looked at the amount on the money, and he was shocked, then said, “Ten thousand silver?!”

Lu Nian smiled.

He knew that it was not a small sum of money.

Lin Fan also knew that he must work for the rest of his life to get that amount of money.

Lin Fan looked at Lu Nian, who kept smiling, and then slid back that money gently, “What do you mean? Are you trying to bribe me?”

“What bribery? This is just a token of my gratitude for your hard work.” Lu Nian said.

Lin Fan was very interested in that money, he just waited for the right moment to take it.

“Please accept it.” Lu Nian said.

Lin Fan hated that kind of behavior, but he still had some interest in that money.

“Well… Knowing that you have prepared this gift for me, how can I let you down? I will accept your kindness.” Lin Fan made it look like he wasn’t particularly interested in that money, but he won’t refuse it if Lu Nien insisted. He didn’t look like a novice at all in that kind of thing.

While smiling, Lu Nian cursed Lin Fan in his heart, Lin Fan was shameless.

“I have two things I need to talk about. The first one is to thank Master Lin, and the second thing is to ask for your help.”

Lin Fan already had an idea what that man’s request was.

Bribery was bribery, and it was usually passed off as a gift.

“About Dr. Sun?” Lin Fan asked.

Lu Nian said, “Yes, Dr. Sun, he is my relative. I have been doing business in foreign countries for many years, but I’m in shock after hearing that my relative has been arrested right after I return to this city… I want to help him somehow.”

Lin Fan was shocked, that man was really straightforward.

Lin Fan said, “This matter is a serious matter. You must know that your relative is related to demons. But I can’t explain the details to you.”

“Master Lin, please help me, since you are the one that arrests my relative. As long as you say that you got the wrong person, there will be no problem in releasing my relative.” Lu Nian said.

They looked at each other, and Lin Fan smiled, “That … that is impossible, but I’m curious, who are you? You said Dr. Sun is your relative, I don’t buy that.”

Lu Nian knew that man reasoning was hard to believe, and shook his head, “Master Lin, sometimes it’s better to know nothing, as long as you can help, another gift will keep coming.”

“Hey, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but that is impossible. Besides, Dr. Sun worked with demons, how can I let him go?” Lin Fan said.

Lu Nian hurriedly responded, “Master Lin, as long as you say it was just misunderstanding, Dr. Sun will be fine, and it’s only you who has the authority to release him.”

“Huh?” Lin Fan frowned. “What do you mean by this? I, Lin Fan, as Jiangdu City’s Hunter, must maintain the stability of Jiangdu City. Now you want me to lie?”

“No, I don’t want to do that.”

“That is a big sin.” Lin Fan said.

Lu Nian was shocked, and he said, “But, Master Lin, you just received my money.”


Lin Fan slammed the table and glared, “What are you talking about? When did I receive your money? If you dare to talk nonsense, I will take you down.”

Lu Nian’s expression changed. He raised his hand and said, “You should be grateful.”

Lu Nian didn’t expect to meet such a despicable man.

Lin Fan didn’t hesitate when he took the money.

But now Lin Fan denied all of his acts.

Lu Nian’s heart was burning with anger, and his gaze became cold.

“Okay, good, I will at least pretend I never meet you, now if you will excuse me.”

“Return my money!”

Lin Fan knew the conversation ended, so he was trying to flee with the money he got from Lu Nian.

“What money? I never take your money, what are you talking about?” Lin Fan said.

He would not admit that he took the money even though the sky was falling down.

Lu Nian was furious and grabbed Lin Fan’s collar.

At that moment, Lin Fan drew his sword and yelled, “You thief, you dare to mess with me!”

Lin Fan waited for the opportunity to kill Lu Nian, he couldn’t let Lu Nian lived.

‘Lu Nian: Third-Stage’

‘Possible Item Drop:

•           23 years Worth of Exp

•           Crushing The Mountain (Second-Stage)

•           Feiyun four-step (Third Stage-Stage)

•           The Sun Blade (Third-Stage)

•           One Thousand Silver Money

•           Copper Ring

•           Red bellyband

•           Stamina Recovery Medicine

•           Fire Wood Of Love’

Lu Nian was a bit hesitant. He didn’t expect Lin Fan to draw the sword. Did Lin Fan intend to kill him there? Lu Nian avoided the sword, and the table was slashed into two because of Lin Fan.


Lin Fan didn’t know any sword technique, but it didn’t matter as long as he could slay Lu Nian.

Lin Fan had 31 Years Cultivation, but Lu Nian only had 23 Years Cultivation.

Even though Lin Fan didn’t know anything about martial arts, he could crush Lu Nian easily.

“Master Lin, are you mad?” Lu Nian said angrily while avoiding the sword.

If Lu Nian killed Lin Fan, he couldn’t set Dr. Sun free, which was problematic for him.

“Can’t you calm down a bit?!” Lu Nian shouted.

Lin Fan attacked him whenever he tried to bribe Lin Fan again.

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