Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 194


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 194 Entering Immortal Level

Lin Fan didn’t know that his words would cause such a big misunderstanding.

If he tried to explain that it was just a misunderstanding and not what he intended, he doubted that those people would believe him.


Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

It’s a beautiful place, which located outside the boundaries of the Human Immortal Sect and the Demon Sect.

Perhaps it’s to make the transaction more convenient.

The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, located at the intersection of barren land, thousands of miles of yellow sand, filled the sky together with the sandstorm. If you were there, even your parents couldn’t find you.

Lin Fan used his talent and flew for hundreds of miles.

He didn’t have wings, so he opened his arms and gently fluttered them, proving that although he didn’t have wings, he can still fly with his arms.

And the speed was incredibly fast.

Just then.

There was a vision.




“Don’t do that, someone, please help me!”

Lin Fan almost stopped flying when he heard the voice; he even wanted to show his admiration.

Whoever voice was that. It was so damn slutty.

If it wasn’t for the unpredictable state of mind like the Red Pink Skull, it would be hard for him to resist.

Usually, when he encountered this kind of thing, he would pull out a knife and help as much as he can. ‘My name is Lin Fan; I am willing to give up my life to save you.’

It’s just that…

Lin Fan stopped and frowned in his thoughts.

Nowadays, in the wilderness, there was such a slutty voice coming from afar.

There must be a problem.

A big problem.

This kind of scenario happened from time to time in the Journey to the West.


Monk Tang: Disciple, your teacher is hungry.

Monkey: Master wait a minute, I’m going to go to get alms now. (Useless master, he never teaches anything, always asking me to go get alms.)

Then in the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere, a graceful peasant girl came with a basket.

Peasant girl: Master, please have a meal.

Monk Tang: Thank you.

Then it’s over. The goblin who disguised itself as a girl was captured.

[end of the scenario]

So, these tricks wouldn’t work for Lin Fan. Let’s just say if you meet someone as experienced as him, then you’re using these tricks on the wrong person.


In the woods.

A weak-looking woman that seemed to be possessed by a drama queen was trying to cover her body, tenderly and helplessly. There were tears in her eyes, and her back leaned against a tree root.

“Help me.”

“Someone help me.”

She was shouting for half a day; her voice sounded a bit ragged.

Two big men were standing in front of her helplessly, “Is that your loudest scream? You can even hear the sound of ghosts if you shout like that. What about you help our brothers to cool down first, we’ve been staring for so long, it’s all congested and hard.”

“Fuck off! You guys smell so bad; even others can smell it.” The woman scolded.

One of the big men said, “If the one who comes is a master, what will we do? If we run away, we are going to get killed. Your little idea is going to cost us both of our lives.”

“What are you afraid of? I’m going to keep shouting, and you will pretend like you’re going to hurt me. Don’t be useless. I want to eat people; if I can’t get anyone, I will eat you instead.” The woman looked fierce.

Then her expression changed; she started acting weak again.


“Help. Don’t do this.”

The two big men looked at the woman as if she mentally retreated. Crazy, she wouldn’t even let them be near her, both of them were just walking on the spot, pretending to pounce her with their teeth and claws.

It looks too fake.

If you wanted to pretend, at least let us jump on you, rip your clothes off, and laugh. Then, it’s going to be more realistic.



There was a voice coming through.

“In broad daylight and clear sky, there are still people who try to abuse others. I’d like to see who you really are.”

Lin Fan landed from the sky, on a branch not far away.

The woman was overjoyed, and her shouting voice became even more feminine, taking her delicate weakness to the extreme.

“Help, help.”

The two big men carried a nine-ringed sword glared at Lin Fan fiercely, “Kid, are you trying to ruin our day?”

“No, I don’t. Please continue. I’ve walked the world for so long, but I’ve never seen how fierce the battlefield is. Don’t worry; I’ll look out for you, absolutely I won’t let anyone bother you.” Lin Fan said.

The two big men looked at each other in confusion.

They didn’t understand what Lin Fan was talking about, but it didn’t matter. They had a script; they just had to act according to it.

“Kid, if you want to save this woman, then come here. Let’s see how many lives you have enough for us to kill.”


The big man’s face was hideous, shaking the nine-ringed sword in his hand, his voice was fierce as if he was saying I’m going to use the nine-ringed sword to chop you off.

The woman watched the big man’s performance and silently admiring his acting.

Good performance.

Lin Fan ignored these three and flew straight ahead.

When the fierce big man saw Lin Fan left directly, he stood there stupidly.

‘What is this?’

The woman was also stunned for a moment, then whispered, “You stupid pig, why are you acting so vicious? You are scaring people away.”

The big man was speechless, ‘how can she blame me for this shit?’

“Is it my fault for being vicious?”




Lin Fan paused abruptly and frowned; those three insignificant little demons didn’t even bother to do anything.

But just when he was observing one of those big men.

He discovered that the big man was somehow incredible, a salamander demon.

Although his cultivation was average and he didn’t even have the jade hope to do anything.

But when he saw the possible drop item, there’s a talent that caught his attention.

Broken Limb Rebirth.

This kind of talent’s overbearing.

Even True Stage cultivator couldn’t regenerate a broken limb. But then, they weren’t true immortals, not yet. Only a true immortal could reach the completion of their immortal body and undergo a revolutionary change in their bodies to break a limb and be reborn.

The talent of this Salamander Demon seemed like a useless talent for immortal.

But for Lin Fan, it’s a perfect thing.

Turn around!


The woman and two men were getting ready to clean up, but when they were about to move to another place, they saw Lin Fan came back.

The woman who was possessed by a drama queen spirit continued to shout, “Help me, help me; they want to rape me.”

Lin Fan leaped down.

The woman looked happy; she’s going to eat another immortal.

The demon qi on their bodies had been covered up, making it difficult for ordinary people to recognize them.

As long as Lin Fan was willing to come and save her, it meant that he took the bait.

Thinking about the taste of the immortal, her saliva almost flowed down into a deep ditch.

The taste.

The chewiness.

The crunch.

Especially the immortal’s whip, so fragrant and sweet, like a tonic.

Just then.

The woman felt like something was wrong. Lin Fan jumped down from the branch and landed in a position that seemed a bit off.

According to common sense, he should have landed in front of her. Just like a copper and iron wall that was blocking all danger and protecting her, but now…


Lin Fan landed on the woman’s body, only to hear a crunching sound as if he was crushing a balloon filled with water, then a full splash occurred.

“Ew! It’s dead.”

“I landed in the wrong place.”

Lin Fan looked down, blinking at the dead woman. He wanted to say something but didn’t know where to begin.

The woman’s body changed and continued to shrink.

It turned into a furry mass.

Because it was trampled to bits, it was hard to tell what kind of demon it was.

But… that’s not important.

The only thing that matters for Lin Fan was that big man.


The two men were so shocked by Lin Fan’s tactics, they dropped their weapons and stared with their mouths open as if they had become entirely dumbfounded.

They didn’t expect things to turn out this way.


The two big men exclaimed and ran towards the distance.



They’re demons.

Demons were supposed to be the one who cooked the immortals in the pot, but this immortal just crushed their kind with one foot, how could they not be afraid?

Even a demon couldn’t do such a cruel thing.

For a moment, a cold light flashed.


The two big men in the distance were instantly cut into pieces.

One of the big men turned into a wild boar.

The other big man turned into a salamander.

Lin Fan stood there, waiting and praying in his heart, “Three Pure Ones, Buddha, Jade Emperor, Jesus, Satan… Regardless of who blesses me, as long as it drops, I, Lin Fan, is willing to have a hundred sons in this life, to thank you all for your great kindness.”

The items were dropping.

[Obtain Talent: Broken Limb Rebirth.] [Break A Limb to Rebirth (Entering Immortal Grade): Salamander demon’s technique, five severed limbs, may not consume qi to grow them, can only grow five limbs!]


Lin Fan clenched both fists; he was very excited.

But wait, there seemed to be something wrong with it.

Entering Immortal Grade?

Iron, bronze, and gold.

It had always been these three grades.

Then what’s this entry immortal grade?

 Was it higher than gold grade?

Also… this Salamander Demon’s cultivation was weak; he was not even a Foundation Stage demon, so how could his talent reach such a grade?

This was clearly unreasonable.

Lin Fan pondered, thinking about the situation.

It didn’t take long for him to figure it out.

If someone became an immortal, then that person’s body would be immortal. Every part of it would be immortal, containing terrifying and horrifying energy.

Even if an Immortal wanted to grow severed limbs, they would have to expend a great deal of qi.

However, this talent didn’t require any qi and was indeed quite abnormal; that’s why it could be the Entering Immortal Grade.

“He he.” Lin Fan laughed, “What good luck, I met three little mole ants halfway and can pop them out with a casual killing. I, Lin Fan, definitely have great luck, otherwise something as overbearing as this wouldn’t happen.”

The point of cultivating depended on someone’s luck.

People with luck would have good luck everywhere they went.

And Lin Fan was definitely one of them.


Half a month later!

Lin Fan stepped into the barren land. He had reached the range of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion; the surrounding was filled with yellow sand as if there was dusk between heaven and earth.

As he kept going deeper, he saw many immortal and old demons.

To be able to create such an atmosphere despite the fact that immortal was exterminating demon, it had to be said that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was indeed powerful.

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