Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 192


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 192  Believe It or Not, I Can Make You Gain Ten Pounds.

“Okay, it’s a tie.”

The brocade robed sage nodded. At this point, he had to save the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect’s pride. He did lose, but he was grateful that Lin Fan still cared about the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect’s pride.

“You still don’t know my name even when we already finished the sparring; I’m Qing Chenfeng. I hope we can have another sparring in the future.”

When he fought against Lin Fan, he discovered that Lin Fan cultivation technique was very strong, much stronger than what a Golden Stage cultivator should be. So, it was reasonable to say that someone who could possess this kind of qi was definitely an Origin Stage cultivator.

Why was that?

No one knew.

“Alright, that’s reasonable, and of course, we can have another sparring. The sparring was good, but we should end it for today.” Lin Fan smiled.

Lin Fan didn’t say that Qing Chenfeng ended up playing bold and raised his cultivation stage.

It was enough; there’s no need to embarrass the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect even more. They treated him so well, why would Lin Fan do that?

They already made him beat up their disciple from start to finish, even the strongest sage son.

Was that just to prove their strength?

No need.

Not necessary at all.

The disciples around stared at each other in confusion.

What just happened?

They had no idea what was going on. The brilliant light was so dazzling, making it hard for them to open their eyes, let alone tried to see what was going on.

Liu Yuanhei said in horror, “I didn’t expect senior brother would lose.”

A Sage Son was dissatisfied, “Losing what? What do you mean by that?!”

“Is it really that hard to admit that someone else is better? Senior brother suppressed his cultivation to the Origin Stage, and he lost. So, he finally used his Establish Stage’s qi to fight back. Lin Fan has a big heart; he knows that senior brother had lost, but he said it’s a tie just to save the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect’s pride.”

The other Sage Sons and Daughters were silent.

What Liu Yuanhei said was right, they couldn’t deny it. It was the truth, what else could they say?

Gong Mo sighed in relief. It didn’t end badly.

But he knew, he might still be hanged and beaten up.

“Elder Gong Mo, the sparring is over. It’s a tie.” Lin Fan looked at Gong Mo. Although he didn’t know what Gong Mo was thinking, but he looked happy yet sad at the same time.

For Gong Mo, if it were Lin Fan who had won in the end, then he would definitely be killed.

Luckily, fellow cultivator Lin said it was a tie, so it was not too humiliating.

“Okay, wonderful. Really wonderful. The sparring between the Greatest Martial Sect’s true disciple and the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect’s Sage Son had opened our eyes. This sparring is not only about the two of them, but also liaising the friendship between the two sects.” Gong Mo said with a smile.

Lin Fan said, “Elder Gong, you’re right, but you know I have also participated in the competition, and I’m sure I am in the top ten, so shouldn’t I get the reward?”

“Of course, what I value is not the reward. But because the reward this time is extraordinary, I will cherish it as a symbol of my friendship with the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect. Don’t you think so?” 

Lin Fan didn’t want to let go of the rewards from the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.


Gong Mo murmured in his heart, damn, what a ruthless guy.

You had made such a big fuss in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, and you still wanted to take advantage, wasn’t it too much?

Just when he was about to say something, he heard the voices of the other elders of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

Give it to him!

It was a simple word.

“Haha, okay, okay, of course, fellow cultivator Lin will get the reward. That’s exactly what I thought, it’s a proof of friendship, and it can be a beautiful story to tell in the future.” Gong Mo smiled.

Not to mention, it was indeed a beautiful story.

Today’s sparring had quite an impact on the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect’s disciples, just as Gong Mo said. The purpose of this sparring was to let them know that there were many powerful people in the world. There was always a sky above the sky. Don’t think that because the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect was a good place to practice cultivation, you will be the strongest. In fact, there’s still people who’s much better than you.

Qing Chenfeng said, “Brother Lin, why don’t you come to my cave to catch up; I will introduce you to my junior brothers and sisters. So in the future, if my untamed brothers and sisters have offended Brother Lin, I hope Brother Lin will understand.”

“Okay, if that doesn’t bother you.” Lin Fan was being polite. It’s good to get to know more people.

Moreover, Qing Chenfeng was also a proud member of the younger generation.

Was it wrong to know some great people?

No, definitely not.

Qing Chenfeng’s cave was extraordinary. He said it was only a cave, but in reality, it was a cultivation treasure land. Of course, there was no problem with building a palace, which he called a cave of dwelling on this treasure land.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, you are awesome; your battle with my senior brother was marvelous.” Liu Yuanhe said with a smile, at first, he still had the idea that he had a chance to win. He thought that he got defeated by only one move because he was being careless, but after seeing the last sparring, he knew that wasn’t the case.

Lin Fan said, “Brother Qing is very powerful. His qi is so strong, and his cultivation techniques are extremely mysterious.”

Right after Lin Fan said these words.

People burst into laughter.

Lin Fan was confused, what was so funny? He couldn’t think of anything funny at that moment.

As soon as Liu Yuanhei and the others heard what Lin Fan said, they burst into laughter. Lin Fan was always telling the defeated people those comforting words. It was a bit unpleasant. It might seem like comfort, but for some reason, it’s a little bit odd.

Qing Chenfeng introduced everyone and then pointed to one of the Sage Daughter. “This is one of the few Sage Daughter in our Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, the Sage of Dream.”

Lin Fan looked at this Sage Daughter.

Boy, she was remarkable.

Lin Fan knew at first glance that this Sage Daughter was something. She had long hair, light makeup, and a perfect body that split out according to the golden ratio. She’s also not as cold as the true female disciples he’d seen at the sect who think they were hot. 

“You’re amazing. I didn’t expect that this little figure of yours would contain such great power, you really are a little man with great ability.” The Sage of Dream’s jade arm was placed on Lin Fan’s shoulder; her voice sounded as if it had a seductive power.

She was a mature and seductive sage.

Of course.

He didn’t mean that this Sage Daughter was profane, but the tone of her voice was kind of slutty.

Liu Yuanhei covered his face, not even wanting to say anything, but then, the Sage of Dream started again. It was easy for people to misunderstand and think that the Ancient Immortal Sect’s Sage Daughter were all like this.

“Sage Daughter, what kind of perfume are you using? It smells so good.” Lin Fan sniffed the tip of his nose, revealing an intoxication look. He wanted to raise his hand to grasp the Sage Daughter’s soft hand and carefully smelled it.

The Sage of Dream didn’t expect Lin Fan to be so proactive. She pulled her hand back impatiently, then said, “Of course, stinky men are all the same, they like to take advantage.”

“A man who doesn’t take advantage is still a man, isn’t he? It’s not like you wouldn’t do that when you meet a good man.” Lin Fan said.

 He felt the need to teach this Sage Daughter a good lesson.

There was something wrong with the way she thought.

Until now, there was no awareness of gender equality.

How come if women were to take advantage, people would never say that they take advantage.

“You’re such a thick-faced, I’m not going to befriend you.” The Sage of Dreams face was dark, knowing that she couldn’t win over Lin Fan; she chose not to pay attention.

“Hey!” Liu Yuanhei smiled secretly; this was the first time he saw the Sage of Dream suffered a loss and unable to fight back.

Qing Chenfeng shook his head, helpless. The Sage of Dream was the kind of person who liked to play around.

Now that she had suffered a loss from Brother Lin, it was a lesson for her.

Lin Fan had met the Sage Sons and Daughters of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, and the scene was pretty calm.

They were assigned everywhere.

For example, these Sage Sons and Daughters he knew belonged to the same sect.

The Ancient Immortal Holy Sect was such a huge sect; there’s no way it didn’t have many Sage Sons and Daughters. As for the others, they were either in cultivation or out adventuring, looking for opportunities.

It was basically impossible to become immortal without a chance to achieve immortality.

Unless you were in seclusion for tens of thousands of years and kept accumulating qi, but the problem was that you had to have enough lifespan. Otherwise, it would be impossible to sit in seclusion.



Lin Fan peacefully left Qing Chenfeng’s cave, looking at the night sky and he felt full, what a good time.

“Hey! Why are you following me? Could it be that you were planning something bad against me? I’ve seen a lot of men like you. They all cold-hearted and bold. Now that we’re in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, once I shout, you can be killed.” The Sage of Dream turned back and looked at Lin Fan, who was following behind. She pitted by this guy back in the cave, and she was still holding a grudge over him.

Lin Fan was helpless, “You girls are unreasonable, there’s only one road, you walk in front of me, can’t I walk behind you?”

“Also, it looks like you have the heart and courage? If you’re that confident, I can make you gain ten more pounds, believe it or not.”

He found that women nowadays were really overconfident.

He didn’t even know where they got their confidence.

“If you dare to come closer, I’ll shout.” The Sage of Dream snapped coldly.

Lin Fan sighed, then stepped forward and pushed the girl directly into a tree before picking her chin up, “It’s already late, and it’s also a long night. Don’t you think at times like this, if I did something, I could just pat myself on the back, and no one would find me?”

“Also, don’t tell me that you will go to the Greatest Martial Sect to look for me. What would I do if you really do that?” Lin Fan smiled. Did she think he would really do something to her? She must really think he’s easy.



Why didn’t she respond?

Lin Fan took a closer look and found the Sage of Dream leaning against the tree in a daze; her face was dumbfounded. It looked like she was scared of him.

“Forget it; I have to go back to sleep, I don’t have time to spend with you.” Lin Fan backed away, walked towards the front, and then noticed that she was still standing under the tree and so he said, “Hey! I think you’re pretty cute. Don’t be such an ass. If people see you, they’ll think you’re a womanizer. Sage Daughter, what a bad reputation you’ll get.”

“Also, you do have quite nice black silk, but it’s a little showy.”

Then he slipped away without looking back.

Leaving the Sage of Dream standing there.

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