Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 191


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Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 191 Awkward Situation.

The disciples around exclaimed.

What an intense battle.

They had felt the power that made them trembled swept over them.

The brocade robed sage narrowed his eyes, and with a flash of golden light in his eyes, he slapped his palm towards the ground. A formation appeared, surfacing beneath Lin Fan’s feet and a pillar of light rising into the sky, covering Lin Fan.

“Thunderstruck Sword Formation.”


The thunder swam, and tiny thunderbolts exploded, then it condensed into a long sword of thunder, buzzing and sputtering as the dense thunderbolts tilted down.

Lin Fan didn’t panic, his strong qi running through, slapping hundreds of palms in a row with each palm containing terrifying power.




The roar of thunder continued, the ring was full of thunder, and the thunder formed by the qi rushed into the sky and stirred up the wind.

The elders of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect waved their hands and put a barrier outside the ring. If they continued to fight like this, it would be dangerous for the disciples outside the ring.

“This Greatest Martial Sect’s disciple doesn’t have a lot of change to win.”

“Well, even if the cultivation is suppressed into the Origin Stage, it still invincible for the other the Origin Stage cultivator. I didn’t expect they are still fighting until now. I must say that the Greatest Martial Sect’s disciples are incredible!”

The elders were powerful men with poisonous eyes. Usually, sparring’s like this were like a child fight to them, it was boring, but they found Lin Fan’s power to be somehow strange. He was terrifiying even for an Origin Stage cultivator.

The brocade robed sage became more caution.

He was already under pressure.

Now he understood why Lin Fan said what he said earlier. If he suppressed his cultivation into the Golden Stage, he would be defeated for sure.

Just then.

The brocade robe sage felt a sense of crisis coming.

“The Law of Heaven and Earth!”



An astonishing power swept out, abstruse winds rolled up, and a large amount of abstruse white energy blew the ring.

Lin Fan’s body expanded to the limit, the black hair on his head turned red and hung down to his waist, his body rose to a hundred feet tall.

His ‘Law of Heaven and Earth’ had reached the highest level.

But his qi could only support his expansion to this level.

There was still a huge gap between the power of the Law of Heaven and Earth and Lin Fan’s power

The elders of the Ancient Immortal Sect were horrified.

They recognized that this was ‘The Law of Heaven and Earth.’ Even more, they also discovered that Lin Fan had cultivated ‘The Law of Heaven and Earth’ to the highest level.

“This is not good; it’s dangerous.”

As for the disciples around,

They could only exclaim.

It was huge!

That was so high!


This is what happened when you don’t study hard and only know how to cultivate immortality, and you couldn’t even say prising words.

The disciples now could see what kind of cultivation technique Lin Fan was showing.


At this time.

The brocade robe sage looked extremely cautious. His dense qi was covering his body; there wasn’t any hint of carelessness.

Lin Fan’s palm descended from the sky, but the brocade robed sage didn’t give in, his golden palm slammed away.


There was an intense vibration.

The brocade robe sage stepped on the ground and made the ground cracked.


In a split second, the brocade robe sage’s right foot turned slightly, his heel titled with his fingers to form a straight line, a dragon roar erupted, and a Shadow of The Heavenly Golden Dragon emerged and roared from his spine.

This mysterious power was cast by the brocade robe sage who had been cultivating for so many years and absorbed enough Heavenly Dragon’s qi.

“This kid isn’t bad either.”

Ao Wudi, who was hovering in the air, nodded his head in satisfaction. Human immortal cultivators who absorbed enough Heavenly Dragon’s qi would indeed understand this mysterious ability, but this was rare, the average person wouldn’t have that comprehension.

It was still somehow difficult for Lin Fan to suppress his opponent.

Although brocade robe sage had suppressed his cultivation to the Origin Stage, but he was still invincible among the Origin Stage cultivator.

If he wanted to win, he could only win with his cultivation technique.

“Earthfire Thunder!”

Lin Fan roared and performed his Low-Grade Cultivation Technique. The ground boiled up, and the temperature suddenly became scorching hot. Even the red hair that appeared after he had performed The Law of Heaven and Earth’ was burning with scorching flames.


The sky was filled with dark clouds, thunder dragons roared, and a thunderbolt mixed with the earth fire form a terrifying vision.

“It’s truly astonishing. The Greatest Martial Sect’s disciple can’t be underestimated, he has cultivated a Low-Grade Cultivation Technique into such a high level.”

“Well, yes, it’s reasonable to say that his qi isn’t strong, but to be able to fight until now, his cultivation technique must be unbelievably strong.”

“Is the cultivation technique even worth to be cultivated into its highest level?”

The elders of the Ancient Immortal Sect was speechless; the three cultivation techniques Lin Fan was using had been cultivated into its highest level, which was impossible without a few hundred years of cultivation.

Was there really a person with such comprehension and talent in the world?

They didn’t understand.

The brocade robe sage was a genius, but they wouldn’t dare to say that he could cultivate several cultivation techniques into its highest level in a hundred years unless a strong man gave up his own cultivation and gave it to him.

“Why do I feel like something is wrong?”

The brocade robe sage was slightly flustered. Would he really lose to Lin Fan? When the thought first came to his mind, he dismissed it right away. What a joke, how could he lose?

Just when he was stunned for a moment.

Several streaks of Earthfire Thunder’s killing move swept over.

“Golden Light Hybrid.”

For a moment, the brocade robed sage’s body receded. Ten thousand feet of golden rays broke out of his body, condensing into various sounding instruments, drums, gongs, and all sorts of artifacts that contained astonishing power.



The artifacts resounded, emitting a circle of ripples that vibrated and exploded with radiant light as it collided with the Earthfire Thunder, as well as astonishing residual power.

The disciples around couldn’t help but closed their eyes.

The light was too dazzling.

The battle of cultivation techniques was too terrifying.

They were extremely horrified. This guy had actually fought their brother to this extent and hadn’t fallen short; this was too overbearing.

The brocade robe sage was taking a step back.

But the pride in his heart told him that he must not to retreat, if he did, then it was like telling his opponent that he had lost in this cultivation technique battle.

“Awesome, we’ve been fighting for so long, it’s time to decide the winners and losers.”

“I have one more move to show you.”

“If this move doesn’t even work, then I’ll admit defeat.”

Lin Fan felt if he continued to fight this man, it’d be a bit of disrespectful to the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

Was it really necessary to win?


It was actually very necessary.

“Well, come on, I’m ready.” The brocade robe sage took a deep breath. From his previous carefree behavior to his current stare, no one knew what he had gone through.

This was something that could not be underestimated.

It was difficult for him to understand what is going on with Lin Fan.

How could he be so terrifying?

He was only a Golden Stage cultivator.


An astonishing vision occurred.

Everyone felt a chill coming from their feet, their hearts were terrified and their spirits were throbbing as if some terrifying creature was about to be born.

High-Grade Mystic Art, the Yellow Spring Hell.

Black fog that shouldn’t exist in the sun shrouded the sky and earth, an ancient bridge full of uncertainties and bloodstains floated in the sky.

On one side of the bridge, an old woman with a wrinkled face seemed to float, holding a bowl and smiling eerily.

Although this was only an imaginary shadow, but it made people shudder.

Gradually, more and more gloomy things surfaced.

The Yellow Spring River, the City of Bounded Death, the Three Life Stones, and so on, the ghastly things of the underworld surfaced one by one.

As Lin Fan’s cultivation improved, his communication with hell became tighter, but his qi was temporarily weak, unable to support hell’s complete surfacing.

If his qi was strong enough, then it wouldn’t be like this.

It would be a complete manifestation of the hells.

Not to mention the eighteen layers of hell, even the ten halls of hell would appear one by one.

Lin Fan’s body was a hundred feet tall, with hell surrounding him; it was as if he was the creator of hell, in charge of this netherworld treasure.


The elders of the Ancient Immortal Sect were starting to panic.

“Yellow Springs Hell, the High-Grade Mystic Art of the demon clan.”

“I’m not sure, but looking at the situation right now, it looks like he has cultivated this technique into an extremely high level. If he has enough qi, he would have been able to completely evolve hell.”

Upon learning the current situation, the elders of Ancient Immortal Sect couldn’t say anything anymore.

The brocade robe sage furrowed; he had sensed danger.

“Here we go, get ready.” Lin Fan reminded, this wasn’t a life and death duel, surely you have to tell your opponent before the battle, I’m preparing to perform a great move, so be ready! If I stab you in the ass, don’t blame me for not warning you.

The voice just fell.

Lin Fan communicated with the Origin of Hell.

The black spear gathers in his hand, then rushed toward the other side.


The black spear was black and bright, transforming into a stream of light that carried an unstoppable power.

The brocade robe sage flew into the sky and exerted his qi, condensing his golden palm towards the black spear.


The black spear collided with the golden palm, the spear’s dark light spinning, erupting, and creaking.

A clacking sound.

The golden palm cracked and shattered. With a loud bang, the spear came straight to the brocade robed sage as an intense crisis overshadowed his heart.

The brocade robe sage screamed loudly; he didn’t suppress his cultivation anymore. His Establish Stage’s qi exploded, swept away like a wave, swallowed, and crushed the black spear.

The ten thousand feet of radiant light inside the ring disappeared, and everything returned to calm.

Lin Fan stood up, but his heart was slightly shaken; the gap between their qi was indeed huge. His mystic art was easily broken when the brocade robed sage exploded his Establish Stage qi.

It seemed that he must continue to work hard.

The brocade robe sage stood there in silence, staring at Lin Fan.

He had lost.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t as strong as his opponent.

Rather, he had agreed to suppress his cultivation to the Origin Stage to fight Lin Fan, but he still raised his cultivation stage in the end. A drop of blood spilled out of the palm of his right hand behind his back.

He was injured.

The destructive strike was too strong, and the power was terrifying. If he kept suppressing his cultivation into the Origin Stage to fight, he was afraid that even if he didn’t die, he would have been seriously injured.

Now the situation is awkward.

What should he say?

Admitting his loss?

Well, it was true that he had lost, there was nothing unacceptable about it, and just as he was about to open his mouth, Lin Fan took the initiative to speak.

“Awesome, really awesome.”

“It’s a tie.”

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