Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 197


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 197 Such a Perfect Place To Pretend.

Several days later.

Lin Fan had been tailing the demon, and today, he found the demon was walking towards outside the city with his followers. It seemed that the white-clothed man was trying to leave the area.


Just then.

At the corner of the city wall, a man bowed his body and looked around sneakily to make sure no one was around; he then looked down at the dog hole.

Gritted his teeth and went right through it.

How many people of all ages had encountered a big problem and didn’t go through a dog hole, the crotch, or even just came out of a hole? Only a few.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Moreover, he considered himself to be just a minor character, so there was no need to worry about these things.

Zhou Di even changed his clothes. During this time, he had prepared a lot. Purposely cleaning his body and even purchasing many runes at the same time. Which kind of emptying the family fortune.

As for the spirit grass, he didn’t sell it.

Just in case he was caught off guard and someone else noticed him.

“Blood Sea Demon Sect, as long as I, Zhou Di, is still alive, I will definitely destroy your entire sect.” The killing intent flickered in Zhou Di’s eyes, forming two strong contrasts with his previous trembling appearance in front of the demon.


Coming out of the dog hole.

Zhou Di took out several runes and slapped them on his body, as soon as a radiant light flashed, he felt full of power.

He then flew away. The speed was extremely fast, even faster than the Golden Stage cultivator should be.

At first, he had more than one hundred thousand spirit stones, but to leave this place alive, he used it all to buy runes, but of course, even with that runes, his strength was still incomparable with the demon’s strength.

So, he can only buy the runes to increase his speed and leave the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion without getting noticed by the demon.

And to make sure nothing goes wrong.

He spent a lot of spirit stones to hire an expert immortal to clean any problematic parts of his body. As others said, the demon of the Blood Sea Demon Sect had left a mark on him.

When the expert immortal told him that he’s now clean, it put his mind in peace.

He couldn’t wait until he got expelled from the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion in fifteen days.

Otherwise, by then, there would be absolutely no way he could get out alive.

After a while, Zhou Di didn’t find any problems; there was no wind around him or sensed any crisis pressing on his mind.


Somewhere in a mysterious place.

He couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hahahahaha… finally I can escape.”

Zhou Di was overjoyed. He was planning to live in seclusion for a while as he couldn’t go back to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion at least for a few months.

He was going to sell the Eighth-Grade Spiritual Grass in his hand in exchange for some other things he could use for his cultivation.


At this moment, a voice was heard, and for Zhou Di, it was like thunder from the clear sky, shocking him to the point where he got chilled, and cold sweat dripped out.

How could this possible?

He couldn’t believe that he would still get caught.

“Oh, you’re a bit of a funny guy; you know that I’ve got my hands on you, right.”

“It’s just a pity; not many people would dare to erase the mark of the Blood Sea Demon Sect.”

Suddenly, three figures floated in the sky. The qi of the demon of the Blood Sea Demon Sect was pressing in. The two old men standing behind him were like living dead without emotion and exuding a chilling breath.

Zhou Di’s expression had changed dramatically.

He knew that he had been trapped.

The expert immortal didn’t help him remove the mark from his body at all. No wonder the expert immortal’s expression changed initially, but he thought the expert immortal was feeling that the mark was quite tricky to remove, he didn’t expect the expert immortal to know it was the mark of the Blood Sea Demon Sect.

Not only was the mark still on his body, but he also lost tens of thousands of spirit stones for nothing.

Damn, it was abominable.

“Master Demon, I know I was wrong, I offer this spirit grass to you, I don’t need anything, just please let me go.” Zhou Di held out the Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass, lowered his attitude, and begged for mercy.

This was his only chance to survive.

If the demon let him go, then he could get revenge in the future.

“He he.” The demon laughed coldly, with a grasp of his five fingers, the Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass in Zhou Di’s hand was now on the demon’s hand. “Interesting, I gave you a chance back when you were still inside the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, but you didn’t appreciate it. Now you’re trying to run away with no one to protect you.”

“Do you think I will let you go?”

“Go, kill him for me and leave the body intact, I want to refine him into a demon slave.”

The demon only waved his hands, no need to do anything else.


An expressionless old man responded as he slowly took a step forward with his terrifying power crushing in.

Zhou Di’s heart was beating fast.

Very strong.

He didn’t expect the old man who stood beside the demon would be so terrifying; it was overwhelming.

“I’ve already given you the Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass, but you still want to take my life. Fine then, I, Zhou Di, swear to the heavens that even if I die, I will come to you as a vicious ghost and claim your life.”

Zhou Di roared in anger.

He had never thought such a tragedy would happen to him.

He was in jeopardy.

He didn’t even know what to do. He wanted to escape, but it was simply impossible.


He was ready.

No matter what happened, he had to escape.

Just then.

A voice came out.

“It’s shameless, despicable, and nasty to do a murderous robbery in broad daylight and bright sunshine.”

Lin Fan slowly came from afar.

Actually, he wanted to wait for that demon of the Blood Sea Demon Sect to kill this brat before coming out.

But think about it.

The immortals of my generation should be doing righteous deeds and taking action when they can. Did you feel good when you witnessed the whole thing and be grateful for it but didn’t step up and help?

“Who are you? How dare you interfere with my business?”

The demon looked at Lin Fan, where did this guy come from? He really likes to interfere with someone else’s business, too bad… he should know he got to have a great skill if he wanted to interfere with someone else’s business.

“There’s no need for me to deal with you guys myself.”

Lin Fan cast his Middle-Grade Dao Artefact, the Soul Extinguishing Umbrella.


The Soul Extinguishing Umbrella that had dropped from the Yellow Wind Old Demon was enough to deal with those two old men.



The Soul Extinguishing Umbrella was rotating rapidly, ten thousand feet of light shooting away from inside the umbrella. If the Yellow Wind Old Demon was the one who used the Soul Extinguishing Umbrella, it burst out demon’s wind, but if it were Lin Fan who used it, it burst out bright lights.

It seemed that the righteous could change everything.


The light covered the two old men, and they screamed miserably. The two old men’s bodies exuded black smoke as if something had been evaporated.

Their skins gradually rotted.

The demon’s expression changed slightly when he saw this scene, “A dao artifact capable of extinguishing the soul of spirit, good enough. Is it only because you have such a great dao artifact that you dared to intercepted me? Unfortunately, I’m afraid that you don’t know how powerful I am.”

Just as he was speaking.

The two old men looked like they had lost their souls. Their limbs sagged and remained motionless as if they had lost their power and fell directly on the ground.

Lin Fan already knew that these two old men were no longer human.

Although their cultivation was at the Origin Stage

As long as Lin Fan used a dao artifact that could restrain and extinguishing their incomplete spirits, they could be completely defeated.

Of course.

If Lin Fan didn’t have a dao artifact capable of restraining them, he would have to face two strong Origin Stage cultivators.

How pleasant would that be?

Lin Fan wanted to tell Zhou Di that he didn’t have to worry because Lin Fan was there, but he didn’t expect that Zhou Di would size up the opportunity and ran away frantically as if he was one step too late, then he would die there.

For Zhou Di, he wouldn’t trust anyone, and Lin Fan’s appearance, only made him even more nervous.

He didn’t expect Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass would attract so many prying eyes. He didn’t even dare to imagine how many more people were lurking over him!

Even if the Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass were precious, but compared to his life, it wasn’t even worth mentioning.

He believed that as long as he could live, everything he had lost before would eventually come back.

“Do I look like the bad guy to run away in such perfect timing?”

Lin Fan was quite helpless. He was not a bad person.

The demon put the spirit grass away, “Good, the fact that you have such courage proves that you are not an ordinary person. Well then, I just have to fight you myself! Remember, it will be a disaster for you.”

“Stop talking nonsense; come on, fight me.” Lin Fan hooked his finger.

[Ji Zhenmo: Origin Stage.] [Chance of dropped item:…] [Remarks: Damn, whoever dare to mess with me will be dead.]

Although the demon was an Origin Stage cultivator, but looking at the chance of dropped items, it was very unusual. There were so many good things that you couldn’t even believe it.

“Look at how arrogant you are.” A gloomy voice was heard, Ji Zhenmo circulated his qi, and a palm wrapped around some kind of sinister qi swept over

The most bizarre cultivation technique and mystic art Lin Fan had ever seen.



As the demon slapped his palm, a gust of gale swept over, the gale blew, and the surrounding temperature dropped abruptly. Even the air was frozen into ice.

This was the mystic art of the Blood Sea Demon Sect, the qi that could freeze you.

Then, Ji Zhenmo attacked Lin Fan.

He was ready to freeze Lin Fan with one move and knock him to pieces.

Lin Fan threw a punch, and the dragon roared, the Nine Golden Dragon’s fist came out, and the two clashed.


The sky was shaking, and so was the earth.

Thousands of qi colliding.

It was powerful and terrifying.

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