Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 193


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Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 193 Sister Said She Was a Bit Tired.


Lin Fan didn’t go sleep straight ahead; instead, he sat by the cliff to watch the scenery.

“Kid, you are really amazing. It hasn’t been that long since you come to the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, and you have already flirted with the Sage Daughter. Aren’t you afraid of being caught and become a Sage Son-in-law?” Ao Wudi appeared beside Lin Fan. He was amazed by his behavior, very bold indeed.

Lin Fan grievously said, “She was the one who teased me first; I could only fight back.”

Ao Wudi smiled without saying anything, what a shameless man.

“That Sage Daughter is not a bad person; I watched her grow up. Don’t look at her that way; she was not like this before.”

He had been in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect for thousands of years.

Therefore, there was nothing wrong with him saying that.

“Oh? Do you have any other interesting stories to tell? I’m a person who loves to hear stories, tell me that story, it will help me pass this boring night.” Lin Fan was excited. Other than recalling his own boring stories, it’s better to listen to other’s.

Suddenly, coldness struck.

Ao Wudi, the old dragon, narrowed his eyes, “Does that mean, you listened to my story yesterday just because you were bored?”

“Hey, I didn’t say that. That’s not what I mean, that’s what you think, so that’s your problem for thinking that way. I was helping you broke down your problem, I swear to God.” Lin Fan said.


Ao Wudi didn’t care.

Ao Wudi said, “Forget it, I was the one who didn’t see how shady you were yesterday.”


“Today’s sparring was really good; luckily, you saved Ancient Immortal Holy Sect’s pride. Otherwise, this Ancient Immortal Holy Sect will hate you for the rest of its existence.”

He had never seen anyone who almost crushed the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect’s pride before.

Even though some of those people were not in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect, but still, no one had ever done that to Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

“I was just trying to stay on the line, who knows, maybe someday I will come back here. The Ancient Immortal Holy Sect has treated me well; there’s no need to make them look ugly.” Lin Fan said.

“Reasonable.” Ao Wudi praised.

Lin Fan said, “I’ll leave tomorrow. Say, you have lived long enough. Do you know any secret place that is suitable for me to explore? A good place that will get me a good harvest.”

“Oh, what will you do with a place like that? There was a secret place, but I don’t know who plundered it a long time ago.” Ao Wudi was most afraid of people who thought they could do anything and ask such a retarded question.


“I know a good place.”

“But, it’s up to you whether you dare to go there or not?”

Lin Fan laughed, patted his chest, and said bravely, “I’m very confident to say that there is no place that I wouldn’t dare to go. The problem is whether there is one or not.”

His eyes glowed.

He had been living for thousands of years; the Heavenly Dragon’s experience was absolutely the most extensive. What he said was reliable.

“Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.”

The eyes of the affectionate old dragon glowed.

“What kind of secret place is that? It’s just a place to sell things, how can I have a good harvest there?” Lin Fan pouted. He heard about that place before. It’s where Ye Zhentian brought his Spirit Seeking Dao Articaft that allowed him to discover spirit veins.

It was a pity.

The biggest spirit vein was right there with him.

“Hey, you don’t understand, this place is where you can have the biggest harvest.”

“Think about it; how can a penniless person turn someone else’s gain into something of their own?”

“Think carefully.”

The affectionate old dragon smiled mysteriously. His eyes were full of memories as if he missed the place so much.

Lin Fan understood it at one point, he was stunned, “Do you mean stealing?”

“Ah~tui, you stupid kid. Can’t you think of a better way, stealing is for cowards, we’re doing a robbery. Only robbing can reflect a man’s style.” Ao Wudi said.

“Don’t pretend like you are tough in front of me; if you’re really tough, you wouldn’t be trapped here for thousands of years. If only you met me thousands of years ago, I’d tell you the best way to get laid. Don’t think too much, just get laid.” Lin Fan thought that the affectionate old dragon would come up with a great idea. He didn’t expect it would turn out to be this way; he was speechless.


“You’re acting like a beast, don’t you know it will break her heart. If you really tell me to rob, I’m going to slap you into pieces.”

Ao Wudi was all righteous, yet incompatible with his idea.

Lin Fan had learned how to tui, “Stupid and unattainable, just like the term ‘love affair.’ Do you know what that means?”

“It means that you don’t have to stay together for a long time to generate feelings.” Ao Wudi felt humiliated for thinking too hard; he didn’t expect it was so simple.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said quickly.

“No, you are wrong.”

“Think about it carefully.”

“The essence of the word is ‘Sun.’ If you can understand the meaning of this word, then all the talking that I’ve done is worth it. “


As Ao Wudi was trying to understand, he felt like a thunderbolt hit him, and his body trembled. There was a hint of confusion and regret in his eyes.

“That’s what will happen if you were brave enough.”

“Get a beast-man…bah, a dragon-man, then it would have been easy.”

“With your special talents and natural abilities.”

“Get her used to your speed, to your temperature, to your standard of driving, and things will be different. Don’t you think so?”

Lin Fan was the black-hearted teacher, the kind of person who deserved to be hacked to death or had his fifth limb chopped off. He was simply an animal—a scum.

If he lived thousands of years ago, he would be cooked on a barbecue.

The affectionate, bright, and kind-hearted old dragon couldn’t be brainwashed by Lin Fan, so he changed the subject.

“Let’s just talk about the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.”

Lin Fan waved his hand; his face showed righteousness, he decisively refused, “That won’t do, I’m a disciple of a great sect. How could I do such a thing? If people know, my pride will be gone.”

“Are you stupid, who told you to steal from ordinary people? The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion belongs to big power. As long as you are doing transaction there, no one will suspect you.”

“Not only human immortals who come to that place, but demons as well.”

“All you have to do is pick your target, tail your target out of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s range; once you are out of its range, you can rob your target. Don’t you think this is going to be a fast harvest?”

The affectionate old dragon’s idea had struck a chord on Lin Fan; it did sound feasible.

Why hadn’t he thought about this before?

“Temping, isn’t it?”

“But I have to remind you that you must go out of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s range, or else you’ll be in serious trouble.”

“There is absolutely no fighting allowed to happen inside the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s range. Otherwise, you will be an enemy of the entire Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.”

“And you should never underestimate the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. It’s been around since before I was born. As time goes by, they only become even stronger, so be careful with your action, or you will die miserably there.”

A place that even the affectionate old dragon would consider dangerous was definitely a dangerous place.

You had to low your profile when you’re there.

Just then.

A meteor pierced the sky and then disappeared.

The atmosphere became quiet.

“Do you think we are friends?” Lin Fan asked calmly as if the question was a serious matter.

“Before, you’re not even old enough to be my grandson, but now that I’ve discovered that you’re a nice immortal, I can consider you as friends. If I were still in the Heavenly Dragon Clan, I could have given you a friendship scale, but if I gave it to you now, you could be killed.”

For immortals, being able to befriend with Ao Wudi was absolutely an honor of their life.

And now, Ao Wudi was willing to give this honor to this young man who was not even a fraction of his age.

“It’s fine; you can give it to me, maybe I can get some spirit stones out of it when I sell it at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.” Lin Fan said.

“…….. “The affectionate old dragon was speechless.

Lin Fan said, “Do you consider me as your friend?”

“Well, didn’t I told you already? You’re my friend.” Ao Wudi said.

“Well then, a friend who travels far away might encounter a bumpy road. Who knows, maybe the next time I see you, I will have become a bone. A friend is like a heart for me, and a friendship is a true love.”

“Can you…”

Before Lin Fan could finish his sentence, the affectionate old dragon rejected him.


“I’m tired.”

“I’m going to sleep; I’ll see you next time. I won’t send you off in the morning.”

The voice just fell.

The affectionate old dragon disappeared.

“You son of a bitch…” Lin Fan was silent for a while, then pointing at the soundly sleeping dragon in the distance and cursing.

He still wanted to get something good from the affectionate old dragon, but unfortunately, he got rejected.

He said they’re friends.

A true friend.



The next day!

“Thank you for sending me off.” Lin Fan bowed towards the crowd, he was about to bid farewell and leave, but when he looked at the people who had sent him off, the Sage Daughter from last night wasn’t there. Perhaps she couldn’t bear to send him off. In case she became sentimental and broke down in tears, after all, saying goodbye’s a sad thing to do.

He could understand.

It’s understandable.

Gong Mo didn’t look good; his eyes were a little dark. He stood there while he kept grabbing his butt. Lin Fan didn’t know what was wrong; maybe he had hemorrhoids.

“Elder Gong, my dear friends sages, if you have the chance, please come to visit the Greatest Martial Sect.” Lin Fan said.

Gong Mo barely smiled and said, “Of course, fellow cultivator Lin. I hope you have a good journey. I will definitely visit the Greatest Martial Sect when I have the chance to do so in the future.”

“Good, but Elder Gong Mo, are you alright? Is there something wrong with your butt?” Lin Fan asked with concern.

Gong Mo blushed and waved his hand, “It’s fine. When you’re older, you become fiercer.”

Lin Fan sighed slightly.

It seemed that anyone could make any mistake anywhere.

Maybe Elder Gong Mo was trying to maintain his position in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

It was just; every action had its own consequences.

Even an elder couldn’t escape the devil’s hand.

After all, the world was a big place with a lot of strange people.

“Is the Sage of Dream alright?” Lin Fan pretended to look at the crowd, but when he couldn’t find her, he became worried.


Liu Yuanhei, Qing Chenfeng, and the others looked at each other; their eyes lighted up.

Were there any ulterior motives?

Qingchen Feng said, “She is fine. Why did Brother Lin ask this, could it be that you have something to say to her?”

Lin Fan was silent for a moment.

Then he nodded slowly.

“I have something to say, but unfortunately, she’s not here.”

“But please tell her this for me.”

“I’m sorry for what happened last night, I hope she doesn’t take it personally. What’s done is done, and I won’t disown it. If she needs anything, she can come to the Greatest Martial Sect and find me. I don’t mind if she is going to yell or scold me.”

Lin Fan cupped his fists, turned into a stream of light, and left the place after saying that.

People there stood in silence.


Liu Yuanhei exclaimed.

“Oh my god.”

“No wonder when I went to inform senior sister to come and send Brother Lin off, she said she was a bit tired, so she didn’t go.”

“Oh, shit…”

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