Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 195


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 195 There’s Something About This Scrap of Iron


‘You have to be low-profile!’

When you came to an unfamiliar place, you had to show that you’re not the troublemaker, the protagonist, or people’s idea of a rich man.

‘I am just a humble poor creature, a pathetic wretch that you don’t even want to pay attention to.’

Boys had to learn to protect themselves when they went out.


After Lin Fan reduced his temperament, he became ordinary, just like an ordinary immortal who had never seen the world before.

None of the people passing by was looking at him.

Even if someone accidentally saw him, they would only mutter one sentence.

‘What a poor man.’


After a while.

Lin Fan thought that the place where Heavenly Treasure Pavilion located was still filled with yellow sand.

Until he saw it with his own eyes, he realized he was wrong.

Behind the black forest, there was a fascinating oasis.

A vast city was located in the distance. It was surrounded by greenery and a beautiful environment, which stark contrast to the barren yellow sandy land outside.

Looking up.

The sky above the city was covered with strong qi.

The qi could be seen but not be touched. It’s unpredictable and changing all the time.

“The qi here is way stronger than any qi in those great sects.” Lin Fan sighed, most of the great treasures came from here, so it’s reasonable that they were able to condense an extremely strong qi.

But those great treasures were fluid so that the qi wouldn’t last forever.

Judging by the current situation, it’s enough to say that there must be a particular rare treasure here that suppressed the qi, and ensured that it would not dissipate due to the loss of great treasures.

At the entrance of the city, you’d find immortals in golden armor that collected the toll.

If you wanted to enter, you’d have to pay.

Ten spirit stones.


This was simply like robbing money; it was even faster and much easier than selling oneself.

However, the people who entered the city seemed generous and looked as if they were loaded with money. They paid the ten spirit stones without even looking at them.

There were also people who came from nowhere, like dead dogs, they were dragged to the city gates by golden armored immortal and thrown out.

Go with the flow.

Paid what had to be paid.

It was quite tiring to stand in broad daylight, so how can they not be paid for guarding the gate.

He thought that Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was just a loft for shopping.

It wasn’t until he saw it with his own eyes. He realized that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was a city-owned by an unknown person. Everywhere he looked, he found that the immortals who were walking on the streets had very good cultivation techniques.

Only if he had the ability to cast a great move and exterminate all the people here. Then the harvest…

But it was a bit terrifying to think about.

Soon, Lin Fan dismissed the idea, how could he have such a dangerous idea, not to mention that he would be suppressed once he did it. Moreover, his status as a decent disciple of the great sect would never let him do such a thing.

“Come, take a look at the peerless treasure that was just unearthed from the ruins.”

“If you walk by, don’t miss it. I just got an elixir from the Ancient Immortal Cave. It’s cheap.”

There were small stalls by the roadside, and many immortals were shouting for sale.

As long as you can blow, you wouldn’t starve to death by doing this business.

Not to say, there were quite a few crowds.

But don’t ever underestimate these immortals. They are immortals who had reached a certain level of cultivation. They didn’t join any sect; instead, they made a fortune and living on their own by reselling things.

To set up a stall in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, you only needed to pay a small amount of spirit stones each day.

Of course, The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion City had the largest trading floor. It was a place where countless people came to admire, and as long as you had spirit stones or treasures, you would be able to buy whatever you wanted here.

As for these small vendors, it’s true that not many people would come and took a look. After all, there were too many fake things. But one day, there was a stunning dao artifact, and a little immortal only spent a dozen spirit stones to obtain the Immortal Soldier Fragment from a piece of scrap stone.

When the Immortal Soldier Fragment was released, the immortal light enveloped the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. The purple haze covered tens of thousands of miles, alarming countless big men, but in the end, the little immortal knew that countless people would target him if he carried that dao artifact. So, he ended up selling it to a powerful person.

Since then, the small vendor became very popular. Countless immortals would spend a small amount of spirit stones to bet on their luck. Who knew maybe if they were lucky, they would get something good.

If Lin Fan knew about this, he would definitely want it.

But this must be intentional; the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion must have been deliberately put it in there, then looked for someone to buy it, and sold it to someone else, just to get the stall up and reap a hefty rental fee.

That must be the case. Otherwise, Lin Fan wouldn’t have believed that such a good thing would happen to a small immortal.


At this time.

Lin Fan squatted in front of the stall. He looked at the worn-out and old things on the ground and asked, “How do you sell these things?”

The stall owner was an old man with missing teeth, dressed very plainly, and when he smiled, the missing front teeth were somehow funny, “Little brother, feel free to look around, then tell me which one you like, and I’ll tell you the price. Don’t worry, I’ve been setting up a stall here for decades, and I’m known for being good. I will never trick you.”

Lin Fan felt like he was inside an antique market; you judged everything with your eyes.

“Can I touch it?” Lin Fan asked.

“Feel free to touch it, as long as it’s not broken, there won’t be a problem.” The old man’s eyes were disappearing as he smiled.

There were nearly dozens of seemingly old antique items scattered on the stall. According to the street vendor’s idea, it would be hard to attract attention if you didn’t make it looked old.

Lin Fan picked up a palm-sized stone with moss marks, pointed it at the sun, and observed it carefully. He discovered that when he pointed it at the sun, the stone seemed to have stars inside it, twinkling.

“Little brother, this is something that I got from an ancient monument, the Nine Deaths Life. I showed it some people who could see through it, and they said it was definitely a treasure. I just don’t know what it is, but if you buy it, you might be able to get something good out of it.” The old man was smiling like a profiteer.

He saw that Lin Fan looked so young and still had a hint of naivety. With good bragging, he would definitely be able to fool Lin Fan into buying it.

Lin Fan put down the stone, “This is a Star River Stone, the origin of star river, belongs to a rare river, although this is peculiar, it’s not something good.”

“Hey, you are such an expert, I spent three spirit stones to get this, I didn’t expect it to be worthless, it’s a pity.” The old man said.

Lin Fan said, “Didn’t you just say you got it from an ancient monument?”

“Little brother, how can you attract guests if you didn’t brag. Why don’t you look at something else? I have a lot of good things here; you will definitely not lose any money if you buy it.” The old man was quite shameless, but the face that had been tempered for a long time was not ordinary. In a blink of an eye, he changed the subject and talked about something else.

Lin fan was not anxious to leave the stall, and when looking at the old man stuff, he found out that only one item that seemed to be slightly valuable.

It was a broken piece of iron.

There were lines on the iron block, but there wasn’t a trace of qi. It was just like broken copper, but if you ran your qi through it, the qi would activate it. It was a shattered piece of dao artifact, but Lin Fan didn’t care for them, they were too small, too useless, and would only take up space.


The smiling old man suddenly coughed, his face flushed red. Obviously, he was hurt.

Then, a wild kid came from nowhere, running to the old man and patted his back gently.

After asking some questions, Lin Fan learned that this wild kid was an abandoned baby. The old man adopted him when he was receiving his goods in the mortal world nine years ago.

As for the injuries on his body, it was from a long time ago. He needed to buy an elixir to heal it. It was just that his own spirit stones were not enough, so he could only accumulate them slowly.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment and pointed at the iron block, “You want me to buy this iron for fifty spirit stones, but I don’t like it, so I’ll show you a way. This is not an ordinary piece of iron, but a fragment of a dao artifact with six complete formations inside.”

“According to its current value, it should sell for 600 to 1,000 spirit stones.”

The old man was shocked by what Lin Fan said. Obviously, he didn’t expect Lin Fan to say that.

There were some doubts in his heart, whether it was true or not?

If it were true, why didn’t he buy it instead of telling him?

“Little brother, you must be joking, how can this be…”

The old man didn’t get to finish his words.

Lin Fan flicked his finger, a ray of qi seeped into the iron block, instantly activating the formation inside.

Suddenly, the originally lightless iron block exuded the light that a dao artifact should have. The movement wasn’t too big, but it still attracted many people.

“If you sell this one, you should be able to buy an elixir, this child is still young, Someone has to take care of him.” Lin Fan got up, a smile formed at the corner of his mouth, then walked away from the stall.

The old man opened his mouth and looked at the back that was fading away.

“Big brother, thank you.” The child shouted.

Lin Fan waved his hand and walked into the crowd.

Immediately after, the surrounding cultivators gathered around and asked about the price of this dao artifact fragment.

Although it was just a fragment, it was still valuable, mainly because the materials inside the formation could be refined into something else when it met an alchemist.

It could also be mixed into other materials to refine a new dao artifact.

So, there should be a few immortals who wanted to get it.

Lin Fan wasn’t interested in these fragments. What he wanted was a complete dao artifact.

Suddenly, he felt a strange feeling of heaven and earth falling upon him.

Could this be it was the virtue of doing good deeds?

‘Forget it. A good man doesn’t live long, but his misfortune will last a thousand years.’

He still liked to be a low-profile, cute, and live a happy life.

But to be able to live for a long time is a good thing.

And that was the truth in Lin Fan’s heart that only God knew.

Then the strange feeling was gone.

“Bah! God damn it! Such a cheapskate.”

Lin Fan cursed in his heart; it was just a little thought, why is he so cheap.



Lin Fan was checking out the vendors everywhere. If he wanted something good, he had to check for the big leak, but the chance’s too low for him to come across several good things.

Even when he did encounter good things, he wouldn’t know how much it would cost.

He also had a piece of ‘Innate Spirit Vein Crystals’ with him, which was why he came here. It was useless for him, so if he could find a more suitable dao artifact, he would buy it instead.

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