Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 206


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 206 My Son is Useless

Lin Fan was wondering what he should do next?

Having a son with True Stage cultivation was very pleasant.

“Father, I want to eat an ice gourd candy.”

The crazy old man took Lin Fan’s hand and pointed at the hawker that was shouting in the distance; a drool came out from the corners of his mouth, it seemed that he really wanted to eat it.

How could Lin Fan not give his son what he wanted? It was just an ice candy.

That could only be worth a few spirit stones.

Lin Fan felt that his luck was too good.

Although I didn’t get any treasures, I kept meeting extraordinary people. Maybe my immortal luck was just really strong. Everything that I encounter was living things, not like others who encountered dead things.

“Father, it’s so sweet.” The crazy old man held the ice gourd candy in his hand and ate it, even handing it to Lin Fan, “Father, go take a bite too, it’s delicious, it’s sweet.”

Lin Fan stretched out his fatherly hand and stroked the crazy old man’s head, “Father won’t eat it; you can have it all for yourself.”

“Yeah.” The crazy old man responded childishly, happily swung his head, and ate one bite at a time.

The people who passed by and heard them talking sighed in sympathize. It must be devastating not to be able to cultivate immortality.

Just take a look at these two, and you already knew.

The father who was able to cultivate immortality and the son who couldn’t. If you hadn’t heard their conversation, you wouldn’t believe that such a thing had happened.

Lin Fan left the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion with the crazy old man; he was now going out to try his luck. If he’s lucky, he might be able to encounter provocateurs and make another wave.

The crazy old man had found his father. He was in a good mood, and he felt safe.

He even looked at Lin Fan from time to time, as if he was afraid that his father would suddenly disappear.


Outside the city.

“Son, let me ask you something.” Lin Fan was ready to strike the crazy old man. He couldn’t afford to treat his son for nothing.

“Father, what’s the matter?” The crazy old man blinked; the innocent look in his eyes was a bit unbearable.

But he couldn’t help it.

Lin Fan wouldn’t gain anything if he didn’t say it.

“Son, do you have anything good that you can show me?” Lin Fan gently stroked his head, “Father didn’t mean anything else, I just wanted to take a look, so, do you have something good to show me?”

The crazy old man was confused, “Father, I don’t have anything good on me.”

“You don’t have to pretend in front of me; I saw that you have something good on you, you have the blood pool with you, right? How about you show me that?” Lin Fan had already made it clear what the crazy old man had on him.

Although this crazy old man was really poor, that blood pool on him was good stuff.

“Is that good stuff? I thought it was a toy.” The crazy old man took out the blood pool.

The blood pool exuded a vicariousness of ancient aura as soon as it came out.

Its red light stretched across the sky and causing an astonishing vision.

Lin Fan took the blood pool from his hand, “Son, this is something that your father likes very much, why don’t you give it to me as a gift, and when we go somewhere else later, I will buy you something good.”

It’s just…

Lin Fan didn’t expect that when he took the blood pool, the crazy old man was slightly stunned, then his eyes turned red, and he cried out loud.

“My toy, it’s my toy.”

Lin Fan said, “Obey, let your father have this toy for now; I will give it back to you after a while, okay.”

Unfortunately, just like a little kid who lost his toy, he was intolerable.


“My toy, I want my toy.”

As if crying wasn’t enough, the crazy old man started to roll on the ground and kept shouting, “I want my toy.”

Lin Fan sighed; he was quite helpless, his son was not easy to teach, but he would see how long this crazy old man could fool around.

A situation like this was intolerable.

But you couldn’t admit that you lost either, or else it would happen again in the future.

Go ahead and cry.

Let see how long you’re going to cry.

When you’re tired of crying, you’d know who’s the real boss.

Lin Fan stood there with his arms crossed and waited in silence.

“Wow! I want my toy.” The crazy old man was still rolling around on the ground, covered in dust. But then, as time passed, he quietly looked at Lin Fan.

When he found Lin Fan standing there without caring about him, he cried even more fiercely.


Lin Fan didn’t panic at all.

‘Still fighting with me? I’d like to see how long you can cry; I’m sure you’ll be tired and get up eventually.’

Lin Fan was not going to leave the crazy old man just because he already got the blood pool.

His son was a True Stage cultivator; he was very practical. What if Lin Fan lost him?

Even though this was a long battle, but Lin Fan believed that he was going to win.

The sky gradually became dark, and after a long time, it gradually became bright again.

The cycle alternated.

Two consecutive days passed.

The crazy old man was still crying there, not feeling tired at all. Instead, his crying became louder.

Oh, my God.

At this point, how long would it take for him to cry?

“Isn’t it a bit too much?”

Lin Fan couldn’t bear this situation anymore; his crying became too fiercely to the point that it was terrifying.


“Never mind, don’t cry, father will give you back your toy, you are such a bad boy, I told you I just want to see it.” Lin Fan took the blood pool out and returned it to him.

The crazy old man was quick; he instantly put the blood pool away and broke into a cheerful smile.

It was like a victory.

Lin Fan was reluctant to give up, the blood pool was a great treasure, but he had no choice. He didn’t want to lose his powerful son, so he could only give it back to him.

He even wanted to tell this crazy old man, ‘if you’re capable of lowering your cultivation, let’s see if I’ll still pay attention to you.’

“Father, you’re so kind.” The crazy old man said.

Lin Fan felt a little comfortable when he heard this crazy old man calling him father. ‘No matter how fierce your crying was, a father would always be a father; he would never going to turn you over.’


The two of them walked towards the distance.

The crazy old man was back to his innocent, joyous life.

He was bouncing as he walked.


Blood Sea Demon Sect.

Ji Damo was in seclusion. He was considered unlucky to encounter the crazy old man. He was beaten up and severely injured. Luckily, there were a lot of elixirs available.

Of course.

It was too difficult to recover completely.

His foundation was damaged.

The power of the blood pool held by the crazy old man was too great.

He felt like his body was about to burst when the crazy old man hit him.

That feeling was unimaginable.

After several days of healing, the injuries had been completely healed, but the damaged foundation could only be recovered slowly.


The main hall.

“Master, the blood pool that the mysterious crazy old man used is terrifying. I’m afraid it’s a transcendent dao artifact, and most likely, it’s a true immortal dao artifact.” Ji Damo explained what he had experienced.

The leader said, “Mysterious crazy old man? The strong man who could suppress you is definitely not a nameless person. As for the blood pool you mentioned, I have never seen or even heard about it. “

Ji Damo was not happy.

He had lost so much this time.

Not to mention the death of his son.

Even he had been beaten up half death; maybe if he hadn’t stopped that crazy old man, he would have died miserably.

The master knew that this matter was very important, not to mention who the crazy old man was? The treasure he had was definitely not ordinary stuff. If you encountered such a treasure and didn’t fight for it, you might as well just get struck by lightning.

It’s just that he needed to guard the Blood Sea Demon Sect; he couldn’t leave without permission. So he could only ask Ji Damo to order his disciples to go to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and look for clues.

If he could get a useful clue, he wouldn’t mind taking a shot himself.


Lin Fan was already familiar with his role as a father. Having a son didn’t change his life that much.

Looking at his son’s insanity, his eyes changed slightly.

He’s a good child.

But, Lin Fan still needed to figure out a way to make his son willingly give the treasure to him.

If the crazy old man knew what Lin Fan was thinking, he would definitely shout, ‘I treated you as my father, and you’re trying to take my toy, you’re a real failure as a father.’


“Do you sense any problems?”

Lin Fan wanted to test his crazy son’s vigilance, even when he already knew he’d lost when he asked the question.

The crazy old man looked at Lin Fan suspiciously, “Father, what’s the problem?”

Lin Fan let out a long sigh and murmured to himself.

“You have followed me for several days, what else can you hide? Why don’t you show me and let me know what you’re really up to.”

There was no one following him when he left the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

But, when the crazy old man took out the blood pool. The red light spread, and it attracted a group of people who were greedy for treasures.

He didn’t reveal them right away. Instead, he drew them out of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s range.

Looking at the yellow sand surrounding him, didn’t it feel like this was a good time to start?

At least when they died, no one would be able to find their body.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect to be discovered.”

A voice passed, followed by several figures appearing from the yellow sand. These people were all-powerful cultivators, looking at their appearance and outfits. They were obviously doing road blocking and robbery.

Lin Fan wasn’t really interested in these three bandits, but it didn’t matter, these three immortals could still bring him some benefits.

Also, he could just use his son to fight them. It would be a bit of a waste if Lin Fan didn’t use him.

“Son, take down this three-man for your father and bring them to me.” Lin Fan said calmly, although the other three were more powerful than him, they weren’t strong enough compared to his son.

It’s just that…

The crazy old man cowered and hid behind him, “Father, I’m scared, they’re all bad people.”


‘You’re a True Stage cultivator, and you’re telling me that you’re afraid? Why don’t you just go to die?’


“Interesting, a son who can’t cultivate immortality, I advise you to bring out that previous treasure for the sake of your life. Otherwise, we will use a terrifying technique to fight you.”

“And you can’t blame us for not giving you a chance to live.”

Lin Fan looked back at the crazy old man, “Son, they are humiliating your father, don’t you want to defend your father?”

“Father, I’m scared, they’re all bad people.” The crazy old man shrank his head; he looked terrified.

Lin Fan sighed, my son’s useless.

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