Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 201


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 201 Lin Fan Become Master.

Several days later.

Everything was calm, and nothing strange happened in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion City.

Lin Fan decided to come out of the inn because it was quite bad staying there.

Twenty spirit stones a day was no different than robbery.

He didn’t even need the extra service, yet he still didn’t get any discounts.

Actually, he pitied those girls, it was miserable to be toyed around at such a young age, but then he realized that he was overthought.

If he hadn’t taken the path of robbery, he wouldn’t get all this gain in a day, not to mention he’s the disciples of the Greatest Martial Sect. Monthly income as a disciple was only a few spirit stones, which was just a daily income for others.

The poor would never understand other people’s happiness.

You laughed shamelessly at people who sell meat. While people laughed at you for working hard and sweating, but still didn’t earn as much as they did in a day.


Heavenly Treasure Pavilion Store.

Lin Fan walked into the store, and a fat middle-aged man greeted him with smiles, “What does this young man need?”

All the people who came here were immortals, it’s hard to tell their age just by looking at their faces, but it doesn’t matter, who hadn’t been young? As long as you have a young face, they would just be going to call you according to how you look.

Lin Fan said, “I’m here to sell something that has some histories, and it’s not convenient to reveal it out here, if it’s possible, I hope you can call your manager.”

The middle-aged man solemnly said, “Young man, you aren’t joking, are you?”

“No, I’m very serious.” Lin Fan said.

“Good, please follow me. I’ll go inform the manager.” When the middle-aged man saw that Lin Fan wasn’t joking, he immediately told him to go inside. He asked Lin Fan to wait inside the house and hurriedly went to inform the manager.

Lin Fan was the only person in the house.

He looked at his surroundings; it’s indeed a remarkable place; there were dozens of formations protecting this room.

What kind of origin does the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion have that could make immortal sect and demon sect respect them? They must be absolutely powerful.

Not long after, an old man with a much higher cultivation stage than Lin Fan walked in.

“My name is Mao Si; I don’t know how to address you, young man.” Mao Si knew Lin Fan was extraordinary the first time he saw him. He’s good at judging people’s character just by looking at their faces.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. For now, I came here to do business with the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Still, in advance, I want to know whether the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion would leak my personal information or not.” Lin Fan asked.

If the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion were to leak his personal information to Ji Damo, he would be in trouble. He could only ask his mother to help him.

Mao Si smiled, “Rest assure, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion has been established for a long time. Not to mention in ten thousand years of its existence, the guest’s identity has only been leaked once. If a traitor accidentally leaks the guest’s identity and causes them to be haunted down and killed, we will take responsibility for that. We will settle the matter for the guest, and if it doesn’t work, then the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion will slay the enemy for the guest.”

“So, it is quite reassuring.”

“If you’re still unsure, you can go out and ask around. There has only been one incident of the guest’s identity being leaked, which caused him to be haunted down. So, in the end, our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion came forward to settle the matter for him.”

The reason why the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was able to grow the business to this extent is because of its credibility and an unfathomable power that enough to settle everything.

Lin Fan didn’t know whether the manager was honest or not.

But judging by how the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion managed its existence for so long and became famous, the story couldn’t be fake.

“I believe that.” Lin Fan smiled, then placed the Immortal Execution Seal on the table.

Mao Si’s expression changed slightly when he saw the Immortal Execution Seal, but he quickly regained his composure. He then smiled and said, “It turns out you are the one who killed Ji Zhenmo. That’s really brave, but we all know that the only way to get treasures to help cultivate immortal is by getting rich, and the quickest way to get rich is by taking other people’s fortune.”

Mao Si picked up the Immortal Execution Seal and examined it.

Then he took out an item, which Lin Fan didn’t know what that is, and kept touching the Immortal Execution Seal.

After a moment, Mao Si said,

“The High-Grade Dao Artefacts Immortal Execution Seal contains two thousand six hundred and thirty-five formations inside it, which is within the range of the finest High-Grade Dao Artefacts. The formations inside it are much better than an ordinary High-Grade Dao Artefacts. The price is quite high. It can get up to two million and three hundred thousand spirit stones when it’s in good condition.”

“Unfortunately, this one is the damage, and the damage is quite serious. Some of these formations are difficult to repair, so I will give you two options.”

“The first is to sell it to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion Store with an offer of one and a half million.”

“The second is to auction it off at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion Hall. If you’re lucky, you should be able to sell it for around one million seven hundred thousand, but it requires a bit of luck and patience.”

The manager was serious. He wasn’t trying to trick Lin Fan.

Lin Fan smiled, “Okay, I’ll sell it to you.”

He didn’t want to wait, selling anything he got for free would still be a profit, and it made him understood now.

Digging spirit vein required hard work, and the difficulty was also great, but the joy when you succeeded was unimaginable. All the things inside the spirit vein were yours.

Lin Fan took out some of the damaged dao artifacts that he got from Ji Zhenmo.

Mao Si was envious; he could tell that Lin Fan is a lucky person.

This was truly a way of making a fortune. Even if he killed the son of the deputy leader of the Blood Sea Demon Sect, but the harvest he got was still enough to dispel all fears.

The other dao artifact was worth three million spirit stones, but it was still incomparable to the Immortal Execution Seal.

“Is there anything else?” Mao Si asked.

These were all Ji Zhenmo’s things, and if Ji Damo knew those were being sold, he would absolutely vomit blood and jump like thunder, but the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion didn’t care about that, as long as they were brought here for sell, then they would happily accept it.

“Yes, but this item needs to be checked first by your Treasure House.” Lin Fan took out the Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass.

Mao Si was stunned when he saw the Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass, but then he smiled and said, “This is unexpected, I’ve seen many people getting rich in my life, but seeing someone with a stroke of good luck as you, this is the first time. Not only you got Ji Zhenmo’s belonging, but you also got the Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass.”

“The lowest price of this spirit grass alone is above two million spirit stones.”

“Please young man, wait a moment, I’ll go find an appraiser to help appraise this spirit grass.”

Mao Si then got up and left the house, but soon he returned with another person. The person was a skinny old man with a strange scent emitting from his body, and when Lin Fan smelled it carefully, it seemed to be the scent of spirit grass. He must have dealt with spirit grass often enough to have this kind of smell on his body.

If he encountered demons or wicked immortal, he would be their main target. The immortal might not be going to eat him, but this skinny old man is definitely going to have a hard time escaping the fate of being cooked in the pot by the demon.

“Master, please take a look at this spirit grass.” Mao Si said.

The master nodded expressionlessly and came in front of the spirit grass. He had identified too many spirit grasses, and his consciousness of spirit grasses had long been gone. For him, Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass was just an Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass, nothing special.

This Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass was covered with the treasure soil. If someone were to forcibly clean it, it would damage the spirit grass’s formations, so it had to be the master who did it.

The skinny master took out a set of tools and began to remove the treasure soil from Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass. Soon, a red and beautiful spirit grass appeared in front of everyone.

This spirit grass seemed to be burning with flames; there was also a vague fire dragon hovering above the spirit grass.

“This is an Eight-Grade Dragon Blood Vine Flower, worth three million spirit stones, it’s not that good, but it’s still a medium quality.” The skinny master said.

“Are you sure?” Lin Fan caressed the spirit grass and asked.

The skinny master looked unhappy, “I’ve been studying spirit grasses for hundreds of years and have cleaned up hundreds of the Eighth-Grade Spirit Grasses. How can I get it wrong?”

Mao Si said, “Young man, the master won’t get it wrong. He belongs to the best in spirit grass identification. He is also the most powerful master in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.”

“If you want to sell it, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion is willing to pay three million spirit stones.”

“At first, I want to sell it, but I suspect that your Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was trying to deceive people.” Lin Fan said.

Mao Si said, “How can you say that, young man? The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion has a reputation and has never committed fraud if you don’t believe it. You can try to sell it somewhere else.”

The skinny master frowned and said with an unhappy face, “Kid, watch your mouth. I told you this is the Dragon Blood Vine Flower. There is absolutely no mistake. Even if you search all over the world for a master appraiser, the result is still going to be the same.”

“Oh, I never thought that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion would deceive others. Let’s take a closer look, if it is the Dragon Blood Vine Flower then look at the rhizome, there is a blue silk thread, that’s where the spirit grass lies. This is obviously the Dragon Blood Ivy Flower, yet you told me it’s the Dragon Blood Vine Flower. Isn’t it too much?”

“How is that possible?” The skinny master took the spirit grass in his hand and observed it carefully, he found that there was indeed a blue silk thread at the rhizome, and the silk thread seemed to breathe. Between the inhalation and exhalation, the blue thread is gone and emerged again after a few moments.

It’s hard to see it if you didn’t look close enough.

“This…” The withered master’s face reddened. He was speechless.

Mao Si wanted to reprimand Lin Fan for being rampant, but when he saw the master’s face, he was startled, “Really?”

The skinny master couldn’t say anything; he just nodded and looked away.

This was a stain on his profession.

Lin Fan said, “Dragon Blood Ivy Flower is bathed in dragon’s blood and grows in the place closest to where the dragons live. Do you see these blue silk threads? This is where the value lies. These blue silk threads will connect to the dragon and absorb its qi to form this spirit grass. This spirit grass already has a growth period of thirteen thousand six hundred years; it can be considered the perfect maturity period. If you combine it with other spirit grasses, it can be refined into a Ninth-Grade Elixir.”

“I wonder if I’m right, though.”

The skinny master looked up sharply, “You and I have just seen this spirit grass, and in a short time, you can already tell this much?”

“That’s natural; it’s just that I didn’t expect the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to be nothing more than this. This is a rare Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass, yet you told me it’s just an average Eighth-Grade Spirit Grass. The gap between those two is huge”.

“If I don’t know a little bit about it or if it’s a random person who doesn’t know anything about it, they can really be fooled by you.” Lin fan said calmly.

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