Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 20 Invincible


The waiter reported to the shopkeeper when he heard there was a sound of fighting in the private room.

The sound of broken things echoed loud in the pavilion.

The situation inside was intense.

“Damn!” Lu Nian said angrily, he didn’t expect Lin Fan would reject him. He already had the idea of ​​beheading Lin Fan. After he killed Lin Fan, he planned to leave Jiangdu City.

Lu Nian thought Lin Fan was weaker than him, so he wanted to kill Lin Fan right now.

“Mountain Destroyer Palm, Five Hercules!”

Lu Nian roared, and his strength was strong enough to kill someone instantly.


Lin Fan’s sword technique was simple, without unnecessary movements, he was using all of the experience he gained from defeating his opponents before.

Lu Nian didn’t dare to go against Lin Fan’s sword barehanded, he stayed conscious and evaded Lin Fan’s attack. Later, he found Lin Fan’s flaws in Lin Fan’s movements, he sneered, and he attacked Lin Fan from an extremely tricky angle.

The shopkeeper was in a panic and didn’t know what to do. There was a fight in the private room, and all the guests in the lounge were scared. That was a heavy loss for the store.

“What are you doing standing there like an idiot? Hurry up and report it to the guards.” The shopkeeper was worried it will affect the business.

The waiter hurriedly ran to report the incident.


Meanwhile, a figure crashed the private room’s door and rolled out.

Lu Nian was bleeding, he lost a few fingers, his expression was like seeing hell in front of him, and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief, he didn’t expect Lin Fan to be so powerful.

“Is that all you got?” Lin Fan walked out with his sword and then touched Lu Nian’s head.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m a Hunter, and I’m dealing with a criminal right now. And he is a dangerous man.” Lin Fan revealed his identity to calm them.

Lu Nian watched Lin Fan furiously, observed the situation around him, and searched for a chance to escape.

Lin Fan, holding a sword, wanted to continue slashed Lu Nian.

Lin Fan wanted to take his life. Never thought of giving him a chance to survive.

“You despicable and shameless guy, you took my money and wants to kill me, you will pay the price.” Lu Nian never thought that Lin Fan would become so dangerous.

“Well, I, Lin Fan, the Hunters of Jiangdu City, I will treat you kindly.” Lin Fan said that furiously, and then slashed Lu Nian.

Lu Nian was bleeding all over his body, and his fingers were the worst.

Lin Fan was a bit disappointed and quite dissatisfied. How could he be so weak?

Lu Nian wanted to escape right away. He attempted to flee, but Lin Fan activated Boar Crash and rammed toward Lu Nian’s back.

Lu Nian was spurting blood, his internal organs might be crushed, and he died instantly.


‘Obtained: The Sun Blade (Third-Stage), Lieyang Sword Technique (Third-Stage), Sun Blade Technique: The General, The Twin Sun, Crushing The Mountain, Scorched Earth, Burning Sky.”

“Obtained an item: Firewood of Love.”

‘Firewood of Love: Heavenly medicine, indestructible, a high regenerative ability, and was potent to increase men’s vitality.’

“What the hell?” Lin Fan was shocked.

He admitted those five swords were very good.

But the point was, what the hell with that Firewood of Love?

Just what kind of item was that?

Lin Fan continued to check Lu Nian’s body and found a hundred silver money in Lu Nian’s pocket, and he stuffed it into his pocket.

“Oh, here it is. I dropped it somewhere. I didn’t expect to find it here.” Lin Fan muttered.


People from the Hunter Guild came, not to deal with demons, but to maintain law and order in Jiangdu City.

“Team Leader Lin, why are you here?” Wu Yi recognized Lin Fan. Although it hasn’t been that long since Lin Fan became a Hunter, he was greatly valued by Wang Zhou, and others naturally had to remember Lin Fan’s name in their minds.

Lin Fan said, “This man wanted to assassinate me but ends up die by my hands. Search his body and check who this man is.”

“Yes, Team Leader Lin.” Wu Yi said.

“Shopkeeper, come here.” Lin Fan said to the shopkeeper not too far away from him.

The shopkeeper was scared that someone died in the store, which will have a great impact on future business.

Especially he heard that Lin Fan was a Hunter, which made him felt so helpless.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” The shopkeeper timidly came to Lin Fan and asked carefully.

He was actually scared of one thing.

If Lin Fan wanted to blackmail him, he could say that his shop was hiding a prisoner and tried to assassinate Lin Fan, he will be in trouble.

“Sorry, I caused a lot of trouble, how much for the repairment? I will pay you accordingly.” Lin Fan said, he was also a man with a big heart and money.

The shopkeeper said, “You don’t need to pay for that. You are the victim here, so the shop is responsible, so the shop is partly responsible for that. I only hope that you will not blame me for that.”

“It has nothing to do with you. I have to settle the matter quickly. I still have something to do, and time is of the essence.” Lin Fan waved his hand, and he felt being a Hunter was not that bad.

“This …” The shopkeeper was a bit hesitant and couldn’t understand Lin Fan’s kindness.

Seeing the shopkeeper didn’t dare to speak, Lin Fan took the initiative, “Well, there are a lot of damaged things, and those guests who didn’t pay when they fled, count it altogether… I will give you fifty-two silver.”

Lin Fan took out the silver and gave it to the treasurer.

The treasurer calculated it, and what Lin Fan gave to him was almost the exact price.

The shopkeeper looked at the money in his hands and then stared at Lin Fan in disbelief.

“What happened?”

“Is this how the Hunters behave?”

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