Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 190


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Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 190 I’m Kneeling Down For You

“Are you okay?”

Lin Fan saw Liu Yuanhei stunned for a long time, and it made him worry. Liu Yuanhei was a big man who loved to laugh, but he turned silent because of what happened just now. He was really worried about what is going on in his mind.

“You are very powerful, and your qi is strong.”

The more Lin Fan tried to comfort him, the worst it makes Lui Yuanhai feel.

Liu Yuanhei wanted to vomit blood; he felt like someone was crackling and slapping him in the face.

“Can I say that I was careless?” Liu Yuanhei was a bit upset; he didn’t think he could accept this, maybe he was just careless.

Lin Fan nodded, “Well, I believe you were careless. Otherwise, it wouldn’t turn this way. I’m very optimistic about you. Your qi has been the strongest out of all the disciples I have fought with. As long as you work hard, your future achievements are absolutely limitless.”

Liu Yuanhei looked at Lin Fan, was he comforting or insulting me?

“Forget it, I have lost, but I’m not someone who can’t afford to lose. So, remember, there’s still a battle between us, not today, but in the future .”

Even if he was not happy, but what could he do?

He was careless.

If it was really a fight to the death, he really would already be dead. Lin Fan’s speed exceeded his expectations, steeply increasing his speed to the point where he couldn’t even react with just in a blink of an eye.

Lin Fan smiled, “I’m glad that fellow cultivator Liu was able to see through the essence of this competition. I hope that one day in the future, we have the chance to fight again!”

Lin Fan was really afraid of improving too fast.

Because if he did, then there wouldn’t be any chance for Liu Yuanhei to defeat him in the future.

Liu Yuanhei quickly left.

The disciples around were silent; their hopes were dashed when the Sage Son lost.

Some disciples secretly wept, not because they were beaten up, but because the Ancient Immortal Sect was disgraced, and no one was able to take back its faces.

Lin Fan jumped down from the ring and walked towards Gong Mo, “Elder Gong, it’s over. I have learned a lot from the disciples of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect. Their strength was truly extraordinary. No wonder Ancient Immortal Sect is considered as one of the great sects.”

Lin Fan was trying to be humble.

But to Gong Mo, those words sounded a bit harsh, as if it were not sincere.

“Let’s have another sparring.” Gong Mo said.

He just wanted Lin Fan to properly open the eyes of the ordinary disciples of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect; he didn’t expect Lin Fan would beat the Sage Son and be on the top.

“There no need to have more sparring. Besides, it’s good for me to stay on the line. If I win again, what should I do then? I don’t want to be seen as the man who overpowered the generation of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.”

“How could I do such a thing when the Ancient Immortal Sect is very kind to me?”

As soon as Lin Fan said those words, Gong Mo wanted to smack his mouth fiercely.


What the fuck were you talking about?

Ancient Immortal Sect was very polite to you, why did you have to be so mean?

Gong Mo was trembling with fear.

Not because of Lin Fan.

But he was worried if he didn’t solve this matter, he was afraid when Lin Fan left, he would be hanged alive and smacked to death by the other elder of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

It was okay for you to bring back an outsider.

And let him compete in the competition.

But that’s it.

You didn’t have to bring someone here to humiliating us, let alone defeat the Sage Son.

“No, no… fellow cultivator Lin misunderstood, the one you just had a fight with was someone who became Sage not long ago, so I want you to help him discipline himself, and after looking at what you did, it’s very good indeed.”

“Now, the next sparring is what’s most important.”

Gong Mo couldn’t let Lin Fan end it like this.

Even now, he could feel several gazes locked onto him, and those gazes weren’t sympathetic gaze, but more like threatening gazes.

The stare was really overwhelming.

And he knew today wasn’t his lucky day.

I even wanted to slap myself fiercely a few times.

What are you doing?

Why did you have to ask fellow cultivator Lin to compete on the stage?

It’s out of control now, unless Lin Fan agreed to compete with the strongest Sage Son, this matter would never be settle.


In the distance.

“Liu Yuanhei, you’ve disgraced the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.” A Sage Son said.

Liu Yuanhei said, “Don’t talk about losing or not, that guy is really powerful, I’m not as strong as him, I admit that, but not many of you also could fight me like the way he did. So, those of you who are trying to blame me for losing, you better stop asking for trouble.”

As he said this, he looked at his senior brother in the brocade robe.

If they wanted to win so badly, then the senior brother should have made a move.

The brocade robed sage drank his tea slowly, then put the cup down and got up, “I will step up.”

The crowd was delighted to hear that.

“If senior brother makes a move, that brat will be finished.”

Liu Yuanhei said, “Wow, that was bold.”

Actually, the brocade robed sage didn’t want to compete.

After all, it was just a small matter, in his opinion.

But the elders just told him to fight and save the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect’s pride. He sighed in his heart; fighting for pride was the most painful fight.

Gong Mo was still trying to persuade Lin Fan for a hundred times already. He almost knelt down and begged.

If you didn’t lose today, I would be dead for sure.

“Elder Gong, let’s end it like this. There’s really no need to continue, don’t you think so?” Lin Fan persuaded he had always warned himself that he absolutely couldn’t continue the competition.

He was here as a guest.

Not to punch someone in the face.

Think about it.

The Ancient Immortal Holy Sect treated him with kindness.

He had to be conscious because if he is not, then he is a bad person.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, why don’t we have a sparring match.” The brocade robed sage slowly approached, the disciples around were being even more respectful. Even countless female disciples had star fire in their eyes.

Lin Fan looked back, that man was gentle and elegant, with a heavy scholarly temperament.

As the saying goes, there is a house of gold in a book, and the book has its own jade.

And this brocade robed sage could be addressed as the prince of immortal.

Just like a jade, he is incomparable.

And that was how you described this robed sage.

Lin Fan smiled lightly, “A few sparring have enough to show the essence of this competition, there’s no need to continue. Besides, this fellow cultivator’s cultivation is very high; he can even restrain his dragon’s qi, clearly, he has reached the Establish Stage.

“With my current cultivation stage, I’m afraid I’m not a match for this fellow cultivator.”

“How about I admit that I got defeated.”

“After all, the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect and the Greatest Martial Sect are both human sect, so how can we ruin our relationship over a fight?”

Lin Fan could see in the first glance that this man in an Establish Stage cultivator.

Is this a joke?

His cultivation technique was as powerful as the sea, and his cultivation level was high. Lin Fan could only admit defeat. Even if you did it to save you pride, still you couldn’t threaten people like this.

How could he challenge Lin Fan to fight, even if he got his face back, he couldn’t just bully people like that.

The brocade robed sage said, “Rest assure, fellow cultivator. I know that fellow cultivator hasn’t reached the Origin Stage, so to ensure you, I can suppress my cultivation into the Golden Stage when I fight you.”

“Then it’s really unnecessary. If fellow cultivator suppresses your cultivation into the Golden Stage, then you are no match for me.” Lin Fan was being honest, but after he realized what he just said, he wanted to give himself a hard slap.

Fucking back to being arrogant.


What the hell is going on here?

Why couldn’t you hold back your emotions since you came to the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect?

Gong Mo watched them from the side, and he had the urge to vomit blood.

If he knew it will become like this, even if he died, he would never let him compete on stage in the first place.

The brocade robed sage frowned, Lin Fan’s words had the tendency of provoking.

Just then.

The elders’ voice came to the brocade robed sage, provoking him to fight no matter what.

“Fine, if that’s the case, how about I suppress my cultivation to the Origin Stage, so you won’t be so disrespectful, fellow cultivator.” The brocade robed sage said.

He was quite helpless when the elders order him to fight because the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect’s pride was in danger.

Gong Mo said aside, “Fellow cultivator Lin, just do me a favor, just one last game, win or lose, everything will end here.”

“Alright, count this as me doing you a favor.”

He literally almost kneeled down in front of Lin Fan, begging him to come up to stage.

If you didn’t come up to the stage, it’s not going to end well for me.

“Alright then, this is the last sparring, the competition is about communication. There is no need to put too much focus on winning or losing.” Lin Fan said, then returned to the ring.

Gong Mo sighed in relief.

Lin Fan had finally gotten on stage.

And the gaze from the other elders had disappeared, now he felt as light as a feather. The feeling of being stared at by the other elders of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect was really unpleasant.

The disciples around raised their heads.

They were looking at the glorious brocade robed sage.

Actually, this was just a competition between ordinary disciples, but now it attracted the sages to participate, what a visual feast for the many disciples.

It made them understand.

How strong the Sages were.

“How long do you think he will last?”

“For a while, at most.”

Liu Yuanhei said, “I don’t think so. If senior brother suppresses his cultivation to the Origin Stage, he may not be able to take down Lin Fan. It’s going to be a tough fight for him unless he keeps his cultivation to the Establish Stage. Otherwise, it’s not that simple.”

“Let me tell you if you said that it means that you are growing others’ ambition and destroying your own prestige. Senior brother has great control over his qi and cultivation technique; even if suppress his cultivation until it becomes lower than Lin Fan’s cultivation, he will still be able to defeat him.” 

There’s a Sage who was not happy about it.

Liu Yuanhei didn’t think so. He always felt that Lin Fan still had hidden talents that he hasn’t show yet.


On the ring.



Lin Fan valued his opponent; he is not as careless as his other opponents before. So, even if he suppressed his cultivation to the Origin Stage, it was still going to be hard for Lin Fan to deal with him. To put it bluntly, there was a huge difference in terms of power between this sage and the other sages.

“Well then, I’m insulted.”

As the brocade robed man spoke, there was a glow bloomed. It appeared in front of Lin Fan in a blink of an eye, stretching out two fingers, the fingers emitted a magnificent glowing light, crushing him with massive power.

Lin Fan slapped his palm across the sky; then, he disappeared into thin air. The Sound Breaking Mystic Art power erupted, and once again, the killing move that defeated Liu Yuanhai was displayed.

Liu Yuanhei was concentrating; he still hadn’t seen Lin Fan; his forehead was covered in a cold sweat. What a terrifying move, I don’t know how senior brother would face it.

The brocade robed sage wasn’t in a hurry, his palms pressed towards the ground, terrifying qi formed a massive storm surging out towards the outside world, Lin Fan’s figure was blocked just as he was about to change his killing move, the brocade robed sage slapped the air several times towards the place where Lin Fan appeared.

“Awesome, very experienced, his cultivation technique is also overbearing.”

“But it’s only just begun.”

Lin Fan took the fight seriously.

If he wasn’t careful, he could really lose.

But losing is not an option for Lin Fan.

Even if you die, you can’t lose.

There is no word lose in my dictionary.

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