Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 198


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 198 Praising His Integrity

The battle between Lin Fan and Ji Zhenmo was very intense.

Performing the Sound Breaking Mystic Art, Lin Fan knew that even if Ji Zhanmo could resist his attack, he still had to put some effort. It was just that Lin Fan didn’t realize that Ji Zhanmo had dao artifacts to protect him, which directly transformed into a brilliant light to shake Lin Fan’s attack.

“Humph, that mystic art is quite good, but if you want to kill me with that, you should stop daydreaming.”

“Immortal Execution Seal.”

Ji Zhenmo roared and raised his hand. A stream of light condensed in his palm, and the Immortal Execution Seal appeared. The seal was shrouded in blood light and entangled with demonic qi that contained roaring innocent souls.

That was a Top-Grade Dao Artefact.


The dao artifact was a gift from his father. The refining was quite complicated. It required to kill countless influential people, imprisoning the spirits, and using the demonic fire to scorch the spirit and make them resentful. Then performing an earth-shattering Demon Refining Mystic Art to refine those souls into demonic souls.

At the same time, many precious materials were needed to fuse them together to reach the point where ten thousand demons were united and brand the formation in order to refine it into the Top-Grade Dao Artifact.

This dao artifact contained over two thousand formations. About reaching the ultimate level of Top-Grade Dao Artefact. If you could find suitable and precious materials and then find an old demon’s cave with a strong demonic qi, you could refine this dao artifact completely.

“Go die, and your soul will become the demonic soul of the Immortal Execution Seal.”

“All of you, immortal disciples, will become fodder for this dao artifact in my hands.”

The voice just fell.

The Immortal Execution Seal was fiercely glowing, and a bucket of strong black light burst out.

Lin Fan faced Ji Zhenmo’s killing move with a face like water, very calm; he didn’t panic at all. Lin Fan then casted Yellow Spring Hell, drawing the Origin of Hell. A God Spear was breaking the air and crushing towards the black light.


The God Spear was shattered, unable to stop the power of the Immortal Execution Seal at all.

“Awesome, that Top-Grade Dao Artifact is truly powerful. It seems that my qi isn’t strong enough, if it were twice as strong, the condensed God Spear could directly shoot through his body.”

Lin Fan was covered in blacklight.

“Hahaha.” Ji Zhenmo laughed wildly, but then he realized that something was off. The Immortal Execution Seal didn’t pull Lin Fan’s soul as if it were blocked in some way.

“Don’t be too happy.”

Lin Fan stood there, unharmed, then he touched his chest. His mother’s love, once again, had protected him.

So good.

“It looks like you have a dao artifact on you.” Ji Zhenmo didn’t believe that Lin Fan was unharmed. So, there was only one possibility: Lin Fan had a dao artifact on him that could resist the Immortal Execution Seal’s suppression.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “That’s right, but you won’t understand because you don’t have a mother.”

Ji Zhenmo snorted coldly; he threw the Immortal Execution Seal in the air. Then he squeezed his fingers and chanted a mysterious language. Suddenly, the Immortal Execution Seal erupted with radiant light. The light covering the world, a strong demonic qi whistled out and spread.

Nothing could be seen except for roaring demonic souls shrieking in the demonic qi.

“Thirty-eight demonic souls of immortal masters, let’s see if you can resist it.”

Ji Zhenmo had cultivated the Immortal Execution Seal to its highest level. Even though the attack just now was ordinary, but honestly, Lin Fan was quite overwhelmed to fight Ji Zhenmo. Of course, Lin Fan could rely on the Sacred Beast Robe, but then Ji Zhenmo wouldn’t experience a miserable death.

That’s why he didn’t want to rely on the Sacred Beast Robe to suppress the enemy every time. He wanted to feel the fun of fighting. A fight without fun was soulless.

Just like banging…

Does it feel the same when you only stood in the sideline and let someone else do it for you because you don’t want to waste your energy?

So, he figured he’d do it on his own.

“Highest Spirit Rune.”

Lin Fan used the rune he got from the skeleton man.

Soon after the rune came out, the world was shaking as if there were stars wrapped around the rune, and space was crushed and clattered.

The rune floated in the air and exploded into dazzling light. The earth seemed to be sinking. The sky was floating upward as if the rune was an invincible, inviolable immortal emperor who could only be worshipped from afar by kneeling down and couldn’t be looked at closely.

Lin Fan looked up at the rune.

‘This is the first time I use it. I didn’t expect the rune was so powerful. This was a rune that shouldn’t appear in the realm of the immortal cultivator; instead, it should be in the Immortal Realm controlled by the hands of the true power.’

This rune even had its own consciousness; it had become an ancestor and an emperor, controlling the rune world and became the ancestor of the rune.

“What is this?”

“What kind of treasure is this.”

Ji Zhenmo shrieked in fear as he casted the Immortal Execution Seal to summon thirty-eight demonic souls. Still, under the glowing light of this rune, the thirty-eight demonic souls instantly disappeared into the smoke.

The light of this rune shattered the overwhelming demonic qi.

Lin Fan was shocked.

He knew that the rune was powerful, but he didn’t expect it to be this powerful.


If this was the case, then he had nothing to worry about.

“Ji Zhenmo, say your last words, you motherfucker.”


Lin Fan shouted, his qi was boiling, and the Highest Spirit Rune enveloped him. The terrifying power made Ji Zhenmo trembling. Even the Immortal Execution Seal hanging in the air was shaking as if it could fall any moment.

“I’m the demon of the Blood Sea Demon Sect, how can I let you do this to me?”

Ji Zhenmo was unwilling.

Ji Zhenmo used all the treasures on his body. His Top-Grade Dao Artefact was perfectly cultivated to its highest level. There was no doubt about it, but his mystic art had only been cultivated to a certain level. However, still, there was no harm on using it.

All of this was the representative of the final unyielding of Ji Zhenmo.



All of his treasures clattered down; it was no match for the rune.

Even the Immortal Execution Seal cracked, then fell down.

“Ah, I can’t believe this.”

“Reversal of the universe.”

“Demon Devouring Technique.”

The monstrous demonic qi rose up into the sky and crashed into the Highest Spirit Rune, but everything was in vain. It was completely disappeared in a blink of an eye.


Ji Zhenmo felt the pressure growing, the blinding light was burning his body painfully, and his soul began to shake.

“My father is the deputy leader of the Blood Sea Demon Sect; you can’t kill me.”

“Forgive me.”

“Spare my life.”

Ji Zhenmo was begging for mercy as the death descending upon him, making him completely terrified.

Lin Fan said, “Even if your father is my son, and I’m your grandfather, I’m going to kill you righteously and fuck you to death.”

Lin Fan had already formed hatred towards Ji Zhenmo.

And he had no intention of holding it back.

‘Kill the demon and run.’

What a beauty.


The rune fell.

The world shook, and everything returned to peace.


Lin Fan could feel that his body had run out of qi; he didn’t expect that the cost of casting the Highest Spirit Rune was so huge.

Then with one move, he withdrew the rune.

It was only the palm-sized rune, but it could explode with such terrifying power. It was amazing.

It’s time for the items to drop.

Lin Fan didn’t ask much.

Just drop qi because he was lack of qi right now.

[Obtained High-Grade Mystic Art: Demon Devouring Method.] [Access to Cultivation Technique: Seven Emotions and Six Desires Finger.] [Obtained Spirit Root: Four Grade Demonic Spirit Root.] [Obtained Item: The  Dark Demon Ancestor Treasure Map.]

No more.

What a shame.

The dropped items were okay, but not what he wanted the most, which was qi.

Lin Fan went close to Ji Zhenmo’s dead body. Although Ji Zhenmo’s death was miserable, Lin Fan still had to take what he should take without hesitation.

The Immortal Execution Seal still existed. It had cracked with some lines, indicating that it had been damaged in the battle.

A quick scrape.

Just take everything you can.

Especially the Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass.

As for the two old man bodies, there was nothing, not even a drop; they were already dead, both had been decapitated and exploded once, what else can they drop?


Lin Fan turned into a stream of light and left the place.

Kill and plunder.

It wasn’t good to stay there for too long; it’s time to go to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion city to take refuge.



The crazy old man was wandering madly in the woods. Suddenly, his body trembled, he turned his head and looked into the distance, his eyes burst into two beams of light, piercing through the clouds.

He screamed and flew towards the distance, and the place he was going was the place where Lin Fan just had a battle.


The Blood Sea Demon Sect, the most powerful demon sect.

In the secret room.

A middle-aged man was covered with blood. Suddenly, he was in a panic as if something had detached from him.

“What’s going on?”

“How come the Demonic Origin Sacred Fetus is no longer connected to me?” The man frowned as if he had thought of something. He immediately withdrew his qi, the monstrous blood merging into his body, then he left the secret room.

When he arrived at the place where his disciple’s life light was located, he saw one of the life lamps above him was extinguished, and that lamp belonged to his son.

“Who the hell did this?” The man’s face was gloomy, then using his blood tracking technique, he instantly disappeared.


The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion City.

An Inn.

“What an expensive inn. It requires twenty spirit stones for one night, why don’t they just go robbing.” Lin Fan opened a room and cursed at the inn, but when he entered the room, his eyes lighted up, it turned out there were two innocent lovely girls inside his room.

The two girls’ cultivation was not high; they were not even a Foundation Stage cultivators.

He didn’t expect this was an H Inn.

“Girls, who are you?” Lin Fan pretended to be serious and asked.

The girl lowered her body slightly and said, “Master, we are your personal maidservants. We can get rid of your loneliness and troubles at night.”

‘Get rid? What kind of arrangement is this?’

“How is this working?” Lin Fan asked.

The girl said, “Be honest and do what the master wants to do.”


That was quite straightforward.

This inn really knew how to do business.

They seemed to know that twenty spirit stones were quite a lot, if it didn’t come with a benefit, it would tear down the business.


Was Lin Fan that kind of person?

Even if beauty was in his arms, he could still resist it.

“I don’t need it, please go out, as a disciple of a famous sect, I could never do something like this.”


Lin Fan waved his hand and righteously rejected those girls’ good intentions.

“Yes, master.” The girls respectfully left the room.

“Hey! What a pitiful girl, they have fallen into such a field. The realm of immortals is quite dark. I’m glad they met a decent person like me.”

“If they meet a pervert, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

Lin Fan shook his head and sighed, praising his integrity.

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